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Beneath the voice of Cathmor poured Erin, like the sound of flame. Wide they came down to Lubar; before them is the stride of Foldath. But Cathmor retired to

the hills of Mora and Lona : the first possessed by Fingal , the second by the army ..F Cathmor. Through the intermediate plain ran the small river Lubar, on the banks of which all the battles were fought , excepting that between Cairbar and oscar, related in the first book. This last mentioned engagement happened , to the north of the hill of Mora, of which Fingal took possession, after the army of Cairbar fell back to that of Cathmor. At some distance, but within sight of Mora, towards the west, Lubar issued from the mountain of Crommal, and after a short course thro’ the plain of Moi-lena , discharged, itself into the sea near the field of battle. Behind the mountain of Crommal ran the small stream of Levath , on the banks of which Ferad-artho, the son of Cairbre , the only person remaining of the race of Conar, lived concealed in a cave, during the usurpation of Cairbar, the son of Borbar-duthul. ..

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of joy.
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sound of Morven's sons ! They are mountain waters, determined in their course. Hence is Fingal renowned, and his name in other lands. He was not alonely beam in danger; for your steps were always near.—But never was I a dreadful form, in your presence, darkened into wrath. My voice was no thunder to your ears: mine eyes sent forth no death. —When the haughty appeared , I beheld them not. They were forgot at my feasts: like mist they melted away.-A young beam is before you; few are his paths to war. The are few , but he is valiant : defend my darkhaired son. Bring him back with joy: Hereafter he may stand alone. His form is like his fathers: his soul is a flame of their fire. —Son of car-borne Morni, move behind the son of Clatho : let thy voice reach his ear, from the skirts of war. Not unobserved rolls battle, before thee, breaker of the shields.

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tion which men, uncorrupted with the vices of advanced society, naturally have for the chief of their blood and hereditary prince,

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