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should now be at the Horse Guards as Sir , omitted in the papers now, I shall be glad David Dundas, is no effectual remedly be to have the error corrected.--Mr. T110to follow ; and, though I think Mr. War- THY Brown, who has lent so much assis. dle entitled to the thanks of the nation, I tance to us, was so good as to send me, should not be very eager to give him yesterday, an extract of a letter from a mine, if I thought it possible for him now friend of his, who, in consequence of the to stop

base insinuations, ag unst this young wo

man, published, last week, in the Morning Think nothing gain'd, he cries, 'till nought re

Post news-paper, took the trouble to make,

in person, particular inguiries, at Chelsea, must be the maxim of the man, who which extract, from mrtives similar to those, means now to render his country service. from which the inquiry was made, I here He must give corruption no rest, 'till he insert.-—“ With respect to Miss Taylor, I has destroyed her and the very spawn of “ felt myself called upon to inform myself her. And, are feats like these to be ex- “ whether I was advocating the cause of pected from a prating, pleader-like Oppo- “ a deserving unprotected female, or supsition? A disciplined corps ; a set of porting a worthless woman. With this, hunters after office; who like and dislike " view, I proceeded to Chelsea, and, after in a body? No, it never can be and never “ the most rigid scrutiny into her history, will be ; and of this the country is as well 6 character, and connections, among her assured, as I am of this pen’s being in my neighbours, I could find nothing against hand.- -Mr. Whitbread seems satisfied ; 1 “ her but her poverty. The very circumI am not, and never shall be, as long as I “stance of her endeavouring to obtain an see an Apothecary General, who meddles “ honest and reputable livelihood, by with no business whatever; who rides in his keeping a school, is an argument of a coach and four, deriving 12,000 pounds a “ virtuous disposition. Her scholars having year out of the taxes, and who (oh! inde- “ been withdrawn by their parents the inlible shame!) pockets ten shillings a day, “stant it appeared she was a relation of Mrs. as an officer upon the staff, and who declares “ Clarke, is a proof that her scholars were this, at the same time that he declares that respectable; and ber merit will appear he never meddles with any business. This is " the greater when it is recollected, the upon record, in a Report before the House “ temptations held out to her by the of Commons; no measure has been taken “ blandishments of prostitution were more upon it; and, while this is the case, I am " than sufficient to warp her from the not satisfied, nor can I be satisfied. To “ line of right, if her mind had not those who merit pensions for real services“ been well fenced with good principles. to the public, or for real losses sustained for “ She had it also in her power to have the suike of the public or the king, I grudge “ corrected the errors of fortune by taking nothing. But, I do grudge every single “ up the business of an Army Broker. farthing that goes in the way above de- “ Her credit with her relation, Mrs. scribed, or in any such manner; and if it Clarke, might well have induced her to was not that I hope to contribute towards 66 have recourse to such ways and means, the overthrow of such' abuses, I never “ if she had been disposed to engage in would write another line as long as I < such dishonorable traffic; but it no live.

“ where appears that she ever mixed herBotley, Thursday, 23rd March, 1809. self with such concerns, or that she

neglected the most sacred trust, with

6 which she had charged herself, to parSUBSCRIPTION FOR Miss Taror.

66 take of the revelries at Glo'ster Place, This Undertaking promises very fair for “ My enquiries were rigid: I asked this success. The Public have felt and acted, question, whether male visitors frequentupon the occasion, as I expected they “ed her house; or any of her scholars would. The names of Subscribers, as “ accompanied her to Mrs. Clarke's? To they come, are inserted, in The Times, “these important questions I received a MORNING CARONICLE, COURIER, States direct negative. These facts I will beg MAN, and other news-papers, through the li.“ " you to communicate to your friends." berality of the proprietors, whose conduct merits great applause. When the Sub- TO CORRESPONDENTS. scription is closed, I intend to publish the The several communications that hare List complete in the Register; and, if any, recently been made to me, I shall, the Lady or Gentleman should see their name I writers may be assured, not fail to make



use of, in that way, which will, doubtless, | Pedronara. On the 13th, the division of be most likely to further the views of the Villatte marched directly against the eneseveral writers.

my; while the duke of Bellune, with the

division of Ruffin, took a circuit by AlcaOFFICIAL PAPERS.

