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Speaker -Hon. E. V. Carter, Ashland, Jackson county.
Chief clerk — A. C. Jennings, Eugene, Lane county.
Assistant clerk— A. V. R. Snyder, McMinnville, Yamhill county.
Reading clerk - Frank Motter, Portland, Multnomah county.
Calendar clerk — D. B. Mackie, Portland, Multnomah county.
Sergeant-at-arms — A. D. Griffin, Portland, Multnomah county.
Doorkeeper — M. P. Isenberg, The Dalles, Wasco county.
Mailing clerk B. C. Curry, Oregon City, Clackamas county.
Page— Chas. Lane, Salem, Marion county.
Page-Van Sutherland, Salem, Marion county.
Page — Robt. Duncan, Salem, Marion county.

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University of Minnesota
JAN 27 1938


Giftsj Cregan State Sibrary

Baker-W. E. Grace.
Benton—R. J. Nichols.
Benton and Lincoln-G. E. Davis.
Clackamas-George Knight, J. L. Kruse, Alex. Thompson.
Clatsop-C. J. Curtis, Johan E. Young.
Columbia – J. E. Hall.
Coos — George P. Topping.
Coos and Curry— E. S. Platts.
Crook — J. N. Williamson.
Douglas - James W. Conn, W. W. Wilson, G. W. Wonacott.
Gilliam-S. G. Hawson.
Grant and Harney—R. N. Donnelly.
Jackson-E. V. Carter, E. A. Sherwin, Matthew Stewart.
Josephine-James W. Virtue.
Klamath and Lake - W. A. Massingill.
Lane-F. M. Brattain, W. F. Gray, Ivan McQueen.
Linn-D. M. Jones, H. M. Palmer, J. J. Whitney.
Malheur --J. R. Blackaby.

Marion-William L. Cummings, E. H. Flagg, Abner Lewis,
John McCourt, J. W. McCulloch.

Morrow— E. L. Freeland.

Multnomah - J. C. Bayer, S. C. Beach, S. Farrell, George H.
Hill, Peter Hobkirk, R. E. Moody, George T. Myers, J. T. Ross,
J. T. Whalley.

Polk — N. F. Gregg, J. B. Stump.
Sherman and Wasco — J. W. Morton, A. S. Roberts.
Tillamook and Yamhill J. W. Maxwell.
Umatilla-L. B. Reeder, J. E. Smith, A. D. Stillman.
Union—D. A. McAlister, F. S. Stanley.
Wallowa — Peter Fordney.
Washington - Abner Briggs, G. W. Marsh, J. R. C. Thompson.
Yamhill - Clarence Butt, E. F. Lainson.

Agriculture - Stewart, Nicho's, Wilson.
Alcoholic traffic — Sinith, Thompson of Clackamas, Palmer.

Assessment and taxation — Freeland, Hill, Lewis, Massivgill, Whitney.

Banking and insurance-Ross, Flagg, Stillman.
Copitol buildings and grounds — Cumınings, Davis, Conn.
Cities and touns— Massingill, Topping, Stump.
Claims — Jones, Myers, Smith.
Commerce - Hobkirk, Maxwell, Gray, Curtis, McAlister.
Corporations - Kruse. Thompson of Washington, Virtue.
Counties— Roberts, Brattain, Bayer, Reeder.
Education - Marsh, Nichols, Foidney, Stewart, Whalley.
Elections— Hill, Stanley, Freeland, Ross, Blackaby.
Engrossed bills Maxwell, Stewart, Whalley.
Eurolled bills — McCulloch, Massivgill, Donnelly.
Federal relations - Sherwin, Kruse, Smith.
Fisheries and game - Young, Farrell, Hall, Myers, Roberts.

Food and dairy products — Thompson of Washington, Hall, Gray.

Horticulture - Morton, Briggs, Wonacott.
Indian affairs - Hawson, Young, Platts.
Internal improvements - McCourt, McQueen, McAlister.
Irrigation - Williamson, Morton, Grace.
Judiciary— Reeder, Moody, McCulloch, Whitney, Williamson.
Labor - Briggs, Knight, Lainson.
Manufactures — Bayer, Kruse, Stump.
Medicine and pharmacy.- Hall, Grace, Sherwin.
Military affairs— Myers, Wilson, Young.
Mining - Brattain, Virtue, Donnelly.
Penal, reform and charitable institutions - Butt, Moody, Gray.
Printing - Curtis, Beach, Flagg.
Public lands—Stillman, Williamson, McQueen, Moody, Pal-


Health and public morals — Farrell, Conn, McCourt.
Public library-Lewis. Freeland, Jones.

Railways and transportation - Stanley, Marsh, Hobkirk, Butt, Stillman.

Roads and highways— Wonacott, Lewis, Knight, Hill, Hawson.
kulis and joint rules — Thompson of Clackamas, Ross, Platts.
Salaries and mileage Topping, Blackaby, Cumminga.
Salaries of state and county officers Davis, Gregg, Hawson.

Statistics and immigration - Lamson, Thompson of Clackamas, Fordney.

Ways and means— Beach, Curtis, Davis, Flagg, Grace.


SALEM, Oregon,

September, 26, 1898.
The house was called to order at 10 o'clock a. in. by H 1. R.
E. Moody, chief clerk of the house of representatives for the ses-
sion of 1895.

Messrs. Geo. T. Myers of Multnomah, L. B. R-eder of Um tilla and E. S. Platts of Curry were placed in nomination for temporary speaker.

A viva voce vote was taken and Mr. Myers was declared elected. Mr. Flagg called for a division, and, a standiny vote being taken, the majority were in favor of Mr Myers, and he was de clared temporary speaker. Messrs. Flagg and Russ were appointed a committee to escort the speaker to his seat, which they did.

Ön motion of Mr. Butts, A. V. R. Snyder was chosen temporary chief clerk.

Mr. Hill moved that a committee of five on credentials be appointed.

The motion prevailed, and the speaker named as such committee Messrs. Hill, Hawson, Massingill, Nichols and Gregg. On motion, the house adjourned to 1:30 p. m. today




SALEM, Oregon,

September 26, 1898. The house met as per adjournment, Temporary Speaker Myers in the chair.

Mr. Hill, chairman of the committee on credentials, submitted the following report:



SALEM, Oregon,

September 26, 1898. We, your committee on credentials, respectfully beg leave to report that we find the following named entitled to seats in the

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