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Charles David Gordon, esq., of Abergeldie. — At Oxwich, Glamorgan, Randle Wilbraham Falconer, esq., M.D., son of the late Rev. Thomas Falconer, M.D., of Bath, to Anna Maria, daughter of John Wood, esq., of Cwn and Byrnhavod, Carmarthenshire. – At St. George's, Hanover-square, John Mynde Cook, esq., younger son of the late John Cooke, esq., of King's Caple, Hereford, to Mary Elizabeth, only child and heiress of the Rev. Charles Wetherell, A.M., of Eaton#: Belgrave-square, and Rector of yfield, Northampton. – At Lyminster Church, Capt. William Adolphus Crosbie, late of the Rifle Brigade, son of Gen. Sir John Crosbie, K.C. H., of Watergate and Northlands, Sussex, to Margaret, eldest daughter of Thomas Evans, esq., of Lyminster, in the same county. – At High Harrogate, Thomas C. Wilkinson, esq., of Winterburne Hall, Yorkshire, to Julia, daughter of Hon. H. Butler, and niece of the Earl of Kilkenny. — At St. Nicholas Church, Brighton, Thomas Geo. Vernon, esq., of Tewkesbury, to Euphemia Harriet, second daughter of Sir Robert Graham, Bart., of Esk, Cumberland. 22. At St. Mary’s, Walthamstow, Richard Wilson Greaves, esq., B.A., eldest son of the Rev. Richard Greaves, of Colby Lodge, Tenby, Pembrokeshire, to Sophia Elizabeth, second daughter of Archibald Corbet, esq., of Walthamstow. — At Limehouse, the Rev. W. R. Tomlinson, Rector of Sherfield English, Ilants, son of Vice-Adm. Tomlinson, of Middleton House, Sussex, to Cecilia, daughter of William Baker, esq., Coroner for Middlesex. — At Frankfort-on-the-Maine, Chas, Deans, esq., son of the late Rev. James Deans, M.A., to Hannah Elizabeth, daughter of the late Henry Warbrick, esq., — At Trinity Chapel, Henry Johnstone, esq., H.E.I.C.S., to Elizabeth Lilias, eldest daughter of the late Duncan Campbell, esq., of Duncholgine, Argyllshire. 24. At his country residence in Harvestehude, near Hamburg, Ferdinand Von Schwartz, esq., eldest son of the late Senator Schwartz, of that city, to Mary Esperance Kalm Brandt, second

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daughter of Emanuel Henry Brandt, esq., of the Regent's Park. 27. At Wargrave, Berks, John Walter, esq., of Exeter College, Oxford, eldest son of John Walter, esq., M.P., of Bear Wood, Berks, to Emily Frances, eldest daughter of Major Court, esq., of Castlemans, Berks. 28. At Mortlake Church, Surrey, J. B. Kirby, esq., M.A., of the Middle Temple, and Devonshire-street, Portland-place, Barrister-at-law, to Fanny, second daughter of W. A. Weguelin, esq., of Mortlake. — At St. James's Chapel, Edinburgh, Robert Ellis Dudgeon, esq., M.D., of Liverpool, to Emilia Anne, second daughter of the late Lieut.-Col. John Sutherland Sinclair, of the Royal Artillery. 29. At Freshford, Somersetshire, the Rev. John Gaselee, Rector of Little Yeldham, Essex, to Sarah Anne Griffith, third daughter of Henry Mant, esq., of Bath.


