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bower of Adam and Eve there, the forbidden fruit, ix. 782. on
iv. 690. the parade, watches, Adam's, 1000.
&c. of the guardian angels in
Paradise, iv. 778, 782, 861,
977. the hill there, from

whence Michael discovers to
Adam in vision what should Rainbow, its first appearance
happen to the time of the after Noah's flood, xi. $65.
flood, xi. 377. Adam and Eve's sign of God's covenant to
expulsion from Paradise de- destroy the world no more by
scribed, xii. 625. the flaming water, 895.
sword, &c. guarding the east Ramiel, Ariel, and Arioc, (fallen
gate of it, 632. the seat of it angels,) vanquished, vi. 369.
destroyed by Noah's flood, xi. Raphael (the Archangel), his
829. (Vide Similies.)

descent to Paradise to warn
Passions inordinate, an effect of Adam against his fall, v. 247.
Adam's fall, ix. 1120.

his person described, 276. an-
Patriarchal government, from swer to Adam's invitation to

the flood to Nimrod's tyranny, his bower, and entertainment
xii. 13.

there, 371, 404. salutation of
Patriarchs, (Abraham's, &c.) their Eve, 388. discourse with Adam
story related, xii. 113.

on various subjects, v. 468. to
Peace, the corruptions of it equal viii. 651, on the perfection, va-

to the wastes of war, xi. 783. riety, and gradual economy of
Peor or Chemos, (a fallen angel,) the creation, v. 468-543. 00
i. 412.

obedience, as a duty of choice,
Persecution in matters spiritual, not necessity, 520–543. on the

the rise of it, xii. 508-533. revolt and defeat of the fallen
its effects, 533.

angels,577—897. thence wards
Phlegethon, (a river of hell,) ii. him against Satan's tempta-

tions, vi. 893. vanquishes As-
Plagues of Egypt described, xii. madai, and puts him to flight,

363. on the creation, &c. vii.
Planets and moon, their noxious 111-640. on the motion, ap-
motions, aspects, &c. an effect

pearances, and influences of
of Adam's fall, x. 656.

the celestial and terrestrial
Pleasures sensual censured, xi. bodies, viii. 15–178. reply to

Adam's account of himself
Poles, north and south, perpetual on his creation, &c. 560. re-

day under both, but for Adam's ply to bis question concerning
fall, x. 668, 680.

love, and the expression of it
Prayer, the efficacy of its spirit, in spirits celestial, 620. advice

xi. 5, 14, 146. unavailable to Adam at parting, and re-
against God's absolute decrees, ascent to heaven, 630.

Predestination defined, iii. 111. Reason, and free-will, the same,
Priests occasion the first dissen- iv. 95, 108. ix. 350. the chief

sion in the Jewish church and faculty of the soul, v. 100. the
state, xii. 353.

being of the soul, discursive
Prosopopæia, on Eve's cating of men, intuitive of angels,


486. in animal creatures, viii.
369. the law of nature, ix. 653.
correlative with liberty, xii. 83.

with virtue, 97.
Redemption of man, proposed

by God the Father, iii. 203.
undertaken by God the Son,

Repentance, the grace of God, iii.

185. sincere endeavours to-
wards it acceptable, 191. an
act of it, X. 1086. its efficacy,

xi. 22.
Reprobation, the state of it, iii.

Reptiles, part of the sixth day's

creation, described, vii. 475.
Revolt, and defeat of the fallen

angels, v. 577. to vi. 892.
Rimmon, (a fallen angel,) i. 467.


Sabbath, its institution, the

seventh, after the six days'
creation, vii. 581.the solemnity

of it described, 594.
Salvation, not only to the sons

of Abraham's loins, but his

faith, xii. 449.
Satan, (the prince of the fallen

angels,) his fall from heaven,
i. 34. why so called, i. 81. v.
657. speech to Beelzebub, after
their fall, i. 84. reply to Beelze-
bub's answer, 157. ascent from
hell, 192. his stature, looks, &c.
described, 193. iv. 985. v. 706.
speech to Beelzebub thereon, i.
242. his shield described, 284.
his spear, 292. speech to the
other fallen angels, 315. his
standard described,531. speech
to the fallen angels reimbattled,
622. calls a council, 752. speech
to them in council, ii. 11. un-
dertakes an attempt on the
world, the result of it,) 430,
465. ascent to the gates of hell,

