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contrary to the sentiments of true Spa- | preference to any other business, to devote niards, and which cannot be counteracted their exertions to the fabrication of arms by mild measures, demands that your ex- and pikes; the latter being destined for cellency should check it with all the ri- those inhabitants who cannot be supplied gour of military law, extending the pun- with any sort of arms.--

----All persons reishment to all those who assist or protect fusing to enlist or deliver up horses, mules, deserters. For this purpose his Majesty and other necessaries, shall be committed invests your excellency with the most as traitors to their country, and be punishample power which may be required, to ed in an exemplary manner. All vile decause yourself to be promptly and im- serters shall be shot as soon as apprehendplicitly obeyedl, and cause the enthusiasm ed, without any exception or mercy. Cowwhich begins to slacken in the Provinces, ards who in an engagement with the enemy and especially in Old Castile, to be revi- are the first to run away and cause disved. To attain that end, extraordinary order and confusion, may be killed on the and vigorous measures are required, cal spot for their own punishment, and as an culated to secure the safety of the nation, example to others.---All those gallant dewhich camot be done without the prompt fenders of their country, worthy of the heand exemplary punishment of the vile and roic Spanish names, who distinguish themdegenerate wretches who deceive their selves by deeds of superior valour, shall be country and their King, by usurping the rewarded in such a manner that their title of their defenders, while they are names shall be handed down to posterity selling them to the enemy. From that with those marks of public approbation severe punishment, such justices and which shall be best calculated to immorplaces are not to be exempted as shew talize their glory.—MARQUIS DE LA Roany slowness in checking disorder and confusion, or do not execute your excel. lency's orders with the necessary punctu- Proclamation of Sir David Baird, dated Asa ality and zeal. His Majesty invests you

torga, Isi Dec. 1808. with such great authority, in order that The events that have occurred in Biscay, you may be convinced of the implicit con- and in the neighbourhood of the Ebro, fidence which he places in your energy have made it indispensibly necessary that and zeal. The necessary orders have been the British troops should be concentrated, dispatched for that purpose to the respective in order more effectually to assist and supjuntas of government, that they may pos- port the Spanish nation in the heroic exersess full knowledge thereof, and obey your tions she is applying for the defence of excellency, to whom I communicate the her independance. Under these circumabove royal order for your information, stances, lieut.-general sir D. Baird; comand compliance with the same. God


mander of the British division in Castile serve your excellency many years.--Mar- and Leon, informs the royal subjects of TIN DE GARAY,

these kingdoms, that he has just received Ordinance of the Marquis in consequence of orders from his excellency sir J. Moore,

the above letter.-Dated, Leon, Dec. 1808. commander in chief of his Britannic ma

In pursuance thereof, I ordain that all jesty's army in Spain, to unite his forces the inhabitants of the kingdom of Castile, with those of the said general, without loss Leon, and Asturias and Galicia, of from 16 of time, by the road of Portugal. The to 4-5 years of age, are immediately to arm object of this movement is in no respect to themselves with such musquets,carbines, pis- evacuate Spain, or to abandon a cause so tols, sabres, and every other description of dear to Great Britain. The only design is arms as they have in their possession. That to combine the whole of the British forces, all young men unmarried without children, in order to enable them to act in a situaare to repair, without the least delay, to tion where they can render their services the places which shall be pointed out by more beneficial.-Gallicia, strong by nathe juntas of government in the respective ture, does not require for its protection a provinces and districts, to be immediately more numerous army, nor can it possess a incorporated with the armies. All other more gallant one than the army of the persons shall also arm to defend their re-. left ; composed principally of the couraspective provinces; all horses and mules geous youth of the kingdom (province), belonging to any persons whomsoever, are which is now united in Leon under the orput in a state of requisition, and immedi- ders of the highly distinguished commanately to be delivered up for the use of the der his excellency the marquis de la Ro. armies.--All armourers and smiths are, in

