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treatment seemed to dissolve the exudation and patient in the interval being comparatively free
prevent its formation. Some cases that were seen from the influence of the anæsthetic. Thus, in
late and the formation had become great and the aggregate, not only is a much less qnantity
seemed to be choking the patient to death, were of the agent required, but the patient is exposed
relieved by the fumes of crude turpentine. We to the dangers from the anæsthetic, if any
would put the turpentine in a pot or something of danger there be, tor a much shorter period of
the kind, and by heating it and letting the time.
patient inhale the fumes and smoke. I have

3 By chloroform we are able to regulate the known patients that seemed to be hopeless cases

degree to which we may desire to cairy anæsthesia relieved and asleep within a few minutes after the

with a certainty and security that are not possible room was filled with turpentine smoke. In all

with the ether my experience in treating the horrid disease I have never seen it relieved so readily and effectual

4. The danger from anæsthesia by ether, ly as with the above treatment. The number of

where disease of kidney exists, first pointed out deaths in proportion to the number of those sick by my friend Dr. Thomas Addis Emmet, and was unprecedently small. The disease lingered

now confirmed by several observers, has not in the neighborhood about two months, when it

been noted by anyone as resulting from the use left us. We have had sporadic cases every year

of chloroform. since, which yielded promptly to the same treatmént. There were a good many cases of paralysis as the sequel, but they all eventually recovered, and strange it seems, it occurred in those who

INTERNAL AND LOCAL MEDICATION seemed to have diphtheria the lightest.



During the past year and a half there have ANÆSTHETICS IN OBSTETRICS. come to my notice, at various stages of the dis

ease, a number of cases of herpes zoster, and as Dr. Fordyce Barker, in his paper read before the following method of treatment has given very the Medical Society of the State of New York, as gratifying results, it occurred to me that it might reported in the Medical News, says:

be of interest to your readers. The treatment I may here say that I have long regarded consists briefly in the administration of a blue pill chloroform as the best and safest anæsthetic in (two or three grains) twice or three times during obstetrics, and that since 1830 I have used no the day, and the local application of zinc ointother.

ment carbolized (two per cent.), the parts being My reasons for this preference are briefly also protected from irritation of the clothes and these :

other external influences. In every case so treated I. Its odor is to most persons much more

the pain ceased and the eruption was controlled agreeable, and it is much less persistent. When

in the course of a day or two, or after the purga

tive effects of the drug had disappeared, the sulphuric ether is used, it frequently, at first, pro. duces more or less irritation of the fauces and

vesicles drying up, leaving brownish crusts, the bronchi and an annoying cough or choking is ex.

latter dropping off in the course of a few days. cited. The effect of this is bad, both on patient

Medical News and on the surrounding friends. It excites apprehension which more or less tend to counteract the influence of the agent.

The influence of chloroform is much more A correspondent writes to the Medical Record rapid and a much less quantity of this agent is that he has used the ether-spray on several cases required than of ether. We are thus saved, in of strangulated hernia, one of two day's duration, majority of cases, the preliminary stage of excite- with the best results. The operation was painless, ment which the ether produces, and we are able and reduction occurred "spontaneously, or with to use the chloroform for each recurring pain, the slight pressure.”


ABDOMINAL SUPPORT DURING PREG- many days and in large doses it is thought direct NANCY.

ly to favor the occurrence of relapse. Hence, as

soon as the pain is relieved, the amount of the I always advise patients in a preg!:ant condition

salt is reduced, and it is stopped as soon as to leave off their corsets (from about the fourth possible. It does not probably influence, one month onward, shouid I see them at that time), way or the other, the occurrence of endocarditis. and having supplied the want of a corset by a

When the temperature is above 103.5° antipyrin, suitable bodice, to wear a supporting belt with

grs. 20, is ordered.

With fever of 105o the cold elastic sides, so arranged as to exercise a comfort pack is employed. Lemonade and carbonated able pressure, from below, on the muscles, and waters are allowed freely. An unstimulating liquid fitted with tapes or straps to relax the pressure as

diet is given. Blankets are preferred for the bed. the uterus enlarges. In every case in which I ding of the patient. Special care is enjoined in have recon. mended this to be done, and where changing the clothing, and a wad of cotton-wool my directions were followed, the patient not only is placed over the front of the chest.

