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other region. The tests made of the lat. The disparity which is shown in the ter, recently, place it favorably, as re- range for the year just closed, must be gards purity, with the product of Lake traced to the extremes of qualities in the Šuperior, while its contiguity to our city, product, which may be classed as comits easy access to the line of the Pacific mon and prime. At the beginning of Rail-road, and the cheap mining requj- the fall, as the stock became diminished, site to obtain it, render an investment in the better grades ruled high, and the its manufacture certainly profitable. year closed with the staple firm at the

The principal deficit in the receipts of figures given. the year just closed, as compared with Monthly statement of the receipts of the previous one, will be found in hemp, hemp for the years 1851 and 1852: lead, flour, wheat, corn, and oats; and

1851. the following table, compiled the present January......... .......... 27.... 17

February .....

1,078... year, by the Secretary of the Exchange,


4,796.. . 3,745 will show particularly the relative im April.....


4,737 ports of the two seasons of the principal May.....

.12,142.. 7,539 June .....


6,712 products of the country.

July ......


8,387 1851. 1852. August



.. 7,894, Tobacco ............... bhds..

3,057 September... 10,371 ... 14,053 ....... bxs., 8,380..... 12,388



1,717 .. bales..

November ....

438........ 1,030
" .. 65,366... 49,122
December .....

264...... 254 Lead ..

..pigs.. 503,571.... 409,314 Flour .bbls.. 193,892.

Total......................65,366........ 48,818

130,332 Wheat ..... bush..1,700,708.... 1,591,886

The receipts of 1847 were 72,222 Corn ........ .sacks.. 1,810,900.... 344,720 Oats.

" . 794,421.... 323'081 bales; of 1848, 47,270; of 1849, 46,290; Barley and Malt. " .. 101,674.... 47,264 of 1850, 60,862. Beet.

...bbls.. 8,872.... 11,105
.... tierces.. 5,640....


BALE-ROPE AND BAGGING.–The rePork.. .........bbls.. 103,013.... 66,306 ceipts of bale-rope during the year ..... tierces.. 15,793.... 2,704

1851, were 34,088 coils; this year 41,674 Lard.. ...bbls & les..

42,515 ... kegs.. 14,450.. 11,815 -leaving a difference in favor of this Bacon

....cks & hhds.. 16,791..... 11,285 season's operations of 7,586 coils. The ......bbls & bxs.. 1,564... 1,790

....pieces.. 6,629.... 18,809 pieces of bagging for 1851, were 2,746; Whisky.

..bbls.. 47,991.. 46,446 for 1852, 3,650-amount in favor of this Hides.

........... 99,736..... 97,148 Bagging..... ..pieces.. 2,746.. 3.650 year, 904 pieces. Bale Rope ....... coils.. 34,088.. 42,121 TOBACCO.—The sales at our ware

..hhds... 29,276... 35,283 houses, for the year just closed, exhibit .......... bbls & bxs. 36,687. 27,672 ..bags..

31745 an excess on the operations of the preCoffee.....

..sacks.. 101,904.. 96,240 ceding year, of 3,096 hhds. The followMolasses......hhds & bbls.. 40,251...

ing table shows the transactions at the Salt...... ...........bbls.. 46,250.... 42,281

...sacks. 216,933... 266,616 Planters and State Tobacco Warehouses Nails........ ........ kegs.. 57,862.... 42,201 for the past seven years, from 1846 to By the above statement it will be ob

1852, inclusive:

Planters. State Warehe. served that in nearly all the staples of 1846....

........2,573 hhds........ 971 hhds, the country, the receipts of this year are 1847... .....3,854 "

...1,235 far below those of last. The table is not


1849.... .....4,982

as full, and, we fear, as accurate as the 1850..... .....4,169
importance of the subject demands; but

ut 1851....


....5,776 " with such data as we have, it is pre

...2,311 6 sented.

