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No. of ships.

Finished Landing,

more connected with some late discussions
concerning the conduct of your Establish- 1803 303 14 Jan. 1306
ment.-If the Warehousing System be 1804 -


29 Dec. 1804 productive of great practical benefit both 1805 421 22 Jan. 1806 to internal and foreign commerce, it must 1806


2 Feb. 1807 not be overlooked, that so far as the West- 1807 503 24 Dec. 1807 India trade is concerned, it could not have 1808 598 593 completed been carried into effect, without some

3 Dec. 1808 Establishment equivalent to that which by which it will appear, that such has been thus originated. It is well known that the increase of the West-India trade, that during many years of his administration, 65 ships have been unloaded this season in the advantages that might result from that addition to the greatest number erer before system both to the revenue and to the trade, received, and 174 ships more than the had presented themselves to the compre- average number of the preceding five years. hensive mind of that able minister, the In the period between the beginning of late Mr. Pitt, and that he only suspended July and the beginning of December, a its adoption, until some adequate improve space of five months, when circumstances ment should be made in the Port of Lon of the greatest difficulty occurred, updon, under which it might be safely carried wards of 460 ships were unloaded, excluinto effect. Your Establishment had hard- sive of smaller vessels and craft, with carly begun its operation before the provi- goes consisting of 159,804 hhds, and trs, sions of that system were enacted by the of Sugar.----26,917 puns. and hhds., Rum. legislature, the advantages of which, great -31,675 hhds. and trs., 125,480 bags, as they are, have been necessarily attended Coffee.--10,855 bales, 487 pockets, &c. by some additional delay and embarras- Cotton.—35 casks, 2732 bags, Pimento.ment to business, which the Company has 351 casks, 2,411 bags, Ginger.—822 casks, endeavoured to meet with promptitude, and 7,228 bags, Cocoa.—1,797 casks, Wine. with the requisite additions to their Estab- - Making a total of 11,342 bales, 137,851 lishment. The benefits accruing to the bags, 221,401 casks, and from the 10th West-India body generally, and the degree Oct. to the 28th Nov. 150 ships were enof accommodation and dispatch afforded by tirely unloaded at the quays. This being the Company, your Committee conceive the precise period when it was stated to will be best illustrated by a few concise the lords of the treasury, that owing to the statements, as they are desirous that on dis- negligence of the directors,only 8 or 9 ships puted points an appeal may be made solely were at that time unloaded weekly, and to the evidence of facts. They will here proceeding on that calculation, that 108 premise, that whatever advantages it shall ships then in the docks would necessarily appear have been obtained for the trade, be delayed some months, (we must preare secured to it without any additional sume not less than three), and on such, and expence being incurred; the Company on other equally unfounded pretexts, was its formation having undertaken for the grounded an application for an infringeterm of their charter, to provide all the ment of the Company's privileges. Whereaccommodation which the Dock System as the fact is, that these 108 ships, with affords, and to perform all the services and the addition of others subsequently adlabour necessary to ships and goods at im- mitted, were unloaded in the month of portation, for the charges then current at November, such only excepted as were the port, although such charges had been delayed by causes not dependant on previously and almost annually advancing: the Company. The general state of the -In order to shew how far the means and business performed by the Company resources of the Company have been pro- during the last year will stand thus:-593 perly applied, and the dispatch given to ships have been unloaded, and 106 smaller ships, your Committee will first call the vessels and craft;—of the above number of attention of the Court to an account, shew- 5.98 ships, 593 were completed upon the ing the number of ships employed in the 3d Dec. 1808.—Thus so early as the close West-India trade which have been dis- of the month of November, the great charged in the Docks in the last six years, body of shipping in the West-India trade with the dates at which the business of were completely cleared of their cargoes ; each season appears to have been respec- an instance of dispatch singular and untively completed.

