Works, Volume 17

Front Cover
J. Newbery, 1762

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Page 173 - For, that sad moment, when the sylphs withdrew, And Ariel weeping from Belinda flew, Umbriel, a dusky, melancholy sprite, As ever sullied the fair face of light, Down to the central earth, his proper scene, Repair'd to search the gloomy cave of Spleen.
Page 159 - The ancient way of conquering abroad. Ungrateful then ! if we no tears allow To him that gave us peace and empire too.
Page 64 - If one religion only were allowed in England, the Government would very possibly become arbitrary; if there were but two, the people would cut one another's throats; but as there are such a multitude, they all live happy and in peace.
Page 139 - Where thy gull'd eyes in all the gaudy round Met nothing but a lie in every face ; And the gross flattery of a gaping crowd, Envious who first should catch and first applaud The stuff or royal nonsense...
Page 64 - Christian transact together, as though they all professed the same religion, and give the name of infidel to none but bankrupts. There the Presbyterian confides in the Anabaptist, and the Churchman depends on the Quaker's word. At the breaking up of this pacific and free assembly, some withdraw to the synagogue, and others to take a glass. This man goes and is...
Page 69 - The English are the only people upon earth who have been able to prescribe limits to the power of kings by resisting them...
Page 51 - ... is both to God and man : If after all these warnings and advertisements, thou dost not turn unto the Lord with all thy heart, but forget him, who remembered thee in thy distress, and give up thyself to follow lust and vanity; surely great will be thy condemnation.
Page 173 - And fcreen'd in fhades from day's detefted glare, She fighs for ever on her penfive bed, Pain at her fide, and Megrim at her head. Two handmaids wait the throne : alike in place, But differing far in figure and in face. Here flood Ill-nature like an ancient maid...
Page 159 - Ravifh'd whole towns \ and forts from SPANIARDS reft, As his laft legacy to BRITAIN left. The ocean, which fo long our hopes confin'd, Could give no limits to his vafter mind, Our bounds...
Page 58 - This reason (which carries mathematical evidence with it) has converted such numbers of Dissenters of all persuasions, that not a twentieth part of the nation is out of the pale of the Established Church.

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