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their fellow-citizens and this city, although | bank of the Danube, opposite to Presburg, it contains their wives and children. How a body of 9000 men, who entrenched them. different is this from the conduct of our selves in the village of Engorau. 'The Henry IV. who supplied a city then hostile duke of Auerstadt attacked them yesterday to, and besieged by him, with provi- with the sharp-shooters of Hesse Darmssions ! — The duke of Montebello died tadt, supported by the 12th regiment of yesterday, at five in the morning. Shortly infantry of the line: The village was before, the Emperor passed an hour with speedily carried. A major and eight other him. His majesty sent his aid-de-camp, officers of Beaulieu's regiment (one of Rapp, før Dr. Franc, one of the most cele- them the grand-son of field-marshal Beaubrated physicians in Europe. His wounds lieu) and 400 privates, were made priwere in good condition, but a dangerous soners. The rest of this regiment were fever had made in the course of a few killed, wounded, or driven into the water, hours the most fatal progress.-All the The remains of the enemy's corps found in assistance of art was useless. His majesty an island the necessary protection for has ardered that the body of the duke of their re-crossing the river. The sharpMontebello should be embalmed, and con- shooters of Hesse Darmstadt acquitted veyed to. France, there to receive the themselves extremely well. The Viceroy honours that are due to his elevated rank of Italy has returned to his army, and for and eminent services. Thus died one of the the present has his head-quarters at Oedenmost distinguished soldiers that France ever burg, in Hungary.—All the valuable efproduced. In the many battles in which he fects belonging to the court have been was engaged, he had received 13 wounds. conveyed from Ofen to Peterwaradin, on The Emperor was deeply aMicted by this the frontiers of Servia. The empress has loss, which will be felt by all France. also repaired thither. The duke of Ragusa Fifteenth Bulletin, dated Ebersdorff, June 2.

has arrived at Laybach. General Macdo

nald is master of Gratz, having reduced The

army of Dalmatia has obtained the the castle, which seemed disposed to make greatest success. It has defeated all that some resistance. In the battle of Esling, it has opposed in the battles of Mont-Kitta, on the 21st and 22d of last month, brigadier Geadchatz, Lieca, and Attachatz.—The gen. Foulers was wounded, in making a general in chief Sloissevitch has been ta- charge, and thrown from his horse. A siken. The duke of Ragusa arrived on the milar accident befel the gen. of division, 28th of May at Fiume, and thus the army Durosnel, aid-de-camp to the Emperor, as of Italy has formed a junction with the he was carrying orders to a division of cuigrand army, of which the army of Dal- rassiers who were charging the enemy. matia forms the right. The report of the We have had the satisfaction of learning duke of Ragusa respecting these different that both these generals, and 150 soldiers events shall be published.-On the 28th, whon we gave up for lost, were only an English squadron, consisting of four wounded, and that they were left lying, ships of the line, two frigates, and a sloop, among the corn at the moment when the appeared before Triest, with an intention Emperor, on learning that the bridges had of taking the Russian squadron.-General been broken down, ordered the troops to count Copaulle had just arrived at that concentrate themselves between Esling port. As the town was disarmed, the and Great Aspern.—The Danube falls, but Russians landed 40 pieces of cannon, 24 of from the continuance of the warm weawhich weré 36-pounders, and 16 of 24. ther we fear that it will rise again. They have placed their cannon on a bat

Seventeenth Bulletin, dated Vienna, tery under which the Russian squadron

June 9, 1809. came to anchor with springs on their cables. Every thing was ready to receive the Colonel Gorgoli, aid-de-camp of the enemy, who seeing that he had failed in Emperor of Russia, has arrived at the Imhis design, went off One thousand Aus- perial head-quarters with a letter from trians having passed from Krems to the that sovereign for his Majesty. He has right bank of the Danube, have been de- announced that the Russian army, which stroyed by the Wirtemberg troops, which is marching upon Olmutz, had passed the took 60 of them prisoners.

frontiers on the 24th of May. The EmSirteenth Bulletin, dated Ebersdorf, June 4.

