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.: : THE CONTENTS : :! .. Page T HE Introduction

, C H A P. I. Containing Directions how to prepare !

for a communion Sabbath

DIRECT. I. Concerning the nature, ends and

uses of the Lord's fupper ; and of the work
of communicating

ibid. DIRECT. II. Concerning the necessity of com•

municating, and the sin of neglecting this

Objections made against this duty answered'
DIRECT. III. Concerning the necessity of fre-

quent communicating
Objections against frequency in it answered
Direct. IV. Concerning the necessity of

folemn preparation before our partaking DIRECT. V. Concerning habitual and actual

preparation DIRECT. VI. Concerning the fin and danger

of unworthy communicating Direct. VII. Concerning sequestrating our. - selves froin the world before partaking Direct. VIII. Concernivg self examination

before partaking



SECT. III. directions avent our con

versation in the world, when all the work

is over DIRECT. I. Be faithful soldiers to your General ibid. DIRECT. II. Be active in a course of new obedience

. .. 278 DIRECT. III. Guard strictly against all known (in 279 Direct. IV. Watch against the temptations of Satan

280 Direct. V. Improve and feed on a crucified Christ

282 DIRECT. VI. Keep up the impression of the vows of God

283 Direct. VII. Crucify sin, that crucified your

Direct. VIII. Walk still under the senle of
God's all seeing eye

287 DIRECT.IX. Walk chearfully and contentedly in

every lot DIRECT. X. Delight in the company of God's people

290 DirecT. XI, Shine in meekness, patience, &c. 290 Direct. XII. Keep up longings for cominy. nion-occasions

ibid. Meditations before partaking

293 Meditations when partaking Meditations after partaking



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