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been for many years, a Commissioner of discover the slightest symptoms of ingrathe Excise in England; and, if my infor- titude.-Admiral, Sir Alexander Cochmation be correct, this noble Harbour rane, after a life of service, after being, Master has demanded, from the persons like his gallant pephew, Lord Cochrane, who held these offices from the time of actually afloat one half of the time since the capture to the date of bis appointment he came into the world, and afier many in the island, the amount of the fees, re-hard fought battles, has a large family ceived by them, or in their behalf, from with a very scanty purse; and, surely, the date of his commission in England. this trifling temporary provision for his Look at this, you cursed « Jacobins and son might have been left to his enjoyment. Levellers,” and continue in your disloyal - The only pension; the only gratuity ways if you can with respect to ihe from the public, to the family of Cochipropriety of making sinecures of such ofti- rane, as far as I have been able to discover, ces, I have no hesitation to say, that the or to hear of, is a pension of £. 200 a year practice is wrong. But, such having been to the Lady of Sir Alexander Cochrane, the practice; and the Commanders by which pension was formerly enjoyed by sea and land having uniformly appointed the Countess dowager of Dundonald, who, officers of the navy and army, to be Har- out of twelve sons, had seven in the navy bour Masters and Naval Officers in the and army. There are of this family, at conquered ports, the commanders, upon this time, seven persons in the country's the occasion now referred to, cannot be service: namely, Sir Alexander Cochblamed for what they did. At Martinico, rane, commander in chief on the WesiSir Charles Grey appointed his son, Capt. India station ; Lord Cochrane, in the Grey, to be Harbour Master ; at Surinam, Mediterranean ; Capt. Archibald CochLord Hugh Seymour appointed his son to rane, of the Fox frigate, in the East-Inthe same situation ; Sir Samuel Hood, up-dies ; Capt. Thomas Cochrane of the Jason on the reduction of Surinam, this war, ap- frigate, in the West Indies; Capt. Nathapointed Capt. Maxwell, of the Centaur, niel Cochrane of the Alexandria frigate, in who still holds the post; and upon the the North scas; Lieut. Colonel Cochrane capture of Curaçoa, Capt. Wood, of the of the 36th regiment of foot; and Capt. Latona, was appointed Harbour Master. William Cochrane of the 15th Regt.of draNone of these appointments were set aside. goons, now in Spain. Where the SeyAll were confirmed. These posts of pro- mours, the Moores, the Staples, and the fit appear to have been considered as a Vandeleurs are ; where they are existing ; perquisite of the Navy and Army, particu- what actual service they are upon, I must larly the former, in the gilt of the captur- leave the reader to find out; but, I am ing commanders. The three oflicers, afraid, the remainder of our lives will pass amongst whom this perquisite was divided away before we shall hear as much of upon the occasion referred to, are, by the them, as we heard of Lord Cochrane alone navy and army, well known to be very in the Gazette of the other day.--Surely, meritorious men. They were, at any when all this was considered; when the rate, men engaged in actual and very pe- long and arduous services of this family rilous service, if we think only of the na- were taken into view ; when the family, ture of the climate, under which they and the pecuniary circumstances of Sir were compelled, and are still compelled, Alexander Cochrane were thought of, Lord to remain. Lord George Seymour was Castlereagh might have spared to Captain not in the West Indies. He had run no Cochrane a few thousand pounds of fees, risks from cannon balls or from yellow as Harbour-Master, in an island, recently fever, He had, all his life long, been reduced by his father. If to no one else, safe at home, and, for a considerable part this little forbearance might, one would of that life, a Commissioner of Excise, with think, have been thought due, to Lord a sakary of £. 1,500 a year. He had had Cochrane, in behalf of so near a relation. no buffetings of the seas to endure. His To Lord Cochrane, who has grown up to life had not been a life of suffering and manhood amidst battles and sieges; whose of toil in that service, in that arduous whole life, body and mind, has been deservice, in that navy, upon the fideli- voted to the service of the country; and ty, skill, valour, and zeal of the offi- who, while, from his modest demeanour, he cers of which the safety of this kingdom excites envy in no man, is the boast even does now almost solely depend, and to- of that glorious service, barely to be enwards which officers, therefore, policy as rolled in which is no mean distinction. If well as justice, imperatively forbid us to l there had been only this consideration,

