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4. Resolved unanimously,—That the House of Commons, this Meeting trusts Thanks of this Meeting be given to the that the fatal consequences to which such 125 Independent Members, who decided corruption and abuse must inevitably lead, in favour of Mr. Wardle's Motion for an will be averted by the united efforts of all Address to the King on the subject of the good men, and of suchRepresentatives of the late Inquiry.

People in particular, as with abilities equal 5. Resolved (with only six dissen- | to the task,- shall have the courage, protients),-- That it is the opinion of this bity, and independence, to step forwards Meeting, that the gross and scandalous on an occasion so pregnant with honour to Abuses that have recently been exposed and themselves and safety to their country. detected, call loudly for Constitutional Re- That a Copy of these Resolutions be dress and Correction as the only means signed by the Chairman, and transmitted left to convince the People, that the heavy by him to G. L. Wardle, esq. Sacrifices they are called upon to make are not perverted to base and improper


At a Meeting of the Inhabitants of the 6. Resolved unanimously,-- That the said Borough, holden at the Town Hall, Proceedings of this Meeting be signed by in Lewes, on Tuesday the 18th day of the Chairman, and that copies thereof be April, 1809, in conformity to a Requisisent to G. L. Wardle, esq. ; sir Francis tion signed by a great number of the InBurdett, bart. ; and lord visc. Althorp ; habitants,-Mr. Henry Pawson, Senior and that the same be published in the Constable, in the Chair, Northampton Mercury, the County Press, Resolved unanimously, That the Thanks the Morning Chronicle, the Courier, and of this Meeting be given to G. L. Wardle, the Star newspapers.

esq., for his patriotic and firm conduct in

preferring and prosecuting certain Charges BOROUGH OF DERBY.

of corrupt practices against his Royal At a General Meeting of the Inhabi- Highness the Duke of York, in his Office tants of the Borough of Derby, at the of Commander in Chief. Town Hall, on the 18th April, convened Resolved unanimously, That in the opi. by the Mayor, pursuant to a Requisition, nion of this Meeting the evidence adduced «'to consider the propriety of returning

before the House of Commons, fully proves Thanks to Gwyllim Lloyd Wardie, esq., ed abuses to have existed with the know" for having instituted and prosecuted ledge of his Royal Highness, to the great " the late Inquiry into the Conduct of his detriment of the Army, and which must, “ Royal Highness the Duke of York, if persevered in, have been ultimately inH. BROWNE, esq., Mayor, in the Chair, jurious to the best and dearest interests of The following Resolutions were almost the nation at large. unanimously adopted, viz.

Resolved, That this Meeting feels great That this Meeting, actuated by the mortification that the House of Commons purest motives, is desirous of expressing (notwithstanding the Resignation of his to G. L. Wardle, esq., its grateful Thanks Royal Highness the Commander in Chief), for the firm and independent manner in did not place upon their Journals some which, unconnected with party, he insti- Resolution that should have recorded their tuted, and the temper and perseverance sense of his misconduct, and which might which he displayed, in the prosecution of have been handed down to posterity as a the late arduous Inquiry into the Conduct valuable lesson of reproof; and that this of his Royal Highness the Duke of York. Meeting cannot fail to observe, that the

That this Meeting, believing that gross conduct of the Majority of the House of abuses and shameful corruption have been Commons during the whole of the late fully proved to exist in various depart- proceedings, has but added one more to ments of the State, and in the general ad- the mary instances that might be adduced, ministration of public affairs, is thoroughly in which similar Majorities appear to have convinced of the necessity of timely and acted under an influence directly opposed temperate, but strict and effectual inquiry to the feelings and opinions of the People. and correction.

