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appoints God the Son to end
it, 680. chariot (the Father's)
decribed, 749. speech to the
Son, resolving the creation of
the world, vii. 139. commits
the work to him, 163. his
(the Father's) omnipresence,
168, 588. goodness, free, 170.
will, fate, 173. institution of
the Sabbath (by God the Fa-
ther and Son) the seventh
after the six days of the
creation, 581. the solemnity
of it described, 594. speech
(the Father's) on the guar-
dian angel's return from Pa-
radise upon Adam's, &c. fall,
X. 34. appoints the Son judge
of it, 55. speech to the celes-
tials on Sin and Death's en-
trance into the world thereby,
614. promise of their dissolu-
tion, and renovation of hea-
ven and earth, 633. charge
to the angels, touching the
changes in the creation on
the fall, 649. answer to the
Son's intercession on Adam's
repentance, xi. 45. speech to
the celestials, convened at his
decreeing his expulsion from
Paradise, 84. to Michael

thereon, 99.
God the Son, at the right hand

of the Father, iii. 62. his (the
Father's) essence, &c. 138. his
word, &c. 169. vii. 163. an-
swer to him on Satan's design
on the creation, man, &c. iij.
144. on his proposing the
manner, &c. of man's re-
demption, 227. undertakes it,
236. love to man, and filial
obedience, 266. the second
Adam, 285. his merits alone
imputative to man, 290. xii.
406. his resurrection, as God
and man, decreed, iii. 303.
equal to the Father, 305. his
(the Son's) attributes, 383.

answer to the Father on Sa.
tan's, &c. revolt, vi. 733. the
image of the Father, iii. 383.
vi. 680, 736. the Messiah,
718, 881. answer to the Fa-
ther, appointing him to end
the battle between the celes-
tial and revolted angels, 723.
undertakes it, 730. his ar-
mour, equipage, &c. de-
scribed, 760. speech to the

army, 800. solely
attacks the revolters, 824.
entirely defeats them, 838.
The action and defeat de-
scribed, 631-877. returns in
triumph, 878. his person,
equipage, &c. in the work
of the creation described, vii.
192. re-ascent to heaven after
it, 550. institution of the sab-
bath (by God the Father and
Son) the seventh after the six
days creation, 581. the so-
lemnity of it described, 594.
answer the Son's) to Adam,
on his solitude in Paradise,
viii. 369. to his reply, 398.
to another, (promises him a
consort,) 437. appointed by
the Father judge of Adam's
transgression (fall), x. 55. all
judgment committed to him,
56. the mercy of it, 58. an-
swer to the Father thereon,
68. descent to Eden, 85. call
to Adam there, 103. reply to
his answer, (accusing Eve,)
119. to his reply, 144. to Eve,
(accusing the serpent,) 157.
sentence pronounced by him
on the serpent, 163, 175. ex-
plained, 182. on Eve, 192. on
Adam, 197. clothes them
with skins, &c. 211. re-ascent
to the Father, and interces-
sion for them, 224. the justice
of his sentence, 754. bis in-
tercession on their repent-
ance, xi. 22. (Vide Messiah.)

i. 399.

God, purity of adoration more 618.its gates, 645, first opened

acceptable to him than ritual, by Sin, 871. how situated, re-
iv. 736. all good proceeds from, specting'heaven,and the world,
and returns to him, v. 469. to X. 322. (Vide Similies.)
be contemplated in the works Hierarchies of heaven, before the
of the creation,508. acts imme- revolt of the fallen angels, de-
diate, vii. 176. thecentre of hea- scribed, v. 579.
ven, ix. 107. his absolute de- Hinnom, the valley of, whence
crees, xi, 311. omnipresence, called Tophet and Gehenna,
goodness, &c. 335. the fear of
him, &c. with loss of freedom, Holy Ghost, its effusion, &c.
degenerates, 797, particular at the creation, vii. 195. de-
presence, xii. 48. to obey, love, scent, &c. on the apostles, and
depend on his providence, &c. all baptized, xii. 485. promised
the sum of knowledge, 557. and given alike to all believers,
and wisdom, 575.

xii. 518.
Gospel how to be understood, Hospitality, an incitation to it,
xii. 511.

V. 316.
Grace of God, man its object, Hymn to light, iii. 1. to God

and devils eternally excluded the Father and Son, 372. on
from it, why, iii. 129. man's conjugal love, iv. 750. on the
long resistance of it alone ex- creation, vii. 180, 252, 557,
clusive, 198. repentance a fruit 602.
of it, xi

. 22, the spirits of it, Hypocrisy visible to God alope,
and liberty, consorts, xii. 525. iii. 682.
Gratitude exerted, a discharge of Hypocrites, Satan the first, ir.
its debt, iv. 55.