the trifling thing of Harbour-Master might, the Council of the Masta is composed of surely, have been left where the Admiral the great proprietors in cattle.) the Proand General had placed it. But, Lord curators ; the Alguazil-Majors; the SufGeorge Seymour wanted more; wanted | fragan Bishops; the Vicars; the Body of more of good service; wanted fresh and the Curates and beneficed Clergy; the additional opportunities of demonstrating heads of the different Commonalties; the the feelings of his loyal heart; and, the body of the Nobility; the deputies of the appointments were set aside by the autho- five principal Corporations; and all the rity of his nephew, whose mandates were deputations representing the 64 divisions conveyed, too, through the channel of of the city of Madrid.The Corregidor His Excellency' General Harcourt, a pu- rose to address the meeting, and inforined pil of the Wellesley school, and since, as them, that he had had the honour of being the people of that place well know, a can- admitted to present the homage of luis redidate for Lincoln. This title of Excellency spect to his imperial and royal Majesty, to a Lieutenant Governor is new in the and to lay at the foot of his throne the West Indies, which now, it seems, are, in tribute of gratitude of the inhabitants of this respect, as well as in all others, to Madrid for the kindness and clemency bend to the predominance of the East.- which his Majesty had shewn towards that Reader, what is your opinion, as to the city.--The Corregidor expressed to his influence of these ibings upon the fate of imperial and royal Majesty the happiness the country! llow do you think, that wbich his presence shed over the city, such a disuibution of the favours of the and the desire with which all the inhabi. crown, and of the money of the people, is tants were animated to deserve and to juslikely finally to operaie with respect to tify such a peculiar mark of favour'.— defence against a mighty conqueror, who The Corregidor observed, that his impeis, and who naturally must be, an impla- rial and royal Majesty had condescended cable foe? What do you think must be to converse with him in the most benevothe feelings of those, who, after having, lent manner, and added, that the object of under a pestilential climate, fought and this meeting was to acquaint the Deputies subdued, see the fair fruits of their toils of the city of Madrid with the beneficent and dangers bestowed upon those, wbo intentions of his Majesty. Accordingly have remained at home in security and he had to repeat to them in the same ease? Who see, that which might have terms he had heard them, the sentiments diminished their wants, carried to augment of his Majesty, and the favourable dispothe luxuries of others? The answer to these sitions he entertained towards the whole questions I leave to your sense of justice of Spain; adding, that the fate of Madrid and of policy.

would depend upon its own conduct. That Boiley, 19th January, 1809.

that would be a happy and prosperous one,

if the inhabitants adhered faithfully to OFFICIAL PAPERS.

the constitution, and acknowledged with SPANISH REVOLUTION.---Proclamation by sincerity, for their legitimate king, Don

Buonaparte. (Concluded froin p. 61.) Joseph Napoleon I.; but that, on the other Bur should all my efforts prove fruitless, hand, Spain should be reduced to a proand should you not merit my confidence, vince of France. Here, the Corregidor, nothing will remain for me but to treat you drew a faithful picture of the good nature as conquered provinces, and to place my of king Joseph, who had employed his best brother upon another throne. I shall then offices and entreaties for the conservation place the crown of Spain upon my own of that capital, as well as of the neighbead, and cause it to be respected by the bouring cities, and who treated thein with guilty; for God has given me power and the tenderness of a generous father.inclination to surmount all obstacles. - The Corregidor impressed upon the minds Given at our Imperial Camp at Madrid, of all the deputies, that the presence of Dec. 8, 1808.---(Signed) NAPOLEON.-- the King in his capital, should be conH. B. MARET.

sidered as the greatest advantage that Municipal Sitting.--Madrid, Dec. 9, 1808. could be wished for.- Accordingly, the

