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Parliamentary Debates: assembly of persons stiling themselves the


4. That during the late laquiry, we observed with the deepest regret, that in an

representatives of the people, the influence The Twelfth Volume of the above of public opinion was unblushingly con. Work will be ready for delivery on the temned, and its legitimacy openly denied; first of July. All communications, if sent but we triumph in the reflection, that the to the Publisher's in due time, shall be authority which his majesty's ministers carefully attended to.

dared to revile, they have found them. selves compelled to obey.

5. That we consider the late happy dePROCEEDINGS

tection of lord Castlereagh in his foul In Counties; Cities, Boroughs, &c. res attempt on the Constitution, as a pledge

lative to the recent INQUIRY in the House on the part of the virtuous representatives of Commons, respecting the Conduct of the of the people, that they will not slumber Duke of York. (Continued from p. 858.) at their posts until our formidable enemy,

corruption, be completely subdued. CITY OF BRISTOL.

6. That we look with confidence to a At a Meeting of the Citizens of Bristol, speedy and effectual Reform of the Comconvened at the Guildhall, the 26th day of mons House of Parliament, as the only May 1809.-William Coates, esq. in the means of rooting out corruption; and in Chair.--It was Resolved,

effecting that Reform, we earnestly depre1. That at this momentous period, cate the insidious interference of those who when the people are testifying the high are themselves profiting by the continasense they entertain of their superior rights ance of state abuses and reversionary as Britons by the sacrifices they daily sinecures. make of many of the comforts, if not of 7. That we seek no other Reform than the necessaries of life, for the maintenance such as shall insure to us the restoration of and defence of the state, they have an un- that free and glorious Constitution which doubted right to insist, that those who are our forefathers so bravely acquired; which entrusted with the administration of pub- they again and again so manfully asserted, lic affairs, should at least abstain from un- and which they so religiously transmitted disguised profligacy and notorious cor- to their posterity as their best, their inaruption.

lienable birthright. 2. That G. L. Wardle, esq. in his par- 8. That our 'Thanks are due to Mr. John Jiamentary exertions respecting the con- Winter, jun. and the other independent duct of his royal highness the late Com- citizens at whose instance this Meeting was mander in Chief, displayed that zealous convened. vigilance for the public welfare, that clear 9. That copies of these Resolutions be discernment, that pure disinterestedness, subscribed by the Chairman in the name that inextinguishable ardour, and that un. of the Meeting, and be transmitted by shaken constancy, which characterise the him to Mr. Wardle, sir F. Burdett, lord true patriot. That he has thereby justly Folkestone, sir S. Romilly, Mr. Whitbread, acquired the admiration and gratitude of general Ferguson, lord A. Hamilton, and every uncorrupted member of the com- Mr. Madocks. munity, and he is requested to accept this 10. That our acknowledgments are due heartfelt acknowledgement from the citi- to Mr. Matthew Mills Coates, for the Rezens of Bristol now assembled.

solutions this day adopted, and for his 3. That our Thanks are due to sir F. zealous and able exertions on the present Burdett, bart. for the consistency of his occasion, conduct in seconding Mr. Wardle's motion for inquiry; to lord Folkestone for his COUNTY OF HEREFORD. early and steady support of the measure; At a General Meeting of the Freeholdto Mr. Whitbread and sir S. Romilly, for ers of the County of Hereford, convened in their able exertions during its progress; the Shire Hall, on Friday the 19th May, and to general Ferguson, lord Archibald by the Gentlemen, whose Requisition for Hamilton, Mr. Madocks, and such other that purpose had been declined by the members of the house of commons, as by High Sheriff

: — The right hon. the earl their virtuous co-operation proved them- of Oxford in the Chair. It was Resolved selves to be the actual representatives of unanimously, the people.