The resort of more troops, in the


present circumstances, in the defiles of the ordinary ones that have hitherto been the mountains, would be prejudicial, since paid.--Ans. Granted, till the realm sball they would consume the provisions and definitively be organized.–VI. Our laws, other resources of the country, without in- customs, and courts of justice shall be precreasing its security. To the worthy served in their present constitution.—Ans. inhabitants of these kingdoms the most Granted, until the kingdom undergoes its grateful acknowledgments are due from definitive organization.–VII. The French the British forces, for the hospitality and troops and their officers shall not be quarfriendship with which they have been tered in private houses, but in military treated in every situation : and the lieut.- lodging houses and tents, and by no means gen. hopes that the feelings of reciprocal | in convents or monasteries; the privileges attachment and respect will prevail, not allowed to the respective classes by the laws only now, but that they will continue to being preserved. Ans. Granted; it being animate both nations to the latest posterity. well understood that both the officers and -In taking leave of the subjects of this privates must have quarters and tents that part of the Peninsula, the lieut.- gen. feels are furnished conformably to the military it to be his duty to exhort them, by the loy- regulations, unless the said buildings be inalty they owe to their sovereign, by the af- sufficient.–VIII. The troops shall march fection they bear to their families, and by out of the town with the honours of war, all that is sacred in religion, to unite for the and be at liberty to retire whithersoever protection of their country.- -Unless the they chuse.—Ans. The troops shall march government and the people combine their out with the honours of war; they shall utmost efforts in this just and honourable march off by files to-day at four o'clock cause, Spain will be exposed to the most se in the afternoon, and leave their arms and rious danger ; but if these endeavours be cannon; the armed peasants shall also not wanting, under the direction of Divine | leave their arins and artillery ; after which Providence, all will terminate in victory the inhabitants shall retire to their houses, and happiness.

and those from without the town to their

villages. All the individuals that hare enCapitulation of Madrid. -From the Ma- listed among the troops of the line four

drid Gazette, Dec. 7, 1808.—Capitulation months ago, shall be free from their enproposed by the Military and Civil Junta gagements, and retire to their villages. All of Madrid, to his Imperial and Royal Mu- the rest shall continue prisoners of war till jesty the Emperor of the French.

an exchange take place, which will comArticle I. The preservation of the Catho- mence immediately between equal numlic, Apostolic, and Roman Religion, with bers, and rank for rank.--IX. The public out any other being legally tolerated.- debts and engagements of the state shall

Granted. - II. The liberty and be faithfully and constantly discharged. security of the lives and properties of the Ans. This being a political object, belongs citizens and other persons residing in Ma- to the cognizance of the Assembly of the drid, as well as of those in public employ- Realm, and depends on the general admi ments : the preservation of their situations, nistration.-X. Those generals who wish or the option of their retiring from this to continue in the capital, shall preserve court, if they should prefer it. Likewise their rank; and such as are desirous of the lives, privileges, and properties of the quitting it, shall be at liberty so to do.-secular and regular ecclesiastics of both | Ans. Granted : they shall remain in their sexes, together with the respect due to the station, although their pay can only conchurches, all in conformity to our laws and tinue till the kingdom receives its ultimate customs.-Ans. Granted.—III. The lives organization.-Additional Art. XI.-A deand properties of all military officers, of tachment of guards shall this day, at four rank, are likewise to be safe.—Ans. Grant- o'clock, take possession of the palace gates. ed.-IV. No person shall be liable to per- The different gates of the city shall about secution, on account of their political opi- the same time, be delivered up to the French nions or writings, any more than those em- army. The guard-house of the body ployed in a public capacity, for what they guards, and the general hospital, shall be may have done hitherto in the exercise of surrendered to the French army at the same their employments, or in obedience to the time.—At the same hour the park of artilformer government; nor shall the people lery, and the arsenals, together with the suffer for the efforts which they have made engineers, shall be surrendered to the for their defence.—Ans. Granted.---V. No French artillery and engineers.—Theworks other contributions shall be exacted beyond and entrenchments shall be levelled, and the streets repaired. The French officer tyrant, with the design of misleading you' about to take the command of Madrid, and bringing the supreme governing Junshall about mid-day repair, under a mili- ta of the kingdom into disrepute, spread tary guard, to the house of the principal reports that the latter have approved the (governor), in order to concert with go- capitulation of Madrid.

