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on such a plan as to answer all the purposes of Heaven.

The men of that day would probably laugh at Noah, and deem him mad for building an ark, when there was no appearance of a flood. In our day many deem it madness to prepare for unseen things. But let us begin and persevere in our preparations for death and eternity, whatever scoffs and reproaches we receive from foolish and wicked men. Let us diligently use all those means of safety to which the word of God directs, and by the blessing of Heaven our labour will be crowned with success. Especially let us seek an interest in Jesus, whom we should consider as the ark of our salvaion; and then, when dreadful torrents of wrath are poured down upon a wicked world, we shall be safe.

2. To the saving af his house. The family of Noah was saved on account of his piety. O that we may be made instruments of salvation to our families ! To this end let us try to persuade our partners in life, our children, and our servants, to seek salvation by Jesus Christ; informing them of the certainty of perishing, if they persevere in their wicked deeds, and neglect that only method of salvation which God has

appointed by his beloved Son. Every soul in the old world perished, except Noah and his family; for the waters covered the

earth, and buried the tops of the highest mountains; and every soul will finally perish who neglects the great salvation which the gospel offers to the world.

We have convincing proofs of an universal deluge. Many of the most ancient and respectable heathen writers mention it, and almost every nation has traditionary accounts of that event. Marine substances are found buried at a considerable distance from the surface, upon the summit of the highest mountains; and the skeletons of animals are found buried in many parts of the globe, which they never could inhabit. But what need of other proofs, when the universal flood is positively asserted in the word of God? We need not attempt to account for it upon natural principles ; for it was suddenly brought upon the world by an omnipotent God, in a way which, perhaps can never be explained by man.


Noah did not condemn as a judge who pronounces sentence; but his preaching and conduct condemned the old world, by furnishing out matter of accusation against them. His faith furnished matter of accusation against their unbelief: his reverence for God and religion, and his ready obedience to the divine commands, furnish

ed matter of 'accusation against their irreverence and disobedience. He was a reprover of their evil deeds. The life of pious men condemns a wicked world ; and the most hardened wretches sometimes feel the stings of a guilty conscience, when they behold the life and conversation of a holy man.

God will soon condemn the world openly by an awful sentence of justice, which will be final and unalterable. Let all who feel condemnation, hasten by prayer and earnest supplication, to a merciful God, and plead the merit of Jesus Christ, who died to save from sin. Let them seriously reflect upon

that day which is approaching, wherein judgment will not be mixed with mercy. It is awful to feel condemnation èven in a world of mercy; but it will be much more so to feel it when we shall stand before the Judge of all the earth! 1 V. Noah


BY FAITH. 1. Righieousness is by faith. Righteousness by faith is not a novel doctrine. “By faith Abel offered unto God a more excellent sacrifice than Cain, by which he obtained witness that he was righteous.” The faith which makes us righteous before God, is a living, active faith, which produces universal obedience both in heart and life ; and






it is through Jesus Christ alone, that this faith is imputed for righteousness. Let us seek righteousness upon the ancient plan. Let us so believe God as to obey him in all things, at all times, and in all circumstances; and then we may safely rely upon him for every necessary blessing, both for time and eternity.

2. Noah became heir of this righteousness. He became entitled to all the blessedness of a true believer. He was an heir of God; and so is every believer. Believers are heirs of all those blessings which God has promised in his holy word. What a privilege to be an heir of righteousness! We have nothing to hope for on the ground of works without faith, for while we remain in unbelief our works are not accepted; but when we believe with our hearts unto righteousness, all the blessings both of grace and glory are our own, and we may claim them with as much propriety as an heir can claim his lands.-0 Lord, grant this blessing both to me and my readers! „Amen.

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Hagar in the Wilderness seen of God,


Gen. xvi. 13.
Thou God seest me.

ABRAHAM had many family trials. Sarah, the wife of his youth, was restrained from child-bearing, which proved a source of considerable uneasiness. Abraham was blessed with abundant wealth ; but he had no child to inherit his wealth. Great promises had been made to his seed; but there was no appearance of those promises being fulfilled. At length, that he might have children, Sarah gave unto him Hagar, her hand-maid; and when she conceived, Sarah was despised in her eyes. The improper behaviour of Hagar drew upon her the resentment of her mistress, who dealt so hardly with her, that she fled from her face. The angel of the Lord found her in the wilderness, by a fountain of water, exhorted her to return to her duty, and gave her great encouragement. The place was rendered remarkable by the presence of

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