peror, the day before yesterday, reviewed

his guard—infantry, cavalry, and artillery. The enemy had thrown upon the right The inhabitants of Vienna admired the

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Johan ; t

the pass

number, fine appearance, and excellent | 16th, is stated at 400 killed and wounded.
condition of these troops.--The Viceroy
has gone with the army of Italy to Oe-

Eighteenth Bulletin, dated Vienna, June 13.
demburgh in Hungary. It appears that
the arcbluke Johnintends to rally his army bad raised the Tyrol, proceeded on the

The division of gen. Chastelar which on the Raab — The duke of Ragusa arrived with the army of Dalmatia, on the 4th of this month to the environs of Cla3d of this month, at Laybach.-"The heat genfurth, in order to throw itself into is very great, and persons acquainted with Hungary. Gen. Rusca marched against the Danube assure us that in a few days it when 900 prisoners were made. Prince

it, and a severe engagement took place, will overflow. We shall employ this time to finish driving the piles, independent of Eugene with a large corps manæuvres in the bridges of boats and rafts. All the

the centre of Hungary. For some days accounts which we receive from the enemy Graben, with a Dutch division, having

past the Danube has risen a foot.--Gen. state, that the towns of Presburgh, Brunn, marched to Stralsund, where Schill had and Znaym, are full of wounded. The

entrenched himself, carried the entrenchAustrians themselves estimate their loss at 18,000 men.-Prince Poniatowski, with

ments by assault. Schill gave orders to the army of the duchy of Warsaw, is pur- had no time. Schill himself was killed in

burn the town to secure his retreat, but suing the advantages he has gained the great square, near the Corps de Garde, After the taking of Sandomei, he took the and at the moment when he fied, and was fortress of Zamosa, where the enemy suf- endeavouring to reach the port in order to fered a loss of 3,000 men and 30 pieces of All the Poles who are in the

embark.–The archduke Ferdinand evaAustrian army desert.- The

cuated Warsaw precipitately on the 2d after

enemy, having failed before 'Thorn, have been vi- instant, so that the whole of the Grand gorously pursued by gen. Dombrowski.

Duchy is abandoned by the enemy's . The archduke Ferdinand will derive no

army, whilst the troops under the comthing from his expedition but disgrace. mand of prince Poniatowsky occupy threeHe must have arrived in Austrian Silesia

fourths of Gallicia. with his force reduced to one-third.—The senator Wibiski lias distinguished himself AUSTRIAN ARMY. --- Second Bulletin, dated by his patriotic sentiments and his activity.

Alt Oetting, April 12. -The count de Metternich has arrived at Agreeably to the prescribed arrangeVienna, he is to be exchanged at the ad- ments, the army advanced on the Ilth vanced posts for the French legation, further towards the Viles and the Iser. to whom the Austrians, contrary to the The weather was very bad, but the troops law of nations, had refused passports, and endured all the hardships of an uncoinhad sent to Pest.

monly severe season with the greatest This Bulletin is followed by the details cheerfulness.—On the 10th, at hait past at length of the operations of the duke of ten in the morning, field marshal Dedovich Ragusa's army in Dalmatia ; which state, entered Passau. The enemy retired, but that he gained a victory over the Austrians by the rapid advance of our troops, a on the 10th of May, at Kitta in Croatia, French officer of engineers arid eighi pioin which the latter lost 400 killed, from 6 neers were taken. A French general in to 700 wounded, and 500 prisoners. And the upper fort escaped with difficulty. in another affair, on the 17th, at Grads- Prince Rosenberg, commander of the 4th chatz, the French are stated to have lost corps of the army, summoned the fort to 300 men, and Marmont was himself surrender, but this summons was, in comwounded. Another victory is stated to pliance with the custom of war, answered have been subsequently gained by the by a refusal.—The true patriotic spirit of French at Gospich, which they entered on the inhabitants of Passau was clearly dethe 23d, and arrived at Fiume on the 28th, monstrated by the joy they displayed on after some skirmishes, from whence, he our entering the town. They immediately says, they were to march on the 31st, to printed the Proclamation of his royal highunite with the army of Italy. In the ness the Generalissimo to the German nawhole of the actions, 6,000 Austrians and tion, and distributed 2,000 copies to the Croatians are said, in this account, to have people of the country. Thus the feeling been put hors de combat. The loss of the of German independence remains, and is French in the affairs subsequent to the cherished among them.

ant entra thal. TI ing to ar: 1,500 of the fortre there by had rece foriress; be tired sensibly pressed rogance Teral ins Fourth

This d The fifil the brid division

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Both corps

Third Bulletin, dated Vils Biburg, April 15.