exampled, and evidently proving the su

periority of your Establishment, particu- , the interests of the revenue, and the aclarly under the embarrassing circumstan. (commodation of the trade, and not in any ces of an extraordinary accumulation of case directed by narrow views of present produce on hand, occasioned by an almost profit, in contradistinction to those more total stagnation of export: if these ad essential objects.-With the laws and reguvantages be contrasted with the delays, lations of the revenue departments it is impediments, losses, and abuses, which necessary that the Company should comust have arisen under the former system, operate, and sometimes it has been actheir value will be incalculable.-During cused of disappointments, and delays, orithe utmost pressure, and under peculiar | ginating solely in that connexion. But in circumstances of the season, the Company respect to that part of the system, over did undertake to provide at its own ex- | which your Directors have controul, they pence, and beyond its exclusive means, an are ready at all times to adopt suggestions extraordinary provision of warehouse room, for improvement, whenever they shall be but it did not become necessary to resort found upon attentive consideration to be to it, beyond an accommodation for 5747 compatible with the great objects of the casks and 4137 boxes, and 511 barrels of institution.—The principles by which the prize or foreign sugar, and thus may the Court of Directors have uniformly governed dispatch given to the shipping in such a their conduct, have been those of sound season, afford the best proof of the ade- discretion in the application of the funds quacy of the Company's resources to the of the Company, a liberal construction, general exigencies of the trade; but it may and performance, of its engagements with be proper to add the following statement the public, and a scrupulous impartiality of the quantity of goods, actually lodged in the administration of business. How within your warehouses at one time, ex- far these objects have been faithfully purclusive of the articles on the quays :- sued, and successfully accomplished, may 102,647 hhds. and trs., 11,612 chests and best be evinced : as to the first by the bris. of Sugar:—14,681 puns. and hhds, prosperous state of your finances; as to Rum. — 38,239 hhds. and trs., 190,4G8 the second by the details furnished by, and bags, Coffee.-1,411 bales, 164 pockets, the facts connected with this report; and, &c., Cotton.-24 casks, 3,168 bags, Pie- as to the last, it may fairly be demanded mento.—201 casks, 1,000 bags, Ginger.- whether one single instance of deviation 1,100 casks, 13,257 bags, Cocoa.—1,786 can be produced. casks, Wine.—Making a total of 11,612 chests, &c. 1,575 bales, 207,839 bags, ENGLAND. - King's Speech (by Coinmis158,678 casks. Let this statement be com- sion) at the opening of the Session of Parpared with all the accommodation existing liament, on the 19th January, 1809. at the port, for the housing of West-India Mly LORDS AND GENTLEMEN, We are produce, previous to the formation of the commanded by his Majesty to acquaint docks, which according to the best com- you, that he has assembled you together putation in respect to the article of Sugar in the firm persuasion that you will cononly, was not capable of containing be- cur with him in opinion that ihe only way yond one third of the quantity, which has of obtaining a safe and honourable peace, been actually deposited in your ware- is by a vigorous prosecution of the war.--houses. The system of providing distinct- His Majesty has ordered to be laid before ly for the shipping of goods to the West-In- you the Copy of the Overtures made to him dies, and the security afforded thereby both by France and Russia, from Erfurth, toto the ships and goods, belongs peculiarly gether with the Correspondence which 10 your Establishment; and, to a system ensued, and the Declaration of his Majesso recent and dependant upon correspond ty's sentiments on that occasion.-His ing regulations of the revenue boards, it can- Majesty trusts you will participate in his not reasonably be reproached that it is yet feelings on rejecting overtures of peace, susceptible of improvement; sufficient the preliminary condition of which was, however has appeared to shew that this to abandon the people of Spain in the part of your Establishment, is one, which struggle they are now making for their inmust eventually prove of essential benefit dependence.-His Majesty bas commandto the West-India trade of the port.—The /ed us to express to you the satisfaction he regulations of the Company have all been felt at the brilliant commencement of the framed in strict consistency with its solid campaign which restored his ancient ally, and permanent interests, by a constant and but he had reason to regret the manner primary regard to the security of property, which it was terminated by a Convention,