Resolved, That it is the opinion of this That after the distinguished proof which Meeting, that the Representatives who has been given by Mr. Wardle, of what cease to feel a common interest with the under the forms of our excellent Constitu- people on the subject of abuses, can afford tion may be accomplished by the honest no security to the people against the inexertions of an individual Member of the crease of those abuses; and that therefore


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the only effectual remedy which can be , deserved well of his Constituents, and conapplied to so great and alarming an evil, ferred honour on their choice, by the is such a Reform in the Election of Repre- plain, intelligible, independent, consistent, tentatives as will enable them suficiently decisive manner in which he acted and to speak the sentiments of the people. voted during the whole course of the late

Resolved unanimously, That the Thanks Inquiry. of this Meeting be given to Thomas Kemp 4th, Unanimously, That our Thanks and Henry Shelley, esquires, the Inde- are due to sir F. Burdett, bart., who sependent Representatives of this Independ conded Mr. Wardle; lord visc. Folkeent Borough, for their steady and uniform stone ; sir S. Romilly, knt. ; S. Whitbread, conduct in voting in the Minority upon esq.; adm. Markham; the gallant gen. cach motion, that tended to censure his Ferguson, and the remainder of the 125 Royal Highness the Commander in Chief. Members who supported Mr. Wardle's

Resolved unanimously, That the Thanks Motion. of this Meeting be also given to sir F. Bur- 5th, (With only three Dissentients), dett, bart., the Seconder; to lord Folke- That the Vote of the House of Commons stone, Mr. Whitbread, sir S. Romilly, upon the Motion of the Chancellor of the adm. Markham, gen. Ferguson, Mr. A. Exchequer for the Acquittal of his Royal Martin, Mr. Coke, and Mr. C. W. Wynne, Highness the Duke of York, from all who so ably supported it; to those Mem- knowledge of the corrupt practices proved, bers who represent places in this county, hath done violence both to the understandand the rest of the 125 Representatives ing and feelings of Englishmen, and afwho formed the Independent Minority on fords a prominent and striking example of the important question produced by Mr. the very imperfect Representation of the Wardle's motion.

People. Resolved unanimously, That the Con- oh, Unanimously, That the only efstables be requested to transmit a copy of fectual barrier against the inroads of Corthese Resolutions to G. L. Wardle, Thos. ruption is to be found in the constitutional Kemp, and Henry Shelley, esquires. resort to obtain a fair and faithful Repre

sentation of the People in their House of BOROUGH OF READING.

Commons. At a very numerous and respectable 7th, (With only one Dissentient), That Meeting of the Inhabitants of this Bo- the number of Placemen and Pensioners rough,convened by the Worshipful Thomas having seats in the House of Commons is Gleed, esq., Mayor of the said Borough, a growing evil, contrary to an antient Rein pursuance of a Requisition to consider solution of that House, destructive of the of the corrupt practices lately proved in Independence of Parliament, and that the the House of Commons, and holden in the number ought to be restricted to certain Town-hall the 19th instant, the twelve Officers of State, whose presence may be following Resolutions having been moved expedient in the House of Commons. by J. B. Monck, esq., and seconded by 8th, Unanimously, That the state of H. Marsh, esq., were carried as follows: the decayed Boroughs in the United King-,

Ist, Resolved unanimously, That cor- dom, returning Members to Parliament, rupt practices have been found to exist in and which have become by lapse of time the grant of Commissions and Appoint- | the private property of individuals, is one ments in the Army, no less disgraceful to great cause of the present wide extending the character of the late Comniander in deplorable Corruption, and demands the Chief as a Soldier, than ruinous to the Pab- serious attention of Parliament, as a mocklic Service,

ery of Representation. 2ndly, Unanimously, That G. L. War- 9th, (With only three Dissentients), dle, esq., is entitled to the Thanks of his That the restoration of triennial ParliaCountry, for the zeal, integrity and intre- ments agreeable to the Statute 6th William pidity, with which he maintained the and Mary, would greatly check CorrupCharges of Corruption brought against his tion, and in the words of the Preamble to Royal Highness the Duke of York, in spite that memorable Act, would“ tend very of the luke-warmness of the leading Mem- “ much to the happy union and good bers of Opposition, and the open hostility “ agreement of the King and People." and direct menaces of Ministers.

