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terH. Bryer, Printer, * Bridge-Street, Blackfriars, London,

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H E following Work was composed T with a view to assist young minds in the acquisition of RELIGIOUs KNowLEDGE, by removing the difficulties which prevent their obtaining an early acquaintance with the Holy Scriptures. I presume to hope that my design will excuse me, both to Your MAJESTY and the world, for the boldness of the undertaking, and the defects in the performance of it.

The public will not wonder, that I should be particularly solicitous to obtain the honour A 2 * * of

of YoUR Roy AL PATRoNAGE, as You R. MAJESTY is so eminently distinguished for the practice of VIRTUEs which are no where perfectly taught but in the SACRED Volume.

- * * * * * *

It is the peculiar felicity of this nation, that cvery mother may look up to the THRONE for a pattern of the truly maternal character, and behold Your Majesty instructing You R Roy AL PROGENY in the discharge of those duties which lead to. IMMORTAL HAPPINEss.

May the influence of Your illustrious example be universally extended! May You R MAJESTY long continue to bless this land,

and soften the cares of RoxALTY to the best of Sovereigns! And when you shall ob- tain an incorruptible crown, may it be remembered by posterity, that YoUR MAJESTY added lustre to an earthly one, by - adorning

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adorning your mind with the graces of Christianity, and diffusing happiness to all around you!

I am, MADAM,
With all humility and gratitude,
Your Majesty's

Most dutiful, and most devoted Servant,


Prentford, Jan. 1, 1788.

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