10th, with the first corps of the army, by

Tieschenreith, and on the 12th formed a The army is collected on the Vils, and junction at Werenberg with the ad corps will to-morrow pass the Iser at Landshut of the army, which had entered the Upper and Dingelfingen.---The enemy appears Palatinate by Rushaupten. disposed to dispute the passage. The took a position on the Nab, and their vanarmy is anxious to meet him, and to come guard occupied the heights of Hirschan in to blows.-Field-marshal Jellachich has order to watch the road from Bayreuth by this time also passed the Inn at Rosen- to Amberg. Here an affair of advanced helm and Wassenburgh, and advanced posts took place with the division of Friant, against Munich. An advanced post of which was understood to be approaching the enemy has been taken at Haag; 13 in order to reach the Danube by a rapid prisoners and 17 horses fell into our hands. march through Amberg. The consequence The enemy lost some killed and wounded; of the action was, that this division was on our side we had only one hussar slight driven back to Neumarkt, and our advanly wounded.-On the 9th, field-marshalced posts occupied Amberg. The brave Chastellar, amidst the joyful acclamations Tyrolese have already killed or taken priof the faithful Tyrolese, entered the Tyrol / soners all the French and Bavarian soldiers a: Lienz, through the Pusterthal, and on in their territory. All the passes in the the 12th had already reached Brauneck; Upper Junthal, as the Zinler-berg, the the Saltzberg Jagers and some detach- Scharnitz, Leutash, Reuti, &c. are occupied ments of infantry, provided with snow and by the militia of the country. On the 12th, climbing irons, co-operate with him by 160 men of the 11th Bavarian regiment of the Zillerthal. Our patroles are pushed infantry, and 125 dragoons, with half a forward to Reichenhall, Lofers, and St. battery, were made prisoners at Innspruck. Johan; the militia of Losers has occupied | On the 13th, 49 French officers, 1,677 men, the pass of Strub, one of the most import- with 451 horses, and two light battalions ant entrances from Saltzburg into the Jun- of Bavarians, with two pieces of cannon, thal. The Tyrolese are every where fly- and a howitzer, surrendered at Wildau to ing to arms and expelling the Bavarians; the Tyrolese, by capitulation. To-morrow 1,500 of the latter have taken refuge in the army moves towards the Upper Dathe fortress of Kufstein, and are besieged nube. Pitherto we have fallen in with no there by the Tyrolese. A French officer | French troops, though in the action of this had recently taken the command of that day some French officers were taken fortress; the Bavarians, however, begin to among the Bavarians. be tired of the French superiority, and feel sensibly the deep degradation of their op

Fifth Bulletin, dared Landshut, April 17. pressed situation. Their disgust at the ar- According to the concurring reports of rogance of the French officers has, in se- all the prisoners, as well as the inhabitants Yeral instances, produced acts of violence. at Landshut, the French general Lefevre Fourth Bulletin, dated Landshut, April 16.

has collected 12,000 Bavarians from the

neighbourhood of Munich and Freysingen, This day the army advanced to the Iser, with the view of stopping the passage of The fisih corps was in the front, and found the Austrian army by Landshut. The apthe bridge at Landshut broken down. A proach to the bridges was extremely difdivision of from 6 to 8,000 Bavarians, under licult. They were, besides, broken down, gen. Deroy, defended the passage. There and the enemy's tirailleurs, who had ocremained nothing to be done but to open a cupied all the houses on the opposite bank, passage by force. The bridge was accordcould only be driven therefrom by cannon ingly re-established under the fire of the being brought to bear upon them: each enemy; the fifth corps crossed, and an ac