The large increase in the inspection HEMP.—The relative prices of the two and sale of tobacco, at this point, the seasons, given monthly, are as follows: present over any former year, is in a 1851.

great measure to be attributed to the

1859. January...... $85 to $110...... $75 to $

high prices that have ruled in this marFebruary

80 to 105.. : 75 to '90 ket in comparison with others, and March.

85 to 95..

to $5 which prices have induced stemmers to April

70 to 90..... May.....


to 8 dispose of their lugs here rather than June.....

forward them to other places as had July

heretofore been their general custom. August September

The sales in our own market during October ... November .75 to

the embraced year, show the following December.....


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92...... to 107 gratifying result:



Bale-rope and Bagging-TobaccoLeadFlour.


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May .....

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Plantent' Leaf, inferior Frir to

Choice and Mapulac-
factory. to contmon.


selections. turiug. January .....


2 a 2 ......2% a 3 .. 3 a4 .4 a 5 ...... none. February

.2 a 2%......2% a 3 ......3 a 4 ..... .4 a 5 March ...

..2% a 2%......2% a 34 ......34 a 4 ......4 a 5 .. .5 a 6 April., ...24 a 2%.. ....2% a 3 .. 3 a 3%......3% a 4

...5 a 9 .24 a 26 a 2 ......334 a 3 .... 3 a 3%......3% a 4

a 5

.5 a 15 June.....

.2% a 3 .

a 3%......3% a 84 .... 24 a 4 ...4 a 5 .6 a 15 July......

.24 a93
a 3%......3% a 3%... 33 a

4 a 5 .... .6 a 15 August.

.2 a 36 3% a 4 ......4 a 44.... 5 a 5%......5% a 6%......6 a 15 September .. ....3% 644 ......4 a4%......4% a 5 .. 5 a 54 ......54 a 5%..... .6 a 15 October..... .....3% a 4 ......4 a 4%......4% a 5 ... 5 a 544 ..... 5% a 5%..... .6 a 12 November.............3% a 3%......3% a 4%......44 a 44. ....4% a 5 ......5 a 54 ......6 a 12 December ............. none. ...... 34 a 3%......394 a 4 ......4 a 44 ... 44 a 44......6 a 12

MANUFACTURED TOBACCO. - A few ded to, are, 1st. The number of the years since a strong prejudice existed mining population which the California against western-manufactured tobacco, emigration has carried off, amounting and the progress of the trade was con- to at least one half. 20. The failures in siderably retarded in consequence; but sinking for ores below the water-level more recently this feeling has given in the small beds of rock. 3d. The way, and each season witnesses a fur- mining population being citizens of forther improvement in this branch of in- eign birth, who take no interest in dustry. This city has now ten estab- mining except for wages. 4th. Want lishments, some of them on a large scale. of sufficient economical machinery to Our manufactured tobacco, of medium drain the wet grounds. 5th. Want of and good qualities, is as good as, if not a sufficient capital, and more general superior to the Virginia, and some of knowledge of the geology of the lead the fine equal to the best imported. All basins. that is wanting fully to develop the Although such a decrease is exhibited, business is, that our merchants and the price of lead has been steadily addealers generally should encourage the vancing. In 1847, on the levee at Galena, manufacturers by purchasing at home, the rate was $3 60 per 100 lbs., while and thus give our own industry a fair during the year just closed the article chance. Prices have ruled from 5 cents commanded an advance of $4 10. a pound for the lowest grade of country The deficit in the receipts at this port brands, to 10 and 15 for the best. City. as compared with the preceding year, manufactured from 10, for common, to (1851,) is over 99,000 pigs, and the price 14 and 18 for medium, and 22 to 25'for at which the article ranged during the fine, at which rates the article is now year was as follows: From the first of firm, with a good prospect of remaining January to hear the close of March, so. The year's operations reach about $4 25, when it fell to $4 20, and at the 8,000 packages, consuming 700 hhds. commencement of April declined to $4 of the raw material. The increase in 10; about the middle of April it rose to the country manufactures this year has $4 15, and continued gradually rising been large.