3. At Alexandria, James Lilburn, esq., M.D., Censul for Cyprus, to Mary, only daughter of Stephen Woolridge, esq., of Chichester. 4. At Walsall, the Rev. A. H. Stogdon, Incumbent of St. Peter’s Walsall, to Mary Anne, only daughter of the late William Marshall, esq., of Bescot Hall, Staffordshire. — At St. Helier's, Kingsmill Pennefather, esq., of Gulden and Knockinglass, Tipperary, eldest son of the late Rev. John Pennefather, Rector of Newport, Tipperary, to Jane Catherine Patricia, eldest daughter of Thomas de Grenier de Fonblanque, K.H., Her Majesty's Consul-Gen. in Servia, and granddaughter of the late Sir Jonah Barrington. 5. At Limerick, the Rev. Robert Knox, Preben. of St. Munchin, in the Cathedral, and second son of the late Hon. and Ven. Charles Knox, Archdeacon of Armagh, to Catherine Delia, daughter of Thomas Gibbon Fitzgibbon, esq., of Ballyseedy, co. Limerick. 6. At Walcot Church, Bath, the Rev. Edward Elton, M.A., of Balliol College, Oxford, to Harriet Vashon, younger daughter of the late Rear-Adm. Volant Washon Ballard, C.B. 8. At Trinity Church, Bath, Edmund Lloyd Bagshawe, esq., son of the late Sir William Bagshawe, of the Oaks, Derbyshire, and of Bath, to Elizabeth Anne, only daughter of John Acres, esq., of the same place. 10. At Malta, S. Rose, esq., to Jane, youngest daughter of the late Hector Zimelli, esq., Swedish and Norwegian Consul at that island. 1 I. At Darwhar, India, George Samuel Pechell, esq., 47th Madras Native Infantry, eldest son of the late Capt. S. G. Pechell, R.N., of Bexeley House, Hampshire, to Mary Robertson, eldest daughter of Major Bremner, of the same reg. 12. At Ballyroan Church, Queen's County, B. Bingham Fetters, esq., of Hollybrook, co. Carlow, to Matilda, fifth daughter of the late John Bond, esq., of Newbridge House, near Bath. — At St. George's, Everton, the Rev. Samuel Smith, Rector of Barrowford, Lancashire, to Frances Jane Matilda, third daughter of the late Major Joseph Brooks, Hon. East India Company's Service, of Everton. 15. At St. George's Church, Ramsgate, Samuel Allenby, esq., of Maidenwell, Lincolnshire, to Melba, youngest daughter of Lieut.-Gen. Beevor,


— At Beddington, Surrey, the Rev. George J. Kennedy, Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge, to Julia Mary, eldest daughter of James Burchell, esq., of the former place. 17. At All Saints, Barton, Lancashire, George Archer Shee, esq., eldest son of Sir Martin Arthur Shee, President of the Royal Academy, to Jane Seymour, third daughter of Sir Thomas Joseph De Trafford, Bart. of Trafford Park, Lancaster. — At Malta, at the Palace Chapel, Charles Richardson Johnson, Lieut. R.N., to Julia, daughter of Major-Gen. Bredin, Royal Artillery. 18. At Kenwyn Church, Cornwall, the Rev. William David Morrice, M.A., Curate of Clovelly, Devon, to Esther Anne, eldest daughter of the Rev. Geo. Cornish, M.A., Vicar of Kenwyn. – At St. Helier's Church, the Rev. Frederick William Vaux, of Magdalen IIall, Oxford, B.A., to Tomasine, youngest daughter of John Shaw, of Jersey, esq. — At Lullingstone, Kent, William Fox, esq., of Chester Terrace, Regent's Park, to Georgiana Frances, second

daughter of Sir Percival Hart Dyke, Bart., of Lullingstone Castle. — At St. Peter's, Holborn, James Henry Bennett, esq., House Physician to the Hospital St. Louis, Paris, to Julia Jane Langstaff, younger daughter of Joseph Langstaff, esq., of Paignton, Devonshire, late President of the Me. dical Board of Calcutta. – At the Parish Church of Bakewell, Derby, the Rev. John Pickwood, Chaplain to the Bishop of Antigua, to Marianne, eldest daughter of the Rev. James Coates, of Bakewell. — At Lamborne, Berks, the Rev. T. D'Oyly Walters, eldest son of Henry Walters, esq., late of the Bengal Civil Service, to Emma Elizabeth, daughter of the late Rev. Henry Hippisley, of Lamborne Place. 22. At the Parish Church of St. Marylebone, and at the Spanish Place Chapel, Stanislaus Gnorowski, esq., to Charlotte, fourth daughter of the late William Dawson, esq., of St. Leonard's Hill, in Berkshire, and Manchestersquare, London. — At St. John's, Paddington, John Leigh Goldie, esq., youngest son of the late Lieut.-Gen. Goldie Leigh, Galloway, North Britain, to Isabella Anna Maitland, widow of Col. James Maitland, late of the 84th reg. 24. At St. Matthew's, Brixton, Fdward Headlam Greenhow, esq., of Tynemouth, Northumberland, to Elizabeth, widow of the late W. H. Barnard, esq., of Carley Hill, Monkwearmouth, Durham, formerly of Blackheath. 25. At Stratford-upon-Avon, Thomas Woods Weston, esq., of New Hall, Worcester, son of the late John Weston, esq., of Hare Hall, Essex, to Isabella Elizabeth Mary, eldest daughter of John Branston Freer, esq. 26. At St. Mary’s, Woolwich, George F. St. Barber, esq., of Lymington, Hants, to Henrietta Maria, youngest daughter of Col. Cleaveland, Royal Horse Artillery. — At St. George's, Hanover-square, Beville Dryden, esq., youngest son of the late Sir John Dryden, of Canons Ashby, Northampton, Bart., to Eliza Barnard, youngest daughter of the late George Augustus Frederick Skottowe,

