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ture and method of this operation in

U. Palestine, 72.

Ux, or Gnutz, land of, evidently IduTragedy, 7. Its excellencies, ib.

mæa, 353.

Where situated, ib. Tragic Muse preferred by Aristotle to the heroic, 7.

W. Translations, their difficulty, why that Water frequently used as a metaphor

of the Bible continues to be read by the Hebrew poets, why, 64.

with satisfaction and delight, 88. Women, amongst the ancients, geneTyrtæus, the Greek tragic poet, 14. rally employed as mourners at fune

rals, 247. V. Varro, learned, 5.

z. Virgil, opinion concerning his 4th Zechariah, his style chiefly prosaic,

Eclogue, 237. Inquiry into the 235. validity of this opinion, 239. Child Zephaniah, his style poetical, 235. referred to not the Messiah, but the Zophar, where he probably lived, 351. expected offspring of Octavius, ib.


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