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ations, 688. meditation on his of an orator of the Athenian or
intended attempt on the world Roman commonwealths, 670.
to a gun recoiling, iv. 14. Sin, her middle parts—to the
in Paradise-to a wolf preying (supposed) dogs of Scylla, ii.
on a fold, 183. to a thief break- 659. of the night hag, 662.
ing in at a house top, &c. 188. Spears—to ears of corn ripe for
to a tyger in view of a brace reaping, iv. 980.
of fawns, 403. detected by Stars, their orbs—to the Hespe-
Ithuriel there-to gunpowder rian gardens, &c. iii. 568.
taking fire, 814. reprehended Sun, his course turned at Adam's,
by Zephon-to a steed reined, &c. eating the forbidden fruit
in a fret, 857. bis army against -as at the banquet of Thy-
the celestials in number-to estes, x. 688.
the stars, v. 745. to the dew Uriel, his descent from the sun
drops, 746. their applause of on Paradise-to a shooting
his reply to Abdiel—to the star, iv. 555.
sound of deep waters, vi. 872. Waters, their flux into seas, &c.
himself recoiling on a blow on the creation--to drops on
received from Michael-to a dust, vii. 290. to armies form-
mountain sinking by an earth- ing themselves on sound of
quake, 193. his combat with trumpet, 294.
Michael-to two planets (the
frame of nature, supposed, dis- Sin and Death. (Vide Death
solved) rushing in opposition

and Sin.)
to each other, 310. view (in Sin described, ii. 650. her speech
the serpent) of Paradise and to Satan, and Death, at hell
Eve there-to citizen's gates, 727. reply to Satan, 747.
taking the air in the country her birth, 752. reply to his
from his home confinement, answer, 850. cpens hell gates
ix. 445. shape (transformed to to him, 871. speech to Death
a serpent) on his return to hell on Allam's fall, x. 235. to
after the temptation to the Satan, (meeting him returning
serpent Python, x. 529. his to hell,) on her and Death's
tempting Eve-alluded to by journey to the world after it,
the story of Ophion and Eury- 354. to Death on their arrival
nome, 578.

at Paradise, 691. reply to
Serpent, that entered by Satan Death's answer, 602. (Vide

-to those Hermione and Cad. Similies.)
mus were transformed to, ix. Sin, original, lost carnal the first
504. to that assumed by Æs- effect of it, ix. 1011. its solace,
culapius, 506. to those by 1042.
Jupiter Ammon and Capitoli- Slavery, original of it the inor-
nus, 508. his motion, wreath- dinancy of the passions, xii. 86.
ings, &c.-to the working of the justice of it, as
a ship in shifting winds, &c. quential on deviating from
513. his crest (preceding Eve virtue, &c. 97.
to the forbidden tree)-to an Soul, its faculties, v. 100. its
exhalation flaming (Will i'th' immortality discussed, x. 782.
wisp,) 634. his address intro- Spirits, their essence, and power,
ducing the temptation-to that i. 423, 789. their invisible ex-



istence on earth, iv. 677. the Time, respecting eternity, de-
elect, their hymn to God the fined, v. 580.
Father, and Son, iii. 372. Titan, (a fallen angel,) i. 510.
material,&c. faculties in spirits, Tradition censured, xii. 511.
V. 404, 433. vital, animal, and Tree of life. (Vide Life.) of
intellectual spirits progressive knowledge. (Vide Knowledge.)
from material nutrition, v. Truth, suffering for it, fortitude,
482. their existence in life, in- &c. xii. 569.
tellect, shape, &c. defined, vi. Tyranny,Nimrod's described, and

censured, xii. 24. origin of it,
Spring perpetual within the the inordinancy of the passions,

tropics, but for Adam's fall, 86. no excuse of the tyrant
x. 678.

(though just in consequence
Stars, their places, appearances,

of the subject,) 95.
&c. iii. 565. fed by the air, Tyrants, their plea for conquest,
v. 417. part of the fourth day's &c.compared with Satan's first
creation, vii. 357. receive their attempt on man, iv. 390.
light from the sun, 364. (Vide Twilight described, iv. 398.

Stars, and moon, their courses,
influences, &c. iv. 661.

Storms, &c. an effect of Adam's
fall, xi. 695.

Vacuity, God's omnipresence an
Styx, a river of hell, ii. 577. argument against it, vii. 168.
Sun, its appearance, place, and Valour, (or heroic virtue,) the

power, iii. 571. brightness de- common notion of it censured,
scribed, 591. orb fed by ex-

xi. 688.
halations from the grosser, v. Virtue, &c. with loss of freedom
423. part of the fourth day's ilegenerates, xi. 797. reason,
creation, vii. 354. the fountain and virtue, the same, xii. 98.
oflight, 364. setting described, Union conjugal. (Vide Conjugal
iv. 352, 539, 590. viii. 630. x.