1. That the Thanks of the Freeholders

of this county be given to G. L. Wardle,

OFFICIAL PAPERS. esq. for the zeal, courage, and patriotism FRENCH AUMY IN AUSTRIA.-Third Bulletin, with which (regardless of the threats of dated Burghausen, April 30. men in power) he persevered in bringing The Emperor arrived in Muhlderf on to light the corrupt practices in the ottice the 27th inst. in the evening. His maof Commander in Chief.

jesty detached the division of general 2. That the Thanks of the Freeholders / Wrede to Lauffen on the Salza, in order of this county be given to sir F. rdett, to overtake the corps, which the enemy bart. for having seconded : and to lord had in the Tyrol, and which was retreatFolkestone, for having so ably supported, ing by forced marches. General Wrede Mr. Wardle.

overtook the enemy's rear on the 28th, 3. That the Thanks of the Freeholders near Lauflen, took the baggage, and of this county be given to the 125 mem- made many prisoners; but the enemy had bers of the House of Commons, who formed sufficient time to cross the river and burn the Minority on Mr. Wardle's motion. the bridge. On the 27th the duke of

4. That with pleasure and gratitude Dantzic arrived in Wanesburgh, and on we have observed the names of Thomas the 28th in Altenmark. On the 29th gen. Foley, Thomas Powel Symonds, and Wrede continued bis march to Saltzburgh; Richard Philip Scudamore, esquires, in about three leagues from the town he that honourable list.

found the advanced posts of the enemy's 5. That the Vote of the House of Com- | army. The Bavarians pursued them mons on that occasion (which appears to closely and entered the town with them. us to be equally opposite to the Evidence | General Wrede assures us that the diviadduced, and to the sentiments of the peo- sion of general Jellachich is completely ple of England), adds to our conviction destroyed. That general has thus been of the necessity of a temperate Reform in punished for the scandalous proclamation Parliament.

by which he put the dagger in the hands 6. That the heavy pressure of public of the Tyrolese. The Bavarians have taxes (which have even reached the neces- taken 5000 prisoners, and found.considesaries of life) renders it of the utmost im- rable magazines in Saltzburgh. On the portance, that faithful representatives 28th, at break of day, the duke of Istria should watch with jealousy the expenditure arrived in Burghausen, and his advanced of the public revenue.

parties took post on the right bank of the 7. That if pensions and lucrative places Inn. The same day the duke of Monte(which are represented to amount to bello arrived in Burghausen. Count Ber178,99#l. per annum, and to be received trand exerted himself to the utmost to reby 78 members of the House of Commons) store the bridge, which had been burnt by continue to be given to the members of the enemy. It was completed on the 30th, that house, it is vain for the people to ex- and the whole army crossed the river. On pect their opinions to be there expressed. the 28th a detachment of 50 horse chas

8. That our only object in recommend seurs, commanded by captain Margaron, ing a Reform in Parliament is to obtain for arrived in Dittmoning, where he fell in the people their acknowledged share in with a battalion of the famous militia, the government, and thereby to secure the styled Landwhes, which, on his approach, blessings of our invaluable Constitution. retreated into a neighbouring wood. Capt.

9. That the Chairman be requested to Margaron summoned them to surrender; inform the members for this county, that after much deliberation, 1000 men of that the Freeholders here assembled, expect valiant militia, posted in a thick wood, them to support any motion having for its altogether inaccessible to cavalry, surrenobject a temperate Reform of Parliament. dered to 50 chasseurs. The Emperor wish

10. That the Chairman be also request- ed to see them; they really excite comed to inform colonel Wardle, sir F. Bur. passion; they are badly armed, worse dett, and lord Folkestone, of the Resolutions accoutred, and commanded by superanthanking them. (Signed)

nuated officers of artillery. The cruel OXFORD, Chairman. and overbearing temper of the Austrians The earl of Oxford having quitted the fully displayed itself in the moment of Chair, the Thanks of the Meeting were un apparent success, when they occupied animously voted to his lordship for taking Munich. The high bailiff of Muhldorf the Chair, and for his able conduct in it. was arrested by them and shot. An in(To be continued.)

