Land Systems of Australasia

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S. Sonnenschein and Company, 1894 - Australasia Land - 184 pages

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Page 44 - ... acres, which have gone to increase the large estates, distinctly to the detriment of healthy settlement. Since the A"ct of 1889 came into force a slight revival of conditional purchases appears to have taken place, but there is no certainty of its continuance, as the best of the rural lands have long since been alienated.
Page 16 - Wales forms at present, and is likely long to continue, its chief wealth. It is only by a free range over the wide expanse of native herbage which the colony affords that the production of this staple article can be upheld at its present rate of increase in quantity, or standard of value in quality.
Page 13 - Committee are anxious to record their opinion, as well as that of the whole community of the colony, that the funds arising from the sale of lands should be appropriated exclusively to the purpose of introducing a moral and industrious population; that they consider this appropriation alike indispensable to the present interests, and the future prosperity and character of the colony...
Page 22 - During the continuance of any lease of lands occupied as a run, the same shall not be open to purchase by any other person or persons except the lessee thereof.
Page 12 - Any purchaser who, within ten years after his purchase, shall, by the employment and maintenance of convicts, have relieved the public from a charge equal to ten times the amount of the purchase money, will have the purchase money returned, but without interest.
Page 66 - Colony, from making grants or sales of any lands within the limits of the run or lands comprised in such lease for public purposes, or disposing of in such other manner as for the public interest may seem best, such lands as may be required for the sites of churches, schools, or parsonages, or for the construction of high roads or railways and railway stations, or other internal communications, whether by land or water, or for the use or benefit of the aboriginal inhabitants of the country, or for...
Page 63 - ... exists elsewhere, will afford a security against improvident appropriation of Crown Land at an inadequate price. As this settlement, although within your Government, is at a considerable distance from Sydney, I think it essential that separate accounts should be kept of the sale of the Crown Lands in the District of Port Phillip, and that the proceeds of such sales should be applied to the improvement of this new settlement, and especially in the introduction of free emigrants, who would supply...
Page 66 - ... or for any other purpose of public defence, safety, utility, convenience, or enjoyment, or for otherwise facilitating the improvement and settlement of the colony...
Page 13 - ... induced to embark their fortunes in this distant colony under the promise of receiving free grants of land, and in the confidence that the same policy would be continued as the best means of settling the country. If it has since been deemed expedient to sell the lands in lieu of granting them as before, it is considered by the inhabitants merely as the conversion of capital into another form, and that the proceeds of the sale of land should still be applied to the same purposes as the land itself....
Page 32 - The history of its whole operation for years has been an unintelligible chaos, in which the rights and interests of all mainly concerned have been the sport of accident, political interest, and departmental disorder.

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