This day at 11 o'clock in the morning, Deputies deeply penetrated with the same thc hour appointed for the opening of the sentiments, and anxious to contribuie their Sitting, the following persons assembled : best endeavours for the happiness of the --The Corregidor ; the Regidors; the Al- | inhabitants of Madrid, determined humcades; the deputies of the Third Estate ; bly to implore his imperial and royal the heads of the Assembly of the Masta; I Majesty to indulge the capital with the

presence of the King, that city, and even them oblivion of the crimes which they all Spain, being convinced of the signal have committed against us, our nation, advantages which must be derived from and the King, our brother :-Wishing at the wisdom of his government. The the same time to mark those, who, after Deputies insisted, that a fresh tribute of having sworn fidelity to the King, have thanks should be presented to his impe- violated their oath : who, after having acrial and royal Majesty, for the kindness cepted places, have made use of the auwith which he had treated that city, which thority confided to them, only to betray his triumphant arms had conquered, and the interests of their Sovereign; and who, for the generous pardon of what had hap- instead of employing their influence to enpened during the absence of king Joseph. lighten the citizens, have only made use - His imperial and royal Majesty is of it to mislead them :-Wishing, in fine, also to be implored to extend pardon to that the punishment of great culprits, those whom fear had induced to desert should serve as an example for posterity, the city, as well as to all the peasants to all those who, placed by Providence at who had taken up arms.- His imperial | the head of nations, instead of directing and royal Majesty is also finally to be the people with wisdom and prudence, implored, that he will be pleased to order pervert them, involve them in the disorder his troops to respect property, the holy of popular agitations, and precipitate them temples, the religious institutions; in a into the miseries of war :-We have deword, the property of every class.-creed and decree as follows :-Art. 1. This humble supplication is to be laid be- | The dukes of Infantado, of Hijar, of Mefore his iinperial and royal Majesty, and is dina Celi, of Ossuma, the marquis of Santo be presented to him by a deputation ta Cruz, the counts of Ferran-Nunez and taken from among the representatives of Altamira, the prince of Castel-Franco, the the city of Madrid. It was resolved, in the sieur Piere Cevallos, ex-minister of state, same sitting, that a tribute of the most and the bishop of Santander, are declared lively gratitude should be presented to the enemies of France and Spain, and traitors king Joseph Napoleon, whose happy in- to the two crowns. As such they shall tercession with his august brother, the em- be seized and carried before a military peror of the French, saved the city of commission. Their property moveable Madrid.—His royal Majesty shall be hum- and immoveable, shall be confiscated in bly supplicated to grant the favour of his Spain, in France, in Italy, in Naples, in presence to the city of Madrid, that under the Papal States, in the kingdom of Holbis just and beneficent government, good land, and in all the countries occupied by order, justice, and tranquillity, may be re- the French army, to pay the expences of stored within its walls.-His royal Ma- the war.—2. All sales and dispositions, jesty shall be implored to employ his royal whether with the living, whether testagood oflices with his imperial brother, that mentary, made by them or their attornies, pardon may be obtained to the absent, and subsequent to the date of the present deto those inhabitants, who had taken up arms. cree, are declared null and of no value.-

– The present proces-verbal shall be pre- 3. We grant, in our name, and in the sented to bis imperial and royal Majesty. name of our brother the king of Spain, ge[Here follows several thousand signatures.] neral pardon and full and entire amnesty On the 11th a similar meeting was held, to all Spaniards who, in one month after for the deputies of the inhabitants of the our evtrance into Madrid, shall have laid parishes, and who acceded to a similar down their arms and renounced all almeasure, which was likewise accompanied liance, adherence, and communication with a vast number of signatures.

with England; shall rally round the con

stitution and throne, and shall return to Imperial Decrees relative to Spain. order, so necessary to the repose of the In our imperial camp, at Burgos, Nov. great family of the continent.-4. Are not 12, 1808.—Napoleon, emperor of the excepted from the said pardon and amFrench, king of Italy, and protector of nesty, neither the members of central and the Confederation of the Rhine.—Consi- | insurrectional Juntas, nor the generals dering that the troubles of Spain have been and officers who have borne arms, proviprincipally the effect of the plots formed ded that both the one and the other conby several individuals, and that the greater forin to the dispositions established by the

part of those who have been engaged in preceding article.---(Signed) NAPOLEON. do them, have been misled or deceived :- In our imperial camp of Madrid, Dec.