our siile was mounted under a tion followed, which terminated by the shower of small shot from the enemy. In retreat of the Bavarians. On both sides doing this, however, our artillery displayed there were soine killed and wounded, but the greatest resolution, and in iwo hours the our loss would have been still less had it whole of the opposite side of the town was bcen possible to restrain the ardour of the in ruins.---The unfortunate inhabitants in troops.-- Landshut is the key of the Iser; the midst of their ruined houses bewait the we are in possession of a great part of Ba- melancholy fate to which this fine town varia The general of cavalry, count Bel- has been exposed by their own countrymen. legarde, broke up from Bohcinia on the The French, who by misrepresentations,

gun on

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would make appear that Austria wishes to
seize Bavaria, and to disarm in a disgrace. Letter from the Emperor Francis to Marshal
ful manner the brave soldiers of that coun:

try, had required these troops to make a DEAR FIELD-MARSHAL; Owing to the
fruitless defence. H re French artifice rapid movements of the army, and ac-
succeeded in making foreign blood flow cumulated business, no Official Report has
for their advantage, and in turning the arms appeared for several days, I transmit you
of our German brethren against their de- a concise extract of the Reports sent me,
liverers. The first bridge was scarce form- in order that you may publish them.
ed by a few posts, when the advanced guard Scharding, April 22, 1809. FRANCIS.
of the fifth corps hastened across the Iser

Seventh Oficial Report. and pursued the enemy until night. The troops are animaied with an excellent After passing the Iser, his imperial spirit, and sing war songs under the thun- | highness the Generalissimo, with the 3d, der of the cannon. The advanced guard 4th, and 5th corps of the army, and the of field marshal Jel chich entered Mu- 1st corps of the reserve, broke up against nici at eleven yesterday forenoon. The the Danube, in the direction to Kehlheim king and queen have fled under French and Ratisbon. The enemy were drawn up protection to Augsburgh. The fourth near Ratisbon. Agreeable to the declaraarmy-corps passed the Iser without opposition of prisoners of war, the emperor Nation at Dinga tingen. The first ani second poleon reached the army on the 19th incorps have, after some successful fighting, stant. The Generalissimo has made a advanced to Amberg, Schavandorf, and forced march from the Iser to beyond the Kirn near Ratisbon. General Bellegirtle Labar, and advanced on the 19th through cannot sufficiently praise the gallant spirit Echmuhl, Rotenburgh, Cloisterrock. The and undaunted resolution of his troops. enemy encountered him, and a very brisk

action took place. The Generalissimo Sixth Bulletin, dated Sacile, April 17. praises the bravery of the troops. Our

loss is considerable: several regiments On the 10th and uth his imperial highness have lost all their staff, officers; field-marthe archduke John, with the army under shal lieutenant Lusignan

the princes his command, entered the territory of Louis and Maurice, of Lichtenstein, are Frioule, by Pouteba, Cividale and Gortz, wounded. The Generalissimo kept the and after some opposition, advanced on army in order of battle the next day to the 13th to the Tagliamento. The enemy follow the movements of the enemy. retired across the river, in order to join We have no further details about this with the troops in the rear. This junction, affair.-The loss in killed, wounded, and which probably took place at Sacile, made prisoners, is not yet known, as the multithe hostile army five divisions strong.— In plicity of business prevented his imperial the night of the 14th his imperial high- highness for making circumstancial reports ness proceeded with the advanced guard on the field of battle (off Hansen) to his towards Pordenone; the remainder of the majesty. On the 26th Ratisbon capituarmy followed at day-break. The ene- lated. On the same day the 5th corps my's advanced guard was at Pordenone, of the army was also smartly attacked, and his army was posted between that near Seigenburgh, upon Abins. The archplace and Sacile, near Fontana. In this duke Lewis retreated, in common with situation an action commenced, which, field-marshal lieutenant Hollei, against after a sanguinary contest of two days, the lser, to cover Landshut : both corps terminated entirely to our advantage.- are united. On the 21st marshal Davoust The vice king of Italy commanded the attacked the 4th corps of the army, near French army. The result was so decisive, Eckinuhl; a very severe action took place that the enemy could not maintain them. which lasted for 12 hours. On the 22d selves behind the Livenza, but were obliged the second corps of the army retreated by to retreat rapidly to the Piave. The pri- Ratisbon, and combined with the main soners amount already to 6,000, among army. The head-quarters of Generaliswhom are generals Paza and Bressen. simo the archduke Charles were on the More are constantly brought in. The 21st near Eglofsheim. loss in killed and wounded greatly exceeds this number, and we have taken 16

Eighth Oficial Report. fannon and three eagles.

