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—A Concise Account of the War, and of the important Events which have

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An Abridgment of the Geography of the BRIT is H, SPAN 1sh, FR EN ch, and Dutch
Of Europ E, Asia, and

Dominions in AM ER1c A and the WE's T-INDIE's.

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of T H E N of T H E R N S T A TES.-F Roxi T is E. L.A. T E S T su R v E. Y. S.

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O imperfect are all the accounts of AMERICA hitherto published, even by those who once exclusively possessed the best means of information, that from them very little knowledge of this country can be acquired. Europeans have been the sole writers of American Geography, and have too often suffered fancy to supply the place of facts, and thus have led their readers into errors, while they professed to aim at removing their ignorance. But since the United State have become an independent nation, and have risen into Empire, it would be reproachful for them to suffer this ignorance to | Continue; and the rest of the world have a right low to expect authentic information. To furnish |his has been the design of the author of the fol."owing work; but he does not pretend that this lesign is compleated, nor will the judicious and A 2 candid candid expect it, when they consider that he has trodden, comparatively, an unbeaten path—that he has had to collect a vast variety of materials—that these have been widely scattered—and that he could derive but little assistance from books already published. Four years have been employed in this work, during which period, the Author has visited the several states in the Union, and maintained an extensive correspondence with men of Science ; and in every instance has endeavoured to derive his information from the most authentic sources: he has also submitted his manuscripts to the inspection of Gentlemen in the states which they particularly described, for their correction. It is possible, notwithstanding, and indeed very probable, that inaccuracies may have crept in ; but he hopes there are none of any great importance, and that such as may be observed, will not be made the subjećt of severe censure, but ascribed to some pardonable cause. He flatters himself, however, that the work now offered to the public, will be found to be as accurate, compleat, and impartial, as the present state of American

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like the nation of which it treats, it is but an infant, and as such solicits the fostering care of the country it describes; it will grow and improve as the nation advances towards maturity, and the Au

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thor will gratefully acknowledge every friendly communication which will tend to make it perfect.

In the prosecution of the work, he has aimed at utility rather than originality, and of course, when he has met with publications suited to his purpose, he has made a free use of them; and he thinks it proper here to observe, that, to avoid unnecessary trouble, he has frequently used the words as well as the ideas of the writers, although the reader has not been particularly apprized of it.

For the Author distinétly to acknowledge the obligations he is under to many citizens of these states, as well as to some foreigners of distinétion, residents among us, would swell this preface to an improper length; he cannot forbear, however, to express his peculiar obligation to EBENEze R HAzAR D, Esq. Post-Master-General of the United States, for permission of free access to his very large and valuable Colleåion of papers, from which he has derived much of his historical information. This colle&tion has been made with unwearied care and minute exaćtness; and the papers, which are of unquestionable authenticity, are the best, and most complete dipo

situm of facts relating to the history of America from ... its first settlement, that is to be found in the United ; : States. The Author's acknowledgments are like

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