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Let us

Kate. Speckle has some little chickens.

count them.

Frank. I can not count them. They run about

so fast.

Kate. You must count fast, then. One — two

three — four five — six — seven — eight -- nine

-ten. She has ten little chicks.

Frank. There are three black ones and all the others

are white.

Kate. There are

white ones.

Frank. Four little chicks stay close to the mother. chicks run away from her.

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Four chicks were under a big leaf. It began to rain. Three more chicks ran under the leaf. How many chicks were under the leaf then?

4+3 =


The sun came out again. Speckle called the chicks: "Cluck, cluck!" Six chicks ran to her. How many chicks stayed under the big leaf?

7 - 6 =


How many

Eight chicks were in the yard. T

Two chicks saw a hole in the fence and went through it. chicks were left in the yard ?

8- 2 =

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Here is a number story that Kate made for Frank about 10 - 2:

Speckle had 10 little chicks. 2 ran away. How many little chicks stayed close to their mother?

Here is a number story that Frank made for Kate about 5 + 5:

5 little chicks are drinking water and 5 little chicks are eating meal. How many little chicks are there in all?

Here is a number story about 6 + 4:

Speckle has 6 black chicks and 4 white chicks. How many chicks has she?


FRANK. How much
How much money




KATE. I have one nickel and six cents.

makes cents. How much have you?

Frank. I have one nickel and four cents.


[blocks in formation]

Kate. I have cents more than you have. I will give you one cent. Then you will have cents and I will have


Frank. I am going to spend three cents for an orange.

Ten cents less three cents are cents.

Kate. I will spend five cents for candy. Ten cents less five cents are


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