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firmed. R.O. c. 20.

exceeding three years, as the city council of said city may by ordi

nance prescribe. Ordinances con Sect. 2. The ordinances of said city, so far as they provide that

assessors shall be elected and shall hold office for three years, are
hereby confirmed, and shall continue in force until the same are
altered or repealed by the city council; and the persons elected asses-
sors under said ordinances shall continue in office according to the
tenor of such ordinances.
Sect. 3. This act shall take effect upon its passage.

March 31, 1884.

1884.- CHAPTER 140.




Be it enacted, etc. : Appointment of SECTION 1. The judge of probate and insolvency for the county constable to attend sessions of Suffolk shall appoint a constable of the city of Boston to attend of probate upon the sessions of the probate court and the court of insolvency for court.

said county, and to serve such orders, precepts, and processes, issuing

therefrom, or from the judge thereof, as may be committed to him; Balary.

and said officer shall receive from the treasury of said county a salary
of twelve hundred dollars per annum, to be paid in monthly instal-
Sect. 2. This act shall take effect upon its passage.

April 10, 1884.

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Amendment to


of the harbor master.

Be it enacted, etc.:

Section 1. Sections twenty-six, twenty-nine, and thirty-three, of P.S. 69, $ 26, 29,

chapter sixty-nine of the public statutes are amended so as to read as follows:

Section 26. Every master of a vessel within a harbor for which a harbor-master is appointed shall anchor his vessel according to the

rules and regulations of the harbor-master, and shall.move to such Vessels to be an other place as the harbor-master may direct; and every master of a ing to the rules tow-boat having a vessel in tow, and every pilot having a vessel in

charge, shall allow such vessel to anchor only in such place as the

rules and regulations of the harbor-master provide for anchorage. Harbor master

Section 29. A harbor-master may cause the removal of any vessel

lying in his harbor and not moving where directed by him so to do, directed. and the expense of such removal shall be paid by the master or

owners of such vessel. In case of their neglect or refusal to pay such expense, after it has been demanded, it may be recovered in an action of contract by the barbor-master from the master or owners of such vessel, to the use of the city or town'in which the harbor is

situated. Penalty.

Section 33. Whoever violates any of the provisions of the ten preceding sections, or refuses or neglects to obey the instructions of a harbor-master lawfully given, or resists a harbor-master in the execution of his duties, shall be liable to a fine of not more than fifty dollars. SECT. 2. This act shall take effect upon its passage.

April 19, 1884.

may remove any
vessel not
mo ng when

1884.- CHAPTER 223.


BUILDINGS. Be it enacted, etc. :

SECTION 1. All hotels, boarding and lodging houses, subject to Watchmen in the provisions of chapter two hundred and fifty-one of the acts of the boardingyear eighteen hundred and eighty-three, adopting a system of electric houses. watch-clocks, that shall register at the office the movements of the watchman throughout the house, or adopting in the rooms any system of thermostats, or fire-alarm bells that shall be approved by the inspector of factories and public buildings, or in the city of Boston by the inspector of buildings, shall be exempt from maintaining more than one watchman, in addition to the regular night-clerk and porters.

SECT. 2. The provisions of this act, and of said chapter two bun- Family hotels. dred and fifty-one of the acts of the year eighteen hundred and eightythree, shall apply to family hotels. Sect. 3. This act shall take effect upon its passage.

May 8, 1884. (1883, 251.]

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Be it enacted, etc. :

SECTION 1. The city of Boston is hereby divided into twelve Aldermanio aldermanic districts, and wards one and two shall constitute one district, to be known as the first aldermanic district; wards three, four, and five, shall constitute one district, to be known as the second aldermanic district; wards sis, seven, and eight, shall constitute one district, to be known as the third aldermanic district; wards nine and ten shall constitute one district, to be known as the fourth aldermanic district; wards eleven and sixteen shall constitute one district, to be known as the fifth aldermanic district; wards twelve and thirteen shall constitute one district, to be known as the sixth aldermanic district; wards fourteen and fifteen shall constitute one district, to be known as the seventh aldermanic district; wards seventeen and eighteen shall constitute one district, to be known as the eighth aldermanic district; wards nineteen and twenty-two shall constitute one district, to be known as the ninth aldermanic district; wards twenty and twenty-one shall constitute one district, to be known as the tenth aldermanic district; wards twenty-three and twenty-five shall constitute one district, to be known as the eleventh aldermanic district; and ward twenty-four shall constitute one district, to be known as the twelfth aldermanic district.

Sect. 2. It shall be the duty of the city council, after any new New divisions division of said city into wards, to cause a new division of the city city council. to be made into twelve aldermanic districts, in such manner as to include in such districts whole and contiguous wards (except so far as the same may be separated by natural water-channels connected by bridge or bridges), and an equal number of voters and inhabitants as nearly as convenience permits, and until such new division be made the districts shall remain as established by this act.