121. pretenders to supernatural
Gunpowder, guns, &c. the ori- purity, &c. 744.

ginal invention ascribed to the
Devil, vi. 478, 484. discharge
described, 584.


Idolatry, the original rise of it

assigned, i. 364. of the post-

diluvian world, xii. 115.
Heaven and earth, their final re- Jealousy, the lover's hell, v. 449.

novation by fire, xi. 898. xii. Immortality of the soul discussed,
547. after-happiness therein, X. 782.
463, 549.

Innocence, the state of it de-
Heaven, the joys, &c. of it de- scribed, iv, 312, 492, 738. F.

scribed, iii. 344. its gate, 501. 211, 303, 443. viii. 40, 510.
v. 253. passage from thence to Intellectual beings, a faculty of
the world, iii. 526. its general them, ii. 146.
creation, 716, visible, the study Invocations, the author's, i. 6.
of it how necessary, viii. 66. iii. 51. vii. 1. xi. 20.
speculations of its motions, or Jove, (a fallen angel,) i. 512.
the earth's, censured, 70. how Israelites, the story of their bond-
situated, respecting the world, age, and deliverance from
and hell, x. 320.

Egypt, related, xii. 163. of the
Hell described, i. 60, 228. ii. 587, settlement of their civil and
iii. 495.

sacred economy in the wilder- Life, the tree of it described, iv.
ness, 223. establishment in 218. where situated, ix. 69.
Canaan, 260. reason, use, &c. Life, long, by temperance, xi.
of their ritual laws, 280. go- 530. the great rule of it re-
vernment by judges and kings, specting itself, 553.
315. captivity in Babylon, 335. Light, hymn to it, iii. 1. the first
return from thence, after dis- day's creation, described, vii.
sentions, &c. to the birth of 243.

the Messiah, &c. 345-359. Lightning how produced, X.
Isis, (a fallen angel,) i. 478.

Itburiel, (a guardian angel of Limbo, or fools' Paradise, where,

Paradise,) iv. 788. detects
Satan's first attempt on Eve Lion, a beast of prey, an effect
there, 810.

of Adam's fall, xi. 187.
Love, conjugal, its praises, iv.

750. distinguished from that

of an amour, 763. consists in

reason, not passion, viii. 586.
Knowledge of good and evil, the defined, 589. in spirits celestial,

tree of it, how situated, iv. 220. the expression of it what, and
ix. 626. described, ix. 575. how, 620. smiles the food of
forbidden to Adam, vii. 542. love, ix. 239. founded in rea-
viii. 343. Satan's encomium of son, one end of human life,

it, ix. 679. Eve's, 795, 863. ix. 241.
Knowledge (or opinion) the re- Lucifer, Satan why so called, x.

sult of reason and fancy, v. 100. 425. (Vide Satan.)
without restraint, folly, vii. Lust carnal, the effect of Adam's
126. viii. 188. xii. 560. of things &c. fall, ix. 1011. the solace of

necessary, wisdom, viii. 192. it, 1042.
Knowledge of future events, the

desire of it reprehended, xi.
770. its sum, the love, fear,

&c. of God, xii. 557. in animal
creatures asserted, viii. 369. Mammon, (a fallen angel,) i.678.
(Vide Similies.)

his speech in the council called

by Satan after their fall, ii. 229.

Man, fallen, the object of grace,

why, iii. 130. his long resist-

ance of it alone exclusive, 198.
Lethe, a river of hell, described, redemption proposed by God

ii. 582. Medusa the guard of the Father, 203. undertaken
it, 610.

by God the Son, 227. the Son's
Leviathan described, i. 201. merits alone imputative to him,
Liberty, with the loss of it, vir- towards it, how, 290.

tue, &c. degenerates, xi. 797. Man created to repair the loss
Adam's fall, the first cause of of the fallen angels, iii. 667.
it, xii. 82.

ix. 143. his creation (part of
Liberty, the same with reason, the sixth day's) described, vii.
xii. 83.

524. dominion over the rest,

520, love to woman, how con-
sistent with his superiority,
viii. 567. the whole creation
in little, ix. 109. angels bis
guardians, 154. his superiority
over the woman given him by
God, x. 145, 195. pursuing
his appetites, disfigures not
God's image, but his own, xi.
515. conformity to the divine
will, the true end of his crea-
tion, xi. 603. absolute dominion
over his brethren (men) an
usurpation, xii. 64. given him
by God only over the crea-

tures, 67.
Matches, conjugal, the modern

censured, viii. 57. respecting

the woman particularly, x. 888.
Medusa, the guard of Lethe, ii.

