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Robert Clarke & Co., Cincinnati, Ohio.


SAYLER (J. A.) American Form Book. A Collection cf Legal

and Business Forms, embracing Deeds, Mortgages, Leases, Bonds, Wills, Contracts, Bills of Exchange, Promissory Notes, Checks, Bills of Sale, Receipts, and other Legal Instruments, prepared in accordance with the Laws of the several States; with Instructions for drawing and executing the same. For Professional and Business Men. Svo.

2 00 Smeets (Mary R.) My Three Angels: Faith, llope, and Love.

With full-page illustrations by E. D. Grafton. 4to. Cloth. Gilt.

5 00 SKINNER (J. R.) The Source of Measures. A Key to the IIebrew

Egyptian Mystery in the Source of Measures, etc. Svo. 5 00 Smith (Col. JAMES). A Reprint of an Account of the Remark

able Occurrences in his Life and Travels, vuring his Captivity with the Indians in the years 1755, '56, '57, '58, and '59, etc. 8vo. $250. Large paper,

5 00 STANTON (II.) Jacob Brown and other Poems. 12mo. 1 50 St. Clair Papers. A Collection of the Correspondence and other

papers of General Arthur St. Clair, Governor of the Northwest Territory. Edited, with a Sketch of his Life and Public Services, by William llenry Smith. 2 vols. 8vo.

6 00 STRAUCH (A.) Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati: its IIistory

and improvements, with Observations on Ancient and modern Places of Sepulture. The text beautifully printed with ornamental, colored borders, and photographic illustrations. 4to. Cloth. Gilt.

15 0) An Svo edition, without border and illustrations.

2 00 Studer (J. II.) Columbus, Ohio: its IIistory, Resources, and Pro

gress, from its Settlement to the Present Time. 12mo. 2 00 TANEYHILL (R. II.) The Leatherwood God: an account of the

Appearance and Pretensions of Joseph C. Dylks in Eastern Ohio, in 1826. 12mo. Paper.

30 Tex BROOK (A.) American State Universities. Their Origin and

Progress. A History of the Congressional University Land Grants. A particular account of the Rise and Development of the University of Michigan, and Ilints toward the future of the American University System. 8vo.

2 00 TiLdEx (Louise W.) Karl and Gretchen's Christmas. Illustrated.

Square 12mo. TILDEN (Louise W.) Poem, IIymn, and Mission Band Exercises.

Written and arranged for the use of Foreign Missionary Societies and Mission Bands. Square 12mo. Paper.

25 TRENT (Capt. Wm.) Journal of, from Logstown to Piekawillany: in 1752. Edited by A. T. Goodman. Svo.

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TRIPLER (C.S, M.D.) and BLACKMAN (G. C., M.D.) Handbook for the Military Surgeon. 12mo.

1 00 TYLER DAVIDSON FOUNTAIN. History and Description of the

Tyler Davidson Fountain, Donated to the City of Cincinnati, by llenry Probasco. 18mo. Paper.

25 VAGO (A. L.) Instructions in the art of Modeling in Clay.

With an Appendixon Modeling in Foliage, etc., for Pottery and
Architectural Decorations, by Benn Pitman, of Cincinnati
School of Design. Hlustrated. Square 12mo.

1 00 VaviloRNE (T. B.) The History of the Army of the Cumberland;

its Organization, Campaigns, and Battles. Library Edition. 2 vols. With Atlas of 22 maps, compiled by Edward Ruger. Svo Cloth, $8 00; Sheep, $10 00; Half Morocco, $1200. Popular Elition, Containing the same Text as the Library Edition, but only one map. 2 vols. Svo. Cloth.

5 00 VESABLE (W. H.) June on the Miami, and other Poems. Second edition. 18mo.

1 50 VOORHEES (D. W.) Speeches of, embracing his most prominent

Forensic, Political, Decasional, and Literary Addresses. Compiled by his son, C. S. Voorhees, with a Biographical Sketch and Portrait. 8vo.

5 00 Walker (C. M.) History of Athens County, Ohio, and inci

dentally of the Ohio Land Company, and the First Settlement of the State at Marietta, etc. 8vo. $600. Large Paper. 2 vols. $12.00. Popular Edition.

4 00 WALTON (G. E.) Hygiene and Education of Infants; or, How

to take care of Babies. 24mo. Paper. Ward (Durbin). American Coinage and Currency. An Essay

read before the Social Science Congress, at Cincinnati, May 2:2, 1878. 8vo. Paper.

10 WEBB (F.) and JOHNSTON (M. C.) A. Improved Tally-Book, for the use of Lumber Dealers. Ismo.

50 WHITTAKER (J. T., M. D.) Physiology; Preliminary Lectures. Illustrated. 12mo.

1 75 Williams (A. D., M. D.) Diseases of the Ear, including Necessary Anatomy of the Organ. 8vo.

3 50 Young (A.) History of Wayne County, Indiana, from its First Settlement to the Present Time. 8vo.


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