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ship, gave a heavy lurch, which, if the of the police, "all the unripe fruit that original direction of the little creature's was brought to market was ordered to course had been continued, must have be given to the bears." plunged it into the sea. All who wit- The American Black Bear is a finely nessed the scene, were in pain for its pictured fellow. There is a beautiful safety ; but it suddenly appeared to trait of affection corroborated in the check itself, and so to modify its career, letter-press description. The pregnant that it alighted safely on deck.". Upon females always conceal themselves; and this fact, the Editor felicitously observes, this affords a satisfactory solution of the “Does it not demonstrate something remarkable fact, that, to use the exlike the existence in these organs of pression of Brickell, “no man, either a certain degree of subservience to the Christian or Indian, ever killed a shewill, sufficient at least to counteract the bear with young." So true is this, that original impulse by which they were Dr. Richardson assures us that " after put in motion, and to turn aside their numerous inquiries among the Indians course on the appearance of any sudden of Hudson's Bay, only one was found danger ?” This squirrel seldom quits who had killed a pregnant bear." the inner part of its cage until the ap- We are not yet half through the voproach of evening, when it becomes ex- lume, but must break off here--at The tremely lively and active.

American Bison, by the way, a striking Next are three varieties of Monkeys ; cnt to remind us of noticing the remainder of one of them, the Entellus, a native of of the subjects, or, at least, the most Ceylon, it is related that “such is the singular of them. This task has cost respect in which they are held by the us five or six hours, but we have been natives, that, whatever ravages they fascinated in our progress by the exmay commit, the latter dare not venture treme beauty of the engravings, not forto destroy them, and only endeavour to getting the picturesqueness of the vigscare them away by their cries. Em- nettes, or, tail-pieces, as we must call boldened by this impunity, the monkeys them. Many of the illustrative facts come down from the woods in large are too, new and attractive ; and we herds,” and devour figs, cocoa-nuts, have thus to thank the editor, artists, apples, pears, and even potatoes and and publisher for a very delightful evencabbages, which form their favourite ing's entertainment, the germs of which spoil.

we have here attempted to convey to The Leopard is beautifully engraved. `our readers. In some excellent observations on the feline tribe generally, prefixed to its description, is the following, accounting

LOU DON'S MAGAZINE. for their strength of jaw ; " the muscles The Number for the current month is which move the lower jaw are of great extremely attractive. In a week or two bulk, and the point on which they immediately act is brought so far forwards, cimens.

we may give some corroborative spein consequence of the breath and shortness of the muzzled, as to give them

SPIRIT OF THE the highest degree of attainable force." The Brown Bear. From the Editor's

Public Journals. enumeration it appears that “instead of the solitary species (of Bear) known to Linnæus, there are now recognised no

A MALT-ESE MELODY. less than eight, while five others may be

BY CHARLES BARCLAY, ESQ. XXX. regarded as in abeyance,” waiting the SOBRIETY, cease to be sober, decision of naturalists. Every one of Cease, Labour, to dig and be dirty; the eight allowed species has been living come drink-and drink deep; 'tis the tenth of within the last five or six years in Lon


One thousand eigbt bundred and thirty!" don. Five are at the present moment Oh : Horace, whose surname is Smith, exhibited in the Society's Menagerie, The troubles and terrors we're now coinpassed two others form part of its museum, with and the eighth, the Grisly Bears of Were, eighteen years since, sung by thee. America, has been represented for nearly When a liquid, by inillions held dear, twenty years by a noble specimen in the Becomes cheap, there is cause to repine ; Menagerie of Tower. Such are the For I feel that, if each man may sell his own

beer, advances which this department of I shall shortly be laid upon mine. zoology has made since the days of Lin- Even now, as I write it, my eye fills Among the notices of bears, Revolutions in Malta are innocent trifles

With sorrow's sad essence of salt; 'we learn that at Berne, by a regulation - To this revolution in malt!