The joints expressed herself as feeling far more comfortable, are wrapped in cotton-wool, or, when very painbut I have remarked that subsequent labor was

ful, in spongi-opiline or flannel, soaked in Fuller's of much shorter duration than usual, owing, I

lotion (hot) (Liquor Opii Sedativus, 3j; Potass. believe; to the support afforded in time to the Bicarb., 3 iv; Glycerin., 3 ij; Aquæ, 3 ix). If abdominal muscles, and which by husbanding

the salicylate and the local application fail, as their tone and strength, enabled them to assist they sometimes do, to relieve pain, opium is freely the uterus in its efforts of expulsion in a marked given. During convalescence iron and tonic degree.

doses of quinine are ordered.-North Carolina When engaged to attend primiparæ, I also

Medical Journal. direct the bandage to be left off at night, and the abdomen well rubbed with lard at bedtime. When this treatment is followed in primiparze, I find there is little or no trace of the “linea

DECOCTION OF COTTON-ROOT AS A albicantia” to be discovered after the patient

UTERINE HÆMOSTATIC. recovers from the lying-in, and the abdomen also resumes its natural appearance, which the patient as a rule is the first to remark.-Dr.

The experience of Dr. Garrigues, a most capDuke in the Provincial Med. Jour.

able and conscientious observer, as reported in the Quarterly Bulletin of the Clinical Society of the New York Post Graduate Medical School and Hospital, apparently conclusively proves that de

coction of cotton-root is a remedy of great value. THE TREATMENT OF RHEUMATISM IN

Dr. Garrigues has used it in one hundred and THE HOSPITAL OF THE UNIVERS- thirty-nine patients, and in the majority he obITY OF PENNSYLVANIA.

tained more or less decided benefit. He finds

that it lessens the pain, checks the bleeding from Dr. Osler employs in mild cases, with only one uterine fibroids; in sarcoma and carcinoma it or two joints involved and the temperature not lessons, or suspends altogether for a time, hæmor. above 102° F., the citrate of potash in 35s doses rhage. The remedy should be used in the form every four hours. If there is much pain and the of a freshly-made decoction.

It will fail to propatient is restless, Dover's powder grs. x at night. duce any benefit in about one in ten cases. In more severe attacks, with polyarthritis, and The following directions are given for preparfever above 103°, he orders salicylate of sodiuming and administering the preparation : grs. xv every two hours, with a similar quantity of Three heaping teaspoonfuls of the powdered the citrate of potash. The important influence of root are boiled in a pint of water for fifteen minthe salicylate is believed to be in the reduction of utes; after cooling, the preparation is strained ; the pain and fever. It is not thought to have one-third of the decoction is taken in the fure. much influence in lessening the duration of the noon, another in the afternoon, and the last at disease; and, on the other hand, when pushed for bedtime.

gr. iij


phosphorus. Being an oily or fatty preparation, when taken into the stomach its action as a poison

is very rapid.-Prof. Bartholow. Prof. Bartholow states that styptic collodion is an efficient application to bleeding hemorrhoids.

In cardiac asthma arising from dilatation and Prof. Brinton is fond of a small copper wire pericardial adhesions, Prof. Da Costa, after allud

ing to digitalis, adonis and the sulphate of spar. coated with silver for sutures, especially in parts

teine as also appropriate remedies, prescribed five exposed, as the face.

drops of the fluid extract of convallaria, which

was gradually to be increased to ten or fifteen In fatty hearts, with occasional attacks of drops three times daily. pseudo apoplexy, Prof. Da Costa prescribed gr. I 40 strychnine, three times a day.

For local use in chronic eczema, Prof. Da

Costa prescribed the following: Administer permanganate of potassium in pill

B. Ung. hydrarg. oxidi rubri,.........3 ij made with kaolin, as tablets, or in watery solution

Unguent sulphuris,...

.31 which shall contain no organic matter.

Acid. carbolic...............

Unguent. simplicis, .......... 3 ss. For trifacial neuralgia, purely neuralgic, Prof.

M. Da Costa ordered three drops of tinct. of gel- Sig.–Apply to affected part. semium every two hours, until double vision was produced.