As soon as general Villatte discoPRUSSIA. Letter of the King to the Na- vered the Spaniards, he advanced to the

gistrates of Berlin.24 Dec. 1808. charge, and put to the rout the enemy's

Worthy, beloved, and faithful subjects, 12 or 13,000 men, wha immediately enmy provinces being evacuated by the deavoured to retire by Cara-coşa on AlFrench, my attention is now directed to

The 9th reg. of light infantry, the the accomplishment of my heartfelt wish | 24th, and the 96th of the line, presented. of returning to my capital of Berlin, with to the enemy a wall of bayonets. The the queen my spouse, and my family—an Spaniards threw down their arms. 300 object which I have by all possible means officers, two generals, seven colonels, 20 endeavoured to attain since the conclusion lieutenant-colonels, and 12,000 men, were of peace. I have given orders that the made prisoners. Thirty standards, and constituted authorities shall leave this place all the artillery, have been taken. One for Berlin, as soon as the districts on the Venegos, who commanded these troops, has other side of the Vistula bave begun to been killed. The whole of the captured breathe a little from the effect of the hea- army, with its colours, escorted by three vy burthens they have sustained in fur- battalions, will, to-morrow, (the 17th), nishing carriages and supplies, both before make its entrance into Madrid.—This sucand during the evacuation of the country. cess does the greatest honour to the duke This short interval I shall employ in a of Bellune, and to the conduct of his troops. journey to St. Petersburgh, in consequence General Villatte manæuvred with skill, of the repeated friendly and urgent invi- and general Ruflin distinguished himself: tations, both verbally and by letter, of his so did general Latour Mauburg. The majesty the emperor of Russia. I shall | young Sopransi, chef d'escadron of the 1st expedite my journey, and hope, within a dragoons, threw himself into the midst few weeks, to revisit my provinces on the of the enemy, displaying a singular braother side of the Vistula, to which I owe very. He brought six stand of colours to 10 many proofs of exemplary fidelity; and the duke of Bellune. — The general of I shall in particular hasten my return to artillery Senarmont conducted himself as Berlin, to testify to my subjects of that city he has always done: when the enemy's my gratitude for their firmness and good army found its retreat was cut off, it conduct, and to assure them of my attach- changed its direction. General Senarmont ment and satisfaction. I inform you here. then occupied a narrow pass with his arof, and command you to notify the same tillery, and upon this pass it was that the to my loving and faithful citizens of that enemy directed his course, in order to find city; and I am your loving sovereign out an opening. The artillery had little FREDERICK William. escort ; but the canoniers of the grand

army had no need of it. General SenarSpanish Revo:UTION.--Twenty-ninth Bul- mont placed his gwis in square battalion, letin of the French Army of Spain, daled and fired with grape shot. The enemy's Valladolid, Jan. 16, 1809.

column again changed its direction, and On the 10th Jan, the head-quarters of turned to the quarter from whence it came, general the duke of Bellune were at Aran- to lay down its arms.- - The duke of Belju 2.-flere he learned that the remains of lune praises M. Chateau, his first aide-dea ihe army, which had been beaten at Tudela, camp. He recommends also general Se-' were re-united in the neighbourhood of mele, and colonels Jaimin, Meunier, MouCuenca, after having been joined by the ton, &c. officers whose bravery and skill new levies from Granada, Valencia and have been tried in a thousand actions.-In Murcia. The king of Spain conceived the Gallicia the English still continue to be possibility of drawing out the enemy. pursued at the point of the sword. After With this view, he ordered all the posts to having been chased from Lugo, three fall back, which had advanced to the parts of them took the direction to Comountains of Cuenca, beyond Tarancon runna, the fourth that to Vigo, where they and Huete. The Spanish army followed have transports. The duke of Dalmatia this movement. On the 12th, it was sta- has advanced towards Corunna, and the tioned at Veles. The duke of Bellune duke of Elchingen to Vigo. Deputhen took post at Tarancon and Fuente de Itations of the Council of State of Spain,

