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the publication of " Cobbett's Parlia

Resolved unanimously, on the motion of inentary Debates" commenced. Mr. J. Fowle, seconded by Mr. Robt. Curl

The Subscribers to the above working, that the Thanks of this Meeting be are respectfuily informed, that the Fifih presented to G. L. Wardle, esq., member Volume will be delivered on Monday of parliament for Oakhampton, for having next, the 1st of May. It embraces the brought forward in the honourable House period from the Revolution in the year of Com:nons an Enquiry into the Conduct 1688, to the Accession of QUEEN ANNE, of his Royal Highness the late Commander in the year 1702. For this period, the in Chief, for his firm and unremitting permaterials, as well for the Proceedings severance in establishing the Charges, and as the Debates, have been, for the most for his strenuous endeavours to check the part, collected froin the following Works: further progress of improper influence and 1. The Journals of the House of Lords; corruption.—That we think it our duty on 2. The Journals of the llouse of Commons; this occasion to express ourselves firm in 3. The Debates of the House of Commons, our loyalty and attachment to our King from 1688 to 1694, collected by the flo- and Constitution. nourable Anchitell Grey, who was forty Resolved unanimously, That the Thanks years member for the town of Derhy; of this Meeting be given to the Mayor, 4. The Debate between the Lords and the for his readiness in calling the Meeting, Commons, at a Free Conference, held in and his impartiality in the Chair.-Orderthe Painted Chamber, in the Session of ed that the above Resolutions be inserted the Convention, in 1688, relating to the in the Courier and Canterbury Papers. words, " Abilicated,and “the Vucuncy of By Order of the Meeting. ---Geo. GAR" the Throne," used in the Vote of the Com- | RETT, Clerk. mons; 5. A. Collection of the Debates and Proceedings in Parliament, in 1094

BURGH OF ANNAN. and 1695, upon the Inquiry into the late At a Meeting of the Burgesses and other Briberies and corrupt Practices, printed Inhabitants of the Burgh of Annan, held in the year 1695; 6. Proceedings in the the 11th of April, 1809, for the purpose of House of Commons against Sir John Fen expressing their sentiments on the late In. wick, printed in the year 1698; 7. Tim- vestigation into the Conduct of his Royal berland's History and Proceedings of the Highness the Duke of York as ComHouse of Lords; and 8. Chandler's His- mander in Chief of the Army of this countory and Proceedings of the House of Com- try; Mr. James Scott, one of the Bailies of mons.—Here again, as in former Volumes, the said Burgh, in the Chair : recourse has been had to the best historians 1. Resolved unanimously, That the and contemporary writers; an), amongst Thanks of this Meeting be given to G. L. others, to Burnet, Echard, Kennet, Old Wardle, esq., M. P. for his able and inmixon, Ralph, Tindal, Boyer, and Somer- | trepid exertions, in detecting and dragville. The Hardwicke Papers have also iny into public view, the flagrant system been consulted ; as also the State Tracts, of corruption, which for some years has and the Harleian Collection. There is prevailed in the disposal of military prosubjoined, by way of Appendix, a Collec- motions. (To be continued.) tion of very scarce and valuable Parliamentary Tracts, taken from those of Lord

East INDIA COMPANY. Sommers, the Harleian Miscellany, and Report from the Committee of the House of the Collection of State Tracts published Commons, on the Patronage of the East during the reign of William the Third. India Company.-Ordered to be printed

23rd March, 1809. PROCEEDINGS

The Select Committee, appointed to inIn COUNTIES, Cities, BOROUGHS, &c. re- quire into the existence of any Corrupt

lative to the recent INQUIRY in the House Practices, in regard to the Appointment of Commons, respecting the Conduct of the and Nomination of Writers or Cadets in DUKE OF York. (Continued from p.640).) the Service of the East India Company;

Town And Port Of SANDWICH. or any Agreement, Negotiation, or BalAt a General Meeting of the Freemen gain, direct or indirect, for the sale and Inhabitants of the Town and Port of thereof; and to report the same, as it Sandwich, in the county of Kent, held in shall appear to them, to the House, tothe Guildhall in the said Town and Port, gether with their Observations thereon Friday, the 7th day of April, 1809. upon; and who were empowered to re

