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The references are to the sections in the margin.

Seal of district what will be, 168.

form of vote to adopt one, 163.
SECONDARY schools, 50.
SENATOR may engage any officers, 62.
SMITHFIELD, special acts of June, 1830, January, 1838, and Oct.

1937, now repealed.
South KINGSTOWN, special act as to No. 17, Oct. 1838.

special act for town, January, 1841, repealed.
SPECIAL acts for building school houses. See the names of the

Studies. See Books.
SUB-COMMITTEE may be appointed to examine teachers, 14, 54.

be person not of committee, 14, 54.
Suits at law, districts may prosecute, 34,

proceedings in, 67, 68, 69, 70, 71.
SUPERINTENDENT of schools may be appointed by town, 7.

to be paid by town, 7.
town may authorize conimittee to appoint, 7.

if not one of committee, must be an elector. Constitution.
SUPREME Court, judge approving Commissioner's decision, final, 65.
Surplus Revenue of United States. See act of October, 1836.

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Tax, school house exempt from taxation. Digest, page 431.

for what purpose towns may tax. See Towns.
for what districts may tax, 36, 120.
who may vote for, 32.
to be levied according to town assessment, 45.
assessment to be made by trustees, 42,
trustees need not give notice, 45.
tax and plans must be approved by school committee, 35, 36.
trustee must issue warrant to collector, 42.
form of warrant, 156.
district may employ town collector to collect, 37, 59.
town collector need not be engaged or give bond anew, 37.
to be collected as town taxes, 37.
in joint district to be approved by Committees or Commis- ,

sioner, 52.
in what cases town assessors to be called on, 45.
town assessors to give ten days notice, 45.
collector and treasurer need not give bond unless required, 37.
form of collector's bond, 155, 125.
vote to lay a tax, form of, 152.
district refusing to collect tax, Commissioner to collect it in

certain cases, 46.
errors in assessing, how corrected, 47.

The references are to the sections in the margin.

Tax, if not appealed from, cannot be questioned in Court, 66.
summary of statute law as to collecting taxes, 152, and note to

form 157.
may be abated in cases of persons changed from one district

to another, 48.
in suit against district officer, no costs if acted in good faith, 67.
for local acts as to taxation. See names of towns.
first general act for building school houses by tax, January,

1844, now repealed.
Teacher, what qualifications required, 55, 126.

to be examined and by whom, 14, 54, 94.
must be employed by trustees, 40, 107.
may be by committee in case, 38.
form of certificate, 139.
may be dismissed by committee in all cases, 56.
ccrtificate may be annulled, 54.
to keep register and make returns, 57.
importance of having full reports and returns, note to 170.
form of contract with trustees, 142.
remarks on duties of, 126.
should attend teachers' meetings, 110.
how to calculate average attendance, 127.
may suspend scholars temporarily if allowed by rules, 128.
remarks on using Bible in schools, 129.
penalty on disturbing his school, 132.
power to punish scholars for acts done out of school, 131.
should inform committee when school begins,
should notify parents, &c. if scholars have not proper books, 41

of Indian school to be examined, 74.
TEACHERS' money, what, 20.
Teachers' Institutes to be held by Commissioner, 58.
TIVERTON, special act as to No. 13, June, 1841, repealed.
Towns, to raise money before receive proportion from State, 6.

July 1st, 2,
if do not raise it, their proportion to be added to permanent

fund, 6.
but Commissioner may remit forfeitures, 4.
may establish libraries, 5.
may support schools, 5.
may build houses by town tax, 5.
to choose a school committee of not less than three, 8.
may direct by what rules town money shall be divided among
the districts, 20.

The references are to the sections in the margin.

Towns, may appoint or empower committee to appoint superintend-

ent, 7.
not to be divided into districts without direction of town, 12.
Town COLLECTOR may be employed to collect tax or rate, 37, 59.

need not be engaged or give bond anew, 37.
Town CLERK to record boundaries and alterations, 24.