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of the Council of the Indies, of the by the wisdom and the assemblage of the Council of Finances,' of the Council of lofty virtues which he possesses, as by War, of the Council of Marine, of the the powerful support of the fiero of Council of Orders, of the Junta of Com- Europe, upon whom the Council of the merce and of Money, of the Tribunals of Indies founds the hope which it has of Alcaldes, of the Municipality of Madrid, seeing re-united those ties which ought of the Clergy regular and secular, of the always to unite the American possessions Order of Nobility, of the Corporation, with the Mother Country:' major and minor, of the inhabitants and Address of D. Manuel de Valanzuela, parishes of the different quarters of Ma- in the name of the Council of Finances. drid, were presented to the Emperor and Sire; The Council of Finances has the King on the 16th, at Valladolid.--"The honour to offer to your Imperial and following Addresses have been presented Royal Majesty the homage of its profound to his Majesty :

respect. Uniting its entreaties to those Address of M. le Count de Montarco, in of the city of Madrid, it implores your the name of the Council of State.-Sire, Imperial and Royal Majesty, that

vou The Council of State is happy in having will be graciously pleased to conter upon the honour of being presented to your ma- it the favour to permit it to behold in Majesty the Emperor and King, in order to drid the august and beloved Brother of return you its homage of thanks for the your Majesty. The Council expects from generous clemency which you have deigned this favour the felicity and repose of the , to manifest towards the supreme Council | kingdom, which is its sweetest hope.' of the monarchy. What gratitude does Speech of the Marquis de las Amarillas it not owe you for having snatched Spain in the name of the Council of War. from the influence of those destructive Sire; The Supreme Council of War has councils which tifty years of misfortunes received with the most lively gratitude had prepared for it--for having rid it of the honour which it had solicited of laying the English armies, which threatened to at the feet of your Inperial and Royal fix upon its territories the theatre of con- Majesty its respectful homage, and most tinental war, and to inflict upon it the humble thanks, for the clemency which disorders and the ravages which are usu- your Majesty has displayed towards the ·ally in its train! Grateful for all these city of Madrid.-It unites its supplications benefits, the Council of Staie has still ano- to those of the Representatives of Madrid, ther supplication to lay at the feet of your that your Majesty, through an effect of Majesty. Deign, Sire, to commit to our your august beneficence, will confer upon loyalty your august Brother, our lord and this capital and its district the felicity of king. Permit him to re-enter Madrid, granting them the presence of their King, and to take into his hands the reins of Joseph the 1st, in order that his governgovernment; so that under the benevo- ment may confer upon us the tranquillity lent sway of this august prince, whose and the advantages which we expect from mildness, wisdom, and justice, are known it, and of which the Spanish nation has so to all Europe, our widowed and desolate urgent a want under the actual circum. Monarchy may find a father in the best of stances.' kings. Sire, we have sworn to obey him; Speech of the Lieutenant-general of we have offered him the homage of our fi- Marine, D. Joseph Justo de Salcedo, in delity : we will keep our oath: and your the name of the Council of Marine. Majesty shall have no cause to regret, Sire ; The Council of Marine has the hoeither the confidence you shall deign to nour of presenting to your Imperial and repose in us, or the clemency which you Royal Majesty the homage of its profound have exercised towards us.'

respect. It unites its intreaties with those Address of Don Bernardo Iriarte, in the of the Council of State, and others which name of the Council of the Indies.--Sire; have preceded it, imploring your Majesty, The Council of the Indies has the honour that for the welfare of the country you to present itself to your majesty the Em- will be pleased to confer upon it the faperor and King, in order to offer to you the vour that your august Brother may reign bomage of its profound respect, in beseech in Spain for the repose and tranquillity of ing you to grant it your sovereign protec- all the kingdom.' The Council desires tion. It entirely submits itself to the de- that the zeal of the body of the Marine, crees of your Majesty, and to those of your and its labours for the service of the counaugust Brother the King our Master, who try, may, under the influence of such wise is to create the happiness of Spain, as well 'laws, contribute to the liberty of the scas,

and to draw more close the ancient and , ples of a good administration, can alone legitimate bond which unite the two assure the felicity of Spain, and re-esworlds.'