Ten thonsand let loose from their lairs,

my new patient must be a recent comer. Stagger forth to effect our undoing; And the press, predetermined to treat us as

About six o'clock that evening, I drove bears,

to Regent-street, sent in my card, and Now issues a Treatise on Brewing.

was presently ushered by the manThe poets all bless the new law, Aud swallow their purl as they wink;

servant into a spacious apartment, someWhile artists, who usually drink wben they what showily furnished. The mild re

tiring sunlight of a July evening was May now go and draw what they drink.

diffused over the room; and ample Yet each Blue should indignantly mark All those wbo this measure have planned ;

crimson window - curtains, half drawn, For, strange though the issue must seem, the mitigated the glare of the gilded picture. bright barque

frames which hung in great numbers Of Landon may soou strike on land; Hannah More, growing less, may be passed;

round the walls. There was a largo While an earthquake may ruin our Hall;

round table in the middle of the room, Even Bowles, while at play, may meet rubbers covered with papers, magazines, books,

at last, Since Porter has had such a fall!

cards, &c.; and, in a word, the whol The world may well laugh when it wins,

aspect of things indicated the residence And its mirth is the knell of our crimes; of a person of some fashion and fortune. Like the rest of the outs, we look up to the inns, On a side - table lay several pairs of

For their signs are as signs of the tiines. Who can say where calamity stops ?

boxing-gloves, foils, &c. &c. The obWhere hope puts an end to our cares?

ject of my visit, Mr. Gloucester, was Alas! we seem destined to carry our hops seated on an elegant ottoman, in a penWhere the kangaroos thrive upon theirs.

sive posture, with his head leaning on How sweet wert thou, sweetwort ! until his hand, which rested on the table.

The tempest came growling so near ; Till ruthless Economy came with its bill,

He was engaged with the newspaper Like a vulture, and steeped it in beer.

when I was announced. He rose as I Reduction's among the court-beauties,

entered, politely handed to me a chairy Just now; and there might be a plan, As the Don and his Sancho are taking off duties,

and then resumed his seat on the otTo take the Whole Duty off Man.

tomån. His countenance was rather The nation seems caught in the net

pleasing – fresh-coloured, with regular Where the foes of Mendicity lurk,

features, and very light auburn hair, And fearing abuse, is determined to set

which was adjusted with a sort of careThe beer, like the beggars to work. It at least will supply us with cuts

less fashionable negligence. To the Tale of a Tub we must learn;

After some hurried expressions of So that having long prospered and flourish'd on

civility, Mr. Gloucester informed me butts, We have pow become butts in our turn.

that he had sent for me on account of From eagles we sink into bats,

a deep depression of spirits, to which And fiit round a desolate home;

he was latterly subject. He proceeded While those of each firm who can roam from to detail many of the symptoms of a

their vats, May visit thy Vatican, Rome!

disordered nervous system.

He was And there, growing classic, we'll move

tormented with vague apprehensions of Great Bacchus to back ns alone;

impending calamity; could not divest Who, hating mean malt, may yet kindly approve This wbine wbile he's drinking bis own.

himself of an unaccountable trepidation Yet this we must all of us feel,

of manner, which, by attracting obserAnd while we admit it we weep,

vation, seriously disconcerted him on The profession is far less select and genteel many occasions ; felt incessantly tempta Since beer became vulgar and cheap.

ed to the commission of suicide; loathBut “I'm ill at these numbers "- they're o'er! Both pathos aud bathos have fled;

ed society ; disrelished his former scenes The world, were 1 dead, would not want a of amusement; had lost his appetite; Whit-more,

passed restless nights, and was disturbed For it knows that I'm not a Whit-bread! Monthly Magazine.

with appalling dreams. His pulse, tongue,

countenance, &c. corroborated the above THE FORGER.

statement of his symptoms. I asked him From the Diary of a late Physician.

whether any thing unpleasant had oc

curred in his family ? Nothing of the A GROOM, in plain livery, left a card at kind. Disappointed in an affaire du my house one afternoon during my ab- cour? Oh, no. Unsuccessful at play sence, on which was the name ( Mr.