J. HARRISON, esq. Mayor, in the Chair. port the Minutes of Evidence taken bed fore them; and their Proceedings, from, Mr. Emperor J. A. Woodford, who sold time to time, to the House,

the appointment for 3,500l. through the Began their investigation by examining agency of Mr. Tahourdin, solicitor, who into a Case brought before them by Geo. received 1001. out of that sum. The other Woodford Thellusson, esq. a member of persons concerned in this negotiation were this house, in which his patronage and Mr. Wimbourn and Mr. Laing. confidence appear to have been grossly Mr. Fry Magniac was nominated Writer abused. The whole Evidence being given to Bengal in the year 1807-8, by Mr. G. at length in the Appendix, your Commit-w. Thellusson ; this appointment was also tee content themselves with inserting in given to the same Mr. Woodford, and sold this place, a short abstract only of this, through the agency of Mr. Tahourdin, and every other transaction; giving the Mr. Beale was the purchaser, and the sum names of the persons appointed, of those paid by him was 3,500 guineas, of which by whom they were recommended, and Mr. Woodford received 3,0001. Mr. Taby whom their nominations were signed, hourdin 150l.; the remainder was divided together with the names of the intermedi- | between Mr. Donovan and Mr. Garrat. ate agents in any of the negotiations where Mr. Henry Gardiner was nominated a money was paid or received.—Those ap- Writer to Madras by Mr. G. W. Thelluspointments which have been completed in son, in the season 1807-8. This appointconsequence of any such bargains, and ment was likewise given to Mr. Woodford, upon which satisfactory evidence has been and 3,0001. was received for it from Mrs. produced, will be placed first ; a second Gardiner, by Mr. Tahourdin for his own class will be found of nominations which use, but upon an undertaking that he is to appear to have taken effect, but with re- procure the next presentation of a living gard to which, from the death of some of of the value of 3001. per annum for a the parties, or from deficiency of proof in friend of Mr. Woodford's. Mr. Boase, a other particulars, your Committee are un- partner in the house of Messrs. Ransom able to ascertain the names of the persons and Co. was privy to the bargain between who were sent out to India. It a satis- Mr. Tahourdin and Mrs. Gardiner. Mr. faction to your Committee, throughout the Greenslade received an appointment for whole evidence, to remark nothing which Ceylon in the way of exchange for this traces any one of these corrupt or impro- writership, which is the occasion of his per bargains to any Director, or induces a name appearing in the transaction. reasonable suspicion that it was done with Cadets.—Mr. Henry Stoughton was apthe privity or connivance of any member pointed a Cadet to Madras, Jan. 1808, by of that court. Several negotiations which George Abercrombie Robinson, esq. by never took effect, will be found alluded to, the recommendation of Mr. Morland, who or detailed in parts of the evidence; which gave the appointment to Mr. Jones for a it was thought proper not to reject under relation of his. Mr. Jones, through the the comprehensive directions “ that your agency of John Annesley Shee, sold it to “ Committee should inquire into any agree- Mr. Stoughton, father to the person ap“ment, negotiation, or bargain, direct or pointed, from whom Shee received 500 “ indirect, forthe sale of such nomination;" guineas : he paid 1801. to Mr. Jones, and and when such information was received, received of him an undertaking to pay they deemed it inexpedient to withhold it 3201. upon his procuring for Mr. Jones a from this house, though they are fully Woolwich Cadetship. This appointment aware that their desire of opening every has been vacated by the Court of Direcchannel of inquiry has led to an extent of tors, in consequence of their having disexamination, and to a mass of evidence, covered the nieans through which it was from which much might be retrenched obtained. without detrimeni, it it had been easy to Mr. Thomas Kelly was appointed a establish a satisfactory principle of omis- Cadet to Bombay in April 1803, by sir sion, or abridgment, which might have Theophilus Metcalfe, bart. at the recomleft nothing wholly irrelevant or trifling, mendation of Mrs. Scott. It was afterwhile it comprehended whatever might wards exchanged with Mr. Cotton, at his be interesting either to this house, or to request, for a Madras Cadetship. Wm. the East India Company.