Mercy, God's first and last attri-

bute, iii. 132.
Messiah promised, x. 181. the

promise explained, x. 182. xii.
386. his birth, &c. and king-
dom described, 359. why called
the seed of the woman, 376.
life and passion, 388. resurrec-
tion, and mission of the apo-
stles, 420. ascension, &c. 451.
coming to judgment, &c. 458,

Michael (the Archangel) ap-

pointed one of the chiefs of
ihe celestial army against the
revolted angels, vi. 44. his
prowess, &c. in the battle,
250. speech to Satan encoun-
tering him, 262. the combat
described, 296. wounds Satan,
320. the revolters defeated,
encamps on the field of bat-
tle, 410. prepares to expel
Adam, &c. from Paradise, xi.
126. his appearance, &c. there

238. speech to Adam
thereon, 251. ply to Eve la-
menting the threatened ex-

pulsion, 886. to Adam on the
same subject, 334. discovers
to him (in vision) what should
happen to the time of the
flood, 423—867. the story of
Cain and Abel, 429. death,
with its causes and variety,
466. the state of the aptedi-
lurian world, in common,
556. the state of it, (civil, or
in propriety,) 638. the story
of Enoch, 664. of Noah, 700.
the flood, 738. God's covenant
to destroy the world no more
by water, 890. discovers to
him (relatively) what should
happen from the flood to
the general resurrection, xii.
6-551. the patriarchal ge-
vernment, 13. Nimrod's ty-
ranny, 24. the building and
confusion at Babel, 38. the
story of Cham, 101, of Abra-
ham and the patriarchs, 113.
of the Israelites' bondage in
Egypt, and deliverance thence,
163. of the settlement of their
civil and sacred economy in
the wilderness, and establish-
ment in Canaan, 223. of their
various ritual laws, their rea-
son, use, &c. 280. of their
government by judges and
kings, 315. of their captivity
in Babylon, 335. of their re-
turn from thence, after-dis-
sentions, the birth and king-
dom of the Messiah, 345–371.
of his life, passion, resurrec-
tion, mission of the apostles,
ascension, &c. 388-465. of
the mission of the Holy Ghost,
gift of tongues, miracles, &c.
4854504, of the apostles' suc-
cessors, (false teachers, &c.)
their ambition, innovations,
&c. the effects of them, and
the Messiah's coming to judg-
ment, 507-551. his answer

to Adam's resolution of future tyranny described and cen-
obedience, &c. commends, ad- sured, xii. 24.
vises him, and warns him to Nisroch, (a fallen angel,) vi. 446.
quit Paradise, 575. leads him his answer to Satan in council
and Eve out, 637. (Vide Si- after their defeat by the celes-

tial angels, vi. 451.
lind, the force of it, i. 254. Noah, his reprehension of the

discourse, its food, ix. 237. antediluvian world, xi. 719,
Moloch, (a fallen angel,) i. 392. 808. building the ark, &c. 728.

his speech in the council called entering it, with his family,
by Satan after their fall, ii. 51. the creatures, &c. 733. the
defies Gabriel in the battle flood described, 738, 824. its
between the celestial and re- abatement, the ark's resting,
volted angels, vi. 357. is &c. 841. his descent from it,
wounded by him and flies, the appearance of the rainbow,
vi. 360.

&c. 861.
Moon, supposed inhabited by Noon described, v. 300.

translated saints and middle
spirits, iii. 459. its office, 726.
rising described, iv. 606. the

spots in it, vapours not yet
consolidated with its body, v. Obedience, conjugal, woman's
418. part of the fourth day's happiness, &c. iv. 635. of will,
creation, vii. 356. receives its not necessity, only acceptable
light from the sun, 375. mo- to God, v. 529.
tion, aspects, 379.

Old age described, xi. 535.
Moon and stars, their courses, Omens of Adam's expulsion from
influences, &c. iv. 661.

Paradise, xi. 182.
Moon and planets, their noxious Opinion (or knowledge.) (Vide

motion, aspects, &c. an effect Knowledge or opinion.)
of Adam's fall, x. 656.

Orbs celestial, and terrestrial,
Morning in heaven described, notions about their motions,
vi. 12.

appearance, &c. doubtful, and
Morning, natural, described, v.

not necessary to the improve-
1, 20. ix. 192. xi, 133.

ment of happiness, &c. viii.
Moses and Aaron, their mission 78-178.
to Egypt, xii. 170.

Orus, (a fallen angel,) i. 478.
Mulciber, (a fallen angel,) i. 740. Osiris, (another,) ibid.



Night in heaven described, v.

Night and day in heaven de-

scribed, vi. 4.
Night natural described, iv. 604,

776. v. 38. ix. 48. at Adam's

fall, x. 846.
Nimrod (the first monarcb) his

Pandemonium (the court of hell)

described, i. 710. (Vide Si-

Paradise (or the garden of Eden)

described, iv. 131, 214. v. 291.
vii. 537. viii. 304. ix. 459. the
eastern gate of it, iv. 542.
guarded by Gabriel, 549. the

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