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Among them; how can God with such reside ?

To whom thus Michael. Doubt not but that sin 285 Will reign among them, as of thee begot;

father, and the reply of the angel, believe on him that raised up Jesus are grounded upon St. Paul's our Lord from the dead, Rom. iv. Epistles, and particularly those 22, 23, 24. Therefore being jus. to the Romans, Galatians, and tified by faith, we have peace with Hebrews, as the reader, who is God ihrough our Lord Jesus at all conversant with these sa- Christ. Rom. v.1. For there is cred writings, will easily per- rerily a disannulling of the comceive. It would be too minute mandment going before, for the and tedious to quote chapter and weakness and unprofitableness verse for every expression: but thereof; for the law made nothing the reader may peruse the fol- perfect, but the bringing in of a lowing texts, and compare them better hope did. Heb. vü. 18, 19. with our author. Wherefore then For the law having a shadow of serveth the law ? it was added good things to come, and not the because of transgressions. Gal. iii. very image of the things, can never 19. I had not known sin but by with those sacrifices make the the law : but sin taking occasion comers thereunto perfect. Heb. x. by the commandment wrought in 1. That no man is justified by me all manner of concupiscence. the law in the sight of God it is Rom. vii. 7, 8. By the deeds of evident; for the just shall lite by the law there shall no flesh be jus- faith: und the law is not of faith; tified in his sight, for by the law is but the man that doeth them shall the knowledge of sin. Rom. iii. 20. live in them.But before faith If the blood of bulls and of goats came, we were kept under the law, sanctifieth to the purifying of the shut up unto the faith, whick flesh, how much more shall the should afterwards be revealed. Gal. blood of Christ, who through the iii. 11, 12, 23. Wherefore thou eternal Spirit offered himself with- art no more a servant, but a son. out spot to God, purge your con- Gal. iv. 7. For ye have not rescience from dead works? Heb. ceived the spirit of bondage again ix. 13, 14. It is not possible that to fear; but ye have received the the blood of bulls and of goats Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry should take away sins; wherefore Abba, Father. Rom. viii. 15. when he cometh into the world he How admirably hath our author saith, Sacrifice and offering thou here in a few verses summed up wouldest not, but a body hast thou the sense and argument of these prepared me, Heb. x. 4, 5. It and more texts of Scripture! It is was imputed to him for righteous- really wonderful, how he could

Now it was not written for comprise so much divinity in so his sake alone, that it was im- few words, and at the same time puted to him; but for us also to express it with such strength whom it shall be imputed, if we and perspicuity.

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And therefore was law giv’n them to evince
Their natural pravity, by stirring up
Sin against law to fight: that when they see
Law can discover sin, but not remove,
Save by those shadowy expiations weak,
The blood of bulls and goats, they may conclude
Some blood more precious must be paid for man,
Just for unjust, that in such righteousness
To them by faith imputed, they may find
Justification towards God, and

Of conscience, which the law by ceremonies
Cannot appease, nor man the moral part
Perform, and not performing cannot live.
So law appears imperfect, and but given
With purpose to resign them in full time
Up to a better covenant, disciplin'd
From shadowy types to truth, from flesh to spirit,
From imposition of strict laws to free
Acceptance of large grace, from servile fear
To filial, works of law to works of faith.
And therefore shall not Moses, though of God
Highly belov’d, being but the minister
Of law, his people into Canaan lead
But Joshua whom the Gentiles Jesus call,




307. And therefore shall not Numb. xx. 28. remark, that neiMoses, &c.) Moses died in mount ther Miriam, that is the prophets, Nebo, in the land of Moab, from nor Aaron, that is the priests, whence he had the prospect of nor Moses the deliverer of the the promised land, but not the law, but Joshua, that is Jesus honour of leading the Israelites Christ, was able to lead God's in to possess it, which was re- people into the promised land, served for Joshua. Deut. xxxiv. to heaven and everlasting bliss. Josh. i. Commentators on the St. Jerom. Theod. Rabanus, &c. death of Aaron in mount Hor, Hume.


