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Satan's subtilty, and the nation, 370. discourse with
means to resist it, &c.) ix. Michael, discovering to him
205-384. care and fears for in vision what should happen
her in absence, 838. meets in the world till the flood,
her returning with the for- 450–867. discourse with him,
bidden fruit, 847. soliloquy relating what should happen
lamenting her transgression, to the general resurrection,
896. resolves to die with her, xii. 61-551. general reply to
907. speech to her thereon, him, (resolutions of future
921. eats the forbidden fruit, obedience, dependence on
996. incites her to carnal God's providence, &c.) 552.
fruition, (the first effect of it,) (Vide Eve. Michael. Raphael.
1011, 1016. the place, &c. Similies.)
described, 1037. after-speech Adonis, a river in Syria, i. 450.
to her on their fall and na- Adramelec and Asmadai, fallen
kedness, 1067: another, charg- angels, wounded, and put to
ing her as the aggressor, 1132. flight, vi. 365.
reply to her answer, (recrimi- Air first clouded on Adam's fall,
nates her affected self-suffici-

xi. 182.
ency, &c.) 1162. answer to Allusions. (Vide Similies.)
God (the Son), calling him Amarant, a flower transplanted
to judgment, x. 115. reply to from Paradise to heaven, iii.
him, (accuses Eve,) 124. the 352.
sentence pronounced on him, Ambition censured, ii. 482. a
197. soliloquy thereon, 720. cause of Satan's fall, iv. 86.
continued, 854. wishes for Angels (celestial) obey God of
his dissolution, 746, 771. choice, not necessity, v. 535.
reflections the immor- imbattled against Satan, and
tality of the soul, &c. 782. the fallen angels, vi. 15. their
repulsory speech to Eve at- signal and march, v. 56. signal
tempting to consolate him, to engage, and engagement,
866. relents towards her, 937. vi. 202. prevail, 386. dispo-
reply to her (accusing herself sition to re-engage, 524. re-
as the first in transgression) treat, 597. rally again, and
947. answer (to her reply ad- renew the fight, 634. their
vising to die by their own song on the creation, vü. 180,
hands,) 1013. resolves the 252, 557, 609. on its dissolu-
contrary, (submission to God's tion and renovation, x. 641.
will, and repentance,) 1028. guardians of Paradise, their
speech to Eve (on the efficacy parade, watches, &c. iv. 778,
of prayer, &c.) xi. 140. hails 782, 861, 977. v. 287. re-
her the mother of mankind, ascent to heaven on Adam's
158. speech to her on the fall, x. 17. appointed to expel
omens preceding their expul- Adam, &c. from Paradise, si.
sion from Paradise, 193. on 127. descent there, vii. 208.
the view of Michael approach- post assigned, viii. 220. march
ing, 226. behaviour on receive possessing it, and expelling
ing the message, 269. speech him, &c. xii. 626. (Vide God
to Michael thereon, 295. resig- the Father and Son,



milies.) guardians of mankind,

ix. 152.
Angels, fallen, their after-state, Baalim and Ashtaroth, (fallen

i. 50, 339. numbers, 331. v. angels,) i. 422.
743. names, i. 374. various Babel, the city and tower, built
pursuits, &c. ii. 528. loss sup- by Nimrod, &c. xii. 38. the
plied by man's creation, iii. confusion of languages there
677. embattled against the described, 48.
angels celestial, vi. 79. en- Baptism, what the sign of, xii.
gagement, 202. defeat, 386. 442.
disposition to re-engage, 507. Baptized, the Holy Ghost given
their artillery-cannon, &c. primitively to all such, xii.
572. prevail, 597. entire de- 497.
feat and expulsion from hea- Battle, &c. between the celestial
ven, 831-877. transformed and fallen angels, (God the
to serpents, x. 519. further Son concluding it,) described,
punished with an illusion of vi. 202—877. (Vide Angels
the forbidden fruit, 547. both Celestial, and Fallen.)
annually continued, 575. (Vide Beasts, part of the sixth day's
Satan. Similies.)

creation, described, vii. 453.
Apostles, their mission, &c. xii. Beelzebub, (a fallen angel,) i.

