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In Elah's vale thine earthly father David
Did, while a stripling youth, unarmed run to
Accept th' insulting challenge of Philistia's
Proud champion, with a well-placed trust in
An almighty power, undaunted faced the threats
And vaunts with which the disdain-foe drew near;
And firmly approaching the haughty giant,
Addressed thus this impious blasphemer :
Thou comest to me with sword, and spear, and shield,
But I come to thee in the name of the living
Lord of hosts; the God of Israel's armies,
To whom, thou foul idolater, hast dared to
Bid defiance. This day the Lord will give thee
In mine hand, to smite and take thine head from thee;
That all the earth may know there is a God in
Israel; that all the vast assembled hosts
Of Israel and Philistia may know
That the Lord saveth not with sword and spear; for
The battle is the Lord's, and He will give you
Into his people Israel's hands. Then
Hasting to'ards him, slung a well-aim'd stone, which pierc'd
Goliah’s head, and fell’d him to the gronnd. This
Valiant deed achieved, the victorious
Shepherd straight mounted on the giant's pond'rous
Corse, unsheathing his own sword; (for there was no
Sword in the hand of David ;) with it he quick
Dissevered, from off its gigantic trunk,
Goliah's wounded head; and took the reproach
From Israel, making an open show of
The impotence of him who had dard t oppose
Omnipotence, and received from his King
The promised reward. Thus now, thou the great
Shepherd, wilt, in thine earthly prototype's weak
Nature, accept the insulting challenge of
Hell's proud infernal champion, and with firm
Trust in thy bless’d Father's power, unarm'd
Haste to meet the impious chieftain, undaunted
By his vaunts and wiles, his scourge, his nails, and spear,
Thou'lt firmly approach him, e'en in this dreaded
Hour. Thou knowest that God hath delivered

Unto the power of darkness, but his head thou'lt
Surely break, and with his own devices thou'lt
Destroy his power; thus take the reproach from
Thy great Father's honour, that the assembled
Hosts of heaven and hell may know that the Lord
God omnipotent reigneth; that th' assembled
Universe may behold the impotence of
Him who has dar'd to defy Omnipotence:
For the battle is the Lord's, and He will give
Thine enemies into thy conquering hand.
In visionary view you late beheld Satan
Like lightning fall: thy victory over him
Soon will realize this sight, and hurl him to
Perdition. Now that firm faith in God, which
To thy followers thou hast enjoined thyself,
Will full display, in this its time of trial.
For thou wilt not be overcome of evil,
But thou wilt overcome evil by good; so
“ Heavenly love shall out-do hellish hate ;” and
Though thou wilt be crucified in weakness,
Thou wilt be raised in power. O! only-
Begotten of thy great almighty Father,
Perfect partaker of his bless'd nature, Love !
What bliss transcendent then will meet thee! what a
Pure happiness, well-suited to thy divine
Benignity! whose great joy is joy t' impart;
When by thyself thou 'st reconciled not only things
In earth, but things in heaven, and gathered all
In one : when penn'd in the same fold, th' unnumber'd
Flock, composed of every creature that
Is in heaven and earth, burst out in grateful
Rapturous acclamations, saying, that
Worthy is the slaughtered Lamb, who has redeemed
Us unto God by his own blood, to receive
Power, and riches, and wisdom, and strength, and
Honour, and glory, and blessing. Then with our
Loudest Alleluiahs we will proclaim that
The Lord God omnipotent reigneth ; that the
Kingdoms of all worlds are become the kingdoms
Of our Lord and of his bless'd Son; and he shall

Reign King of kings, and Lord of lords, for ever
And for ever. With this immensity of
Joy before thee set, thou wilt endure the cross,
Thou wilt despise the shame.

We previously observed our having been led to conjecture that the angel might have suggested to our blessed Lord considerations somewhat of the nature of those just selected from Scripture, by the reason assigned for this celestial minister's appearance, which is not described as being intended to console or sympathize with him, but to strengthen him. All his petitions subsequent to his entrance into the garden, discovered the most fervent desire to have this bitter cup of affliction taken from him; and though he always manifested the most perfect resignation to his Father's will, and the most determined resolution to fulfil it, yet, as hath been also already remarked, while he cherished the smallest ray of hope that the Supreme Being might adopt other measures for the vindication of his glory than those to be achieved by his sufferings and death, it naturally produced an undecided and perplexing state of mind; and we are powerfully confirmed in the justness of our supposition, namely, that to remove this by determining his purpose and irrevocably fixing his doom, was the end proposed by the heavenly ministration; from two reasons : first, our finding no further repetition of his entreaties that the hour might pass from him ; and, secondly, by the immediate effect produced; for no alternative being now left, the necessity of his sufferings appearing imperious; his distress and

terror were consequently greatly heightened and augmented, and the conflict became in the extremest degree violent and acute. “And being in an agony, he prayed more earnestly, and his sweat was as it were great drops of blood falling down to the ground.” How unlike to man! For the agonies endured by our blessed Saviour increased his devotion, and fixed him suppliant at the throne of grace. The matter of his fervent prayer, at this agonizing juncture, it may be inferred from the light thrown on this awful subject by the information of St. Paul, was for the Divine assistance to carry him through the dreadful scene that lay before him, with honour and with victory. For the torturing fear lest he should not prove victor in the terrific contest in which he was engaged, and which was probably originally insinuated by his subtil adversary, he would doubtless at this momentous crisis, to the utmost of his power, increase and exasperate. And his terror and agitation now became so excessive as to force the crimson fluid through the pores; which "intermingling with the sweat, dropped in clots on the ground, as he bowed himself to the earth.” Dr. Whitby observes “ that Aristotle and Diodorus Siculus both mention bloody sweats as attending some extraordinary agony of the mind; and Dr. Doddridge informs us that he finds Leti, in his Life of Pope Sixtus V. page 200, and Sir John Chardin, in his History of Persia, vol. i. page 126, mentioning a like phenomenon; to which Dr. Jackson, in his Works, vol. ii. page 819, adds another VOL. II.


from Thuanus, lib. x. page 221.” And so violent and extraordinary was now the commotion into which our blessed Saviour's animal frame was thrown, that notwithstanding his being in the open air, and the cool of the night, his sweat ran off with uncommon violence, and was productive of the effect we have just been citing, as mentioned by the before-named authors. And when he rose up from prayer, and was come to his disciples (Mark) the third time, he found them sleeping for sorrow, (Matthew,) and said unto them, Why sleep ye? Rise and pray, lest ye enter into temptation. Wonderful and unparalleled love, thus to remain unaltered, unimpaired, in this his utnost exigence! (Matthew.) And he saith unto them, Sleep on now, and take your rest; it is enough, behold the hour is come, and the Son of man is betrayed into the hands of sinners; rise, let us be going; behold he is at hand that doth betray me.”

Th’Omnipresent eye, which pierc'd through the thin veil
Which now o’ercast it, beheld the traitor's act,
And mark'd his near approach. Tremendous crisis!
The dreadful moment come, and the last precious
Hour past gone, and half consumed in anxious
Distrust, and deluding hope, that might solely
Have been spent in seeking heavenly succour, and
Preparing to meet impending fate with firm
And dignified composure. Behold him now,
Amidst his agonizing struggle, with nought
But virtue t'oppose the high-flowing tide that
In him rolled, and stem this torrent of fear,
Terror, and dismay. Loudly upon him did
Stern duty call, to instant rise and meet his

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