habitant of Muhldorf, of the name of Starck, who had obtained a badge of dis-, cipal public functionaries of Salzburg tinction from the king of Bavaria, for the repaired to Burghausen, to implore the services which, during the last war, he clemency of the Emperor for the country. rendered to the army, has been taken up His Majesty gave them his assurance, that and sent to Vienna, to stand his trial. they should never again come under the The high bailiff' of Burghausen, count Ar- dominion of the House of Austria. They mansperg, has also been sent to Lintz, and engaged to take measures for recalling from thence to Vienna, because in the the four battalions of the militia which the year 1805 he did not comply with a re- Circle had delivered, and of which part quisition addressed to them on the part of were dispersed and fled.— The head quarthe Austrians. The Bavarians will no ters are to be this day removed to Ried. doubt give a minute and faithful account At Brannau, magazines were found with of the acts of wanton cruelty committed 200,000 rations of biscuit, and 6,000 sacks by the Austrians in this country, that ihe of oats. The Circle of Ried has furnished memory thereof may be preserved by three baitalions for the militia, but the their most remote posterity, although it greater part of them are returned again to is extremely probable that this was the their habitations. The Emperor of Auslast insult which Austria will be able to tria was three days at Brannau ; he was offer to the allies of France. The Austrians at Scharding when he heard of the defeat have endeavoured, both in the Tyrol and of his army. The inhabitants consider Westphalia, to invite the inhabitants to him as the principal cause of the war. The rise in rebellion against their sovereigns. | famous volunteers of Vienna passed through Austria has raised numerous armies, divi- this place after their defeat at Landshut, ded into corps like the French army; her throwing away their arms, and carrying troops are moving by forced marches, to with them in all haste their terror to Viimitate the French troops; her generals enna.On the 21st of April an Imperial are publishing bulletins, proclamations, Decree was published in the capital, degeneral orders—all in imitation of the claring the ports to be again opened to French. But the ass is not ennobled to a the English, the treaties with this ancient lion because he is covered with a lion's ally renewed, and hostilities against the skin; the long ears betray the ignobler common enemy begun.-Gen. Oudinot beast. The Emperor of Austria has left has taken prisoners a battalion of 1,000 Vienna, and on his departure published a men, between Altham and Ried. This proclamation, drawn up by Gentz, in the battalion was without cavalry and artillery. style and spirit of the most ridiculous per- On the approach of our troops, they made formances of that kind. He is gone to an attempt to fire with their small arms, Scharding, a position extremely well adapt- but being surrounded on all sides by the ed for a sovereign, who neither wishes to cavalry, were obliged to lay down their be in his capital to govern his dominions, arms. His majesty caused several brigades nor in the field, where he is known to be of light cavalry to pass in review at Burge merely an incumbrance and dead weight. hausen, and among others those of Hesse When he was informed of the result of the Darmstadt; at whose appearance he was battle of Echmuhl, he judged it prudent pleased to express his satisfaction. Gen. to leave the banks of the Inn, and retire Marulaz, under whose command the into the interior of his dominions. The corps stands, presented several of them, to town of Scharding, which is now occupied whom his majesty was pleased to grant by the duke Rivoli, has suffered much. decorations of the Legion of Honour. Gen. The Austrians on their retreat set fire to Wrede has intercepted a courier, their magazines, and burnt half the town whom were found a number of letters, which belonged to them. They had no from which we may perceive the state of doubt some presentiment of their future of confusion in which the kingdom is. fate, that what belonged to Austria shall

Fifth Bulletin, duted Enns, 4th May. no longer belong to her. Fourth Bulletin, dated Brannau, 1st May.

On the 1st of May gen. Oudinot, after

having made 1,400 prisoners, penetrated On the crossing of the bridge at Land- | beyond Ried, where he took 400 more, so shot, brigadier gen. Latour gave proofs that he this day took 1,500 men without of valour and coolness. Col. Lauriston firing a single gun.- The town of Brannau placed the artillery advantageously, and was a strong place of sufficient importance, contributed much to the happy issue of this since it commanded a bridge on the river, splendid affair.--The bisho.7 and the prin- which forms the frontier of Austria. In