until the latter part of May, when it atLEAD.-The operations of the season tained to $4 50; from this time until the show a falling off in this product. A de- last of June, it alternately stood at $4 45, cline has been perceptible in the yield and $4 50, and in July fell to $4 30, and of the upper mines for the last six years. $4 35, and thus remained till the middle which is thus stated by a gentleman of August, when it ruled at $4 40; in the intimately acquainted with the subject: early part of September it commenced

a permanent rise, and at the close of Pigs of 70 lbs. produced in 1847...........778,469 that month stood at $4 50, which posi

1848.. ....681.969

698.934 tion it occupied until the middle of No. 1850... 568,300 vember, when it went up to $4 75. 1851. ....472,608

During the early part of the month of 1832... ... 400,000

December it ruled firmly at $4 87% ; The amount of the year just closed is and toward the middle and close, at known up to the 25th November, and $5 00, and $5 25, at which price, our from that date to the close of December, report closes with a decided upward. the yield is estimated.

tendency. The causes to which this deficit is FLOUR.-The receipts per river for traceable, as shown by the writer allu. 1851, were 184,446 bbls; this year 131,-

333—ditrezesce 53113. Received by is equal to 15.554 barres taking the wagoas ths year, as reported by fire bigo est iure. The comparative prices hoces in the cry. De ces booses to be past two years may be thos received in this war ic ans entec: 99,- gites: 461 bbis; last year, as reported in the annual statement, 15.10 rence 44 461. The ocuparative statemeat of the two years may be té as made:

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The lower talie of the main Cors.-In 1850 and 1551. the receipts prices of se tro seasons bas been ectofera were liberal and exceeded to a piled with a view to as muc accuracy ocasderable amcani those of previous as oz means woe.ladri:

years with the exception of 1847. This year, the descit shows a large falling

off. The owing table, embracing the * years mentioned, is given :


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1:31 Seycezber 0. bet....

S4 grebet December ....... 373 • 4:3...... 4 W 4 50

Several reasons have been adranced

to acecant for this faiing off, and among St. Lotis brands have always stood them mar de noticed the conversion of high in cistani markets, and they yet a large portion of grain into pork the maintain tdeir superiority; but the high can of the growing season and the prices at which grain has ruled this sea- ctc .tr of reaching this marked. But 502, and the low raies of flour.bare haua we thick along with these reasons, no tendency to relay the role o: our mien considerable quantities have found their and induce them to work up less wheat war to the lake it is stated that from than is their practice.

a point on the Illinois river, grain can WHEAT.—The dee tine in receipts at beskipped to Chicago as cheaply and this port have been steady since 1849. espeii iads as to this point, and that In 1850. they amounted to 1.808 917 from Caicago to New York the transporbushels : in 1851, to 1.665,347, and this tation does not exceed the charges from year. to 1,591.886. In 1847 and 1848. New Orleans to New York. If this be the receipts were 2. 132.377 and 2.194.. true, Chicago has the advantage of the 789 tushels. Our mills were arranged amoqat of freight between St. Louis and for such receipts as these last exhibit New Orleans-no inconsiderable item and are capable of turning out over 3.000 of expenditure in the transportation of barrels per dar. No doubt a large por- an articie of the kind. Our object is to tion of the deficit here exhibitei in the speak of the commercial character of recept of grain, has been diverted from this city as the statistics require us and this point through other channels of in doing so it is necessary to say, that traile, and country mills as the statistics other points are successfully contending world lead us believe, are enlarging and for an important portion of our receipts extending their business. Whatever the and as the result seems to show, most cause may be, the etiect is apparent, successfully. We give the rates of the that, as a grain market, St. Louis is be- two past years : coming yearly less and less important. The amount in the hands of millers at January

38 a 41 this time. does not exceed 65.000 to 70. February...

30 a 49 000 bushels, which, allowing 445 bushels


32 & 37 April.....

33 a 36 to the barrel of flour, superfine and extra, May....

