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[blocks in formation]

5 bushels of nuts 2 bushels of nuts
5 yards of ribbon + 1} yards of ribbon
2 bushels of apples 11 bushels of apples

[blocks in formation]


Kate bought a piece of ribbon 7} yards long. She cut off 2 yards. yards were left in the piece.

Kate's father bought a barrel of apples that held 2. bushels. He bought pecks of apples.

If a quart of milk costs 8 cents, 2.quarts will

[blocks in formation]

Kate paid 2: dollars for a pair of shoes and 3, dollars for a hat. She spent dollars.

Frank can walk 4 miles in an hour. In 24 hours he can walk miles.

Kate bought grapes at 8 cents a pound. For 20 cents she received pounds of grapes.

Frank bought 11 apples at 2 cents each. He paid cents.

Kate and Frank gathered 4 bushels of nuts. They sold 11 bushels. They had bushels left.

Frank can ride 8 miles in an hour on his

wheel. How long will it take him to go 20 miles?

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

FRANK. Uncle Will has been milking old Bess.

Here he comes with the milk.

Kate. I wonder how much he got today. Let us

see you measure the milk, please, Uncle Will.

Uncle Will. Yes, you may stand here by the table. This is a gallon measure.

It takes four quarts of milk to fill it. The measure is half full now. Do you know how many quarts that is?

Frank. I know! It is


Kate. If you put in


quarts more it will be

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