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Page 427 - If there were but one bronchial tube with contracting fibrocellular tissue placed around it, then the contracting tissue would, as in the instance of stricture of the oesophagus or rectum, cause narrowing of the tube; but when there is, as in the lung, a number of bronchial tubes and the contracting tissue not placed around the tubes but occupying the intervals between the tubes, then the slow contraction of this tissue will tend to draw the parietes of one tube toward the parietes of another, and...
Page 207 - On again visiting the patients, whom he did not expect to find alive, he was most agreeably surprised. The harsh respiratory murmur, the difficult breathing, the dry characteristic cough, the loss of tone in the voice, had all disappeared ; the breathing was free, the cough loose, and the hoarseness diminished. Several portions of croupal membrane had been coughed up. The improvement continued on the next day, and perfect recovery followed in a few days.
Page 199 - ... show that, like a sensible practitioner, he does not allow himself blindly to follow either the one or the other, but seeks out the cause of disease, and tries by rational measures to remove it. The cases are the most valuable part of the book.
Page 33 - Second stage. — The treatment should be the same as just described, only it is as well to omit the prussic acid, as there is not the same excitement present. Third stage. — Chloral should be given in thirty-grain doses every four hours, till sleep comes on, and then repeated as often as necessary. The nourishment should be by no means forgotten, and stimulants should be strictly forbidden. If chloral is gone on with beyond a certain time, a sleepless condition recurs, when nux vomica and gentian...
Page 447 - ... grain three times a day. Of six cases of severe trigeminal neuralgia, one, probably a reflex neuralgia from a decayed tooth, was not at all benefited. Three cases of epileptiform neuralgia were slightly, or only temporarily relieved. Two cases were cured. One of them had existed for seven years, with an interruption of seven months, procured by resection of the affected nerve. The results thus afford a partial support to M. Gubler's assertion. The value of ammoniacal sulphate of copper in the...
Page 281 - Dangers to Health : A Pictorial Guide to Domestic Sanitary Defects. By T. PRIDGIN TEALE, MA, Surgeon to the Leeds General Infirmary.
Page 358 - I was in the habit of adopting in all such cases at St. Bartholomew's Hospital, Chatham, some thirteen years ago, viz., the application of sheet lead, moulded to the shape of the leg and kept on by an ordinary calico bandage. The size of the lead should be sufficient to cover the ulcer completely and lap a little over the whole skin ; the edges and angles should be well rounded, so as not to chafe or irritate ; it should be about an eighth of an inch in thickness, and moulded very accurately to the...
Page 204 - His treatment is to soften the corn by applying to it for one night an ointment consisting of turpentine and acetate of copper, each one part ; white resin, two parts ; and yellow wax four parts. The corn should then be excised with scissors, care being taken to go deep enough to remove its summit. After excision the matrix should be cauterized with sulphuric acid, else the corn will be reproduced.
Page 236 - ... and the more satisfactory it should, and must be, to all persons legitimately concerned in the offensive businesses that are to be under examination. It will be found as true in New York as it has been in England and Scotland, as stated by the English government sanitary Commissioner Ballard, that " it is commonly found in practice to be as much to the interest of the manufacturers as of the public that the emanations from offensive processes should be thus arrested.
Page 268 - ... of a grain of the extract of opium was sufficient for an initial dose. Cigarettes with this quantity of opium were smoked by Dr. Thompson and three other healthy men, and in a few minutes a decided effect of dizziness was produced.

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