Scott, tailor, the husband of Mrs. Scott, Writers.--Mr. Ed. Js. Smith was nomi- sold this appointment to Mr. Kelly, through nated a Writer to Bengal in the season the

agency of David Brown, who received 1806-7, by Mr. G. W. Thellusson ; the for it 1501.: Brown was paid 30l, or 401. appointment was given to his first cousin, I and a Mr. Southcomb, who introduced



some of the parties to each other, received Thornton, esq. at the recommendation of 10 guineas.

the rev. Nicholas Corsellis-for Miss Eliz. Mr. George Barker was appointed Ca- Spinluff Miss Spinlutt sold this appointdet for the Bengal Infantry in Dec. 1808, ment to Mr. Hewitt, a relation of Mr. by Robert Thornton, esq. at the recom- Maw, through the agency of Mrs. Morrimendation of Mr. Mee. Mr. Mee sold son and A. M:K. Shee, and received 701. this appointment for 200 guineas, through for it. Mrs. Morrison thinks the sum paid the agency of John Annesley Shee, who was 1501. or 1801. A. M.K. Shee received received 601.

301. Mr. George Teulon was appointed to an Mr. Arthur Denny was appointed a Infantry Cadetship to Bengal in 1808, by Cadet to Madras on the 18th Feb. 1806, Edward Parry, esq. in exchange for a by G. W. Theilusson, esq. at the recomMadras appointment given to capt. Sealy mendation of the countess dowager of by Jacob Bosanquet, esq. Capt. Matthew Westinoreland and Mr. George. This apsold this appointment for 1201. to captain pointment was sold by Mr. George. Mr. Holmes for a friend of his; Annesley M Anth. Stoughton, uncle of the person apKercher Shee was employed as agent for pointed, paid to J. A. Shee, whom he emcaptain Matthew, who paid him 301. and ployed to procure it, the sum of 250 guicapt. Holmes paid him 101..

David Brown was agent for Mr. Mr. J. S. Williams was appointed to a George. Bengal Cadetship by Mr. Cotton in 1808, Mr. Henry Keating was appointed a in exchange for a Madras Cadetship of Cadet to Madras on the 5th of June 1805, Mr. Manship's. This appointment was by John Manship, esq. at the recommendprocured by Mr. Abercronıbie, who was ation of G. W. Thellusson, esq. in return assisted with the loan of a sum of money for a Bombay nomination of the season of by capt. Williams, the Cadet's father. 1804 given to Mr. Manship. The uncle Mrs. Elz. Morrison and A. M-K. Shee of Mr. Henry Keating purchased this apwere the agents employed.

pointment of Mr.J.Henderson, ship-broker, lir. Benj. Pratt was appointed a Cadet for 2501. or guineas. J. A. Shee received to wadras 7th Feb. 1800, by Sweney of Mr. Ilenderson about 451. for his T...'', esq. at the recommandation of capt. agency. A aard Smith, who exchanged it with Mr. George Boys was appointed a Ca

C. Plowden, esq. for a nonination of det to Madras on the 26th March 1806 (of ne next season.

Mr. B. Pratt was recom- the season 1805) by Charles Mills, esq. mended to Mr. Plowden by sir Nicholas at the recommendation of Mr. (now sir W.) Nugent. luisappointiment was purchased Fraser. This appointment was given by by Mr. H. Foster, through sir Nich. Nu- sir W. Fraser to Mr. Tho. Cusac, who sold gent, for the sum of 1507. A. M.K. Shee it to Messrs. Barber & Sons, Cowper'sacus d as agent for Wr. Foster, and received court, Cornbill, and received of them the 301. or 401. The original appointment sum of 1501. They were employed as was iu Bengal, and it was exchanged for agents for Mr. Boys's father, who paid for Madras.

it the sum of 300 guineas. 1001. was diMr. John Power was appointed a Cadet vided between Mr. Barber and Mr. John to Madras in 1804 or 1805 by lord vis. Henderson. J. A. Shee was agent for count Castlereagh, at the recommendation Mr. Cusac. of lord Longueville, through the earl of Mr. W. Collett was appointed a Cadet Westmoreland. Mr. Power paid 2001. for the Bombay Infantry by the India for this appointment to M. S. Salt. A. Board, on the 3d of July 1805. This apM.K. Shee was the agent for both parties, pointment was in the nomination of lord and received 501, from Mr. Power.

Castlereagh, who, at the recommendation Mr. Brathwaite Christie was appointed of the right hon. John Sulivan, gave it to a Cadet to Madras 15th July 1507, by Richard Codman Etches, for a relation of James Reid, esq. at the recoinmendation his, on account of services performed by of h. r. h. the d. of Clarence. Mr. Page, Mr. Etches for the government.

