The Dublin Journal of Medical Science, Volume 54

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Fannin & Company, 1872 - Medicine

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Page 198 - LECTURES ON THE PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE OF PHYSIC. Delivered at King's College, London. A new American, from the last revised and enlarged English edition, with Additions, by D. FRANCIS CONDIE, MD, author of ".A Practical Treatise on the Diseases of Children,
Page 402 - Council of a county out of the county fund, and in the case of the Council of a borough out of the borough fund or rate...
Page 7 - THE URINE AND ITS DERANGEMENTS with the Application of Physiological Chemistry to the Diagnosis and Treatment of Constitutional as well as Local Diseases.
Page 349 - I have so strenuously urged be strictly adhered to : — 1. The judicious selection of the case. — The bones not being diseased far beyond their articular surface, which, if upon section found to be a little more than had been expected, the part should be gouged out, or an additional thin slice removed ; but if to a greater extent, amputation should be at once resorted to, and as recorded in my work on Operative Surgery, with a hope of excellent success.
Page 402 - ... of a parish wholly situated in a rural district, and part of which forms or is part of any such special drainage district as aforesaid, such portion of that parish as is not comprised within such special drainage district; and (4) In the case of a parish a part of which is situated within an urban district, such portion of that parish as is not comprised within such urban district, or within any such special drainage district as aforesaid.
Page 400 - ... authority, unless he is the owner or occupier of property situated in the rural district of a value sufficient to qualify him as an elective guardian for the union...
Page 311 - I introduced my present observations, are suffering from this curious condition of the uterus, that after the birth of their last children, this retrograde metamorphosis of the uterus has not taken place during the puerperal month, or, rather let me say, has taken place only to such an imperfect degree that the uterus is of the size we usually see it have at the end of the first week or so after delivery.
Page 309 - That after having with others proved, in a limited series of cases, the anaesthetic powers of nitrous oxide gas, Dr. Wells proceeded to Boston to lay his discovery before the Medical School and Hospital there, but was unsuccessful in the single attempt which he made, in consequence of the gas-bag being removed too soon, and that he was hooted away by his audience, as if the whole matter were an imposition, and was totally discouraged. 3. That Dr. Wells's former pupil and partner, Dr. Morton of Boston,...
Page 385 - Professor of Pathological Anatomy in Bonn. Translated from the Second German Edition, by WM. C. KLOMAN, MD, assisted by FT MILES, MD, Professor of Anatomy, University of Maryland, &c., &c.
Page 426 - These advantages, many of which are in common with the other amputations through and near the knee, may be enumerated as follows : — 1. The stump being more useful for progression. 2. Possibility of making pressure on the face of the stump. 3. The patient not being obliged to walk as if he had anchylosis of the hip-joint. 4. The operation being less hazardous than amputation of the thigh, from being further removed from the trunk. 5. The shock is less than after the higher amputations of the thigh....

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