a spirit of inconsistency worthy this weak met the Austrian rear-guard before Eberscabinet, it destroyed a fortress situated on berg. The intrepid battalions of the tiraila frontier where it might be of great utility, leurs of the Po, and the Corsican tirailleurs, in order to build one at Comorn, in the pursued the enemy, who was passing the midst of Hungary. Posterity will with bridge, drove into the river the cannon, difficulty credit this excess of inconsistency waggons, and from eight to nine hundred and folly.—The Emperor arrived at Ried men, and took in the town from three to on the 2d of May, at one of the morning, four thousand men, whom the enemy had and at Lambach, at one of the afternoon left there for its defence. Gen. Claparede, of the same day.-At Ried were found an es- whose advanced guard was these battalions, tablishment of eight sets of military ovens, pursued them. He halted at Ebersberg, and magazines containing 20,000 quintals and found 30,000 Austrians occupying a of flour.—The bridge of Lambach, on the superb position. The duke of Istria passed Traun, had been cut by the enemy; it the bridge with his cavalry, in order to was re-established during the day.-- On support the division, and the duke of Rithe same day the duke of Istria command- voli ordered his advanced guard to be ing the cavalry, and the duke of Monte- strengthened by the main body of the bello, with the corps of Oudinot, entered army. The remains of the corps of prince Wels. In this town were found a bakery; Lewis and gen. Hiller were lost without 12 or 15,000 quintals of flour, and maga.

In this extreme danger the zines of wine and brandy.--The duke of enemy set fire to the town, which was Dantzic, who arrived, the 30th April at built of wood. The fire spread in an inSaltzburg, instantly caused one brigade to stant in every direction. The bridge was march towards Kurstein and another to- soon enveloped, and the flames seized the wards Rastadt, in the direction of the joists, which it was necessary to cut. -NeiItalian roads. His advanced guard, pur- ther cavalry nor infantry was able to act;, suing gen. Jellachich, forced him from the and the division of Claparede alone, with strong post at Colling.-On the 1st of only four pieces of cannon, fought during May, the head-quarters of the duke of Ri- three hours against 30,000 men, This voli were at Scharding. Adj. gen. Trin- battle of Ebersberg is one of the finest miqualye, coinmanding the advanced guard litary occurrences, the memory of which of the division of St. Cyr, met at Riedau, can be preserved by history. The enemy on the road to Neumarck, with the advan- seeing the division of Claparede cut olf ced guard of the enemy. The Wurtem- without any communication, advanced burg light horse, the Baden dragoons, and three times against it, and was always rethree companies of voltigeurs of the 4th ceived and stopped by the bayonet. At regiment of the French line, as soon as length after a labour of three hours, the they perceived the enemy, attacked, and flames were turned aside, and a passage pursued him to Neumarck. They killed opened. Tlme gen. of division, Le50 men, and took 500 prisoners.—The grand, with the th light infantry and Baden dragoons valiantly charged an half- the 15th of the line, marched towards the battalion of the regiment of Jordis, and castle, which the enemy had occupied compelled them to lay down their arms. with 800 men. The sappers broke in the Lieut. col. D’Emmerade, who commanded doors, and the flames having reached the them, had his horse pierced with stabs castle, all who were within perished there. from the bayonet, major Sainte Croix took Gen. Legrand afterwards marched to the with his own hand a flag from the enemy. assistance of Claparede's division. Gen. Our loss consists of three men killed, and Durosnel, who advanced to the right shore, 50 wounded. The duke of Rivoli continued with 1,000 horse, joined hiinself to him, his march on the 2d, and arrived at Lintz and the enemy was obliged to retreat with on the 3d. The archduke Lewis and gen. great haste._ On the first report of these Hiller, with the remains of their corps, events, the Emperor had himself marched reinforced by a reserve of grenadiers, and up the right shore, with the divisions of by all that the country could afiord them, Nansoutz and Moliter.—The enemy, who were before the Traun with 35,000 men; retreated with the greatest rapidity, arrived but menaced with being turned by the at night at Enns, burnt the bridge, and duke of Montebello, they proceeded to continued his flight on the road to Vienna. Ebersberg, in order to pass the river.-On Ilis loss consists of 12,000 men, of which the 3d, the duke of Istria and gen. Oudinot 7,500 are prisoners.