tablish the prosperity of the state. The Speech of D. Pirerra, in the name of whole city of Madrid implores you, Sir, the Tribunal of Alcaldes de Casa


Corte to entrust to it the person of the King. of Madrid. --Sire; The Alcaldes of the The felicity of Spain will not commence Imperial Household and Metropolis have again, until he shall be restored to the the honour to present to your Imperial | wishes of his subjects. It will be only and Royal Majesty, the respect and ho- from the date of this day, that Spain will mage of their Tribunal. They are ordered enjoy the hope of being for ever sheliered, to present to you the most humble thanks, , from the calamities which factions, civil for the clemency with which your Ma-dissensions, and bad citizens, draw after jesty, the conqueror of Madrid, has been them.' pleased to treat this city, and implore you to forget its errors; that your Majesty Madrid the 13th or 19th of this month.

King Joseph will make his entry into will be pleased to receive the assurance of Relays have been sent on the road tothe filelity with which this city will obey wards Bayonne. It is believed that the your august Brother, a promise of which all the inhabitants are hostages; and that Iinperial head-quarters will instantly be

set in motion.' your Majesty will be pleased to grant their earnest entreaties, that his Royal Majesty may lonour them with his pre- Thirtieth Bulletin, dated Valladolid, Jan. 21. sence, and take the reins of government. The duke of Dalmatia left Betanzos on The Tribunal will omit nothing which de- the 12th inst. Having reached the Mero, pends upon itself, in order to confirm the he found the bridge of Burgo cut. The people in the sentiments with which they enemy was dislodged from the village of are animated, purging them froin the evil- Burgo. In the mean while general Franminded who tried to seduce them, and ceschi ascended the river, which he crossed will consider it as a great felicity to be at the bridge of Sela. He made himself furnished with the means of shewing their master of the high road from Corunna to attachment to your august person, and that Santiago, and took six officers and 60 solof the beneficent Sovereign, whom it hopes diers prisoners. On the same day a body to receive at your hand.

of 30 marines, who were fetching water The Speech of I). Juan Masanillo, Cor- from the bay near Mero, were taken. From regidor of Madrid, in the name of the the village of Perillo, the English fleet i City of Madrid, of the Body of Nebility, could be observed in the harbour of Coof the Ecclesiastical Body, of the five Cor-runna.-On the 13th, the enemy caused porations, &c. &c.--Sire; The whole two powder magazines, situated near the city of Madrid has repaired to the heights of St. Margaret, at half a league churches. Its first sentiment was that of from Corunna, to be blown up. thanking Ileaven for the clemency which plosion was terrible, and was felt at the disyour Majesty evinced towards the capital, | tance of three leagues. On the 14th, the and through which we have escaped the bridge at Burgo was repaired, and the calamities which threatened us.

French artillery was able to pass. The cond sentiment has been that of fidelity enemy had taken a position at two leagues and obedience towards its king Joseph, distance, half a league before Coronna. We have the honour of presenting to-day He was seen employed in hastily embarkto your Imperial and Royal Majesty, the ing his sick and wounded, the numbers of register which contains 27,500 signatures whom, according to spies and deserters, by fathers of families, and by all the heads amounts to 3000 or 4000 men. The Eng. of houses established in the capital. The lish were in the mean while - occupied city of Madrid will be faithful to its king. I in destroying the batteries on the coast, and It has charged us to lay this assurance at laying waste the country on the sea shore, the feet of your Majesty', and to promise The commandant of the fort of St. Philip, in its name that its sentiments will never suspecting the fate intended for his fortifichange. A prince who unites all the cation, refused to admit them in it. On great qualities which distinguish our king, the evening of the 14th we saw a fresh who, by his alliance with your Majesty, convoy of 100 sail arrive, among which assures us a perpetual peace upon the were four ships of the line. On the morncontinent, who is endowed with every ge- ing of the 15th, the divisions Merle and nerous sentiment, and with all the princi- Merinet occupied the heights of Villaboa,