In some cases of incipient cataract, before they

are ready for operation, a great deal of comfort In watery, colliquative diarrhea, Prof. Bartho

can be given the patient by keeping the pupil low clairns that no remedy is more valuable than mildly under the influence of a mydriatic. By this sulphuric acid, to whịch opium may be added if

means you allow the light to pass through the necessary.

outer portions of the lens, which is usually last to

become opaque, and thus afford some sight to the To restrain the hemorrhage of cancer of the uterus, Prof. Parvin states that warm astringent injections, or the insertion of little bags of tannin,

Progressive muscular atrophy, occuring in a will often prove successful.

patient having fatty heart, was treated by Prof.

Da Costa with, The word "alterative," in its modern concep- R. Strychninæ sulph., 1-50 tion, signifies an agent which causes metamor.

Ferri carbonatis, phosis; the destructive, however, predominating

M. over the constructive metainorphosis.- Professor

Ft. pil. Bartholow.

Sig.-Ter. die.

affected eye. iij.

Prof. Thompson recently presented a woman, in

Prof. Gross states that he would treat pneuwhom the remains of an eye, in which the sight had been lost by injury thirty years previous, had monia thus: If seen early, he would bleed the set up a sympathetic irritation of the sound eye patient until the pulse became soft, and follow after remaining quiescent through all that period. this by aconite, veratrum, or gelsemium. He

would give an active purge, perhaps of the com

pound infusion of senna-four ounces. Would It may be well to bear in mind that the popular combat the hyperpyrexia with quinine or antipoison "Rough on Rats” owes its efficacy to pyrin, and would place poultices to the chest.

Prof. Bartholow still continues to advocate the Troy ounces, and in this dissolve 115 grains of use of carbolic acid in typhoid fever. He states pure bromine. This will need occasion al strong that no form of treatment has, in his hands, been shaking for the first week, and the solution will so successful. It modifies the disturbances of the not be perfect or clear for three or four weeks, intestinal tube, reduces temperature and promotes when it will then be ready for use. The dose is quiet. Two drops of a solution consisting of one drop three times a day. equal parts of carbolic acid and Lugol's solution may be given every three hours.

Failure of voice from simple mucous laryngitis

or fatigue can often be wonderfully relieved by For erysipelas, Prof. Da Costa continues to

small doses of nitric acid every two or three strongly advocate and recommend the use of hours, to be given well diluted.-Prof. Bartho

low. pilocarpine in robust plethoric subjects. It is of striking value, and better results can be obtained than from any other mode of treatment. The

A case of sciatica, originating by strain, having proper dose is gr. 38-% of pilocarpine, or the persisted for four months and resisted iodide of mxx of fluid extract of pilocarpus. Local means

potassium and colchicum, and having been only are not of much avail.

temporarily relieved by atropine and morphine, was finally made to succumb to gr. 1-200 of

aconitia three times daily, prescribed by Prof. Da Hydrastis canadensis (Auid extract) is an excel. Costa. The patient became almost immediately lent local application in cervicitis, endometritis, much better, the pain disappeared and improve. and vaginitis, the one great opjection to its use ment continued.

After a week the remedy being its staining properties. In gonorrhoea, the was given but twice daily and gradually withHuid extract mixed with mucilage as thick as can drawn. be used by injection, is of much service. It should be retained in the urethra for some time, and the Prof. Bartholow states that Prof. Gee claims chat urethra should have been previously cleansed with for temporary reliet of asthma, pyridine stands at water or a solution of sodium chloride.

the head. It is applicable in any variety of the disease, and it is directed to be used as follows:

The patient inhales the vapor of a drachm of the A case of marked lateral sclerosis of the cord liquid, which has been volatilized in an apartment was recently treated by Prof. Da Costa as follows:

of about twenty cubic metres. It is said that reB. Hydrarg. chloridi corrosivi,gr 1-30

lief promptly follows. Pyridine is a constituent Ammon. chloridi,.. j

of tobacco smoke, is a liquid, and highly vola

tile. Aqua,....


