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Absolutely horrific. Not only does Nicola Gavey level accusations of rape against many innocent people in this book, but she repeatedly, and hypocritically, apologizes for rape herself. In one chapter entitled 'Turning the Tables' she deems the rape of males to be a 'newsworthy distraction' from the rape of females and suggests that rape is simply not rape when it happens to a man. 'Unrapeable' is a word she uses to describe, in particular, heterosexual white men.
In the same chapter, Nicola Gavey establishes an algebraic formula for her own rape apology. She says that if 'x' happens to a woman it may be considered rape. If 'x' happens to a man it may not necessarily be considered rape. Her justification for this is flaky and stupid, and basically comes down to men not being held with any regard or dignity.
This is a stupid theory considering what a problem the sexual victimization of males is in society, and considering Niccola Gavey's formal position in regards to the subject. Although Niccola Gavey may extrapolate rape apology in the general populous, only she can be attributed to this book, a book with a theory and thesis founded on rape apology. Niccola Gavey is a rape apologist, and has no business accusing others.

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Nicola Gavey's analysis, as always, is second to none. Her critique of the phenomenon of rape is exceptional and firmly cements her position as one of the leading thinkers in her field.
Highly recommended for anyone interested in gender issues and gender-based violence.

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