This sovereign vernment, regulations of police, and mea- body feel it to be their duty to contradict sures for the re-establishment of good order rumours, the object and tendency of which and public security in all parts of the town. is to sow distrust between the government --We, the undersigned Commissioners, au- and the people, to produce general discouthorised by full powers for settling and ragement and anarchy, and to expose to signing the present Capitulation, have a- contempt the sacred oath of your represengreed upon the faithful and entire execu- tatives.-Spaniards, the Supreme Junta, tion of the above measure.-Fernando de whose motto is, · Death or liberty,' are far la Vera y Pantoga:— Thomas de Morla.- from approving of the capitulation of any Alesandro.-Imperial Camp at Madrid, town. That which recognizes the usurper, the 4th of December, 1808.

and submits to the law of the tyrant, is not Spanish-it is an enemy.

These are the Twentieth Bulletin of the French army, dated sentiments of the Supreme Junta-senti

Madrid, 19th Dec, 1808. ments which they will never belie, in His Majesty this day reviewed the army

word or deed; and whatever you may be which is at Madrid, with its equipments told by the partizans of despotism, those and civil officers, 60,000 men, 150 pieces self-interest the sacred rights of their coun

vile wretches who sacrifice to a miserable of cannon, and more than 1500 waggons loaded with biscuit and brandy, formed an

try, be assured that their reports are caimposing appearance, The right wing of tumnies_snares laid for you by the tyrant, the army was supported at Chamartin, and to entangle you in the mazes of his inferthe left stretched beyond Madrid. --The nal policy. The country you have sworn duke of Bellune is at Toledo, with his corps

to defend, the religion wherein you have of the army.—The duke of Dantzic, with

sworn to die, the spouses and offspring you his corps, is at Talavera de la Reyna.-The have sworn to protect, a captive king whom eighth corps bas reached Burgos.-Gene- you have sworn to rescue-all demand the ral St. Cyr has made a junction, at Barce-fulfilment of your promise.--And ye, brave lona, with general Duhesme.–Our caval- inhabitants of Madrid, who refused your ry scours the country, to the confines of assent to a shameful capitulation, and rising Andalusia. - The Emperor has given the superior to others invested with command, army some days rest. —Excellent fortifi- and even to yourselves, preferred death to cations are completing on the heights of misery and slavery, persevere in your geMadrid ; six thousand men are employed nerous resolution. The momentary occuupon the works. The small battering train, pation of the buildings of the city by the composed of 24 pounders and small mor- eneiny is of no importance whilst they are tars, is arrived.--Some fifty men have not masters of your hearts. Continú: to been found in the hospitals of Talavera resist thein in the very bosoms of your fade la Reyna ; two or three hundred sad- milies; place no contidence in their deceitdles, and some remains of the magazines fil professions ; reflect that to every peobelonged the English troops.“

ple they have promised happiness, and all Some detachments of their cavalry have ap- they have plunged into misery. The Junpeared on the side of Valladolid. This is ta, who watch over your destiny, will cause the first sign of their existence in this coun

numerous reinforcements to march to that try which the English have given. They unfortunate capital.-- They have not forhave many sick, and deserters. On the gotten you ; no! keep alive your hopes, 13th of this month, their army was still at

retain your bravery and firmness, and your Salamanca. So splendid an armament

deliverance will be the more glorious, as so strange an inactivity for the last six the danger you have encountered has been weeks appears most unaccountable.--His great. Majesty enjoys the best state of health.