of several parts of which he had found it, the royal order of the 30th Oct. 1808, necessary to express his disapprobation.- upon field marshal D. Pedro Gariby, until His Majesty has lately renewed the assu- the dispatches brought by the Providence rances of support to the Spanish govern- shall have been opened. He is actually ment, in support of their national indepen. in possession of the supreme authority. dence, which he voluntarily gave at the Be calm and tranquil; you are now gocommencement of the struggle they are verned by an accredited chief, with whose now making, and which he has no doubt prudence you are acquainted. Confide in will terminate triumphantly, should they the vigilance of the Royal Acuerdo; all persevere in support of their legitimate will turn out to your advantage. Impatisovereign, and should the nation be true ence can only serve to divide men's minds, to themselves. The assurances his majes- and to occasion mischiefs which may perty has given to the Spanislı government, haps be irremediable. The said provisional have been reduced to a Treaty of friends chief, the Royal Acuerdo, and the other ship and alliance, which will be laid be- concurring authorities, give you every assufore you as soon as the ratifications have rance that can be wished for.—By combeen exchanged.—His Majesty trusts you mand of his excellency, the President, will enable him to continue his support of with the Royal Acuerdo, the most illusthe king of Sweden in the struggle he is trious seignor Archbishop, and the other making, be having concurred with his Authorities.-Francisco Ximenez. Majesty in rejecting any overtures from Dispatch from the General chi f of the the enemy, which had as a preliminary Army of Catalonia, to the Minister at condition, the sacrifice of the Spanish na- War, 27th Nov. 1808. tion.

Most excellent seignor-According to GentleMEN OF THE HOUSE OF COMMONS, the intention, of which I apprised your His Majesty has ordered to be laid before excellency in my dispatch of the 29th ult. you the estimates for the public service, the general attack took place yesterday and trusts you will provide him the means on all the posts occupied by the enemy of carrying on the war with vigour.--His without the limits of Barcelona, from all Majesty has the pleasure of assuring you of which he was iminediately dislodged, that notwithstanding the exertions of the and compelled to take refuge under the enemy to diminish our resources, the re- guns of the fortress, with the exception of venue continues to flourish to an extent the advantageous position of St. Pedro Marthe most satisfactory, and his Majesty be- tir which is the most commanding. The lieves that the contest may be carried on communication with this post being comwithout any great or immediate addition pletely cut off, in consequence of our line to the burthens of his people.

being advanced to Hospitalet, Esplugas, My LORDS AND GENTLEMEN, His Majes-Sarria, Gracia, and I lorta, as your excellency ty congratulates you on the complete suc. will perceive from the plan which I have cess of the plan for establishing a Local the honour to send you, I, upon this ground, Militia.—And his Majesty trusts you will summoned the commandant to surrender. take such steps for the increase of the re- He refused compliance, and I immediately gular army as may enable him to pursue gave orders for an attack ; but at half past the campaign with vigour, without weaken- 12 o'clock this day he surrendered himing the means of defence at home. self and his garrison prisoners of war, con

sisting of 101 privates and two oflicers. Spanish Revolution.--- Proclamation issued We found in the place four t-pounders and

in Mexico, 16th Sept. 1808. one 2-pounder, with magazines of ammuINHABITANTS of Mexico, of all classes nition and stores. At the same time a fire and conditions ! Necessity is not subject ing was commenced from the right and to common laws. The city has seized centre of our line, and the enemy were rethe person of his excellency the Viceroy. pulsed as far as the walls of Barcelona, His removal has been inperiously deinand- from which it will not now be an easy ed by reasons of utility and general con- task for them to advance again. I now venience. In the course of last night, (four in the afternoon) forward this to your the Royal Acuerdo, the most illustrious excellency in the mean time by a special seignor, the Archbishop, and the other messenger, for the satisfaction of his Maauthorities, were convoked. They have jesty, until, by receiving the statements of submitted to the urgency of affairs; and the generals and commanders of columns, the said Viceroy being divested of his I shall be enabled to transmit to your exauthority, it has devolyed, conformably to Icellency the details of the operativns of these two days.-Our line occupies the charging me not to lose a moment, since above-mentioned posts, and I have fixed they had given orders for the march of the head-quarters of the army in this town, the army of the centre, and were on the which is about a league's distance from it, point of attacking and defeating the ene&c. &c.

