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ings must be fuifilled which were moritten interest
ons cor.ceruing me ..

Luke xxiv. 44
!, Samuel, and the Prophets...... That they within
kould not be made perfect......

**** Heb. xi. 32. 40.'





150TTTED 87 8. & J. COLLINE, 189-t

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Pare ALL ye that love the 310 Firm was my health, 64

Almighty Ruler" 23 Fools in their hearts midst thy wrath

84 Forever blessed be the 3 mong the assemblies 165 Forever shall my song 73 long the princes, 172 From age to age exalt

will the God of grace165 From all that dwell
all the foes of Zion 115 From deep diatrees
sinners now so 33!

Trige, my gracious God 381 NIVE thanks to Ciod. 219
stake, ye saints, to 2791 Give thanks to God: 215

Give thanks to God most 282 USEHOLD the lofty sky 44 Give thanks to God, the 330

Behold the morning 45 Give to our God imigorta! 264 e bold the love,

771Give to the Lord, ye sot% 63 ebold the sure

210 God in his earthiy tearde 173." hold thy waiting 251 God is the refuge of his 99 633, O my soul, 206 Gud, my supporter

149 est are the sons of peace 276 God of my childhood 141 est are the souls that 176 God of eternal love 218 est are the undefild 243 God of my life, est is the man, forever 68 God of my mercy 225 est is the man, wbose 91 Good is the Lord, p. 131 est is the man who shuns 71 Great is the Lord, exrlled 910 23t is the nation where 70 Great is the Lord; bio 3% C

Great is the Lord ou Cos 100 'HILDREN,in years -74 Great God, attend,

167 Come, children, learn 75.Great God, how oft i se, let our voices join 193 Great God, indulge i ae, sound his praise 192] Great God, whosen , N45. asider all my sorrows 255 Great God, the heavens 47 D

(Great Shepherd of thine 162 AVID rejoic'd in God 511 Deep in our hearts 141 LTAD not the Lord, 365

Happy is he that 231 ARLY, my God, 123|Happy the city where 298 Exalt the Lord our 199|Happy the maz to wltom 68

Happy the man whose 4R as thy oame is 101 Hear me, God, nor hide 203

Father, I bless thy 258 Hear wbat the Lord ! 178 er, I sing thy * 140 Help, Lord, for metss *

te umr'd are 266 He reigas, the Lord,

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He that hata made 184, Let Zion praise the
High in the heavens, 78 Long as I live I'll bless
How awful is thy

157 Lord, hast thou cast 121) How did my heart 262 Lord, I am thine; but 3 How fast their guilt 35 Lord, I am vile, conceivid 113 How long, O Lord, 30 Lord, I can suffer

18 How long wilt thou 31 Lord, I esteem thy How pleasant, how 166|Lord, if thine eyes 18. How pleasant 'tis to see 277 Lord, if thou dost not soon 2 How pleas'd and blest 263 Lord, I have made How shall the young 246 Lord, in the morning

Lord, I will bless thee TF God succeed not, 269 Lord, I would spread 1 fr Goito build the 269 Lord, of the worlds above 163

lift my soul to God 59 Lord, thou hast callid T'Il bless the Lord from 7A|Lord, thou hast heard T'I praise my Maker 300|Lord, thou hast searca'd 28 I love the Liord, he heard 236 Lord, thou hast seen P'll speak the honours : 96 Lord, thou wilt hear In all my vast concerns 299 Lord, 'tis a pleasant In an err Lord, rebuke 18 Lord, we have heard 1o God's own house 311 Lord, what a feeble ' 18 To Judab (od of old 155 Lord, what a thoughtless Into this and, O God 65 Lord, what is mau, poor 29

vi til led before 37. Lord, what was man Is there inition

273 Lord, when I count It is the 1.dd our

206 Lord, when thou didst I waitei pittient

88 Loud hallelujahs to the I 10. thee, Lord, 6.1 Lo! what a glorious

Lo, what an everlasting 271 TEHOVAH reigns; 189

M Totenir Lord, 227 SAKER and sovereign Tes13 sluit eign where'er 1461 Mercy and judgment 20 Jovto the world! the Lord198 Mine eyes and my desire Judy me, O'Lord, 61 My God, accept my early 29 Judges, who rule the 120 My God, considerJust are thy ways,

42 My God, how many

My God, in whom
TET all the earth 195 My God, my everlasting

U Let all the heathen 248 My God, my King,
Let children hear

159 My God, permit my Letarery ereature join 308!My God, the steps of pious Tetep tongue

298 My God, what inwar Let Go 3rise

135 My heart rejoices Let God the Father, 311 My never ceasing song Piet s era take their 117 My refuge is the God

Zion and her sons 205 My righteous Judge,

e ia her King 99'My Saviour and my King

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Page My Saviour, my Almighty 143, DRAISE waits in Zion, 130 My Shepherd is the living 541 Praise ye the Lord, 238 My Shepherd will supply 55 Praise ye the bord; my My soul, how lovely 168 Praise ye the Lord; 'us Ny soul lies cleaving 257 Preserve me, Lord, My soul, repeat his praise 210

R My soul, thy great 211 D EJOICE,ye righteous, he My spirit looks to God 123 I Remember, Lord, our 178 My spirit sinks within me, 92 Return, O God of love, 183 My trust is in my heavenly 19

SALVATION is forever172 NTO sleep nor slumber 275 Save me, O God, 137 I Not to ourselves 234 Save me, O Lord,

37 Not to our pames, thou 235 See what a living stone 241 Non be my heart inspir'd 96 Shew pity Lord; O Lord, 111

Now from the roaring 53 Shine, mighty God, 131 - Now I'm convinc'd the 147 Sing, all ye nations, 132

Now let our lips with holy 139 Sing to the Lord aloud 164 Now let our mournful 54 Sing to the Lord Jehov. 191 Now may the God of 49 Siny to the Lord with 201 Now plead my cause, 76 Sing to the Lord, ye 191 Now shall my solean 133 Songs of iminortal praise 228 Now to the great and 312 Soon as I heard my Father 62 O

Sure there's a righteous 150 ALL ye pations, 238 Sweet is the memory 293 V o blessed souls are 67 Sweet is the work, my 186 Obless the Lord, my soul 209 OX justice and of grace 202 TEACHine the measure 86 O for a shout of sacred 100 1 Thi Almighty reigas, 197 O God, my refuge, hear 16 That man is blest 229 O God of grace

15 The earth forever O God of mercy,

115 Thee will I love, O Lord, 40 O God, to whom revenge 190 The God Jehovah reigas )99 O happy man whose soul 370 The God of glory sends 109 O kaypy nation, where72 The God of mercy be 312

how I love thy holy 247 The God of our salvation 128 O Lord, how many

14 The heavens declare thy 46 O Lord, our heavenly 20 The King of saints, how 97 O Lord, our Lord,

22 The Lord appears my 239 Othat the Lord would 252 The Lord, how wondrous 208 O that thy statutes, 256 The Lord is come, 196 Othou that hear'st

13 The Lord Jehovah reigns 189 Othou, whose grace 264 The Lord my shepherd is 56 O thou, whose justice 118 The Lord of glory is my 62 Our God, our help 180 The Lord of glory reigns, 188 Our land, O Lord, 50 The Lord, the Judge 100

Out of the deeps of long 272 The Lord, the Judge, his ! 60 what a stiff rebellious 159 The Lord, the sovereign :


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