loth, Unanimously, That the only way 3rdly, (With only one Dissentient), to have independent men in Parliament, That Charles Shaw Lefevre, esq., one of is to send them independent there, and the Representatives for this Borough, has that the example set by Westminster


in the manner of electing sir F. Burdett, dity in preferring charges of corruption cannot be too highly commended, and is against his Royal Highness the late Comworthy to be imitated by all the free Bo- mander-in-Chief, and by his ability and roughs throughout the Kingdom.

perseverance in establishing the same, is 11th, (With only three Dissentients), eminently entitled to the Thanks of this That during the present reign every suc- Meeting, and to the everlasting gratitude cessive Administration has yielded either of his country. to the force or to the temptation of the That the Thanks of this Meeting are present system of Corruption, and the re- also due to lord visc. Mahon and John sult of every change has been to hold the Staniforth, esq. our Representatives in Pevple in delusions, and not to remove, but | Parliament, to Tho. Thompson, esy. our perpetuate Abuses.

fellow townsman, and to lord visc. Milion, 12th, (With only five Dissentients), and William Wilberforce, esq. the RepreThat we have no hopes that his Majesty's sentatives for the County of York, togepresent Ministers will ever seriously and ther with the rest of the Independent Niearnestly take in hand the work of Re- nority, for their votes and exertions on formation, as the late proceedings in Pare this occasion. liament have fully proved them to be the That this Meeting, seeing the shameful Alinisters of the Crown only, and not of s venality that prevails in the different dethe People—the Stiflers of Inquiry and the partments of the State, and also as bas Abettors of Corruption.

been recently evinced, in the disposal of A Resolution being then put by the Rev. East India patronage, feels it a duty to Dr. Valpy, and seconded by Rob. Harris, state their conviction of the necessity of a esq.; that the vote of John Simeon, esq.; complete Change of public measures, of one of the Representatives of this Borough, the Abolition of Reversionary Grants and in favour of Mr. Bankes’s Motion, is highly unmerited Pensions and Sinecure Places, deserving of the thanks of his Constituents and of the Restoration of the Purity of -was négatived by a great Majority. Parliament, according to the genuine prin

A Resolution was then proposed by the ciples of the Constitution. rev. Dr. Valpy, and seconded by Thomas That the Chairman be requested to sign

« That in order to set the ex- these Resolutions as the act of this Meeting, ample of Purity of Representation, it is and to transmit copies thereof to Mr. unfit for any Elector of this Borough to Wardle, lord Mahon, Mr. Staniforth, Mr. accept a Public Dinner or any other Gra- Thompson, lord Milton, and Mr. Wilbertuity, directly or indirectly, from his Re-force. presentatives,” which was carried without opposition.


At a General Meeting of the Inhabitants TOWN OF KINGSTON-UPON HULL. of this Borough, convened by public ad

At a Meeting of the Inhabitants of the vertisement, April 20th, the following Ad. Town and Neighbourhood of Kingston- dress was unanimously voted to G. L. upon Hull, beld at the Guild-hall there on Wardle, esq. Wednesday, the 19th instant, for the pur- To G. L. Wardle, esq.--We the Inhapose of expressing their public Opinion of bitants of the Borough of Stafford, have the Transactions which have recently pass- witnessed with sentiments of admiration ed in the House of Commons, and to con- and gratitude, the firm but temperate sider of a Vote of Thanks to Mr. Wardie, manner, in which you have prosecuted a (along with the other Members who sup- long and laborious inquiry into the con, ported him) for the manly intrepidity and duct of the late Commander in Chief.-perseverance displayed by him in institu- The victory which you have obtained over ting and prosecuting his charges against the abuses disclosed in that high official the conduct of the Ex-Commander in situation, is a noble instance of the self-reChief.-Andrew Hollingworth, esq. Mayor, novating power of our glorious constituin the chair.

tion. You have shewn, that any virtuous Resolved unanimously,

and independent Member of the House of That it is the duty of this Meeting to Commons, unconnected with party, but express their detestation of the corrupt supported by the public voice, is enabled practices proved to exist in the Military to promote the cause of truth and the real Administration of the country, and in va- interests of the nation.--Estimating your rious other departments of Government. services therefore as the efforts of an ho

That G. L. Wardle, esq. by his intrepi- | nest and courageous mind, we offer to you

Ring, esq.

our ardent thanks, as a part of that com- in the Chair, The following Resolutions munity which you have so eminently be- were entered into : nefited.

