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As the first edition of this book has been out of print for several years, and some months 'must elapse before I can hope for leisure to continue the notes, I have resolved to issue at once the text and the explanatory notes as far as they are printed off.

The notes of Stanley and John Taylor, which are cited here and there, are taken from their MSS. in the Cambridge university library; those of Markland are preserved in St John's college.

For the notes bearing the initials H. A. J. M. and J. C. I am indebted to my friends Professor Munro and the lamented Professor Conington.

I have purposely abstained from consulting any English edition of Juvenal. All the citations have been taken anew from the original authors.

J. E. B. M.


28th Oct. 1869.


FROM p. 182 onwards I have merely added to the notes of the first edition a portion of the materials amassed during the last twenty years.

To have searched through the whole of my collections, or to have changed the form of the notes, would have required more leisure than I have had at command.

By Easter 1873 I hope to issue the remainder of the commentary, in which sat. x is treated as fully as sat. I.

I propose ultimately to bring out also a critical edition of the 16 satires, with an explanatory commentary on sat. II. VI. IX. and to enlarge the commentary on the remaining satires on one uniform scale.

J. E. B. M.


26th Oct. 1872.

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