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blish government agreeable to the mode herein before described.


December the eighteenth, one thousand seven hundred and seventy-six, read the third time, and ratified in open Congress.

By Order, >

James Green, Jun. Secretary,

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ward to an accommodation with Great-Britain, an event then desired: and whereas the United Colonies of America have been since constituted Independent States, and the political connexion heretofore subsisting between them and GreatBritain entirely dissolved, by the Declaration of the Honourable the Continental Congress,

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^ ^ Government agreed to and resolved upon by the Freemen of this country, met in Congress the 26th day of March, 1776, was temporary only, and suited to the situation of their public affairs at that period, looking for


dated dated the 4th day of July 1776, for the many great and weighty reasons therein particularly set forth; it therefore becomes absolutely necessary to frame a Constitution suitable to that great event: Be it therefore constituted and enacted, by his Excellency Rawlins Lowndes, Esq. President and Commander in Chief in and over the State of South-Carolina, by the Honourable the Legislative Council and General Assembly, and by the authority of the same, That the following articles agreed upon by the Freemen of this State, now met in General Assembly, be deemed and held the Constitution and Form of Government of the said State, unless altered by the legislative authority thereof; which Constitution or Form of Government shall immediately take place and be of force from the passing of this Act, excepting such parts as are hereafter mentioned and specified.

I. That the stile os this country be hereafter, The State Of South-carolina.

II. That the legislative authority be vested in a General Assembly, to consist of two distinct bodies, a Senate and House of Representatives; tatives; but that the legislature of this State, as established by the Constitution or Form of Government passed the 26th of March 1776 shall continue and be in full force until the 29th day of November next ensuing.

III. That as soon as may be after the first meeting of the Senate and House of Representatives, and at every first meeting of the Senate and House of Representatives thereafter, to be elected by virtue of this Constitution, they shall, jointly, in the House of Representatives, choose by ballot, from among themselves or from the people at large, a Governor and Commander in Chief, a Lieutenant-governor, both to continue for two years, and a Privy-council, all of the Protestant religion; and till such choice shall be made, the former President, or Governor and Commander in Chief, and Vice-president, or Lieutenantgovernor, as the case may be, and Privycouncil, shall continue to act as such.

IV. That a Member of the Senate or House of Representatives, being chosen and acting as Governor and Commander in Chief, or Lieutenant-governor, shall vacate his feat, and another person shall be elected in his room.

V. That

V. That every person who shall be elected Governor and Commander in Chief of the State, or Lieutenant-governor, or a Member of the Privy-council, mall be qualified as follovveth, that is to fay, the Governor and Lieutenant-governor shall have been residents in this State for ten years, and the Members of the Privy-council five years, preceding their said election; and shall have in this State a settled plantation or freehold, in their and each of their own right, of the value of at least ten thousand pounds currency, clear of debt; and on being elected, they shall respectively take an oath of qualification in the House of Representatives.

VI. That no suture Governor and Commander in Chief who shall serve for two years, shall be eligible to serve in the said office after the expiration of the said term, until the full end and term os four years.

VII. That no person in this State shall hold the office of Governor thereof, or Lieutenantgovernor, and any other office or commislion, civil or military, (except in the militia) either in this or any other State; or under the authority of the Continental Congress, at one and the fame time.

VIII. That

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