629. speech to Death there,681.
the father of Sin, and Death,
727. answer to Sin's speech,
737. to her reply, 817. Aight
into Chaos, 917. arrival at the
court of Chaos, 951. speech
there, 968. brought Sin and
Death first into the world,
1024, ascent to light, &c. 1034.
alights on the convex of the
world's outermost orb, iii. 418.
view of the world from the first
step to heaven gate, 540. de-
scent to it described, 561. stops
at the sun,588. discovers Uriel,
the angel of it, there, 621.
transforms himself to a cherub,
634. speech to Uriel, 654.
deceives him, 681. is directed
by him to the world, 724. and
Paradise, 733. alights on
mount Niphates, 739. solilo-
quy, contemplating the sun,
iv. 32. the first hypocrite, 121.
arrives at Paradise, 131. sits
on the tree of life, 194. solilo-
quy on view of Adam and Eve
in Paradise, 358. descends
from the tree of life, and as-
sumes several animal shapes,
395. listens to Adam's dis-
course with Eve, on God's
prohibition of the tree of
knowledge, 408. soliloquy on
the subject of it, 505. resolves
thence to tempt them to dis-
obedience, 512. first attempt
in the assumed shape of a toad, .
on Eve asleep, 799. answer to
Ithuriel and Zephon, repre-
hending him thereon, 827.
reply to their answer, 854.
answer to Gabriel, 886. reply
to his answer, 925. to another,
968. the inauguration of God
the Son, the occasion of his
revolt, v. 657. speech to the
next subordinate angel of his
party thereon, 673. the seat of
his hierarchy before his fall,

described, 756. speech to the at Pandemonium, 443. speech
angels of his hierarchy thereon, to the fallen angels assembled
772. reply to Abdiel's answer, there, 459. applauded with a
on his speech to the hierarchs hiss, 504. he and they trans-
of his party, 853. his army de- formed to serpents, 510. far-
scribed, vi. 79. his port, and ther punished with an illusion
post there, 99. answer to Ab- of the forbidden fruit, 549. both
diel's reply, 150. battle be- annually continued, 575. him-
tween his and the celestial self (the serpent) dragged in
army, described, 205-395. his chains at the ascension of the
prowess in the battle, 246. Messiah, xii. 453. dissolution
encounters Michael, 253. an- (with the world) at his coming
swer to Michael's speech there- to judgment, 545. (Vide Si-
on, 281. the combat described, milies.)
296. wounded by him, 320. Saturn, (a fallen angel,) i. 512.
carried off, 335. his army de- Scriptures how to be understood,
feated, 386. retreats, and calls xii. 511.
a council, 414. speech in Seasons, their changes, respect-
council, 418. reply to Nisroch ing each clime, an effect of
there, 469. gives the word for Adam's fall, x. 677.
renewing the battle, 458. re- Serpent described, ix. 189. after
newed by his army, and the entered by Satan, 495. his
second battle described, 569, sentence(formally) pronounced
670. speech on the celestial by God the Son, as the as-
army's retreat, 608. his army's sumed tempter of Eve, x, 163,
entire defeat and expulsion 175. (Vide Similies.)
from heaven described, 831– Sidereal blasts, &c. an effect of
877. returns from compassing

Adam's fall, x. 692.
the earth to Paradise by night,
in a mist, in order to his tempt-

ation, ix. 53. his circuit, &c.
described, 62. soliloquy there- Adam and Eve, after their fall —
on, 99. enters the serpent, to the Americans, at first seen
182. view (in that shape) of by Columbus, ix. 1115. their
Eve, 424. soliloquy thereon, repentance-to Deucalion and
473. behaviour to her, 523. Pyrrha's address to restore
speech to her, 532. reply to her human race after their flood,
answer, 567. the discourse (his

xi. 8.
temptation of Eve to eat the Adam caressing Eve—to Jupiter
forbidden fruit) continued,732. with Juno (May-showers,) iv.
leaves her after eating it, 784. 499. his address to her sleep-
his sentence thereon (virtually) ing-to Zephyrus breathing on
pronounced by God the Son, Flora, v. 15. bower--to Po-
x. 171. returns to hell to avoid mona's arbour, 377. desires to
his presence in Paradise, 337. know the story of the creation,
meets Sin and Death upon prior to his own-10 thirst
their journey to the world on unallayed, increasing, vii. 66.
Adam's, &c. fall, 345. answer awaked after carnal fruition,
to Sin's speech, 383. parts with the first effect of his fall- to
them, 410, ascends his throne Samson shorn by Dalilah, ix.

1059. sorrow on the vision of 781, their applause of Mam-
Noah's flood—to a father's mon's speech in council-to
mourning his children all de- the hollow wind after a storm,
stroyed in his view at once, xi. ii. 285. their rising from coun-

cil-to thunder afar off, 4 76.
Angels celestial, the spears (ot their pleasure on the result

the guardians of Paradise)—to to the evening sun after a foul
ears of corn ripe for reaping, day, 488. their after various
iv. 980. their march against pursuits, passions, &c.—to the
Satan's army-to that of the Olympic, or Pythian games,
birds in Paradise to receive 530. to the phenomena of
their names from Adam, vi. armies in the clouds, 533. to
72. their hallelujahs—to the Hercules on Eta, 543. their
sound of seas, x. 642. (ap- numbers composing Satan's
pointed to expel Adam, &c. army against the celestials-to
from Paradise)—their faces to the stars, v. 745. to the dew
a double Janus (four,) xi. 128. drops, 746. their applause of

eyes—to those of Argus, Satan's reply to Abdiel—to the
129. their appearance there- sound of deep waters, 872.
to the angels appearing to thronged together after their
Jacob in Mahanaim, 213. to entire defeat by God the Son-
those in Dothan against the to a herd of goats, vi. 856. their
king of Assyria, 216. their retreat to Pandemonium from
motion—to an evening mist, the frontiers of hell, during
xii. 628.