Mr. navy agent in Great Russell-street, paid Etches sold it to Mr. Chaplin, an attorney, the sum of 2001. for this appointment to for the sum of 2501. J. A. Shee was agent A. M.K. Shee, who paid 1501. to the rev. for Mr. Pasinore, an attorney, who reMr. Lloyd, chaplain to h. r. h. the d. of ceived the money for Mr. Etches. Clarence, for procuring the same.

Mr. Jobn Manson was appointed Cadet Mr. Thomas Maw was appointed a for Bengal the 26th Feb. 1808, by the InCadet to Bengal in July 1807, by Robert dia Board, at the recommendation of Edw.

: but

Cooke, esq.

Mr. C. Etches procured A Cadetship in the nomination of J. this appointment through Mr. Cooke, for Manship, esq. given by him to Nrs. a relation of his, on account of services Welch, appears to have been sold; but performed by Mr. Etches for the govern the parties to that transaction, who bave ment. Thomas Watson was employed as been examined, state, that they are unaagent to sell the same, as mentioned in the ble to recollect the name of the person apnext appointment.

pointed. The name of Mrs. Welch does Mr. Robert Manson was appointed Ca- not appear as recommending to any of det for Bengal, Feb. 1808, by G. W. Mr. Manship’s Cadetships in 1805 or 6. Thellusson, esq. at the recommendation Another, in the nomination of sir Lionel of Mr. Herbert. Tho. Watson sold this Darell, appears to have been given to and appointment, and received the sum of 500 sold by the rev. Thomas Lloyd ; but Mr. guineas of Messrs. Anderson, of Philpot- Lloyd's name does not appear as recomJane, for this and Mr. John Manson's ap- mending any of the Cadets nominated by pointment, who purchased the two for a sir L. Darell in 1801 and the following year. friend of theirs for his two nephews. A. M.K. Shee received 351. of Watson; and

It appears in evidence, that some other lady Leigh received from Watson ’about nominations of this description have been

purchased : 2001. for the latter appointment.

Committee have not

your Mr. Thomas Casey was appointed a Ca- been able to discover and bring before

them some of the persons who appear to det by W. Devaynes, esq. on the 9th July 1800, at the recommendation of Mr.

have been parties to these transactions i Herbert, now abroad as purser of the Eu: particularly' sir Nich. Nugent, Mr. w phrates extra ship. Mr. Herbert sold this Lewen Tugwell Robins, Mir. Jos. Home, appointment to Messrs. Henry Houghton cap. Matthew and cap. Folmes. A further & Co. of King's Arms Yard, correspon

examination into some other bargains, is dents of Mr. Casey's relations, who lived precluded by the death of lady Lumm, in Ireland, for the sum of 230 guineas; lady Leigh, and cap. Sealy. Mr. John Henderson was agent for Mr. The attention both of the Legislature Herbert, and received 50 guineas. and of the East India Company has been

Mr. Thomas Locke was appointed a attracted at various periods to Abuses, Cadet for Madras on the 3d Feb. 1807, by which were supposed to exist in the dispoJohn Bebb, esq. at the recommendation of sal of their Patronage; in consequence of James Pattison, esq. in exchange for one which, at the time when their charter was of Mr. Pattison's Bombay nominations. renewed, an oath was framed, to be taken This appointment was purchased by the by each Director within ten days after his rev. Dr. Locke of Parnham, for his ne- election, containing, among other engagephew, of Thomas Watson, who sold it for ments, the following: I do swear, That lady Lumm, and paid her 2001.

I will not directly nor indirectly accept Mr. Samuel Lewis was appointed a Ca- or take any perquisite, emolument, fee, det in 1800, by Sweney Toone, esg. at present or reward, upon any account whatthe recommendation of Mr. Evans. This soever, or any promise or engagement for appointment was passed from Mr. Evans any perquisite, emolument, fee, present or to Mr. Sanderson : A. M.K. Shee seems reward whatsoever, for or in respect of the to have procured it of Mr. Wright, and appointment or nomination of any person received 300 guineas from the Cadet's fa- or persons to any place or office in the gift ther. Mr. Sam. Lewis being a Mulatto, or appointment of the said Company, or and thereby disqualified, procured a young of me as a Director thereof, or for or on man of the name of Phillips to personate account of stationing or appointing the himself and pass the prevsous examina- voyag or voyages of any ship or ships in tions, for which he paid him 20 guineas. the said Company's einploy, or for or on

