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of war – Ghosts fled on every fide, and rolled their gathered forms on the wind.— Thrice from the winding vale arose the voices of death. The harps (1) of the bards, untouched, sound mournful over the hill.

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after a chace of ten days, came up with him, in the isle of Sky, and obliged him to erect a furnace, and make him this shield, and his famous sword , poetically called , the son of Luno. — Such are the strange fićtions which the modern Scotch and Irish bards have formed on the original of Ossian.

(I) It was the opinion of the times, that , on the night preceding the death of a person worthy and renowned, the harps of those bards, who were retained by his family, emitted melancholy sounds. This was attributed , to use Ossian's expression, to the light touch of ghosts ; who were supposed to have a fore-knowledge of events. The same opinion prevailed long in the north, and the particular sound was called, the warning voice of the dead. The voice of deaths, mentioned in the preceding sentence , was of a different kind. Each person was supposed to have an attendant spirit , who assumed his form and voice, on the night preceding his death , and appeared, to some , in the attitude, in which the person was to die. The voices of DEATH were the forcooding shricks of those spirits,

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* Who wakes Conad of Albion, in the midst of his secret hill 2 I heard the soft voice of Flathal. ‘Why, maid, dost thou shine in war The daughters roll their blue eyes, by the streams. No field of blood is theirs.

• Alpin of Albion was mine, the father of Flathal of harps, He is low, mighty Conad, and my

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ters of the speakers, that no interpolation is necessary to distinguish them from one another.

(*) Fingal is said to have never been overcome in

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