Satan's expedition to the world
Angels fallen (or infernal)-to -to the Tartars' flight before

autumnal leaves, i. 802.10 he Russ—and the Persian
floating sea-sedge after a storm, from the Turk-wasting the
304. rousing at Satan's com- intermediate country, X. 431.
mand—to centinels waking transformation to serpents-to
from sleep on duty, 331. im- those sprung from the gorgon's
battling against the angels ce- blood, &c. 526. their appear-
lestial—to the Egyptian plague ance on the tree illusive of the
of locusts, 338. to the irrup- forbidden fruit-to the snaky
tions of the northern bar- hair of Megara (one of the
barians, 351. their disposition furies,) 558. the fruit—to the
to engage-to that of the

apples of Sodom, 561.
heroes of antiquity, 549. with Chaos. Atoms, their motion—to
them, the greatest armies in the Libyan quicksands, ii. 900.
all ages since the creation- confusion there—to storming
pigmies, 573. themselves to a town, 920. to heaven and
oaks or pines blasted, 612. their earth (supposed) falling, &c.
searching, &c. for the materials 924.
of Pandemonium-to pioneers Death, and Sin, their making a
intrenching, &c. 675. their bridge over Chaos to the world
manner of raising it to the --to polar winds, driving the
wind of an organ, 705. as- ice together in the (supposed)
sembling thereat-to bees,768. north-east passage, x. 289. the
to pigmies, 780. to fairies, work-to Neptune's fixing the

cury, 285.

isle of Delos, 293. to Xerxes brought up.) 275. to mount
making a bridge over the Amara (in Ethiopia), 280. to
Hellespont, 306.

the gardens of Adonis, ix. 439.
Death's instinct of Adam's fall- of Alcinous, 440. of Solomon,

to the flight of birds of prey to 442.
a field of battle, x. 273. his and Raphael, his view of the world ia
Satan's frowns on each other his descent from heaven to
-to two thunder clouds meet- Paradise-to that of the moon
ing, ii. 714.

through an optic glass, v. 261.
Eve-her hair-to the vine's of Delos or Samos from the

tendrils, iv. 305. her looks to Cyclades (isles), v. 264. himself
the first blush of morning, v. --to a phenix, 271. to Mer.
122. herself—to Pandora, iv.
713. to a wood-nymph, or Satan---to Briareus, Typhon, and
Venus, v. 379. to a Dryad, the Leviathan, i. 199, 201. to
or Delia (Diana,) ix. 387. to the sun rising in a mist, 594.
Pales or Pomona, 393. to Ceres, in eclipse, 596. to the longest
395. her temptation by Satan train of a comet, ii. 707. to
--alluded to by the story of mount Teneriff or Atlas, iv.

Ophion and Eurynome, x. 578. 985. his shield-to the moon,
Flaming sword in Paradise, on i. 284. his spear-to a mast,

Adam's and Eve's expulsion 292. bis standard-to a meteor,
thence—to a comet, xii. 632. 337. the phenomenon of his
its heat, &c.—to the Libyan ascent to hell-gates—to a fleet
air, 634.

in the offing, ii. 636. his, and
Hell--to mount Ætna (in Sicily,) Death's frowns on each other

i. 230. to the bog or lake -to two thunder-clouds meet-

Serbonis (in Palestine,) ii. 592. ing, 714. flight to the court of
Knowledge, the desires of it-to Chaos—to à griffin's in the

a thirst unallayed, increasing, wilderness, 943. towards hea-
vii. 66.

ven-to (the ship) Argo
Michael, his combat with Satan through the Thracian Bos-

-to two planets (the frame phorus, i. 1016. to Ulysses's
of nature, supposed, dissolved)

voyage between Scylla and
rushing in opposition to each Charybdis, ii. 1019. arrival at
other, vi. 310. appearance to light, &c.—to a weather-
expel Adam, &c. from Paradise beaten vessel towards port,

to a man in a military vest, 1043. on the convex of the
&c. xi. 239.

world's outermost orb—to a
Pandemonium (or the court of vulture seeking his prey, iïi.

hell) its sudden rise-to an 431. first view of the world
exhalation, i. 710

to a scout's casual prospect
Paradise, the air of it-to the (after a dangerous journey) of

effluvia from Arabia Felix, at a new country or city, 543.
sea, iv. 159. itself-to the of the stars' orbs-to the
field of Enna (in Sicily,) 268. Hesperian gardens, &c. 568.
to the grove of Daphne, &c. appearance in the sun's orb
(in Thessaly,) 272. to the isle -10 a spot in it differing
of Nysa, (where Bacchus was from all astronomical observ-

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