Juan Miguel de Vivés. my, in order to save that army ; an obO'Neill's Report to Palafox respecting the ject, the attainment of which would be of

battle of Tudela, 8 Dec. 1809. the greatest importance for Spain, and “ In consequence of the actual situation totally disconcert tho plans of the enemy. of this city, threatened with a siege by the Surprised at the novelty of this dispatch, enemy, it has been until now found im

so completely at variance with the plan possible to lay before the public an official we liad agreed upon at Caparoeo the day account of the details of the attack and before, I sent to inform your excellency, obstinate battle fought at Tudela on the and before I received your answer, your 23rd ult. ; a battle equally fatal and glo- dispatch, dated at Tudela on the same day rious to this army, which, supported only the 21st), reached me, directing, that in by its own strength and its own valour, consequence of what the captain-general maintained the contest for eight hours in of the centre had státed to you, I should, the the midst of the most dreadful fire. It is instant I received it, march with the whole impossible to convey an adequate idea of of my army, and the troops belonging to the number of heroic achievements per- the centre attached to it, for Tudela, there formed by the officers and soldiers, whilst to tix my head-quarters, it being underone-half of the army was defending their stood that the troops that occupied the posts with discharges of musketry, and posts of Cintriunego, Calahorra, and the the other were maintaining the contest other parts of the Ebro, were already on with the bayonet, until the number of the their march for Borja and Tarrazona, and slain on both sides left scarcely room for consequently that any delay might be action, and both the contending armies very injurious, and expose the army to be retired. The captain-general of this ex- turned in that quarter. On the same day, cellent army of reserve has received the as my troops were just setting off, I refollowing detailed dispatch from lieut.- ceived your excellency's answer, confirmgen.

Don Juan O'Neil, who commanded ing your previous order, in consequence the troops in the engagement, from Illuc of the army of the centre having already ca, whither he retired with field marshal commenced its movenient.--I cannot deD. Felippe St. March.-Most excellent scribe to your excellency the sensation seignor; A few hours after my conference felt by the troops under my command, in with your excellency at Caperoso, respect- consequence of this retrogade movement, ing the good condition of the troops under as all of them, previously animated by the my command, at that most important preceding fortunate movements, found all point, full of ardour and enthusiasm, from their hopes frustrated, and saw themselves the superiority which they conceived removed from the advanced situation that themselves to possess over the enemy, they always occupied in front of the enewho for so long a period had not dared to my. An event so unexpected disheartenattack us, and from advantages of greatered them; and in order to inspire them magnitude which they anticipated in the with the same degree of ardour which direction of Pampeluna; and when your they had hitherto manifested, and to preexcellency, convinced of the necessity of vent the fatal consequences