1. Resolved unanimously, That the late Resolved, that a copy of this Address, Inquiry by the House of Commons into the signed by the Chairman, be transmitted Conduct of his Royal llighness the Duke by him to G. L. Vardle, esq.

of York, as Commander-in-Chief, has ex. posed the most flagrant abuses in the Ad.

ministration of Public Affairs, which tend TOWN AND COUNTY OF POOLE. to stain the honour of the British character At a Meeting of the Inhabitants of the and endanger the security of the Empire. Town and County of Poole, pursuant to 2. Unanimously, That impressed with a Public Notice, held at the Town Hall, on deep sense of the service he has rendered Friday, the 21st of April, 1800, Thomas his country, the Thanks of this Meeting be Parr, in the Chair.

given to G. L. Wardle, esq. for that diliResolved, That the exposure of many gent perseverance and temperate, but mantransactions in the several Departments ly spirit, with which, undismayed by the of the State, and the conduct of many per- menaces of power, or unsupported by the sons connected therewith, are so many intrigues of party, he has brought into melancholy proofs that the Constitution of public view a system of corruption, equalthe Country has been endangered by gross ly dangerous to the Liberties of the Peoand scandalous corruption.

ple, and the Safety of the Crown. That it is the indispensible duty of 3. Unanimously, That the Thanks of every Member of the House of Commons, this Meeting be given to sir F. Burdett, to guard with a watchful eye the expendi- bart. for having seconded Mr. Wardle's ture of the public money; and as the Motion. faithful guardian of the People's rights, to 4. Unanimously, That the Thanks of exert every endeavour to detect, and this Meeting be presented to Geo. Longbring to condign punishment, the Agents man, esq. our worthy Representative, for of Corruption in every Department of the the faithful discharge of his public trust, State.

in opposing abuse and corruption by diThat it is to the true patriotism and un- viding in favour of Mr. Wardle's Motion. daunted zeal of G. L. Wardle, esq. that the 5.Unanimously, That the Thanks of this Country is indebted for the exposure of Meeting be given to lord Folkestone, W. many flagrant abuses in the Military De Honywood, esq. S. Whitbread, esq. sir S. partment; and to his unexampled courage Romilly, knt. gen. Ferguson, J. Caicraft, and perseverance, (assisted by the virtuous esq. J. Jackson, esq. and the rest of the 125 and independent Members of the House Honest Members, who voted for Mr. Warof Commons) we look with confidence to dle's Motion, the completion of the great work of Refor- 0. Unanimously, That the decision of mation. Deeply impressed with these the Majority of the House of Commons on sentiments, we cannot but consider G. L. the Abuses brought to light in the course Wardle, esg. intitled not only to our warm- of the late Inquiry, is a subject of deep reest Thanks, but also to the gratitude of his gret and concern to the People of Engcountry.

land, and must impress conviction on the That the Thanks of this Meeting be mind of every Friend to his King and Counconveyed to G. L. Wardle, esq. accordo try that a radical Reform in the Representaingly.

tion of the People presents the only effecThat the Thanks of this Meeting be tual means of putting a stop to those corrupt given to B. Lester Lester, esq. the worthy practices which undermine and threaten Representative of this Town and County; to destroy our envied Constitution. to the Member for the County of Dorset, 7. With three dissentient voices, That and to all other the Members of the House this Hall is gratified to hear that the resof Commons who voted in the different pectable names of sir Wm. Geary, bart, Minorities on the late important questions. T. Law Hodges, esq. and T. Rider, esq. are

given to a Meeting, called for the express

purpose of digesting a plan of a Reforin in Town OF MAIDSTONE.