PORTUGAL.- Proclamation of the government,

dated, 11 Dec. 1808. Proclamation of the Supreme Central Junta. Published at St. Mary's and Cudiz, on the first duty which honour, reason, and even

The defence of the country being the 23d December.

nature itself, imposes on all men, when a SPANIARDS, the hired emissaries of the l barbarous nation, despising the most sacred

rights acknowledged in the world, aims at but refuse to concur with the nation in geenslaving a country, plundering its pro- neral, to the defence of our country, shall perty, destroying its religion, violating its incur and sufler the punishment of death; temples, and comınitting the greatest atro- and the same punishment shall await ali cities that the perversity of manners and in- those who shall furnish any succour or aid bumanity can imagine. Portugal, unfor- to the enemy, by supplying them with protunately, is threatened with all these evils, visions, or assisting them in any other mode. and its inhabitants have no means to avoid - In like manner, any village which shall the horrors to which they are exposed, but not defend itself against the assailants of by having recourse to arms to repel by the kingdom, but permit their entrance force the odious and wicked designs of their without making every possible resistance, enemies.--We have therefore resolved, shall be burnt and levelled with the ground. that the whole Portuguese nation shall be --And we hereby order all generals, miliarmed in the manner which to each inha- tary governors of provinces, the intendantbitant may be practicable, that all the gen. of police, and all corregidors, auditors males, without exception of person or class, and in general all officers military and cishall provide themselves with a pike, 12 vil to aid and assist in carrying into effect or 13 palms, (6 or 7 feet) in lengih, and the provisions of this royal decree, which such other arms as their circumstances may shall be affixed up in all the public places, permit.--That all the cities, towns, and all the cities, towns, and villages of this considerable villages, shall be fortified by kingdom, in order that it may be known to blockading the entrances and principal every inhabitant.-Approved by the counstreets with two, three, or more cross-cil of war, who will cause it to be exebeams, in order that all the inhabitants cuted. may be enabled to defend themselves vigorously when the enemy shall present him- America and France.- -Letter from Gen. self.—That all the officers in Lisbon, and Armstrong to Mr. Madison ; dated, Paris, administrators of districts, shall within the 7 Aug. 1803, enclosing a Letter to dir. space of eight days from the date of this de- Champagny. cree, deliver in to the military governor It would have given me the highest general of their respective provinces, a list pleasure to have drawn from this gorernof such persons as tiom their activity, abi- ment, such explanations on the general lity, good conduct, and the respect they subject of our differences with them, as are held in by the people, are qualified to would have met the friendly and equitable take a command, always preferring in si- views of the United States, but I owe it as milar circumstances, those who are alrea- well to you as to myself, to declare, that dy military officers, and pointing out such every attempt for that purpose hitherto of the said officers as by their age, incum- made, has failed, and under circumstances, brances, or other circumstances, ought no which by no means indicate any change, longer to fill the posts they occupy. That in this respect for the better. all the generals charged with the military

