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remaining still in Orkney , and the islands of Shetland, which retain, to this day , the name of Ioda or Loden. They seem to have differed materially, in their construćtion , from those Druidical monuments which remain in Britain, and the western isles. The places of worship among the Scandinavians were originally rude and unadorned. In af. terages, when they opened a communication with other nations,they adopted their manners, and built temples. That at Upsal , in Sweden , was amazingly rich and magnificent. Haguin , of Norway, built one, near Drontheim, little inferior to the former ; and it went always under the name of Loden. Mallet, introdućtion d l’Histoire de Danemarck.

( 1 ) The poet , metaphorically , calls Fillan a beam of light. Culmin , mentioned here , was the son of Clonmar , chief of Strutha , by the beautiful Cul-allin. She was so remarkable for the beauty of her person , that she is introduced , frequently, in the similies and allusions of antient

—Youth of Strutha retire. Your fathers were not equal, in the glittering strife of the field.

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by her wonted streams, the hunter looks over her feet of wind, and remembers her stately bounding before : so lay the son of Cul-allin, beneath the eye of Fillan. His hair is rolled in a little stream : his blood wandered on his shield. Still his hand held the sword that failed him in the day of his danger. — « Thou art fallen , said Fillan, ere yet thy fame was heard. — Thy father sent thee to war : and he expects to hear thy deeds. He is grey, perhaps , at his streams, turning his dim eyes towards Moilena. But thou shalt not return, with the spoil of the fallen foe o.

Fillan poured the flight of Erin before him, over the echoing heath. — But, man on man, fell Morven before the dark-red rage of Foldath ; for , far on the field , he poured the roar of half his tribes. Dermid (1) flood before him in wrath : the sons of Cona gather round But his shield is cleft by Foldath, and his people poured over the heath.

Then said the foe, in his pride, They nave fled, and my fame begins. Go, Malthos, and bid the king (2) to guard the

(1) This Dermidis, probably the same with Dermid © duine , who makes so great a figure in the fictions of the Irish bards,

(2) Cathmor.

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Malthos heard, with darkening doubt; he rolled his filent eyes. – He knew the pride of Foldath, and looked up to the king on his hill; then, darkly turning , he plunged his sword in war.

In Clono's (1) narrow vale, were bent

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min came up, with his numerous attendants. Clono defended himself, but, after a gallant resistance,

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