30 a 43

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1852. March quotations were reported as high .33 a 36........35 a 44

a 44 as $14; at the beginning of April it July.....

38 a 43.... ..35 a 48 August .....

35 a 40... ...40 a 45 reached $15 50, and at the close of that September.....

-35 a 38. ...... 40 a 45 month $16 50, at which it remained, October .....

.35 a 40........40 a 45 November....

......31 a 36......

.43 a 50 with occasional slight variations, until December.....

...36 a 40......41 a 43 the middle of June, when it attained As far as can be ascertained there is but $18; early in July it brought $19, and little corn on the market, at this time . about the middle of August reached its Oats.--The receipts of 1851 were

ra maximum of $20, which was maintain794,431 bushels against 697,432 for the ed

the ed until the stock in this city, and subprevious year; this year the receipts !

into ject to the city orders, was almost endwindle to 338,502 sacks or 677,000

tirely exhausted. In October a depression bushels. The stock on hand is trifling.

in the South was felt here, but few, if WHISKY.--As compared with the re

any, operations were affected by it. The ceipts of 1851, this year shows a falling

decline was but for a short period; for off of 1,545 bbls. The imports of the

almost upon the advent of the present two seasons, as stated, are 47,991, and

season the article rose again in the 46,446. With regard to the amount ma

South to near its former position, and nufactured in the city, we are unable to

ble to our market opened with the new crop give a reliable statement. It is repre

at $16 50. Through the summer and sented by distillers as short of last year's

fall, hams and lard kept pace with baroperations, and we should suppose, from

from reled meats, and maintained their rates the light receipts of corn, that such is the ..

h until the close of the season ; but shoul

ve ders and sides, after attaining to 8%, and case. Comparative prices of the two years :

ro. 10%, declined about the commencement

of the fall, and went down to 532 and 1851.

74. The transactions of the year, with January...............22 a 23 ..... 16 a 18 February.. ...22% a 23%......15% a 16

the exception of those in baconed shoulMarch..

..20. a 21......154 a 10% ders and sides, show favorably to operaApril...... ......18% a 19 ......15% a 15%

tors. The reason for the permanent deMay.....

.....19 4 194 ......15% a 17 June....

.20% a 21......16 a 17% cline in the products named, must be July

.18% a 19 .....16% a 17% found in the large quantities thrown in August

.....19% a 19%......17 a 20 September 21% a 22

from different points on the markets beOctober..

... 20 a 20% ...... 16 a 181 low, and the comparatively small deNovember .....

......1844 a 20

mand which existed. There was no real December..... ....21% a 22 ......19%

cause for the high rates at which shoulThe above statement of the amount of ders and sides were held, and the adreceipts differs with some other tables. vance upon them may be attributed alTaking the data of last year in our pos. together to a speculative feeling among session, the result cannot be otherwise western operators, and by which many stated. The great deficit in corn would of these operators sustained heavy losses. seem to lead to the same conclusion. A greater proportion of meats had been

PROVISIONS.-The price of provisions baconed than usual, induced by the beruled high for a greater part of the year. lief that it would prove more profitable At the opening of the pork season, hogs — a belief predicated upon the prices brought $4 30 and $4 35 net, upon which which ruled at the close of the prean advance was effected, before the vious season. The use of hams is geclose, to $4 75 and $4 85. At these neral; their range of quality, from comrates our operators did not enter the bu- nion to fancy sugar-cured, is within the siness as deeply as they had done the reach of nearly all classes; the poor preceding season. The ascertained prefer them, in their plainest state, to amount of pork cut in the country was shoulders or sides, and the wealthy care 1,398,846 hogs, against 1,662,187 the year but little for the enhancement in the before; showing a deficit of 263,341 prices superinduced by superiority of head, of which deficit this point bore, curing and preserving; and hence, as for its share, 43,000. On the 1st of Ja- we have said, their consumption is genuary, mess pork commanded $12 50, neral, and every year this consumption and at the close of the month $13 was appears to be on the increase. The obtained. It rose gradually through the manufacture of lard oil is rapidly exmonth of February, and on the 1st of tending. This article is now used on