M. Sig.- Ter die.

Dr. J. C. Wilson recently exhibited to the class

a specimen of tænia saginata, which he had exAlso

pelled from a boy 12 years of age. It was known R. 1.100. to exist in the child nine months previously, and Sig.-At night.

had resisted several former efforts intended to The latter was given to relieve the spastic con- produce its expulsion. Among the remedies tractions.

which had been used were peppo, kousso, turpentine and a half dose of pelletierine. A full dose

of pelletierine was finally successful. The outline Clemen's solution of bromide of arsenic, said

of treatment was as follows: Saturday night, by Prof. Bartholow to be the best single remedy gave gr. x of calomel with some soda ; at one brought forward for diabetes, can be prepared as o'clock next day gave full dose of Tanret's pellefollows: Boil in eight ounces of distilled water tierine, and at bedtime gave 3j of castor oil. At 5772 grs. each of powdered arsenious acid and

five o'clock Monday morning the worm was excarbonate of potassium. When cold add suffi- pelled entire. But little nourishment was allowed cient distilled water to make eleven and one-half

on Saturday or Sunday. ij. M.

For chronic dysentery, with a great deal of the desired result the remedy was given only pain, Prof. Da Costa directed as follows: Allow

twice afterward, and but once a day. To relieve any only a mild diet, mostly of milk, but he may paroxyms, the following was prescribed : take oysters in small amounts, the milk to be diluted with lime-water. Give a one grain suppos.

R. Chloroformi purificat.............f 3 ij itory of extract of opium at night, to be repeated Spirit. cardamomi comp........f z ij if pain persists. Also:

Syr. acaciæ, ........

.f zij B Bismuthi subnitratis, XV ;

Elixir. simplicis,..

.f3 iij.
Pulv. ipeca , et opii,...... ij;

Pulv. aromat., ....

....... Sig.-Take every third hour.

Sig.-A teaspoonful every half hour until relieved.

- Col. and Clin. Record. When stimulus fails to maintain the pulse and heart's action in typhoid fever, Prof. Da Costa states that cocaine has given him most satisfactory results. It will sometimes establish convalescence STATIC ELECTRICITY IN THE TREATrapidly when, under stivuulus, the cases seem to

MENT OF DISEASES OF THE SKIN. be rapidly failing. A case shown at the Pennsylvania Hospital, which was receiving 3 xij of whiskey in 24 hours, and with no response, began at once to improve on gr. 14 of cocaine every

For the past year Dr. Frank B. Carpenter, of

New York, has been using static electricity in the two hours, afterward increased to gr. 12 every third hour; the whiskey at the same time being

treatment of diseases of the skin. He has found kept down to 3 viij.

it particularly useful in diseases of the skin of neurotic origin. In seven consecutive cascs of

alopecia areata treated by that method exclusiveProf. Gross's favorite prescription for secon. ly, the hair ceased to fall after a few applications, dary syphilis is :

and new hair soon commenced to grow. The B. Hydrarg. iodid. viridis, 1.5

more recent the case, the more rapid was the imAntimonii et potassii. tartrat,........

provement. The duration of the disease in these

cases varies from three months to eighteen years. Morphinæ sulphat., i 24.

The youngest patient was ten years of age; the M.

oldest was thirty-eight. Ft. pil.

In the treatment of ihree cases of alopecia præFor a cure, take one after each meal ; after two mature by the same method, the results were suffidays, take two pills after dinner; in a few days, ciently encouraging to warrant the belief that if no bad symptoms arise, increase to three pills static electricity will not only prevent the baldafter dinner and two after breakfast. Increase ness but will restore the hair when it has already until it is found what patient can tolerate ; five fallen. pills a day about the usual amount. This should In five cases of zoster treated only by the static be persisted in until all symptoms disappear; then current, the neuralgic pains were much diminishcease for a short time, and then renew with 33 ed. It appeared to check the eruption, preventing dose. With intervals of a few weeks every two the formation of vesicles when used early in the or three months gradually reduce the dose. After disease, and causing them to dessicate, thus formtwo years in this way we may then cease, but ing a protective covering when the vesicles had keep the patient under observation for eighteen already formed. months longer.

In several cases of severe pruritis genitalum, more satisfactory results were obtained than by

any other method of treatment he has used. He Prof. Da Costa recently treated with marked

has also found it of use in the treatment of lichen success a case of pure nervous asthma, with one

planus and dermatitis herpetiformis. - Quarterly fourth grain of cocaine ter die. After obtaining



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