— The Rev. Oliver Etough, Curate of St. John's, Blackburn, to Gertrude, youngest daughter of the Rev. Robert Hall, Rector of Westborough and Doddington, Lincolnshire,

27. At Richmond, Surrey, Francis, eldest son of the late William Jones Burdett, esq., and Capt. in Her Majesty's 17th Lancers, to Amelia Eliza, youngest daughter of the late Major James Sharp, of Kinkarethy, Perth.


2. At St. Mary's, Lancaster, Edmund William Wilton Passy, esq., Capt. in Her Majesty's 56th reg., to Catherine Harriet, youngest daughter of the late * Hon. Lord Chief Justice Dalas. 3. At St. Peter's, John Trant, esq., of Dover, nephew of Lords Clare, Dunally, Glengall, and Westmeath, to Sarah Sophia, second daughter of Sir Henry Robert Carden, Bart., of the Priory, Templemore. – At Tynan Church, co. of Armagh, Capt. William Bunbury M'Clintock, R.N., second son of John M'Clintock, esq., of Drumear, co. of Louth, to Pauline, second daughter of Sir James M. Stronge, Bart., of Tynan Abbey. 4. At St. Peter's, Canterbury, T. H. Frazer, esq., only son of the late Lieut. Frazer, R.N., to Emma, youngest daughter of the Rev. J. P. Francis, Rector of the above parish, and niece of the Bishop of Australia. 8. At Sunning Hill, George Ashburner, esq., of Calcutta, to Katherine, eldest daughter of the late Michie Forbes, esq., of Sillwood Park, Berks, and Crimond, Aberdeenshire. 9. At Scarborough, the Rev. Thomas William Robson, M.A., eldest son of Thomas Robson, esq., of Holtby Hall, York, to Anne, daughter of the late James Stewart, esq., of Newton Stewart, co. of Tyrone, Ireland. 10. At Cookham, Berkshire, Frederick Hoare, esq., to Ann Isabella Jane, daughter of John Towers, esq., of Pinkney's Green. 12. At Maid's Moreton, Bucks, the Rev. W. J. Crockford, of Addington, to Harriet Ann, second daughter of the Rev. W. Fletcher, Rector of Foxcote, and of Moreton House. 15. At All Soul's, St. Marylebone, the Rev. William Plucknett, Rector of Horsted Keynes, Sussex, to Sarah, fourth daughter of the late Rev. Samuel White, D.D., Incumbent of Hampstead. – At Crediton, the Rev. John Philip Hugo, Vicar of Exminster, Devon, and

Fellow of Exeter College, Oxford to Maria Cleave, second daughter of the late John Smith, esq., of Crediton. — At Meysey Hampton, Gloucester, Henry Leigh Trafford, esq., of the Middle Temple, second son of Trafford Trafford, esq., of Oughtrington Hall, Cheshire, to Jane, younger daughter of the Rev. F. W. Holme, B.D. — At St. Mary's Church, Cheltenham, the Rev. H. M. Scarth, Itector of Bathwick, Bath, to Elizabeth, only daughter of the late Rev. John Leveson Hamilton, Rector of Ellesborough, Bucks. 19. At Oporto, John Ramsey Thomson, esq., merchant there, to Mary Ann, eldest daughter of the late George Sandaman, esq. 22. At St. Werburgh's Church, Derby, Francis Johnson, eldest son of Francis Jessop, esq., of Derby, to Margaret Sophia, sixth daughter of the late Capt. Dobbie, R.N., of Saling Hall, Essex. Also, at the same time and place, Lieut. Dobbie, R.N., of Her Majesty's ship Excellent, eldest son of the late Capt. Dobbie, to Lucie Anne, eldest daughter of Francis Jessop, esq. 26. At Trinity Church, Sloane-street, Capt. Thomas Wallace, Bengal Army, to Fanny Teresa, daughter of the late Capt. John Wakeman Long, of Hansplace. 28. At St. Olave's, Southwark, J. P. Snead, esq., banker, at Brecon, to Edmundtina Frances, daughter of the late Col. Gwynne, of Glanbranne Park, Carmarthenshire. 29. At St. Pancras Church, New Road, Charles I. Axford, esq., eldest son of C. I. F. Axford, esq., Swindon, Wilts, to Cathcrine Emma, daughter of George Waters, First Judge of Circuit, Tillicherry, Madras. — At Walthamstow, Edgar Jones, esq., of Saffron Walden, to Mary, widow of the late Lewis Archer, esq., of the same place. 30. At Rochdale, Thomas, eldest son of T. Littledale, esq., Highfield, to Julia, second daughter of Clement Royds, esq., Falinge, Lancashire.


