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XXVII. That the Delegates to Congress from this State mall be chosen annually, or superseded in the mean time by thejoint ballot of both Houses of Assembly, and that there be a rotation in such manner that at least two of the number be annually changed; and no person mall be capable of being a Delegate to Congress for more than three in any term of fix years; and no person who holds any office of prosit in the gift of Congress shall be eligible to sit in Congress, but if appointed to any such office his seat mall be thereby vacated. That no person, unless above twenty-one years of age, and a resident in the State more than five years next preceding the election, and having real and personal estate in this State above the value of one thousand pounds current money, shall be eligible to sit in Congress.

XXVIII. That the Senators and Delegates, immediately on their annual meeting, and before they proceed to any business, and every person hereafter elected a Senator or Delegate, before he acts as such, shall take an oath of support and fidelity to this State as aforesaid; aad before the election of a Governor, or Member of the Council, shall take an oath, "to

S 4 elect elect without favour, affection, partiality, or prejudice, such person as Governor, or Member of the Council, as they in their judgement and conscience believe best qualified for the office."

XXIX. That the Senate and Delegates may adjourn themselves respectively: but if the two Houses should not agree qn the fame time, but adjourn to different days, then shall the Governor appoint and notify one of those days or some day between, and the Assembly shall then meet and be held accordingly; and he shall, if necessary, by advice of the Council, call them before the time to which they shall in any manner be adjourned, on giving not less than ten days notice thereof; but the Governor shall not adjourn the Assembly otherwise than as aforesaid, nor prorogue or dissolve it at any time.

XXX. That no person, unless above twentyfive years of age, a resident in this State above five years next preceding the election, and having in the'State real and personal property above the value of five thousand pounds current money, one thousand pounds whereof at least to be freehold estate, shall be eligible as Governor.

XXXI. That

XXXI. That the Governor shall not continue in that office longer than three years successively, nor be eligible as Governor until the expiration of four years after he shall have been out of that office.

XXXII. That upon the death, resignation, or removal out of this State of the Governor, the first named of the Council, for the time being, shall act as Governor, and qualify in the fame manner; and shall immediately call a meeting of the General Assembly, giving not less than fourteen days notice of the meeting, at which meeting a Governor shall be appointed, in manner aforesaid, for the residue of the year.

XXXIII. That the Governor, by and with the advice and consent of the Council, may embody the militia, and when embodied shall alone have the direction thereof, and shall also have the direction of all the regular land and sea forces under the laws of this State; but he shall not command in person, unless advised thereto by the Council, and then only so long as they shall approve thereof; and may alone exercise all other the executive powers of Government, where the concurrence of the Council cil is not required, cccording to the laws of this State; and grant reprieves or pardons for any crime, except in such cases where the law shall otherwise direct; and may, during the recess of the General Assembly, lay embargoes to prevent the departure of any stripping, or the exportation of any commodities, for any time not exceeding thirty days in any one year, summoning the General Assembly to meet within the time of the continuance of such embargo; and may also order and compel any vessel to ride quarantain, if such vessel, or the port from which she may have come, mall, on strong grounds, be suspected to be infected with the plague; but the Governor shall not, on any pretence, exercise any power or prerogative by virtue of any law, statute, or custom, of England or Great-Britain.

XXXIV. That the Members of the Council, or any three or more of them, when convened, shall constitute a Board for the transacting of business. That the Governor for the time being shall preside in the Council, and be entitled to a vote on all questions in which the Council shall be divided in opinion; and in the absence of the Governor, the first named of the Council shall preside, and as such shall also vote in all

cases cases where the other Members disagree in their opinion.

XXXV. That in case of refusal, death, resignation, disqualification, or removal out of the State, of any person chosen a Member of the Council, the Members thereof, immediately thereupon, or at their next meeting thereafter, shall elect by ballot, another person qualified as aforesaid, in his place, for the residue of the year.

XXXVI. That the Council (hall have power to make the Great Seal of this State, which shall be kept by the Chancellor for the time being, and affixed to all laws, commissions, grantt, and other public testimonials, as has been heretofore practised in this State.

XXXVII. That no Senator, Delegate of Assembly, or Member of the Council, if he shall qualify as such, shall hold or execute any office of profit, or receive the profits of any office exercised by any other person, during the time for which he shall be elected; nor shall any Governor be capable of holding any other office of profit in this State, while he acts as such; and no person holding a place of profit, or receiving any part of the profits thereof,


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