92. its annual course, prociuc- Uriel (the angel of the sun,) iii.
ing intense heat and cold, an 622. his answer to Satan, 694.
effect of Adam's fall, 651. its directs him to the world, 724.
oblique motion from the equi- and Paradise, 733. descends
noctial, from the same cause,

thither himself, and informs
671. (Vide Similies.)

Gabriel of Satan's predescent,
iv. 555,561. encounters Adra-

melec, (a fallen angel,)wounds,

and puts him to flight, vi. 363.

(Vide Similies.)
Teachers (false) of the Christian Uzziel, (a guardian angel of

religion described, xii. 508. Paradise,) iv. 782.
Temperance, the effect of it long

life, xi. 530.
Thammuz or Adonis, (a fallen

angel,) i. 446.
Thunder, an effect of Adam's War, property the original of
fall, x. 666.

it, xi. 638. the corruptions


of peace equal to its wastes, xi. 614. every way the cause

of man's misery,(sarcastically,)
Waters separated from the earth, 632.

part of the third day's creation, Works, with faith in Christ,
vii. 282. (Vide Similies.)

eternal life, xii. 420.
Wife, her duty in danger, dis. World, the convex of its outer-
tress, &c. ix. 267. xi. 290.

most orb described, iii. 418.
Wind, the tempestuous power of by whom possessed, (sarcas-

it, an effect of Adam's fall, x. tically,) 444, 463. the creation
664, 695.

of the world, committed by
Wisdom, the sum of it, the love, God the Father, to God the
&c. of God, xii. 575.

Son, vii. 163. described, 218.
Wolves, (or false teachers,) the situation of it, respecting hea-

apostles' successors, described, ven and hell, x. 320. (Vide
xii. 507.

Woman, conjugal obedience her

happiness, &c. iv. 635. man's
love towards her, how con-
sistent with his superiority,
viii. 567. two of her loveliest Zephon, (a guardian angel
qualities, ix. 282. the effect of of Paradise,) iv. 783. repre-
leaving her to her own will, hends Satan's first attempt on
1182. his superiority over her Eve there, 823. reply to his
given him by God, x. 145, 195.

answer, 834.
a novelty, defect of nature, Zophiel (a cherub,)vi.535. alarms
&c. (sarcastically,) 888. the the celestial army, on the ap-
advantage of her social, over proach of Satan's to renew the
her artificial accomplishments, battle, 537.


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AARON, xii. 170.

Abrupt, ii. 409.
Aaron's, iii. 598.

Absence, v. 110. vii. 107. ix. 248,
Abandon, vi. 494.

294, 861.
Abandon'd, vi. 134. x. 717. Absent, iii. 261. viii. 29. X. 82.
Abarim, i. 408.

Absents, ix. 372. x. 108.
Abash’d, i. 331. iv. 846. viji. 595. Absolve, iii. 291. x. 829.
ix. 1065. X. 161.

Absolv'd, vii. 94.
Abassin, iv. 280.

Absolute, ii. 560.jji. 115. iv. 301.
Abated, xi. 841.

viii. 421, 547. X. 483. xi. 311.
Abbana, i. 469.

xii. 68.
Abdiel, v. 805, 896. vi. 111, 171, Absolutely, ix. 1156.

Abstain, iv. 748. vii. 120. x. 557,
Abhor, iv. 392. v. 120. xi. 686. 993.
Abhorred, ii. 87, 577.

Abstain'd, ix. 1022.
Abhorr'd, ii. 659. vi. 607. Abstinence, ix. 924.
Abhorr'st, xii. 79.

Abstract, viii. 462.
Abide, i. 385. iv. 87. v. 609. Abstracted, ix. 463.
Abides, iii. 388. xi. 292.

Abstruse, viii. 40.
Abject, i. 312, 322. ix. 572. xi. Abstrusest, v. 712.

Abundance, iv. 730. v. 315. ix.
Abjure, viii. 480.

Able, iii. 211. iv. 155. v. 70. X. Abundance, v. 72. vii. 388.
819, 950. xii. 491.

Abundantly, viii. 220.
Abode, iii. 734. iv. 939. vii. 553. Abuse, iv. 204. v. 800.
Abolish, ii. 870. iii. 163. ix. 947. Abus'd, i. 479.
Abolish'd, ii. 93.

Abyss, i. 21, 658. ii. 405, 518,
Abominable, ii. 626. X. 465. 910, 917, 956, 960, 1027. ii.
Abominations, i. 389.

83, 936. vii. 211, 234. x. 314,
Abortive, ii. 441. iii. 456. xi. 769. 371, 476, 842. xii. 555.
Abound, vi. 502. xii. 478. Acanthus, iv. 696.
Abounded, iii. 312.

Accaron, i. 466.
Abounds, iii. 312.

Accent, ii. 118. ix. 321.
Abraham, xii. 152, 260, 268, 273, Accept, ii. 58, 425, 452. iii. 302.

iv. 380. ix. 629. X. 758. xi, 37,
Abraham's, xii. 417, 449.


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