By no means-he did not play. Well Gloucester, No. -, Regent-street;' had he any source of secret annoyance and in pencil the words, “Will thank which could account for his present deDr. to call this evening.

pression ? He coloured, secmed emred-book was lying on the table at the barrassed, and apparently hesitating time, I looked in it, from mere casual whether or not he should communicate curiosity, to see whether the name of to me what weighed on his spirits. He, “Gloucester" appeared there--but it however, seemed determined to keep did not. I concluded, therefore, that me in ignorance, and with some altera

As my

tion of manner, said, suddenly, that it “Come, come, doctor!-after all, was only a constitutional nervousness- there's nothing like wine for low spihis family were all so—and he wished to rits, is there ? D-me, doctor, drinkknow whether it was in the power of drink. Only taste that claret”-and medicine to relieve him. I replied that after pouring out a glass for me, which I would certainly do all that lay in my ran over the brim on the table-his hand power, but that he must not expect any was so unsteady-he instantly gulped 'sudden and miraculous effect from the down two glasses himself. There was medicines I might prescribe ; ---that I a vulgar offensive familiarity in his man"saw clearly he had something on his ner, from which I felt inclined to stand mind which oppressed his spirits-that off; but I thought it better to conceal 'he ought to go into cheerful society- he my feelings. I was removing my glove sighed-seek change of air-that, he from my right hand, and putting my hat said, was, under circumstances, impossi- and stick on the table, when, seeing a ble. I rose to go. He gave me two thin slip of paper lying on the spot guineas, and begged me to call the next where I intended to place them—appaevening. I left, not knowing what to rently a bill or promissory note~I was make of him. To tell the plain truth, my going to hand it over to Mr. Gloucester; suspicion was that he was neither niore but, to my astonishment, he suddenly 'nor less than a systematic London sharper sprung towards me, snatched from me -a gamester- a hanger-on about town, the paper, with an air of ill-disguised and that he had sent for me in conse- alarm, and crumpled it up into his quence of some of those sudden alterna- pocket, saying 'hurriedly, - Ha, ha, tions of fortune to which the lives of doctor-d-me !-this same little bit of such men are subject. I was by no paper--didn't see the name, eh? 'Tis means anxious for a prolonged attend the bill of an extravagant young friend ance on him.

of mine, whom l've just come down a About the same time next evening I cool hundred or two for- and it wouldn't paid him a second visit. He was streteh- be the handsome thing to let his name ed on the ottoman, enveloped in a gaudy appear-ha--you understand ?" He dressing-gown, with his arms folded on stammered confusedly, directing to me his breast, and his right foot hanging as sudden and penetrating a glance as I over the side of the ottoman, and dang- ever encountered. I felt excessively ün, ling about is in search of a stray easy, and inclined to take my departure slipper. I did not like this elaborately instantly. My suspicions were now concareless and conceited posture. A de- firmed—I was sitting familiarly with a canter or two, with some wine-glasses, swindler-a gambler--and the bill he stood on the table. He did not rise on was so anxious to conceal, was evidently my entering, but, with a languid air, wrung from one of his ruined dupes. begged me to be seated in a chair oppo- My demeanour was instantly frozen over site him. “Good evening, doctor-good with the most distant and frigid civility, evening,' said he in

low and hurried I begged him to be re-seated, and allow I am glad you are come, for if me to put a few more questions to him, you had not, I'm sure I don't know what as I was in great haste. I was thus enI should have done. I'm deucedly low gagéd, when a heavy knock was heard at to-night."