Sect. 3. The qualified voters of each of said aldermanic districts One alderman to shall, at the annual municipal election, be called upon to give in their cach district.

votes for one able and discreet person, being a legal voter and an inhabitant of the district, to be a member of the board of aldermen for the ensuing year; and all such votes so given shall be sorted, counted, declared, and recorded, and returns thereof made to the cityclerk, in the same manner as is now provided by law for the choice of aldermen of said city. Whereupon, the same proceedings shall be had to ascertain and determine the person chosen as alderman for each district as are now provided by law in regard to the choice of aldermen. And a new election shall be ordered in any such district, in case of any failure by such district to elect an alderman as herein provided, or in case of any vacancy by death, resignation, or other cause; and each alderman so chosen shall be duly notified as is now provided by law.

SECT. 4. All acts and parts of acts inconsistent herewith are hereby repealed. SECT. 5. This act shall take effect



May 21, 1884. [1854, 448, § 19.]

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Be it enacted, etc. : Names of public Section 1. The first section of chapter sixty-seven of the acts of ways in Boston.

the year eighteen hundred and eighty, relating to names of public ways in the city of Boston, is hereby amended by inserting after the word

may" in the seventh line the words “in the discretion of the board

of street commissioners of said city.” Hearing to be SECT. 2. The second section of said chapter sixty-seven is hereby

amended by adding after the word “board” in the third line thereof
the words * after a hearing upon a public notice stating the name
proposed to be given.”
Sect. 3. This act shall take effect upon its passage.

May 27, 1884. (1880, 67.]


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Preservation of ballots.


Be it enacted, etc.:

SECTION 1. It shall be duty of the board of aldermen of the city of Boston to provide at the city hall or elsewhere within the limits of said city, a suitable safe or fire-proof vault of sufficient capacity to contain all the boxes or envelopes in which the ballots cast at the state and municipal elections are deposited ; the key of said safe to be in the sole custody of the city-clerk of said city.

Sect. 2. No box of ballots thus deposited or held shall be delivered by the custodian of said safe, except upon the written order of a dul; authorized committee on elections on part of said board of aldermen, the conmon council, the school committee, or a committee of the legislature.

Sect. 3. Said city clerk shall, in person, receive the boses or envelopes in which said ballots may be deposited, from the person or persons whose duty it may be to deliver them to the city clerk.

Order for de livery of box of ballots.

City-clerk to receive boxes containing baliots.

SECT. 4. Whoever wilfully violates any of the provisions of this Penalty. act shall be punished by fine not exceeding one thousand dollars, or imprisonment in the house of correction not exceeding one year. Sect. 5. This act shall take effect upon its passage.

June 3, 1884.


IN CHARLES RIVER. Be it enacted, etc. :

SECTION 1. The city of Boston may cover with a pile structure Pile structure in the parcel of flats in Boston covered by the waters of Charles river Charles river. and bounded by the new Warren bridge, the pile structure of the Fitchburg Railroad Company, and the line of the southerly side of the draw openings in said bridge and the bridge of said railroad company, and may maintain the same ; all new piles for said structure required in addition to the existing piles shall be driven in such places as the board of harbor and land commissioners shall designate.

Sect. 2. Except as provided in this act chapter nineteen of the public statutes shall not apply to the structure herein authorized.

SECT. 3. This act shall take effect upon its passage.

June 4, 1884.

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to the United

8 Mase. 72, 77.
17 Pick. 298.
1 Met. 580.



CHAPTER 1. Places ceded

SECTION 3. The several places ceded to the United States for States and sub. forts, arsenals, dock-yards, light-houses, hospitals, or other purposes, ject to concur. rent jurisdic

and over which concurrent jurisdiction has been granted to the United States, shall continue to be subject to such concurrent jurisdiction, according to the tenor and effect of the respective laws by which they were ceded; that is to say, — the several public light-houses, with the lands and tenements thereunto belonging; the light-house on Light-house Island, in the harbor of Boston ;

also the beacon on the spit of sand near the light-house in the harbor of Bos

Castle Island, Governor's Island, George's Island, and Lovel's Island, in the harbor of Boston ; tract of land for a navy-yard in Boston ; Half-way Rock in Boston bay, for a beacon;

a tract of land for a light-house on Long Island Head, in Boston harbor;

the place called Nix's Mate, in the harbor of Boston, for a beacon ; tract of land on Great Brewster Island, in the harbor of Boston ; sites for light-houses

at the Spit, in the harbor of Boston ; a site for a beacon on Point Alderton Bar, in the barbor of Boston;

a lot of land in Boston with the buildings thereon, formerly known as the “Masonic Temple," with land adjacent thereto, not exceeding twenty-five thousand feet, for a courthouse;

So much of Gallop's Island and of Point Alderton, in Boston harbor, as may be necessary for the construction and protection of sea-walls; two tracts of land on Long Island, in Boston harbor, for military works, sea-wall, and landing-place; several lots of land in Boston for a post-office and sub-treasury.

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CHAPTER 7. Records of votcs SECTION 40. City and town clerks shall, within ten days from the day etc., to be trans. of an election for governor, lieutenant-governor, councillors, senators,

secretary, treasurer and receiver-general, auditor, attorney-general, representatives in congress, commissioners of insolvency, sheriffs,

registers of probate and insolvency, district attorneys, or clerks of the 16 Gray 83.


20 Pick. 484.

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