The exo

Its se


where the enemy's advanced guard was, quantity.of ammunition and other efiects, stationed, which was attacked and de- belonging to the hostile army. A great stroyed. Our right wing was stationed on number of wounded were picked up in the the point where the road from Corunna to suburbs. The opinion of the inhabitants Lugo, and that from Corunna to Samiago on the spot, and deserters, is, that the nummeet. The left was placed behind the vil- ber of wounded in the battle exceeds 2500 lage of Elvina. The enemy was stationed Thus has terminated the English behind some beautiful heights.--The rest expedition which was sent into Spain. of the 15th was spent in fixing a battery of After having fomented the war in this un12 pieces of cannon; and it was not till happy country, the English have abanthe 10th, at three o'clock in the afternoon, doned it. They had disembarked 38,000 that the duke of Dalmatia gave orders to men and 6000 horses. We have taken attack.—The assault was made upon the from them, according to calculation, 0,500 English by the first brigade of the division men, exclusive of the sick. They have reMermet, which overthrew them, and drove embarked very little baggage, .very little them from the village of Elvina. The se- ammunition, and very few horses. We cond regiment of light infantry covered it have counted 5,000 killed and left behind. self with glory. General Jardon, at the The men who have found an asylum on head of the Voltigeurs, wrought a terrible board their vessels are harrassed and decarnage. The enemy, driven from his jected. . In another season of the year not positions, retreated to the gardens which one of them would have escaped. The surround Corunna.—The night growing facility of cutting the bridges, the rapivery dark, it was necessary to suspend the dity of the torrents, which in winter swell attack. The enemy availed himself of to deep rivers, the shortness of the days, this to embark with precipitation. Only and the length of the nights, are very fa6000 of our men were engaged, and every vourable to an army on their retreat. Of ai sangement was made for abandoning the the 38,000 men whom the English had positions of the night, and advancing next disembarked, we may be assured that day to a general attack. The loss of the scarcely 24,000 will return to England. enemy has been immense. Two of our The army of Romana, which at the end batteries played upon them during the of December by the aid of reinforcements whole of the engagement. We counted on which it had received from Gallicia, conthe field of battle more than eight hun- sisted of 10,000 men, is reduced to less dred of their dead bodies ;' among which than 5000 men, who are wandering bewas the body of general Hamilton, and tween Vigo and Santiago, and are closely those of two other general officers, whose pursued. The kingdom of Leon, the pronames we are unacquainted with. Wel vince of Zamora, and all Gallicia, which have taken 20 officers, 300 men, and 4 the English had been desirous to cover, pieces of cannon. The English have left are conquered and subdued. The general behind them more than 1500 horses, which of division Lapisse has sent patroles into they had killed. Our loss amounts to 100 Portugal, who have been well received killed, and 150 wounded.—The colonel there. General' Maupetit has entered of the 47th regiment distinguished himself. Salamanca; he met there with some sick -An ensign of the 31st infantry killed of the English troops. with his own hand an English officer, who had endeavoured to wrest from him his Intercepted Letter.-St. Jago, Jan. 6. 1809. eagle. The general of artillery Bomgeat I suppose, my dear friend, you are and col. Fontenay have signalized them- already acquainted with my arrival at selves. At day-break on the 17th, we saw this place; I have been here these eight the English convoy under sail. On the days, with a detachment composed of 18th, the whole bad disappeared. The troops froin seven different regiments. duke of Dalmatia had caused a carronade We are guarding the magazines that are to be discharged upon the vessels from the here ; and I hoped to continue at St. Jago fort of Santago. Several transports ran for some months, which would have given aground, and all the men who were on me great pleasure. As I am a person of board were taken. We found in the estab

some consequence, I am never addressed lishment of the Palloza (a large manu- but as a Seignor, the Commander of the factory, &c. in the suburbs of Corunna, English troops; I am well lodged, and have where the English had previously been an agreeable society about me, all which encamped), 3000 English muskets. Maga- comforts I shall be very sorry to quit. zines also were seized, containing a great | The French are the most uncivil people,"

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