Tranquillizing news has been received

at noon ly in th fight cc with feels th We ha The E While along Old O. sive Inn, h babilit ing the nions, Militia


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from the 5th and 6th corps of the army ! 24th of April, that he had caused the eneas well as the 2d. All the three corps my's advanced guard to be attacked on sland united near Old Oeling. The defile the 23d by major generals Mesko and near Landshut, where several waggons ob- Nordman, with the kiermayer and Lichstructed the road while the advancing tenstein hussars, and the frontier corps. enemy was bravely opposed, has rendered on the 21th the lieutenant field marshal the loss of some artillery and several wag-advanced with three columns, and the enegons unavoidable. By official reports, the my 'waited the attack betore Steten, where loss of men is not considerable; only one a very obstinate action, with fortubate division of the regiment of Benjaysk’s consequences, took place. All reports infantry, which was obliged to pass the concur in stating, that the divisions of bridge of the Iser, alreaily in flames, suf- Moliter and Bordet, were both in this tered severely. These three united corps battle, and that the Bavarian and Hessian will follow the inovements of the diain troops amounted together to 18,000 men, army, under the command of the Gene- Up io the 25th, no irace of an enemy had ralissimo. By the most recent accounts been observed on the Austrian frontiers. the Generalissimo's head-quarters still con

Eleteni Ballerin. tinued at Eglotsham, on the 22d, and the enemy in their position. The second The information respecting the battle of corps had etiected a junction on the Ra- the 22d, which has been received by his tisbon road with the 3d and 4th corps of majesty, has laid the foundation for the reserve, and a general attack on the ene- best bopes. The result of that sanguinary my was resolved on the 231. On the 22d, contest was unexpected. i the evening, at noon, the cannon were roaring vivient- as the couriers left the field, a great supe. ly in that part, and probably the murderous riority of cavalry decided the action unfight continues. The combat is conducted favourably for our arms. The left wing with uncommon animosity. Every man was compelled to give way. According feels the sublime cause for which he fights. to a report from his imperial highness the We have not yet any definitive accounts. Generalissimo, dated on the 23d, from the The Emperor's court is at Schaerding. heights of Ratisbon, the grand army has While the main army kept advancing crossed ihe Danube, and taken the road to ålong the Danube, and the corps near Waldmunchen. Thus terminated a most Old Deling, stands ready either for oflen- obstinate battle, which had continued fur sive operations, or to defend the river five days without interruption--Fortune Inn, his majesty considering the pro- often fluctuated. The loss on both sides is bability of a corps of the enemy threaten- immense. This shews that the contest was ing the frontiers of the hereditary domi- carried on both with courage and animosinions, thought it proper to order out the ty.--Every one must do justice to the beMilitia of Lower Austria, Salızburgb, and haviour of our troups. The Generalissimo that of Inner Austria. The Militia of bestows uncommon praises on the conduct Upper Austria has been under arms since of the army, which has been quite exthe armies advanced, partly on the Inn, hausted by continued fatigue. Lieuteand partly to invest the fortress of Obu- nant field-marshal baron Hiller is between bans.

the ler and the Inn. We have for the N. B. –The Ninth Report is the same' present changed our operations from the as bas already been published from the oitensive to the defensive. Supplement Extraordinary to the Official Twelfth Bulldiin, dated Warseto, April 21 Gazette of Prague.

His royal highness the archdnke FerdiTenth Bulletin.

nand, with the army under his command, Lieutenant field-marshal Hiller has so- crossed the Perica at Nove Miasto on the tified from St. Vert, under date of the 15th, and entered the duchy of Warsaw'.

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