of which I was not permitting a favourable opportunity apprehensive, I exerted my authority, acto pass, for executing designs in which I companying it with the most energetic cordially concurred, proceeded to consult persuasion, and shewing them the order of with the captain-general of the army of thai evening, according to which the safethe centre,' I received a dispatch from ty of the whole army depended upon our the captain-general of the army of the retrogade movement, and in short, telling centre, and the representative of the them that it was the result of the express supreme central Junta, D. Francisco Pala- orders of your excelleney, and must be fox, dated the 21st inst. informing me of wheyed.—This representation, in some dethe extreme urgency that all ny troops gree, tranquillized them, and I proceeded should immediately put themselves in mo. with my troops to Tudela, where your extion, and proceed by way of Tudeia, to ceilency, the seignor representative, and the right of the line, wiich was to be ihe captain general of ihe army of the formed upon Cascante and Tarragona, as centre, were a ready arrived. Ai nine in far as the heights of Moncayo ; and I the morning of the following day (230), col. Don F. Perena sent to inform me, that position had retreated. This intelligence two columns of the enemy were deploying astonished me the more, as the captainin front of Ablitas. In consequence of this general had sent me no information of this intelligence, and the captain-general of the event, a circumstance which appeared to army of the centre having, the preceding me impossible; but a firing being heard evening, informed me, that the enemy had in the rear of the olive plantations, I was entered Cintrinnego, I ordered the generale convinced of the fact. In this melancholy to be beaten, apprising, at the same time, situation, the division of general la Pena the captain-general, that as commander not having moved, and that which was anin chief, he might make the necessary dis- nounced as his division proving to be a positions. He ordered some reinforce-corps of the enemy, of about 8000 inments to advance, and soon after caused faniry, and 2000 cavalry, I gave directions gen. St. March to do the same on the left, for retreating in the best possible order; sending various corps of my division to placing the 2d regiment of Valencia in an the heights of Santa Barbara, to reinforce oblique position to cover the retreat of our that important point, and to support the troops. The troops were surrounded on troops already occupying it belonging to all sides, but they gallantly cut their way the division of general Rova. As he left with the bayonet. I put myself at their me on the high road with the remainder of head, and left gen. St. Marchi

, with the camy troops, I sent to him my aid-de-camp, valry to protect this daring and only reD. B. Gelabert, to ascertain what I was to source that was left to us.

The general do, as the engagement was already begin. discharged this trust with the same exactHis answer was, that I should proceed to ness that he did every other duty confided the centre of the line, where he was posted to him during the action. I can assure Soon after, he ordered the remainder of the your excellency, that I never witnessed an troops to join him, and he assigned me the occasion in which all the officers and solcommand of the whole of the left wing. diers more completely performed their When I arrived, I found the heights on the duty; but of those who were under my left already occupied by the enemy, who orders, I ought to make particular mention threatened to turn us; but having received of the third battalion of the royal Spanish his order to attack them, and an assurance guards, and the regiments of Castile, Sea that the division of gen. La Pena would ad- gorbia, and Turia. D. M. Velasco, comvance to my assistance, I determined to exe- mander of the artillery of my division; cute the attack by echellons of battalions. D. A. Ulloa, commander of general St. The battalion of the royal Spanish guards March's; D. J. Monino ; D. Ř. del Pino, commenced itwith such unesampled gallan- who though surrounded by the enemy, try,that the enemy instantly abandoned that spiked a part of the artillery which they important post, leavmg the field of battle could not bring off, are very much entitled covered with dead bodies. The same suc- to consideration for having entirely decess attended the attack in front, by the stroyed three columns of the enemy. The regiments of the volunteers of Castile and enemy's loss cannot be less than 8,000 Segorbia. While I was indulging in the men, as we may assure ourselves, when they satisfaction produced by our success, and admitted it exceeded 4,000. I have not considering the battle gained, two orderly yet received all the returns of the loss on officers of cavalry came to desire me, on our side, but I doubt whether it announts the part of the captain-general, not to be to 2000 in killed, wounded, and missing. I alarmed by the appearance of a column have the satisfaction of having saved half of infantry, with a considerable body of of the artillery, which was brought off by cavalry, who were advancing on the routes almost impracticable, and of having left, as they were the troops of general been a near spectator of every thing that la Pena coming from Cascante. Con- passed to the last moment. I can assure gratulating myself upon this aid, which you, that in this unfortunate event all would have decided the battle in our fa- those under my command have done their vour, I rode along my left to direct gene- duty to their king and country; and that ral St. March to continue the attack in the had the captain-general ordered the army same order, when that general surprised of the centre to support us, it would, beme by telling me it was necessary we yond all doubt, have been the most glorious should retreat, as our right had been forced, day for his majesty's arms, of any recorded that the enemy were in Tudela, and that all in the history of this war. the troops that occupied the centre of one

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