Wishing to pardon the latter, and to grant ! 4, 1808.- Napoleon, emperor of the French, king of Italy, &c.—Considering In our imperial camp of Madrid, Dec. 4. that the Council of Castile has shewn, in Napoleon, emperor of the French, &c.— the exercise of all its functions, equal false- Considering that the religious of the difhood and feebleness :--That after having ferent monastic orders in Spain are too published throughout the kingdom the re- multiplied :-That if a certain number be nunciation of king Charles the 4th, and of useful to assist the ministers of the altar in the princes Don Fernando, Don Carlos, the administration of the sacraments, the Don Francisco, and Don Antonio, of the existence of too considerable a number is crown of Spain, and after having recognis- injurious to the prosperity of the state.ed and proclaimed our legitimate rights We decree as follows :- Art. 1. The numto the throne they had the meanness to ber of convents at present existing in declare, in the eyes of Europe, and pos- Spain, shall be reduced to a third.--"This terity, that they only subscribed these dif- reduction shall be produced by uniting ferent acts, with interior and perfidious re- the religious of several convents in one strictions :-We have decreed and decree single house.—2. Dating from the publias follows :- Art. 1. The members of the cation of the present decree, no admission Council of Castile are removed as cowards, to the noviciate, no religious profession and unworthy of being the magistrates of shall be permitted until the number of the a brave and generous nation.-2. The religious of each sex shall have been represidents and procurators of the King duced to the third of the number of the shall be arrested as hostages. The other said religious now existing.-In consemembers of the Council shall be required quence, and in the space of a fortnight, all to remain at Madrid in their houses, under the novices shall quit the convenis into pain of being prosecuted and punished as which they have been admitted.--3. All traitors; are nevertheless excepted from the regular ecclesiastics who wish to rethe present disposition, all the meinbers of nounce their usual living, and to live as the said Council who shall not have sign-' secular ecclesiastics, shall be free to quit ed the declaration of the 11th August their houses.--4. The religious who shall 1808, as dishonourable to the dignity of so renounce, conformably to the preceding the magistrate as to the character of the article, shall be admitted to the enjoyman.-(Signed) NAPOLEON.-H. B. Ma- ment of a pension whose amount shall be

regulated by their age, but which shall not In our imperial camp of Madrid, Dec. 4, be less than 3000 reals, nor exceed the -Napoleon emperor of the French, &c. maximum of 4000.-5. Upon the amount -We have decreed and do decree as fol- of the property of the convents which lows :-Art. 1. The Court of Cessation, shall be suppressed in execution of the erected by the second title, Art. 101 of the first article of the present decree, shall be constitution of the kingdom of Spain, shall raised the sum necessary to increase the be immediately organized.-(Signed) NA- portion of the cures, so that the minimum of POLEON.

the salary of the curates shall be raised to In our imperial camp of Madrid, Dec. 4. 2400 reals.—6. The property of the supNapoleon, emperor of the French, &c.— pressed convents which shall be disposable We have decreed, and do decree as fol- after the raising of the sum ordered by lows:--Art. 1. The tribunal of the Inqui- the foregoing article, shall be united to sition is abolished, as contrary to the civil the domain of Spain, and to be employed sovereignty and authority.--2. The pro- as follows :- 1. The half of the said property belonging to the Inquisition shall be perty to guarantee the Vales and other put under sequestration, and be united to parts of the public debt.-2. The other the domain of Spain, to serve as a guaran- half to reimburse the provinces and cities tee for the Vales, and for all other parts of the expences occasioned by the supplying the public debt.-(Signed) NAPOLEON. the French armies and the insurrectional

In our imperial camp of Madrid, Dec. 4. armies, and to indemnify the cities and Napoleon, emperor of the French, &c.—country for the damages, losses of houses, We have decreed, and do decree as fol- and other losses occasioned by the war.lows :- Art. 1. The same individual can- (Signed) NAPOLEON. not possess more than one commandery. In our imperial camp of Madrid, Dec. 4. 2. From the 1st of January next, every Napoleon, emperor of the French, &c.individual possessing several commande. We have decreed, and decree as follows: ries, shall designate the one he prefers -Art. 1. Dating from the publication of preserving--the others shall revert to the the present decree, the feudal rights are disposal of the King.–(Signed) NAPOLEON. I abolished in Spain.-2. All personal dues,


all exclusive rights of fishery, or other | Capitulation of the Toun of Rosas.--Rosas, rights of the same nature, on the coasts,

