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CATENA CLASSICORUM. The following Parts are in course of preparation :

PLATONIS PHAEDO, Edited by ALFRED BARRY, D.D. late Fellow of Trinity College,

Cambridge ; Principal of King's College, London.

DEMOSTHENIS ORATIONES PUBLICAE, Edited by G. H. HESLOP, M. A. late Fellow and Assistant Tutor of Queen's College, Oxford ; Head Master of St. Bees.

[Part III. De Falsâ Legatione. MARTIALIS EPIGRAMMATA, Edited by GEORGE BUTLER, M.A. Principal of Liverpool College ;

late Fellow of Exeter College, Oxford.

DEMOSTHENIS ORATIONES PRIVATAE, Edited by ARTHUR HOLMES, M. A. Fellow and Lecturer of Clare College, Cambridge.

[Part I. De Coronâ. HOMERI ILIAS, Edited by S. H. REYNOLDS, M.A. Fellow and Tutor of Brasenose College, Oxford.

[Vol. I. Books I. to XII.

Edited by J. M. MARSHALL, M.A. Fellow and late Lecturer of

Brasenose College, Oxford ; one of the Masters in Clifton

Edited by T. L. PAPILLON, M. A. Fellow and Classical Lecturer of
Merton College, Oxford. [Part I. Andria et Eunuchus.

HERODOTI HISTORIA, Edited by H. G. Woods, M. A. Fellow and Tutor of Trinity College, Oxford.

TACITI HISTORIAE, Edited by W. H. Simcox, M. A. Fellow and Lecturer of Queen's College, Oxford.

OVIDI TRISTIA, Edited by OSCAR BROWNING, M. A. Fellow of King's College, Cambridge ; and Assistant Master at Eton College.

CICERONIS ORATIONES, Edited by CHARLES EDWARD GRAVES, M. A. Classical Lecturer and late Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge.

[Part I. Pro P. Sextio. THEOPHRASTI CHARACTERES, Edited by A. PRETOR, M.A. of Trinity College, Cambridge ;

Classical Lecturer of Trinity Hall.

London, Oxford, and Cambridge

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