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These abilities are the inspired gift of God, rarely bestowed ; and are of power to allay the

perturbations of the mind, and set the affections in right tune ; to celebrate in glorious
and lofty hymns the throne and

equipage of God's Almightiness, and what He works,
and what He suffers to be wrought, with high providence, in His church.—Milton.









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Calamitous state of Great Britain in the year 1756—Charles Wesley pub-

lishes Hymns for the Fast-day-The Conference held in Bristol-Mr.
Charles Wesley visits the societies in Staffordshire, Yorkshire, and
Lancashire_Uneasiness in various places on the subject of the sacra-
ments, and service in Church-hours-Mr. Crook, of Hunslet_Division
in the society at Leeds by Mr. Edwards—Charles Wesley at York-
Mr. Ingham-Mr. Grimshaw-Mr. Whitefield_Titus Knight—John
Whitford John Byrom–Unsettled state of the society in Manchester
-Letters of Charles Wesley to Mr. Grimshaw, and the society at
Leeds, concerning the Methodists and the Church-Mr. Clayton_Mr.
Charles Wesley returns by Wednesbury to Bristol-Roger Ball and
James Wheatley_Remarks on Methodism and the state of the Church
-Several Methodists in Yorkshire and Lancashire, being denied the
sacraments in their own chapels, become Dissenters............ Pages 99_134


Mr. Charles Wesley desists from his itinerant ministry—The probable

reason of this determination-Unfavourable effect upon his own mind-
Mr. John Wesley publishes his “ Reasons against Separation from the
Church "-Charles's hymris on the subject_Serious accident-Illness
of Thomas Walsh–Charles Wesley unjustly accused of unkindness
towards him-Letters from Mr. Walsh-His death_Hymns on the
occasion-Mr. Charles Wesley visits the daughter of his brother
Samuel, at Barnstaple—Letters from thence to Mrs. Wesley-Samuel
Wesley's widow-Charles Wesley publishes “Hymns of Intercession
for all Mankind "-Specimens of that publication—He publishes his
“Funeral Hymns ”_Hymn on the death of young Westley Hall —
On Mr. Lampe—Death of the Rev. James Hervey–His “Eleven
Letters "-Lines on refusing to write an epitaph on him-Renewed
alarm of invasion_Hymns on the subject_Victory over the French
fleet Murder committed by Earl Ferrers upon his steward-Letter
from his brother, the Rev. Walter Shirley_Charles Wesley's kind-
ness to him and his sister-The trial of the Earl-His obduracy, and
execution—Three of the Methodist Preachers begin to administer the
sacraments at Norwich-Mr. Charles Wesley's distress on the occasion
-His letters to Nicholas Gilbert, John Johnson, John Nelson, Chris-
topher Hopper, and Mr. Grimshaw, upon the occasion-Mr. Grim-
shaw's answer-Extreme views taken by him and Charles Wesley-
The licensing of the Preachers and chapels_Desire of the Methodists
to have the Lord's supper among themselves, and divine service in
Church-hours-Charles Wesley's desire to get the Preachers episco-
pally ordained_Letter to him by Joseph Cownley on the subject-
Moderation of Mr. John Wesley-Letter from Mr. Perronet to Mr.
Charles Wesley, when ill at Bath

Pages 135—198


Mr. Charles Wesley publishes his “ Short Hymns on Select Passages of

Scripture"-Specimens of that work—Matthew Henry-Dr. Gell-
Bengelius Spiritual darkness—Christian perfectionIrregularities in
the London society, caused by George Bell and others Mr. John
Wesley's views of Christian perfection-He disapproves of his bro-
ther's altered opinions-Letter from Mr. Perronet, intimating that
Charles was too severe in his censures--Death of Mrs. Perronet-
Death of Mr. Grimshaw-His character-Death of Lady Selina
Huntingdon-Letters from Mr. Perronet on the mischief done by
Maxfield in London-Letter from Mr. Whitefield, in America—Mr.
John Wesley's letters to his brother, urging him to diligence-
Charles's labours and usefulness in London-He publishes his
“Hymns for Children "_His “Hymns on the Trinity”_Specimen
Unjust censure upon Mr. John Wesley, by the Rev. William Jones,
of Nayland_Charles Wesley's “Hymns for the Use of Families " -
Specimen_Death of his son John James Consolatory letter addressed
to his wife-Anxieties respecting Samuel ..................... Pages 199_242


Letter from Mr. Whitefield, in America_Death and character of that

eminent man-Charles Wesley's “Hymns of Preparation for Death "
-Mr. John Wesley cautions his Preachers concerning their doctrine
at the Conference of 1770_Publishes various doctrinal propositions in
the Minutes - Lady Huntingdon is offended with them, and dismisses
Mr. Benson, the Classical Tutor in her college-Mr. Fletcher retires
from the presidency of that institution—Mr. John Wesley writes a
letter of admonition to her Ladyship, which she resents_Under her
direction Mr. Shirley publishes a Circular Letter, inviting Churchmen
and Dissenters to assemble in Bristol, at the time of the next Confer-
ence, and demand of Mr. Wesley and his Preachers a recantation of
the Minutes_Haughty letter of Lady Huntingdon to Mr. Charles
Wesley, enclosing the Circular-He is justly offended with her pro-
ceedings and spirit-Advises his brother immediately to publish
something in opposition to the peculiarities of Calvinism-Churchmen
and Dissenters refuse to obey the summons contained in the Circular-
Lady Huntingdon and Mr. Shirley send letters of submission to Mr.
Wesley-A few of her dependents and personal friends attend the Con-
ference with his permission-Mr. Wesley and the Preachers sign a
“ Declaration,” disavowing the sense which had been erroneously
affixed to the Minutes-Mr. Shirley apologizes for his conduct, and
confesses that he had mistaken their true meaning-This affair misre-
presented by Lady Huntingdon's biographer-Publication of Mr.
Fletcher's “ Letters to Mr. Shirley "_Thomas Olivers--Mr. Wesley
vindicated in putting his friend's “ Letters” to the press_Misleading
statements of Lady Huntingdon's biographer corrected_Mr. Fletcher
is encouraged in his authorship by Charles Wesley-Mr. Shirley pub-
wishes his “ Narrative," and then retires from the controversy which he

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