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TREATY ^amity and Commerce.

LOUIS, by the Grace of God, King os France and Navarre, to all who Jhall see these .presents, Greeting:

^sHE Congress of the Thirteen United States of North-America having, by their Plenipotentiaries residing at Paris, notified their desire to establish with us and our States a good understanding and pcrfecJ correspondence, and having for that purpofe propofed to conclude with us a Treaty of Amity and Commerce: We having thought it our duty to give to the said States a sensible proof of our affection, determining us to accept of their propofals: For these causes, and other good considerations us thereunto moving, wet reposing entire confidence in the abilities and experience, zeal and fidelity for our service, of our dear and beloved Conrad Alexander Gerard, Royal Syndic of the City of Strasbourg, and Secretary of our Council of State, D d bavt have nominated, appointed, and commissioned, and by these presents, signed with our band, do nominate., ap. point, and commission him our Plenipotentiary, giving him power and special command for us and in our name, to agree upon, conclude and sign with the Plenipotentiaries of the United States, equally furnished in due form with full powers, such Treaty, Convention, and Articles of Commerce and Navigation as be shall think proper; willing that be act with the same authority as we might or could act, if we were personally present, and even as though he had mere special command than what is herein contained; promising in good faith, and on the word of a King, to agree to, confirm, and establish for ever, and to accomplish and execute punctually, all that cur said dear and beloved Conrad Alexander Gerard stall stipulate and sign, by virtue of the present power-, without contravening it in any manner, or suffering it to be contravened for any cause, or under any pretext whatsoever; and also to ratify the same in due form, and cause our ratification to be delivered and exchanged in the time that shall be agreed on. For such is our pleasure. In testimony whereof we have hereunto set tur seal. Done at Versailles this thirtieth day of January, in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and seventy-eight, and the fourth year of our reign. (Signed)

(L. S.) LOUIS. (Underneath) By the King.





THE Most Christian King, and the Thirteen United States of North America, to wit, New-Hampshire, Massachusetts-bay, Rhode-Island, Connecticut, New-York, NewJersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North-Carolina, South-Carolina, and Georgia, willing to fix in an equitable and permanent manner, the rules which ought to be followed relative to the correspondence and commerce which the two parties desire to establish between their respective countries, states and subjects; his Most Christian Majesty and the said United States have judged that the said end could not be better obtained, than by taking for the basis of their agreement the most perfect equality and reciprocity, and by carefully avoiding all those burthensome preferences which are usually sources of debate, embarrassment, and discontent; by leaving also each party at liberty to make respecting navigation and commerce those interior regulations which it mall find most convenient to itself, D d 2 and and by founding the advantage of commerce solely upon reciprocal utility, and the just rules of free intercourse; reserving withal to each party the liberty of admitting, at its pleasure, other nations to a participation of the fame advantages. It is in the spirit of this intention, and to fulfil these views, that his said Majesty having named and appointed for his plenipotentiary Conrad AUxander Gerard, Royal Syndic of the city of Strasbourg, Secretary of his Majesty's Council of State; and the United States on their part having fully empowered Benjamin Franklin, Deputy from the State of Pennsylvania to the General Congress, and President to the convention of the said State; Silas Deane, late Deputy from the State of Connecticut to the said Congress; and Arthur Lee, Counsellor at Law: the said respective Plenipotentiaries, after exchanging their powers, and after mature deliberation, have concluded and agreed upon the following articles:


There shall be a firm, inviolable and universal peace, and a true and sincere friendship, between the Most Christian. King, his heirs and successors, and the United States of Ame

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