A Cadetship for Madras appears to have account of or any ways relating to any been purchased for a person of the name other business or affairs of the said Comof Brown, in 1804 or 1805, which was pany." 33 Geo. 3. c. 52. s. 160.-In sold by Mr. Herbert for 250 guineas; the By-laws of the East India Company, but your Committee could receive no sa- c. 6. sect. 5. a penalty is imposed upon tisfactory information by whom the party every Director taking any reward on acwas nominated, nor his Christian name. count of any appoiniment, in double the Henderson and Shee were employed as amount of such reward, two-thirds of which agents, and received part of the above to the Company and one-third to the In

1 former; and such Director is rendered ipso

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facto incapable of holding any place what- ¡ declaration for himself. The cases which ever under the Company. The forin of are exhibited in this report demonstrate Declaration on every writer's Petition, is, that such declarations are not of sufficient · I recommended this Petition, and do force to prevent a very extensive traffic in most solemnly declare that I have given those nominations, which are apparently this nomination to

the best secured by a positive denial of all and that I neither have received myself, undue practices. An enquiry was set on nor am to receive, nor has any other fout by the Court of Directors in 1798 upon person, to the best of my knowledge or be the allegation and suspicion of abuses in lief, received, nor is to receive, any pecuniathe nominations of Writers ; the origin, ry consideration, nor any thing convertible progress and failure of which it may be in any mode into a pecuniary benefit on this proper to give in some detail.-- 25 April account.” The form of Certificate required 1799 : A Committee of the Directors was to be signed by the nearest of kin to each appointed to investigate into the truth of Cadet, contains the following declaration : the alleged practice of the sale of PatroI do further declare, that I received the nage, and to consider of such means as said appointment for my son

may appear likely to prevent the same in gratuitously, and that no money future, if such practices have occurred. or other valuable consideration has been or 9th July: Each Director's nomination of is to be paid, either directly or indirectly, Writers was laid before the Committee, for the same ; and that I will not pay or who resolved that each Member of the cause to be paid, either by myself, by my Committee should state in writing the son, or by the hands of any other personi

, names of the parties to whom he has given any pecuniary or valuable consideration the nomination, together with the reasons whatsoever, to any person or persons who which induced him to give the same : and have interested themselves in procuring that the several parties who have received the said nomination for my son from the such nominations for their sons, &c. be reDirector above-mentioned." -The printed quired to produce satisfactory information preparatory Instructions, which are cir- | to the Committee upon oath, or in such culated by the East India Company for manner as the Committee shall deem most the use of those who may be nominated | expedient, that neither they nor any Cadets, begin with the following Resolu- person on their account, or with their prition :-“That any person who shall in future vity or knowledge, have given or promised be nominated to a situation, either civil or to give any consideration on account of military, in the service of this Company, such nomination, either to the Director and who shall have obtained such nomina- from whom they obtained the same, or to tion either directly or indirectly by pur- any person on his behalf: and it was chase, or agreement to purchase through agreed to recommend to the Court to dithe medium of an agent or other person, reci each individual Member of the Court shall be rejected; and the person so no

to do the same. 1st August 1798: The minated shall be rendered incapable of Court approved this Report; and (15th holding any situation whatsoever in the August) each Director in office, as well as Company's service : and in the event of those out of by rotation (except Mr. Deany person having obtained an appoint- vaynes) gave explanations in writing meni in the manner before stated, and pro- 28ih Feb. 1799 : It was resolved, That ceeded to India previous to its being dis every appointment made in consequence coveredl, such person shall be disinissed of corrupt practices be null and void, unless ile Company's service and ordered back the parties to whom the appointment is to England, and shall also be rendered in- given stall, upon examination before the capable of holding any situation whatso- Committee, make a fair and candid discloever in the Company's service.” It is to sure of all the circumstances attending the be observed, that abuses in the disposal of

It was likewise resolved, that each Cadetships are better guarded against Director should in future, on the Petition than in that of Writerships, since the pre- of the Writer whom he nominates," desent form of Certificate has been applied" clare upon his honour to whom he has to them; for in the Writerships the Di- given the appointment, and that he neirector himself only declares, that to the “ther has received himself, nor is he to best of his knowledge or beliéf no pecunia- “ receive, nor has any other person to the ry consideration has been or is to be re- “ best of his know tedge or belief received, ceived; but with regard to every Cadet," nor is to receive, any pecuniary consithe parent or next of kin makes å similar “ deration, nor any thing converiible is


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