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bas been agreed upon between Great Britain and Germany. It embraces an offensive and defensive alliance in certain eventualities, but it is chiefly commercial in its character.

A desperate battle is fought at Omdurman, opposite Khartoum, on the Nile, between the Anglo-Egyptian army under Gen. Sir Herbert Kitchener and the Dervishes, only about 300 of the British soldiers were killed, while nearly 11,000 of the Dervishes were left dead upon the field.

3rd: Fifty people die and one hundred are prostrated by the excessive heat in New York City.

The war department having decided to muster out many of the volunteer regiments, Adjutant-General Corbin designates the regiments to go.

4th: The funeral train bearing the remains of President Woodruff arrives in Salt Lake City.

5th: Spanish Cortes assembled, Senor Sagasta read a decree authorizing the government to present to the Chamber a draft of law empowering the ministers to renounce sovereignty over the colonies Wilhelmina, the young queen of the Netherlands, was enthroned, with great pomp, at Amsterdam.

oth: A Mussulman uprising occurs on the island of Crete, in the Mediterranean and riots take place in Candia and many houses are burned. Bloody fighting between the Mussulmans and the British troops. Twenty people were killed and fifty wounded.

8th: The funeral services over the remains of the beloved President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Wilford Woodruff, were held in the Tabernacle at Salt Lake City. All of ihe Twelve Apostles were present and addresses were made by Presidents Joseph F. Smith, Lorenzo Snow and George Q Cannon, and Apostle Franklin D. Richards.

oth: The Utah Republicans hold their State convention and nominate Alma Eldredge, of Summit county for representative in Congress, and Charles S. Zane for the Supreme Bench.

President McKinley appoints Senator George Gray of Delaware the fifth member of the Peace Commission.

toth: President McKinley addresses a message to several prominent men requesting them to accept appointments as a committee "to examine into the conduct of the commissary, quartermaster and medical bureaus of the war department during the war.

* Empress Elizabeth of Austria is assassinated in Geneva, Switzerland, by an Italian anarchist.

uth: The town of Jerome, a mining camp near Frescott, Arizona, is almost entirely destroyed by fire, entailing a loss of over $ 1 000,000. Thirty lives are supposed to be lost; eleven bodies have been recovered. A disastrous fire occurs in New Westminster, British Columbia Property loss estimated at $2,500,000 and hundreds are rendered homeless.

13th: At a meeting of the Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Lorenzo Snow is chosen as President of the Church and he selects George Q Cannon and Joseph F. Smith as his counselors.

* General Gomez resigns command of the Cuban army. 14th: The Democratic party of Utah in State Convention nominates B. H. Roberts for Congress and R. N. Baskin for the Supreme Bench.

The annual convocation of the Episcopal Church of Utah and Nevada convenes at Salt Lake City.

A terrific hurricane passes over the Windward group of the Lesser Antilles, West India Islands. Hundreds of lives are lost and many thousands are rendered homeless. Kingstown, the capital of St Vincent is!and is almost totally destroyed.

The Spanish Cortes passes the government bill accepting the terms of the peace protocol

Senor Sagasta reads the queen's decree in the Spanish Cortes proroguing the chambers.

15th: The Populist party of Utah in convention at Salt Lake City nominate Warren Foster for Congress and J. M. Bowman for the Supreme Bench.


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