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machinery of every description, and its measure, the packing of the article. consumption by the railways alone is This demand keeps the price too high immense. With these demands, hams for a successful competition with the and lard maintained their stand; but packing operations at other points. The sides and shoulders, used only by a emigration across the plains employed a class or two, were unable to recover large number of our best cattle, and of from their depression. At the close of course restricted trade to a considerable the season, holders had worked off near- extent. The year closes with the marly the whole of their stock, and at the ket high, $5 50 for choice qualities, and the beginning of operations about the with but comparatively few in the region middle of November, there was but from which our yards are supplied. The little on the market. This little left only sales of barreled beef reported at received an advantage from the high this point have been prime at $9 25. rates which new products commanded Sugar.-The receipts this year have

and old shoulders, at the close, rea. been 35,276 hhds., and 27,672 barrels lized 6 @ 6 , sides 8 @ 84.

and boxes, against 29,276 hhds., 20,BEEF AND CATTLE.-For the packing 854 barrels, and 15.833 boxes last. The of beef this market has never been very year closes with a larger amount on remarkable, operators preferring to send hand than usual, the sudden close of the article off on hoof rather than in navigation having prevented expected barrels. The whole season, perhaps, sales. Prices rule low at this time, will not show beyond 3,000 barrels. The barely covering cost and charges, and receipts at this point are generally for- in some instances hardly doing that. warded, and the article is but rarely The city consumption has increased resorted to in the way of speculation. materially, and the country demand is In lieu of this, however, we claim St. also enlarging. This will account for Louis as one of the greatest points for the heavy receipts somewhat; but the the shipment of cattle in the west. It full crop this year must be taken, in this is difficult to state with any great accu- view, into consideration. We quote racy the number of head which have common to prime, as the closing rates been shipped south the past year. From of the season, at from 316 to 5c. the best information to be obtained, we The following is a statement of sugars put the amount down at 300 per week, received at Belcher's refinery in 1852, making over 15,000. It is the shipping and refined during the year:demand which precludes, in a great


Refined. Og hand Jan,

lot, 1853.
Havana sugars.
...boxes...... 17,521.... ...16,353..

New-Orleans and Cuba sugars............. hhds....... 9,740.... 7,658........2,052
...bbls ....... 3,397..... ... 2,987....

.. 410 Cistern sugars ......

.... 9,980,.. ... 9,470... Manilla and Brazil sugars.................. bags....... 34,621........29,848. ......4,773 During same time refined over of Salt.-Receipts of Kanawha, 42,281 molasses and cane syrup 10,567 barrels. barrels, against 30,591 last year. The Number of packages of refined sugars, reduction of this article to 25c. opened a syrups, and molasses, turned out during much larger market, and we presume the year, 103,550.

the enhanced sales are to be attributed Molasses. - Receipts for the year, in a good degree to this cause. Of salt 54,934 hhds, and barrels, against 40,231 in sacks, embracing L. B., T. I. and G. A., barrels last. Plantation is now selling our receipts foot up 266,622 sacks, against at 26c., and the market represented 252,855 sacks last year. This is a large dull.

increase. The prices, by reason of this COFFEE.--As compared with the im- increase, have fallen, and the year closes ports of 1851, the present season shows with Turk's island at 65c., and ground an increase of over 6,000 sks. This is alum at $1 05 @ $1 10. The receipts of not as large a difference as existed be- sacks this year is less 2,400 than that of tween the receipts of 1850 and 1851 1850. the difference being in favor of the LUMBER.-The following table of the latter year of over 28,000 sks. The stock monthly receipts of lumber, within the on hand at this time is represented as limits of the corporation. has been fur. not large, and the year closes with the nished by Mr. FERGUSON, lumber-master article at 95. @ 93 c. for Rio.

of the city.

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