439. gift of the Holy Ghost, 79. 'described, ii. 299. his an-
497. successors (wolves, false swer to Satan's first speech

teachers, &c. described,) 508. after their fall, i. 128. to his
Argument of the poem, i. 1. ix. second, 272. speech in coun-

cil, called by Satan thereon,
Ariel, Arioc, and Ramiel, (fallen ii. 310. promotes an attempt

angels,) vanquished, vi. 369. on the world, 345.
Ark, its building by Noah, de. Belial, (a fallen angel,) i. 290.

scribed, xi. 728. (Vide Noah.) described, ii. 108. his speech
Ark of the covenant described, in council, 119. to Satan, on
xii. 249.

their advantage gained in the
Ashtaroth and Baalim, (fallen re-engagement with the ce-
angels,) i. 422.

lestial angels, vi. 620.
Astoreth, or Astarte, (a fallen Birds, part of the fifth day's
angel,) i. 438.

creation, described, vii. 417.
Author's hymn on conjugal love, Blasts, an effect of Adam's fall,
iv. 750. to light, iii. 1. invo-

x. 692.
cations, i. 6. iii. 61. vii. 1. xi. Bridge from hell-gates to the
20. reflection, in prospect of world over Chaos, the work,
Adam's, &c. fall, ii. 380. on &c. described, x. 293.
Satan's premeditated attempt,
iv. 1. on Eve's parting with
Adam preceding it, ix. 404.
on their nakedness after the

fall, 1114. on his own blind-
ness, &c. iii. 22.

Cain and Abel, their story re-
Azazel (a fallen angel) Satan's lated, xi. 429.

standard-bearer, i. 534. Cham's story, xii. 807.


Chance, the common notion of effect of Adam's fall, x. 707.
it exploded, ii. 909.

entry of Noah's ark, xi. 733.
Chaos described, ii. 890. vii. 210.

its court, ii. 959. answer to
Satan's speech there, 989.

bounds since the angels' fall,
the creation, &c. 998. state Dagon, (a fallen angel.) i. 457.
before it, v. 577. a bridge Damned, the vicissitudes of their
made over it from hell-gates torments described, ii. 596.
to the world, at Adam's fall, David, his throne why eternal,
X. 282. (Vide Similies.)

xii. 320.
Charity, its praises, &c. xii. 576 Day and night in heaven de-

scribed, vi. 4.
Chemos, or Peor, (a fallen angel,) Death and Sin, their station at
i. 312, 406.

hell-gates before Adam's fall,
Cherubim. (Vide Angels Celes- ji. 648. their union, X. 249.
tial, &c. Similies.)

make a bridge from thence
Church, hirelings in it, compared over Chaos to the world, after

to the Devil in Paradise, iv. it, 282. meet Satan in his re-

turn to hell from thence, 326.
Cocytus, a river of hell, ii. 579. their journey thither, and in-
Comparisons. (Vide Similies.) fluences described, 410. ar.
Conjugal love, the praises, &c. rival at Paradise, 585. after-

of it, iv. 750. distinguished conduct in the world, 610.
from an armour, 765. consists (Vide Similies.)
in reason, not passion, viii. Death described, ii. 666. answer
586. defined, 589. expressed to Satan at hell-gates, 688.
(on the woman's part) in the son of Satan and Sin, 727.
practice, 50. in words, xii. its birth, 777. answer to Sin
615. a reciprocal duty of it, on Adam's fall, x. 264. to
ix. 357.

Sin's speech in Paradise, 596.
Conjugal obedience, woman's (Vide Similies.)

happiness, &c. iv. 635. Death natural, the causes, and
Conjugal union, the reasons and variety of it, described, xi.

obligations of it, viii. 494. ix. 466-493. more terrible in
955, 961.

view than reality, 469. of
Conscience, God's umpire in the faithful, a sleep to immor-

man, iii. 194. the terrors of it, tality, xii. 425-434. the gate
iv. 23. x. 842. laws to force it of life, 571.
censured, xii. 515. no infalli- Death eternal considered, 808.
bility against it, 529.

Deluge universal. (Vide Noah.)
Constellations, their appear. Despair, the degrees and colours

ances, motion, &c. iii. 577. of it, iv, 108.
Creation, the universal, described Devils, why eternally excluded
iri. 708. vii. 221.

from grace, iii. 129.
Creatures, animal, in Paradise, Discord censured, ii. 496. daugh-

described, iv. 340. have de- ter of Sin, &c. x. 707.
grees of knowledge and rea- Dominion absolute in man, over
son, viii. 369. their discord an

men, an usurpation, xii. 64

Dreams illusive, &c. their source,

iv. 799. natural, v. 110. divine,
xii. 611.


Eagle, a bird of prey, an effect

of Adam's fall, xi. 185.
Earth and Heaven. (Vide Hea-

ven and Earth.)
Earth, its general creation de-

scribed, iii. 715. vii. 231. the
shadow of heaven, v. 574. se-
parated from the waters, part
of the third day's creation, de-
scribed, vii. 276. the fruits of
it, &c. 313. its inotion, or
of the heavens, speculations
thereon censured, viii. 70. its
praises, ix. 99. the centre of
the creation, 107. destruction
by Noah's flood described, xi.
743. restitution after it, xii.
852. an universal Paradise at
the Messiah's coming to judg-

ment, 463. (Vide World.)
Eden, the country bouoded, iv.