1. At Spanish-place, and afterwards at Marylebone Church, W. J. Attenbrow, esq., of Upper George street, Portman-square, to Rebecca, danghter gate, Thomas Carew, esq., third son of the late Sir Henry Carew, Bart., to Charlotte, fourth daughter of Sir William Curtis, Bart. – At Rothley, Leicestershire, the Rev. William John Conybeare, Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, and Principal of the Liverpool Collegiate Institution, to Eliza Rose, youngest daughter of the late Rev. Joseph Rose, Vicar of Rothley. 15. At Duffield, in the co. of Derby, John Meynell, esq., of Tapton Grove, eldest son of Godfrey Meynell, esq., of Langly, to Sarah Brooks, only surviving child of the late William Brooks Johnson, esq., M.B., of Coxbench, in the same county. — At Donagheady Church, Henry Poore Cox, esq., eldest son of William Cox, esq., .# Oxford-terrace, Hyde Park, to Augusta Frederica, second daughter of the Hon. and Rev. Charles Douglas, of Earlsgift, in the county of Tyrone. 21. At Great Hallingbury, William, eldest son of the Hon. John Hay Forbes, of Medwyn, to Mary Anne, second daughter of the late John Archer Houblon, esq., of Hallingbury-place, Essex, and Welford, Berks. 27. At St. Mary's Paddington, Sm. Rawlins, esq., of Moseley, Worcestershire, to Catherine Anne, daughter of Stuart Donaldson, esq., of Upper Hyde Park-street.



of the late James Charlton, esq., of
Hexham, Northumberland.
3. At St. Mary's, Paddington, Wil-
liam Cheeswright, esq., to Caroline,
eldest daughter of the Rev. Joseph
5. At Windsor-street. Edinburgh,
John Deykin Hitchcock, esq., to Jemi-
ma, daughter of the late Sir James
Campbell, of Ardkinlass.
6. At Hanslope, the Rev. Augustus
Pyne, B.A., formerly of Caius College,
Cambridge, to Louisa Rosa, youngest
daughter of W. Watts, esq., of Hanslope
Park, Bucks. -
— At Narborough, Norfolk, James
Bury, eldest son of James Capel, esq.,
of Fitzroy-square, to Georgina, third
daughter of Charles Fassett Burnett,
esq., of Narborough Hall and Park
— At Paris, at the British Embassy,
the Rev. William Francklin, to Pene-
lope Maria, daughter of W. Atkins
Bowyer, esq., of the Manor Estate,
Clapham, Surrey.
10. At Trinity Church, Bridgewater,
James Spencer Northcote, esq., of Cor-
pus Christi College, Oxford, second son
of George Barons Northcote, esq., of
Somerset Court, Somerset, to Susanna
Spencer Ruscombe, daughter of Joseph
Ruscombe Poole, esq., of Bridgewater.
— At the Cathedral, Canterbury, the
Rev. Frederick, R. A. Glover, M.A.,
Rector of Charlton in Dover, to Anne,
youngest daughter of the late Thomas
Starr, esq., of the Precincts, Canter-
13. At All Souls’ Church, Sir Charles
Des Voeux, Bart., to Lady Cecilia Pau-
let, daughter of the Marquis of Win-
— At Leamington, Commander Gor-
don Gallie Macdonald, R.N., to Maria,
surviving daughter of the Rev. William
Oddie, M.A., formerly Fellow of Mag.
dalen College, Oxford, and widow of
the late William Gray, esq., of the In-
ner Temple, Barrister-at-Law.
— At Mary's Creeting, Suffolk, W.
Cunningham Douglas, esq., late Capt.
17th Lancers, to Lydia Louisa, daugh-
ter of Major-Gen. Charles Turner.
— At Westbury-upon-Tyrm, Glou-
cestershire, the Rev. Thomas Halliwell,
M.A., second son of Thomas Halliwell,
esq., of Islip, Oxfordshire, to Mary Mar-
garet, eldest daughter of John Elton,
esq., of Redland, in the former parish.
14. At St. George's Church, Rams-



GAzrtte PRoxiotions.

9. Capt. Atkins Hamerton, of the Hon. E. I. Company's Service, to be Her Majesty's Consul in the dominions of the Imaum of Muscat.