Dec. 5, 1808. rivers, and banks of rivers, all bannalities CAPITULATION of the town of Rosas and of miils are suppressed. Each shall be of the castle of the Trinity, entered into permitted by conforming to the laws, and between messrs. the adjutant in chief Domgive a free impulse to her industry.- browski, chief of the staff of the Italian (Signed)-NAPOLEON.

division, commanded by general Pino, and In our imperial camp of Madrid, Dec. chevalier Pio, colonel coinmandant of the 4,-Napoleon, emperor of the French, 2d French regiment of the line, appointed &c.-Considering that one of the esta- by general of division Reille, aid-sa-camp blishments which are most injurious to the of his majesty the Emperor and king, on prosperity of Spain is that of the barriers the one part, and messrs. col. Don Pedro existing beiween the provinces ; We have O'Daly, governor commandant of the fordecreed and decree as foliows:-Art. 1. tress of Rosas, and of the castle of the From the 1st of Jan. next, the barriers ex- | Trinity, and Don Manuel Lemaur, col. of isting from province to province shall be engineers, on the other part.-Art. 1.-suppressed. The custom-houses shall be | The town and the fort shall be delivered in removed, and estab ished on the frontiers. the course of the day, to the troops of his -(Signed)-NAPOLEON.

majesty the Emperor and King.–2. The

garrison shall lay down their arms upon Napoleon, emperor of the French, king the glacis of the place, shall be prisoners of Italy, protector of the Confederation of of war, and conducied into France. The the Rhine, &c. &c.--Taking into our con- officers shall keep all that belongs to them. sideration, that one of the greatest abuses —3. Immediately after the signature of which have been introduced into the the present Capitulation, one gate of the finances of Spain, arises from the aliena- town of Rosas, and one gate of the castle tion of the different branches of the im- of the Trinity, shall be given up to two posts, and that nevertheless imposts are companies of grenadiers.--(Signed) from their nature inalienable, we have de Jean DOMBROWSKI, Adjutant-Commandant, creed, and do decree as follows :-From Chief of the Etat- Major.--P10, Colonelthe publication of the present Decree. Major.-Don Pedro O'DALY.—MANUEL every individual who shall be in posses- LEMAUR.-The present Capitulation is apsion, either by grant from the King, or by proved of -General of Division commandsale, or by any other means, of any por- ing the siege, Reille. tion whatever of the civil or ecclesiastical imposts, shall cease to receive them, and Letter of the Supreme Junta to the Marquis those from whom they may be leviable, de la Romuna.-Dated, Tudela, Dec. 4, shall be answerable for the payment of 1808. their respective imposts to the agents of Most Excellent Sir,—The king and lord, the King or of the treasury. The present Ferdinand VII. and in his royal name the Decree shall be published and registered Supreme Junta of government of the kingin all the councils, courts, and tribunals, dom, omitting no means which can any in order to its being carried into execu- ways promote the safety and prosperity of tion as a law of the State.-(Signed) NA- the nation, has thought proper to resolve, POLEON.-H. B. Maret.

that your excellency is not only to comExtract from the Minutes of the Office of mand the army, of which you are general

Secretary of State.— Imperial Camp at in chief, but also the armies of Old CasMadrid, Dec. 12, 1808.

tile, Leon, Asturias and Galicia, superinWe Napoleon, emperor of the French, tending, with regard to all the said armies, king of Italy, and protector of the confe- the troops of the mass, and putting in rederation of the Rhine, have decreed, and quisition the horses, mules, and other meado decree as follows,-Art. 1. All seignio- sures, which are required to augment our ral Courts of Justice are abolished in army, and put it on that respectable footSpain.-2. There shall exist no other ju ing which the present extraordinary cirrisdiction than the royal Courts of Justice. cumstances require. His Majesty has been -3. The present Decree shall be pub- informed, and sees with the deepest conlished and registered in all the councils, cern, that to the want of subordination, courts, and tribunals, in order that it may cowardice is added by many, whence be executed as the Law of the State. arises that scandalous desertion which ex-' (Signed) NAPOLEON.-H. B. MARET. cites astonishment in our allies and damps

their general ardour. This conduct, so

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