The truth about Egypt

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Cassell and company, ltd., 1911 - Egypt - 384 pages

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Page 8 - and was communicated to the Powers and to the Sublime Porte. It met with general acquiescence. In it the statement was made that Her Majesty's Government were desirous of withdrawing the British forces as soon as the state of the country and the organisation of proper means for the maintenance of the Khedive's authority
Page 27 - his call as the willing servant to his master, though the wolf may devour his child while he does his master's work. The call of the Sultan is the call of the Faith ; it carries with it the command of the Prophet [blessings, etc.]. I and many more trust that all may
Page 12 - For the present what Egypt most requires, and for many years to come will require, is an honest, just, and orderly administration, and the establishment of the supremacy of the law in the widest sense of the term on so firm a footing as to render practically impossible any return to that personal system of government which,
Page 8 - of proper means for the maintenance of the Khedive's authority would admit of it. To that declaration Her Majesty's Government have adhered and still adhere. It was with regret that they found that circumstances interfered with the progress of the measures taken with a view to that withdrawal, and it is equally matter of regret to
Page 22 - the Egyptians the long period of irksome control and training through which they would have to pass on their road to a civilized independence : from the English the corresponding period of close attention to the affairs of Egypt and the effort, anxiety, and risk which such attention Involved.
Page 26 - Khan." If that be so, a change must come. The words of the Imam are echoed in every heart, and every Moslem hears only the cry of the Faith. As men we do not love the sons of Osman ; the children
Page 97 - shall urge that this wholly spurious and manufactured movement in favour of a rapid development of Parliamentary institutions should be treated for what it is worth ; and, gentlemen, let me add that it is worth very little. It does not really represent the voice of the intelligent dwellers in Egypt,
Page 90 - such as to preclude his entertaining any illusions as to the rapidity with which self-governing institutions could safely be developed in Egypt. All he hoped to accomplish was " to erect some sort of barrier, however feeble, against the intolerable tyranny " of the former rulers of Egypt, and to create institutions which could in time be " fostered and educated " into being " fairly useful.
Page 97 - in the past. I say it should be continued, never relaxing into a walk, or breaking into a gallop; and my strong conviction is that if the pace be greatly mended, a serious risk will be incurred that the horse will come down and break
Page 79 - may be distant and beset with many difficulties. I venture, therefore, as a counter-programme to that of the Egyptian National party, to put forward an ideal which I have for long entertained. It is, that the only possible Egyptian nationality which can ever be created must consist of all the dwellers in Egypt, irrespective of race, religion, or extraction. So

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