the outer door. Though there was no" Have you taken the medicines I thing particular in it, Mr. Gloucester prescribed, Mr. Gloucester ?" I in- started, and turned pale. In a few moquired, feeling his pulse, which fluttered ments I heard the sound of altercation irregularly, indicating a high degree of the door of the room in which we sat nervous excitement. He had taken was presently opened, and two men enmost of the physic I had ordered, he tered. Recollecting suddenly a similar said, but without perceiving any effect scene in my own early history, I felt from it. “In fact, doctor,'' he con- faint. There was no mistaking the tinued, starting from his recumbent po- character or errand of the two fellows, sition to his feet, and walking rapidly who now walked up to where we were three or four paces to and fro, “den sitting : they were two sullen Newgate me, if I know what's come to me. I myrmidons, and-gracious God !-had a feel as if I could cut my throat."! 'I in- warrant to arrest Mr. Gloucester for sinuated some questions for the purpose FORGERY!. I rose from my chair, and of ascertaining whether there was any staggered a few paces, I knew not whihereditary tendency to insanity in his ther. I could scarce preserve myself family, but it would not do. “He from falling on the floor. Mr. Glouces: saw," he said, “what I was driving at,ter, as soon as he caught sight of the but I was “ on a wrong scent."'. officers, fell back on the ottoman--sud




denly pressed his hand to his heart- in the condemned cells of Newgate !turned pale as death, and gasped, breath- The next day (Sunday) I entertained a less with horror.

party of friends at my house to dinner ; “ Gentlemen-what-what-do you to which I was just sitting down when want here?"

one of the servants put a note into my “ Isn't your name E-T-?" hand, of which the following is a copy: asked the elder of the two, coolly and • The chaplain of Newgate is earunconcernedly,

nestly resquested by E- T (the “N-0---my name is Glou-ces- young man sentenced to suffer for forter," stammered the wretched young gery next Tuesday morning), to present almost inaudibly. : his humble respects to Dr.

and Gloucester, eh ?-oh, d-me, none solicit the favour of a visit from him in of that there sort of blarney! Come, my the course of to-morrow (Monday). The kiddy-caged at last, eh ? We've been unhappy convict, Mr. believes, has long after you, and now you must be off something on his mind, which he is with us directly. Here's your pass- anxious to communicate to Dr. port,” said one of the officers pointing Newgate, September 28th, 182—," to the warrant. The young man uttered I felt it impossible, after perusing this a deep groan, and sunk senseless on the note, to enjoy the company I had insofa.

vited. What on earth could the culprit (The officers convey him away. The have to say to me ?—what unreasonable doctor quits him.)

request might he put me to the pain of The papers of the next morning ex- refusing ?-ought I to see him at all ?plained all. The young man “i living were questions which I incessantly proin Regent Street, in first-rate style, posed to myself during the evening, but who had summoned me to visit him, had felt unable to answer, I resolved, howcommitted a series of forgeries, for the ever, at last, to afford him the desired last eighteen months to a great amount, interview, and be at the cell of Newgate and with so much secresy and dexterity, in the course of the next evening, unless as to have, till then, escaped detection; my professional engagements prevented and had, for the last few months, been About six o'clock, therefore, on enjoying the produce of his skilful vil- Monday, after fortifying myself with a lany in the style I witnessed-passing few extra glasses of wine-for why himself off, in the circles where he asso- should I hesitate to acknowledge that I ciated, under the assumed name of Glou. apprehended much distress and agitation cester. The immediate cause of his ar- from witnessing so unusual a scene ?-1 rest was forging the acceptance of an drove to the Old Bailey, drew up oppoeminent mercantile house to a bill of site the governor's house, and was reexchange for 451. Poor fellow ! it was ceived by him very politely. He disshort work with him afterwards. He patched a turnkey to lead me to the cell was arraigned at the next September where my late patient, the soi-disant sessions of the Old Bailey—the case Mr. Gloucester, was immured in chilling clearly proved against him-he offered expectancy of his fate. no defence—was found guilty, and sen- Surely horror has appropriated these tenced to death. Shortly after this, gloomy regions for her peculiar dwellingwhile reading the papers one Saturday place! Who that has passed through morning, at breakfast, my eye lit on the them once can ever forget the long, narlisual gloomy annunciation of the re- . row, lamp-lit passages—the sepulchral corder's visit to Windsor, and report to silence, save where the ear is startled the king in council of the prisoners found with the clangour of iron doors closing guilty at the last Old Bailey Sessions— harshly before and behind-the dimly"all of whom,” the paragraph concluded, seen spectral figure of the prison-patrol “his majesty was graciously pleased to gliding along with loaded blunderbussrespite during his royal pleasure, except and the chilling consciousness of being E

