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independent of one another. In this situation, it is probable, they continued long, without

any material revolution in the state of the

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Fingal, who then was very young , came to the aid of Cormac, totally defeated Colculla chief of Atha, and re-established Cor

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mac , in whose minority the invasion of Swaran happened, which is the subjećt of the poem of Fingal. The family of Atha, who had not relinquished their pretensions to the Irish throne , rebelled in the minority of Cormac, defeated his adherents, and murdered him in the palace of Temora, Cairbar (3), lord of Atha, upon this, mounted

(1) Book III. (1) Book IV. (3) Book I.

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Of the affairs of Scotlond, it is certain; nothing can be depended pon, prior to the reign of Fergus, the son of Erc, who lived in the fifth century. The true history of Ireland begins somewhat later than that period. Sir James Ware (1), who was indefatigable in his researches after the antiquities of his country, rejećts, as mere fićtion and idle romance, all that is related of the antient Irish, before the time of St. Patrick, and the reign of Leogaire. It is from this consideration, that he begins his history at the introdućtion of christianity, remarking, that all that is delivered down, concerning the times of paganism, were tales of late invention, strangely mixed with anachronisms and inconsistencies. Such being the opinion

(1) War. de antiq. Hybern, prae. p. 1.

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the figure of which they only drew the out—

lines, it ought, in the judgment of sober reason, to be prefered to accounts framed

in dark and distant periods, with little

judgment, and upon no authority,

Concerning the period of more than a

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