'to distribute school blanks, 24.
to furnish committee certificate of election,
form of, 137.

may engage all officers, 62.
Town TREASURER to keep separate account of all school monies, 23.

to furnish account to committee on their election, 23.
to apply to Commissioner for State money, 84.
form of certificate to obtain it, 84.
to pay it to order of committee only, 6, 23.
form of committee's order, 164.
penalty for misappropriating, 64.

of Charlestown to receive money for Indian school, 74.
Town Council may choose committee in case, 85, 86.

may fill vacancies in case, 86.

member of may engage school officers, 62.
TREASURER General, to pay order of Commissioner, 2.

to invest forfeited money, 6,

to pay money for Indian school to treasurer of Charlestown, 74.
TREASURER town. See Town Treasurer.
TREASURER of district. See District Treasurer:
TRUSTEES, one or three may be elected, 37.

when elected, 26, 37.
must be electors, 113. See Constitution.
hold until successors appointed, 63.
form of certificate of election, 137.
should be engaged, 62.
form of, 138.
to receive no pay, 44.

how filled, 37.
three, majority may act, 106.
meetings of trustees, how called, 106.
remarks on duties of, 107, &c.
to employ no one unless examined, 54, 107.
must keep school at least four months, 21.
neglecting to keep school, committee may do it, 38.
form of contract with teacher, 142.
to make returns to committee, 43, 99, 112.
may require teacher to prepare them, 57.
form of returns, 170.

The references are to the sections in the margin.

TRUSTEES, importance of having full and correct returns, note to 170.

to certify that teachers money has been rightly expended, 21.
should keep inventory of district property, 111.
to have custody of school house (except when committee keep

the school) 40, 38.
to notify committee when school begins, 40.
duty to visit schools, 40.
subjects for enquiry when visiting schools, 95.
may let scholars attend from other districts, 53.
should exempt the poor

from assessments, 59,

supply poor scholars with books at expense of district, 41.
should encourage teachers to attend Institute and meetings, 110
to notify district meetings, and how, 29, 30, 109.
if refuses to notify, committee may do it, 27.
may collect rate to keep four months school without vote of

district, 59.
to make out rate bills and assess taxes, 42.
but all rates and taxes must be approved by committee, 59.
to issue warrants to collector, 42.
form of warrant, 156.
need not give notice of assessing tax, 45.
when to call on town asssssors, 45.
town assessors to give ten days notice, 45.
to deliver over papers to successor, 64.

penalty for failure of duty, 64, 109.
Union of districts, districts united to own all the property, 49.

altered, property to be apportioned, 49.

provision for union, 50, 51, 52, 122.
VACANCY in committee, how filled, 18, 86.

in trustees and district officers, 37, 115.
Vail, Rev. Thomas H., 135.
Visiting schools, duty of, 3, 15, 40.

subjects of enquiry in, 95.

committee may employ person to visit, 15.
VOLUNTARY incorporation of libraries and academies, 75, 135.

forms for, 136.
VOTE of district, when can be rescinded, 46, 119.

form of heading, 146.
to elect officers, 147.
prescribing mode of notifying meetings, 148.
to build or repair school house, 150.
to lay a tax, 152.

if not appealed from, final, 66.
to devolve care of school on committee, 38, 149.

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The references are to the sections in the margin.

Vote, to appoint agent or attorney to sign a deed, 162.

take a lease, 160.

execute building contract, 150.
adopting a seal, 168.
to form secondary district, 166.
votes to be recorded on request and who voting, 32, 116.

motions rejected should be recorded, 123.
Voters, who are, 32, 113.

who can vote on taxes or expending money, 32.
lawful vote rejected, appeal, 116.
qualified electors may be officers, 113.

WARDEN in Jamestown and New Shoreham may engage officers, 62.
WARRANT or certificate of election of committee, 137.

of district officers, 137.
for collecting tax to be issued by trustees, 42, 156.

for enforcing judgment against district, 69, 46.
WESTERLY, special act of January, 1830, now repealed.
WITNESSES, inhabitants of districts may be, 71.
Writs against district, how served, 70.

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