We also possess marched towards Ebersberg, and effected four pieces of cannon and two standards. a junction with the duke of Rivoli, They The division of Claparede, which consti

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tutes a part of the grenadiers of Oudinot, (militia.) On the oth the head-quarters covered itself with glory. It has lost 300 of the prince of Ponte Corvo were at Retz, men killed and 600 wounded. The im- betiveen Bohemia and Ratisbon. — One petuosity of the tirailleurs of the Po, and Schill, a sort of robber, who was covered the Corsican tirailleurs, attracted the at- with crimes during the last campaign of tention of our army. The bridge, the town, Prussia, and who had obtained the rank of and the position at Ebersberg, will be colonel, has deserted from Berlin with his lasting monuinents of their courage. The whole regiment, and repaired to Wittemtraveller will stop and say, " It is here, berg, on the Saxon frontier. He has enfrom these superb positions, from this long vironed that town. General Lestocq has bridge, and this castle so strong from its issued a Proclamation against him as a situation, that an army of 35,000 Austrians deserter. This ridiculous movement was was driven into tight by 7,000 French-concerted with the party which wished to men.”-Cohorn, general of brigade, an send fire and blood through Gerinany.officer of singular intrepidity, had his horse His Majesty has ordered the formation of killed under him. Colonels Cardenan and a corps of observation of the Elbe, which Lendy were killed. A company of the will be commanded by the duke of Walmy, Corsican battalion pursuing the enemy and composed of 60,000 men. The ad. into the woods, made alone 700 prisoners. vanced guard is ordered to proceed to

- During the affair of Ebersberg, the duke Hanau. -The duke of Montebello crossed of Montebello arrived at Steyer, where he the Enns at Steyer on the 4th, and arrived rebuilt the bridge which the enemy had on the 5th at Amstetten, where he met the cut.- The Emperor sleeps to-day at Enns, enemy's advanced guard. Colbert, gen. in the castle of Prince Auersperg : to- of brigade, caused the 20th regiment of morrow will be spent in rebuilding the horse chasseurs to charge a regiment of bridge. The Deputies of the States of Ulans, of whom 500 were taken. The Upper Austria were presented to his Ma- young Lauriston, 18 years of age, and jesty at his bivouac at Ebersberg: The who but six months ago was a page, after citizens of all classes, and from all the pro- a singular combat, vanquished the comvinces, allow that the emperor Francis II. mander of the Ulans, and took him priis the aggressor: they expect great soner. His Majesty has granted him the changes, and adınit that the House of decoration of the Legion of Honour.-On Austria has merited all its misfortunes. the 6th, the duke of Montebello arrived at They accuse, even openly, the feeble, Molck, the duke of Rivoli at Amstetten, obstinate, and perfidious character of their and the duke of Auerstadt at Liniz.—The sovereign, as the author of their afflictions: remains of the corps of the archduke they manifest the deepest gratitude for the Lewis and general Hiller quitted Saint generosity which the emperor Napoleon Polten on the 7th. Two-thirds passed the shewed towards the capital and countries Danube at Crems; they were pursued to he had conquered. In common with all Mautern, where the bridge was found Europe, they are indignant at the resent- broken: the other third took the direction ment and hatred which the emperor of Vienna.-On the 8th, the head-quarters Francis has not ceased to nourish against of the Emperor were at St. Polten. The a nation which had been so noble and head-quarters of the duke of Montebello magnanimous towards him. Thus, in the are to-day at Sigartskirchen. The duke of opinion even of the subjects of our enemy, Dantzic is marching from Saltsburgh to victory is on the side of the good cause. Inspruck, in order to attack in the rear the Sirth Bulletin, dated Saint Polten, May 9.

detachment which the enemy has still in

the Tyrol, and which troubled the fron. The prince of Ponte Corvo, who com- tiers of Bavaria.- In the cellars of the mands the 9th corps, composed in a great abbey of Molck, were found several thou. measure of the Saxon army, and which sand bottles of wine, which are very usehas marched near the Bohemian frontier, ful for the army. It is not till beyond spreading disquietude every where, has Molck that the wine country begins. It caused the Saxon general Gutschmitt to foliows from the accounts delivered in, march to Egra. This general has been that the army has found, since the passage well received by the inhabitants, whom of the Inn, in the different nagazines of be has ordered to dismiss the landwher

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(To be continued.) LONDON :- Printed by T. C. HANSARD, Peterborough - Court, Fleet - Street ; Published by R. BAGSHAW, Brydges-Street, Covent - Garden :- Sold also by J. BUD", Pall-Mall.

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