His name and office bearing, who shall quell
The adversary Serpent, and bring back
Through the world's wilderness long wander'd man
Safe to eternal Paradise of rest.
Mean while they in their earthly Canaan plac’d
Long time shall dwell and prosper, but when sins
National interrupt their public peace,
Provoking God to raise them enemies
From whom as oft he saves them penitent
By judges first, then under kings; of whom
The second, both for piety renown'd
And puissant deeds, a promise shall receive


The poet

311. His name and office bear- promise is called irrevocable, for, ing,] Joshua was in many things says God, Psal. Ixxxix. 34, 35, a type of Jesus; and the names 36. My covenant will I not break, are the same, Joshua according nor alter the thing that is gone to the Hebrew, and Jesus in out of my lips. Once hare I Greek. The Seventy always sworn by my holiness that I will render Joshua by Jesus, and not lie unto David. His seed shall there are two passages in the endure for ever, and his throne New Testament where Jesus is as the sun before me. used for Joshua, once by St. goes on, the like shall sing all Stephen, Acts vii. 45. The taber- prophecy, all the prophets shall nacle which our fathers brought in foretel the same, that of the royal with Jesus, that is with Joshua, stock of David shall rise a son, into the possession of the Gentiles ; insomuch that when the Phariand again by St. Paul, Heb. iv. sees were asked, Whose son is 8. If Jesus, that is if Joshua, Christ, they all readily answer, had given them rest, then would The son of David. Matt. xxii. he not afterward have spoken of 42. foretold to thee as the Woman's another day. And the name seed, Gen. iii. 15. foretold to Joshua or Jesus signifies a Savi. Abraham as a person in whom all our.

nations shall trust, Gen. xxi. 18. 322. -a promise shall receive And in thy seed shall all the na&c.] The poet alludes here to tions of the earth be blessed, and the following prophecies : And in him shall the Gentiles trust, thine house, and thy kingdom, shall Rom. xv. 12. and to kings fore. be established for ever before thee; told, as the last of kings, for of thy throne shall be established for his reign shall be no end, accordever, 2 Sam. vii. 16. And this ing to the declaration of the



Irrevocable, that his regal throne
For ever shall endure; the like shall sing
All prophecy, that of the royal stock
Of David (so I name this king) shall rise
A son, the woman's seed to thee foretold,
Foretold to Abraham, as in whom shall trust
All nations, and to kings foretold, of kings
The last, for of his reign shall be no end.
But first a long succession must ensue,
And his next son, for wealth and wisdom fam’d,
The clouded ark of God, till then in tents
Wand'ring, shall in a glorious temple' inshrine.
Such follow him as shall be register'd
Part good, part bad, of bad the longer scroll,
Whose foul idolatries, and other faults
Heap'd to the popular sum, will so incense
God, as to leave them, and expose their land, ,
Their city', his temple, and his holy ark
With all his sacred things, a scorn and prey
To that proud city, whose high walls thou saw'st
Left in confusion, Babylon thence callid.
There in captivity he lets them dwell
The space of sev’nty years, then brings them back, 345
Rememb’ring mercy, and his covenant sworn



angel, Luke i. 32, 33. The Lord of the angel's narration in this God shall give unto him the throne book. We must not therefore of his father David; and he shall understand the expression litereign over the house of Jacob for rally; for verbs of seeing are ever, and of his kingdom there often extended beyond the bare shall be no end.

act, and are applied to other 342. —whose high walls thou senses and other faculties of the sau'st &c.] It was no part of mind. Adam's vision ; it is only a part



To David, stablish'd as the days of heaven.
Return’d from Babylon by leave of kings
Their lords, whom God dispos'd, the house of God
They first re-edify, and for a while
In mean estate live moderate, till grown

In wealth and multitude, factious they grow;
But first among the priests dissention springs,
Men who attend the altar, and should most
Endeavour peace : their strife pollution brings
Upon the temple' itself: at last they seize
The sceptre, and regard not David's sons,
Then lose it to a stranger, that the true
Anointed King Messiah might be born
Barr'd of his right; yet at his birth a star

Unseen before in heav'n proclaims him come,
And guides the eastern sages, who enquire
His place, to offer incense, myrrh, and gold ;
His place of birth a solemn Angel tells
To simple shepherds, keeping watch by night; 365
They gladly thither haste, and by a quire
Of squadron’d angels hear his carol sung.
A virgin is his mother, but his sire
The pow'r of the Most High; he shall ascend

355. —their strife pollution high-priest of the Jews, was the brings

first who assumed the title of Upon the temple itself : &c.] king after the Babylonish captiFor it was chiefly through the vity ; before Christ 107. And contests between Jason and Me regard not David's sons, none of nelaus, high-priests of the Jews, that family baving had the gothat the temple was polluted vernment since Zerubbabel. by Antiochus Epiphanes. See Then lose it to a stranger, to 2 Maccab. v. and Prideaux. At Herod who was an Idumean, in last they seize the sceptre, Aristo- whose reign Christ was born. bulus eldest son of Hyrcanus, See Josephus and Prideaux.

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