Parliament, and we trust that their efforts At a Meeting of the inhabitants of this will conduce to the satisfaction of the PeoTown, held at the Court Hall, pursuant to ple, and the welfare of the Country. public notice, April 21, James Smyth, esq.

BOROUGH OF PLYMOUTH. as respectably and numerously attended At a very numerous and respectable as any Public Meeting ever witnessed in Meeting of the Inhabitants of the Borough that Hall.--Samuel Whitwell, esq. in the of Plymouth, convened at the Guildhall

Chair. thereof this 24th day of April, 1809, by

After some preliminary observations, public Advertisement, by the Worshipful from several Gentlemen, explanatory of the Mayor, to consider the propriety of a the nature and design of the Meeting, the Vote of Thanks to Mr. Wardle, for his following Resolutions were passed withjus exemplary and judicious arrangements, in one dissenting voice: a recent Investigation before Parliament 1. That it is the opinion of this Meetrespecting the Conduct of the late Com- ing, that corrupt abuses appear to have mander in Chief of the Army.-The Wor- existed to an alarming extent, in different shipful the Mayor in the Chair.

departments of the State, and particularly Resolved, That circumstances of public in that of the Army, as clearly substantiated notoriety place beyond all doubt the long by the evidence produced before the House existence of nefarious and scandalous of Commons, in the Investigation of the Abuses in various Branches of the Govern- Conduct of his Royal Highness the Duke ment of the Country, and that minute In- of York, the late Commander in Chief. vestigation is absolutely necessary into

2. That the Thanks of this Meeting be several Public Departinents,

given to G. L. Wardle, esq. M. P. for Resolved, That G. L. Wardle, esq. has his intrepid and patriotic conduct in bringfaithfully discharged the duties of a con- ing forward the Charges before the House scientious Member of Parliament, and is of Commons, and for his laudable and pereminently entitled to the approbation and severing exertions, in the face of the most thanks of the Inhabitants of this Town, for powerful opposition, during the progress the firm and manly manner and distin- of this arduous business. guished abilities evinced by him on the

3. That the Thanks of this Meeting be Inquiry into the Conduct of the late Com- also given to our worthy Representatires, mander in Chief of the Army; and also Peter Moore, esq. and William Mills, esq. that great praise is due to all those who for their independent conduct during this supported him in his arduous and difficult important Investigation, and for which they undertaking

are justly entitled to the additional approResolved, That the Inhabitants of this bation and confidence of their Constituents. Town regret that a much greater number

4. That the Thanks of this Meeting be of independent and unbiassed Members also given to sir Francis Burdett, bart. M.P. were not to be found in the House of Com- lord visc. Folkestone, M. P. Samuel Whitmons anxious to promote such ineasures

bread, esq. M. P. sir Samuel Romilly, as might tend to annihilate Corruption, knt. M. P. major-general Ferguson, M. P. which if not corrected must endanger the Harvey Christian Combe, esq. M. P. and welfare of our inestimable and happy Con- all the rest of the virtuous and honourable stitution.

Minorities, who nobly stood forth at this Resolved, That the Mayor be requested

important crisis as the enemies of corrupto communicate to G. L. Wardle, esq. the tion and the friends of their country, by Sentiments and Resolutions of this Meet- supporting Mr. Wardle upon this occaing.


5. That this Meeting consider the conCity of COVENTRY.

duct of the present administration, rela

tive to the late Inquiry respecting his At a Meeting of the Inhabitants of this Royal Highness the Duke of YorkderoCity; held at the County Hall, the 25th gatory to their official duty, and renders day of April, 1809, pursuant to notice given them altogether undeserving that great trust by Basil Goode, esq. Mayor, in conse- with which they are invested. quence of a Requisition sent to him, for the 6. That a Committee be appointed to purpose of expressing their sentiments upon 'carry these Resolutions into effect, and the late Investigation of the Conduct of that it consist of those Gentlemen who his Royal Highness the Duke of York, be- signed the Requisition. fore the House of Commons; which was

(To be continued.)

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