on whom the law is left surrounded by so many fiends in human to take its course next Tuesday morn- shape-inhaling the foul atmosphere of ing.

all the concentrated crime and guilt of Transient, and any thing but agreea- the metropolis ! My heart leaped within : ble, as had been my intimacy with this me to listen even to my own echoing foot-miserable young man, I could not read falls ; and I felt several times inclined to

this intelligence with indifference. He return without fulfilling the purpose of . whom I had so very lately seen surround- my visit.

ed with the life-bought luxuries of a man of wealth and fashion, was now shiver- (To be concluded in our next.) ing the few remaining hours of his life

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of that city.

This interesting relic of monastic times and educated. There he was the disciis described at some length in Mr. Dra- ple of Cedda, a monk, who had been kard's valuable History of Stanford :- chamberlain to the king. After this,

The monastery of Black Monks, or he travelled into Italy and Gaul, and at Benedictines, dedicated to St. Leonard,* his return was made preceptor to Prince was situated about a quarter of a mile Alhfrid, Oswi's son. This prince, to east of Stamford, near the river. The reward his care and piety, gave him order was founded by St. Benedict,t lands at Stamford, in Lincolnshire, to and was brought into England in 596, maintain a monastery of ten families. by Austin. This building was begun Here he erected the priory to the hoabout the year 658, at the same time nour of St. Leonard. He afterwards with Peterborough Minster; but was founded a considerable monastery at finished somewhat earlier, and was the Ripon, in Yorkshire. In 669, Wilfrid oldest conventual church in all South was consecrated Archbishop of York, Mercia. It was founded by St. Wilfrid, and in 678, expelled from that see; but the elder, who, being educated at Lin- travelling the next year to Rome, on -coln, gave it to the Benedictine monks pleading his cause before Pope Agatho,

he was acquitted and restored. In 691, Wilfrid was born in the year 634, and he was again expelled; and in 703, displaying in his childhood an uncommon taking another journey to Rome, and propensity to knowledge, he was sent, making his appeal to Pope John VI., he under the patronage of Eanfleda, wife was a second

time restored to his bishopto Oswi, King of the Northumbrians, to ric. He afterwards became possessed the convent of Lindisfarne, to be taught of some property at Oundle, where he

* St. Leonard, a Frenchman, born at Le Nans, died in 709. was made bishop of Limousin, and obtained per- In 1082, the monastery was rebuilt mission of the King to set all captives free whoin by William the Conqueror and William as the patron of prisoners. 'He died about the Kairliph, Bishop of Durham, who gave

it to the priory and convent of that + St. Benedict was an Italian, and born at He is considered the father of all the

place. monks in Europe and until the reign of William The side aisles are both destroyed : the Conqueror, his was the only order in the these, when standing, made an extenwhole nation. Among other mon legends it is said, that, when the Goths invaded Italy, and

sive front, which, doubtless, was a beauset fire to his cell, tbe flames burnt round him in tiful specimen of workmanship. Accorda circle, and would not touch hin: and that, ing to Mr. Peck, it was also twice its remained unhurt, his clothes not being even present length, and even then beyond singed. He died March the 21st, 542.

the nave ascended the steeple, which


year 570.

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