Cases on Criminal Procedure, Selected from Decisions of English and American Courts: With Special Reference to Criminal Procedure in Texas

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Page 59 - ... so charged shall be found, would justify his apprehension and commitment for trial if the crime had there been committed...
Page 56 - The clause of the Federal Constitution which requires full faith and credit to be given in each State to the records and judicial proceedings of every other State...
Page 149 - A person is in legal jeopardy when he is put upon trial, before a court of competent jurisdiction, upon indictment or information which is sufficient in form and substance to sustain a conviction and a jury has been charged with his deliverance.
Page 58 - To be a fugitive from justice, in the sense of the act of congress regulating the subject under consideration, it is not necessary that the party charged should have left the state in which the crime is alleged to have been committed, after an indictment found, or for the purpose of avoiding a prosecution, anticipated or begun, but simply that, having...
Page 224 - murder of the second degree, shall be punished by confinement in the penitentiary not less than five nor more than eighteen years.
Page 109 - That in all criminal prosecutions, the accused hath a right to be heard by himself and his counsel, to demand the nature and cause of the accusation against him, and to have a copy thereof...
Page 92 - Ohio ; and all prosecutions shall be carried on in the name and by the authority of the state of Ohio ; and all indictments shall conclude against the peace and dignity of the same.
Page 21 - Wherefore hast thou despised the commandment of the LORD to do evil in his sight ? thou hast killed Uriah the Hittite with the sword, and hast taken his wife to be thy wife, and hast slain him with the sword of the children of Ammon.
Page 59 - ... committed within the jurisdiction of either, shall seek an asylum or shall be found within the territories of the other; provided that this shall only be done upon such evidence of criminality as, according to the laws of the place where the fugitive or person...
Page 75 - America, for the payment of which well and truly to be made, we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors and administrators, jointly and severally, firmly by these presents.

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