Eden, the garden of it. (Vide

Egypt, the plagues of it de-

scribed, xii. 173.
Election asserted, iii. 183.
Elements, &c. subsist on each

other, xi. 415.
Enoch, his story and translation,

xi. 664, 700.
Eve and Adam. (Vide Adam

and Eve. Innocence. Similies.)
Eve particularly described, cha-

racterized, &c. iv. 712. v. 379.
viii. 470, 482, 546, 596. ix.
386, 431, 457, 489, 538, 603,
896. answer to Adam's dis-
course on the prohibition of
the tree of knowledge, iv.440.
recounts her first view of the
creation, Adam, &c. 449. an-
swer to him at night, 635. to

him waking her, (relates her
dream, the subject of Satan's
first illusive temptation,) v. 27.
weeping described, 129. at-
tending the entertainment of
Raphael, 443. her formation
from Adam, viii. 460. beha-
viour on view of him, &c. 500.
discourse with him preceding
the temptation,(she prevailing
on her own sufficiency, and
his fondoess,) ix. 205-384.
answer to Satan (in the ser-
pent,)552. the discourse (Satan
tempting her to eat the for.
bidden fruit) continued, 732.
soliloquy before her eating it,
745. plucks and eats, 780.
soliloquy after it, 795. resolu-
tion to tempt Adam, 830.
speech to him thereon, 856.
reply to his answer resolving
to die with her, 960. behaviour
thereon, 990. gives him the
fruit, 995. repeats the trans-
gression with him, 1005. is
incited by him to carnal frui-
tion, (the first effect of it,)
1014, 1035. the place, &c. de-
scribed, 1037. answer to him
(accusing her asthe aggressor)
imputes it to his indulgence,
1142. answer to God (the Son)
calling her to judgment, (ac-
cuses the serpent,) x. 159. the
sentence pronounced on her,
192. behaviour and speech to
Adam's repulse of her, and her
offers of consolation, (accuses
herself,) 909. after-behaviour
thereon, 937. reply to his an-
swer, (advises to die by their
own hands,) 966. to him,
hailing her the mother of man.
kind, xi. 162. soliloquy, la-
menting the threatened expul-
sion from Paradise, 268. speech
to him onquitting it, (affection,
conjugal resolution, and con-
solation on the promise of the

Messiah,)xii. 610.(Vide Adam.

Evening described, iv. 598. Gabriel (the Archangel), chief
Evil--in thought unapproved- of the guardian angels of
blameless, v. 117.

Paradise, his station, &c. de-
Experience-a guide to wisdom, scribed, iv. 443. informed by
ix. 807.

Uriel of Satan's descent there,
561. undertakes to detect him,

576. his charge to Uzziel,

Ithuriel, and Zephon (three

other of the guardian angels)
Faith, unnecessary endeavours thereon, 782. speech to them,

to approve it, suspicious, ix. &c. on their taking, and re-

turn with him, 866. to Satan
Faith in Christ, with works, thereon, 877. reply to his an-

eternal life, xii. 420. laws swer, 902. to another, 946, to
to force it censured, 515. another, 1006. appointed one
no infallibility against it, of the chiefs of the celestial

army against the revolted an-
Fancy (a faculty of the soul) its gels, vi. 45. his prowess, &c.

office, v. 100. the eye of the in the battle, 354.
soul, viii. 460.

Glory (or fame) the common
Fame (or glory) the common notion of it censured, xi. 688.

notion of it censured, xi. God the FATHER contemplating

his works, &c. iii. 56. speech
Fate, the will of God, vij. 170. to God the Son, on Satan's
Fig-tree, of which Adam, Eve, design on the creation, man,

&c. made aprons, described, &c. 80. reply to his answer,
ix. 1101.

168. proposes the manner, &c.
Firmament, the second day's of fallen man's redemption,

creation, described, vii. 261. 203. answer to the Son under-
Fish, part of the fifth day's cre- taking it, 274. decrees his
ation, described, 391.

bodily resurrection as God
Flaming sword in Paradise on and man, 303. his the Father's

Adam's, &c. expulsion thence, attributes, &c. 372. visibly
described, xii. 632. (Vide Si- seen in the Son, 383. vi. 680.

charge to Raphael to warn
Flood universal. (Vide Noah.) Adam against his fall, v. 224.
Freedoin, with the loss of it, speech to the whole celestial

virtue, &c. degenerates, xi. hierarchy, convened at the in-

auguration of God the Son,600.
Free grace asserted, iii. 173. to the Son on Satan's, &c. re-
defined, 227.

volt thereon,719. army against
Free-will asserted, ii. 95. v.235. the revolters described, vi. 15.

520. viji. 635. ix. 350. X. 43. speech to Abdiel on his quit-
reason, the same, iji. 108. ix. ting their party, 29. appoints
350, the image of God, viii. Michael and Gabriel chiefs of

the celestial army, 44. battle,
Fruition, carnal, the passion of

&c. between them and the re-
it censureil, viii. 579.

volters described, 202-607.

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