20. Hon. Alex. Lord Ashburton; the Right Hon. John Nicholl, Judge Advocate-Gen. ; George Carr Glynn, esq.; and John Shaw Lefevre, esq.,


to be Commissioners to conduct a
strict investigation, with a view to as-
certain in what manner Exchequer Bills
have been made out and issued since
the remodelling of the Exchequer by
the Act of Parliament passed in the
fourth and fifth years of the reign of his
late Majesty King William the Fourth,
and to point out whether any and what
defects are to be found in the existing
system, and what additional checks or
regulations can be established, with a
view to guard in future against the
forgery of Exchequer Bills, or against
the fraudulent or unauthoriscd issue
of them.
27. Royal Art., Capt. and Brevet-
Major P. D. Stewart, to be Lieut. Col.
28, 2nd Foot, Brevet-Major G. D. J.
Raitt to be Major.
— Brevet, Lieut.-Col. G. Macdonald
(Gov. of Sierra Leone), to have the
local rank of Col. on the western coast
of Africa; Capt. II. J. Sharp, 86th Foot,
to be Major in the army.
31. 1st Foot Guards, Capt. the Hon.
F. G. Hood to be Capt. and Lieut.-Col.;
88th Foot, Major O. Phibbs to be Lieut.-
Col.; 94th Foot, Major H. R. Milan to
be Lieut.-Col.
To be Lieut.-Cols. in the army, Bre-
vet-Majors G. D. Hall, half-pay Royal
Staff Corps; C. Head, half-pay Unatt.;
T. W. O. M'Niven, half-pay Unatt.;
S. D. Pritchard, half-pay Unatt. ; E.
H. D. E. Napier, 46th Foot; E. Harvey,
14th Light Dragoons.


GAzerTe PRoMorions.

1. Thomas Chandler Haliburton, esq.
to be a Puisne Judge of the Supreme
Court of the Province of Nova Scotia.
— Royal Art. Brevet-Major R. F.
Romer to be Lieut.-Col.
2. Major-Gen. William Wemyss to
be Clerk Marshal to Prince Albert.
7. The Right Hon. H. Hobhouse to
be one of the Commissioners on Exche-
quer Bills, vice Lord Ashburton (ap-
pointed on a special mission to Ame-
— Coldstream Guards, Lieut.-Col.
the Hon. G. F. Upton, 62nd Foot, to be
Capt. and Lieut.-Col.

- 11th Foot, Lieut.-Col. Sir M. Creagh, from 86th Foot, to be Lieut.Col. — 62nd Foot, Lieut.-Col. the Hon. T. Ashburnham, from the Coldstream Guards, to be Lieut.-Col. — 86th Foot, Lieut-Col. B. V. Derinzy, from 11th Foot, to be Lieut.-Col. — St. Helena Reg., Major H. Sinmonds, from the 61st Foot, to be Lieut.Col.; Brevet-Major J. Thoreau, sron 37th Foot, to be Major. — Brevet Capt. H. E. O'Dell, of the St. Helena Reg., to be Major. 15. George Earl of Beverley to be Capt. of the Yeomen of the Guard. — George Earl of Beverley, the Right Hon. James Lewis Knight Bruce, and the Right Hon. James Wigram, sworn of the Privy Council. 17. Alfred Cheeke, esq., to be Crown Prosecutor in New South Wales. 20. The 54th Reg. to bear upon its colours and appointments, in addition to the distinctions which it has previously obtained, the word “Marabout.” in commemoration of the gallantry evinced by the regiment at the assault and capture of that fort, in Egypt, on the 21st August, 1801. — Lieut. Joseph Clayton Jennyns, 15th Hussars, to accept the cross of the first class, of the Order of San Fernando, conferred by the Queen of Spain, in approbation of his conduct in several actions while serving in the British Auxiliary Legion. 21. Susan, Countess of Dalhousie to be one of the Ladies of the Bedchamber to Her Majesty, vice Mary Countess of Sandwich. 28. Alexander Lord Ashburton to proceed on an extraordinary and special mission to the United States of Amel'Ica, — John Macpherson Brackenbury, esq. jun., to be her Majesty's Consul in the province of Andalusia. — Mr. James Milligan to be Consul in London, and Mr. Alfred Fox, Consul at Falmouth, for the Republic of Venezuela.


Commander William W. P. Johnson (late of Winchester), to the rank of Capt.; Lieut. J. H. Murray (flag Lieut. to Sir H. Digby), to the rank of Com. mander.

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