The Same to the Same. government of provinces, shall divide their I wrote a few lines to you yesterday. governments into districts, and appoint an Two weeks have gone by without any new officer of known activity and probity, condemnation. My remonstrances contiwhether of the troops of the line or militia, nue to remain unanswered.--I enclose shom the chief and other officers shall a copy of my note of yesterday to M. De obey in consequence of the said appoint- Champagny. ment, who shall visit the different villages From Mr. Armstrong to Mons. Champagny. of their district, examine the siate of the Mr. ARMSTRONG presents his compliseveral companies, and from the persons ments to M. De Champagny, and begs leave recommended to them, appoint such for to inform him, that having, for some months officers as they shall judge deserving and past, made trial of the artificial waters of capable, who shall immediately begin to ex- Tivoli without any useful effect, his phyercise their companies, which shall assem- sician has prescribed for him those of ble on all Sundays and saints days in their Bourbon D'Archambault. Should M. De respective districts, in order to render Champagny have any communications to themselves expert in the use of the arms make io vir. Armstrong, he will be pleased they have, and in military evolutions : to address them, as usual, to the Hotel de comprehending all the males from fifteen Legation Americaine, rue Vanguard, 100, to sixty.—Lastly, we have resolved, that whence they will be regularly and promptevery person who shall not take up arms," ly transmitted to Bourbon. On leaving Paris, Mr. Armstrong thinks proper to sumed, that the United States would no state his regret, that the political relations longer hesitate about becoming a party in of the two powers should continue to wear the war against England.------Thus, in an aspect less auspicious to their future either case, the interests of his Majesty good understanding, than is wished for by would be directly advanced by the meathose who are the friends of both. That sure : in the one, the wants of France and his majesty, (Napoleon), has a right to her Colonies would be not only regularly make such municipal regulations as he may supplied, but she would herself become an deem proper, with regard to foreign com- entrepot for the supply of the Continent : merce, neither is nor has been denied. in the other, the wishes of his Majesty, as For example, he may forbid the entry into expressed in February last, would be dithe ports of France of American ships which rectly promoted. have touched in England, or been destined to England ; and he may either sequester Russia AND SWEDEN.- -Convention beor confiscate such vessels of the United tween the Russian Army and that of Sweden States as shall infract these laws, after due in Finland, dated, 18th Nov. 1808. promulgation and notice thereof; but be- By virtue of the powers vested in us, we, yond this, the United States hope and be the undersigned, have agreed and stipulated lieve that his majesty will not go.- M. the following Articles :-Art. I. The royal De Champagny will not fail to seize the Swedish army is, immediately after the distinction which these remarks present, ratitication of this convention, to take up between the authority of municipal regu- a position along the frontier of the district lations and that of public law, and will of Uleaborg from Kemi to Peckawara. decide whether it does or does not offer a Kemi consequently remains in the hands ground on which a good understanding so of the Russians. - II. The Swedish army long and so usefully maintained between is to evacuate the town of Uleaborg within the United States and France, may be pre- ten days next ensuing the date of this; served, and a degree of intercourse revived the Russian troops are to take possession between, which shall have the effect of of the said town on the 30th of Nov. The reanimating their former industry.- other parts of the country, which are to be Does his Majesty fear that the balance of given up to the Russians, shall be evatrade arising from this renewed industry, cuated according to the agreement yet to would go to the advantage of England ? be concluded between the contracting parMeans are certainly not wanting to pre- ties.—III. The rear of the Swedish army vent this consequence.. Would it not be shall return by the route agreed upon, and entirely avoided by making it a condition whatever cannot be removed by the Sweof the commerce in question, that all ships dish troops in their retreat, shall be consileaving France shall take in some article dered as good and lawful prize.—IV. The or articles of her manufacture) the full a- Swedish army binds itself neither to de. mount of the cargo they bring hither.- stroy, distribute among the inhabitants, Ships sailing under this regulation would nor sell, the magazines which they shall or would not go voluntarily to England. If be necessitated to surrender.-—V. The Swethey went voluntarily, it would only be dish troops are not to take with them from because that country afforded the best mar- Uleaborg or other places to be surrendered, kets for the production of France, in which any civil officers, nor any articles or goods case, the babitual results would be entirely belonging to the provinces.-VI. The Swechanged, and England ceasing to receive dish army to send back all clergymen, a balance for her manufactures, would be civil officers, and inhabitants of the places gin to pay one to the United States, on evacuated by their troops, provided it be the productions of France. Could France done by the desire, or with the consent of the wish a state of commerce more prosperous said persons.-VII. This Convention shall than this If, on the other hand, the be ratified by the respective generals in American ships did not go voluntarily to chief of both Armies, and the ratification England, but were captured and sent exchanged to-morrow night. in for adjudication, it may be fairly pre

LONDON: Printed by T. C. HansARD, Peterborough Court, Fleet Street; Published by

R. Bacshaw, Brydges-Street, Covent Garden: Sold also by J. Budd, Pall-Mall.

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