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Fourtbly, I should have been guilty of my this persecution, and to turn this our captivity own death; For that Judge Atking offered me into joy; that they who now sow in tears, may my life if I would confess what I knew of the reap in joy. Plot, which had I known, and not discovered, I beseech God to accept the death of my body would bave made me the cause of my own and to receive my soul. death, which would have been a fourth danna

I have no more to say. tion.

Mr. Sherif. I give you no interruption; I would have said more, but that I gave my but only whereas you said, that you died for speech to a friend to be printed.

the faith, that is not so, you do not die for Mr. Sheriff: I pray, Sir, speak on what you that, but because you, being his majesty's subhave to say, and none shall interrupt you. ject, received orders from the Church of Rome

Mr. Johnson. Now I have no inore to do beyond the seas, and came again into England, but to make my address to Almighty God, with contrary to the law. all the powers of my soul, that I may have his Mr. Johnson. That was pardoned by the merey and pardon of my sins; and therefore I king's act of

grace. beg that all Catholies who join in union of this Mr. Sheriff. That act pardoned only crimes same faith, would make an address unto God committed before the making of it, but not for me, that we may receive pardon for our those done since, as your continuance in Engsins. I have nothing now but wishes left. I land was. wish I

may imitate David in his repentance, Mr. Johnson. I am sorry if I have given ofand that my eyes may run down with tears, fence in any thing I have said; my reason for • because I have not kept God's law. I wish it was, because when I was sent for to the with the prophet Jeremiah, that Rivers of judges upon Sunday night, Judge Atkins told • waters may fall from my eyes, by reason of me, I died not for being concerned in the Plot, • sin.' Lam. ii. 48.

but for being a priest. But tears will not be proper for me at this Mr. Sheriff. No, but for your continuance time; I have kept myself from them, lest by in England against the law, being a priest. shedding tears, some might say I was unwilling Ar. Johnson. God receive my soul. to die, or feared death : but instead of tears, I Mr. Sherif. Sir, you may take your own offer all the blood in my veins, and I wish time, and you shall have no interruption ; Sir, overy drop were an ocean, and I would offer it will you be pleased to have your own time? up to God. I wish I might become a man like Juilor. Sir, pray give the sign when you please David. I wish I had Mary Magdalen's peni- to be turned off. tential tears; I wish I had her arms to em- Mr. Johnson. I will give you no sign, do it brace the feet of mercy. I wish I had all the when you will. graces of saints and angels, I would offer them And so he was executed. all to God for the remission of my sin. This is Mr. Johnson was of an honourable fainily in sny desire, and this I wish for as much as is in Norfolk, born to an estate of some hundreds nie.

per annum, all which he left for the sake of reI offer first my life, and I beseech and desire ligion. His third brother's son now enjoys the of God to turn his face from my sins, but not from me. I offer up my life in satisfaction for my sins, and for the Catholic Cause. And I Mr. Johnson's Speech, which he delivered to beg for those that be mine enemies in this my his Friend to be printed (as he mentioned death, and I desire to have them forgiven, be- at the place of Execution.) cause I go to that world of happiness sooner than I should have gone. And I humbly beg par- what he spoke at his Execution, being finished

ADVERTISEMENT.-Mr. Johnson's Trial, and doo from God and the world : and this I beg there canie to the Printer's hands his Speech at for the merits and mercy of Jesus Christ. I beseech God to bless his majesty, to give heads) as the Reader will see, and as Mr. John

large (of which his foregoing words are only the him a long life and a happy reign in this world,

son also mentions, viz. (I would have said inore, and in the world to come. I beseech God to bless all my benefactors, printed) therefore his friend has now faithfully

but that I gave my Speech to a friend to be and all iny friends, and those that have been any published it accordingly, being written by Mr. way under my charge. I beseech God to bless all Catholics and this

Johnson himself, as followeth : dation, and his majesty's privy council, and God Almighty (honoured friends) having grant that they may act no otherwise than been pleased of his infinite mercy through the what may be for the glory of God, who will merits of our Saviour Jesus Christ, to bestou bring to light and to judgment all both good on all Christians the theological virtues of Faith, and evil, Luke xii. So I beseech God that he Hope and Charity, by virtue of faith all are to will give them grace to serve him.

believe whatever God hath revealed to us in I beseech God to bless the parliament that this world, and by hope all are to expect what is now in election, that they may determine no- he hath promised we shall receive in the world shing, but wbat they themselves do hope to be to come, įudged by at the last day.

And because, where God bestows such a I beseech God to bless all that suffer under faith and hope, it is in order to bring all to a


true charity and love of him ; for who can “ Heaven and earth shall pass, but one jot, or have faith to believe an infinite goodness in one tittle of the law shall in no wise pass, till which he hopes, but he must love that infinite all be fulfilled ;” as well the law of faith, as goodness in whom he hopes, which bestows on the law of works. hiin such gifts? Therefore all ought to honour In confirmation of this, I appeal to the faith, God, and shew their love to him by a due pro- and works, and sufferings of all the saints from fession, and a due practice of this faith, this the beginning, who to keep their faith whole hope and this charity, otherwise they cannot be and entire, have made such profession and saved, because, as St. Paul saith, “ With the practice of it, and confirmed it by such works heart it is believed to righteousness, but with as are recorded in St. Paul, Heb. xi. where first the mouth confession is made to salvation," he registers the faith and deeds of the believers Rom. x. 10.

in particular, and then in general, of what they For those that will not shew their faith, did and suffered by virtue of their faith, as which is a light not to be hid under a bushel, there you read ; " By faith they stopped the but to be set in a candlestick, to give' light to mouths of lions ; extinguished the force of the fire, all, such can never have peither true hope for repelled the edge of the sword; they were themselves, nor true charity towards God, or racked, they were tried by mockings and stripes; their neighbour, nor God to them, because our they were in chains and prisons, they were Saviour saith, Luke xii. “ He that confesseth me stoned, they were bewed, they were tempted, before men, him will the Son of Man confessibey died in the slaughter of the sword, they before the angels of God; but he that denieth were so persecuted and impoverished, that they me before meu” (as those do that act or swear were faia to go about in sheep-skins, and goat against their conscience) “ him will the Son of skins, needy, in distress, afflicted, wandering in Man deny before the angels of God.”

desarts, in mountains, in dens, and caves of the And as all are bound to confess him, and earth." his faith ; so likewise all are obliged to own

Dear catholics now in your present perseand profess that this faith can be but one only cution, think of this, and be willing to follow faith, as we are taught, Ephes. iv, where St. these examples, that you, as in the same place Paul declares, “ There is one Lord, one faith, it followeth, being appointed, as they were by one baptism, one God, even as you are cal- the testimony of your faith, may receive, ere led," saith he, “ in one hope of your calling." long, those better things which God, as it is This being most true, let every rational Chris- there writ, provides for you : Happy those that tian, in his most retired thoughts, consider how have this faith, but thrice more happy those this unity of faith, and this hope of our calling that suffer these persecutions for faith's sake, can stand with such multiplicity of sects and because by this faith, as St. Paul saith, Gal. iji. opinions, also divers one against the other, with 11. “ The just man lives, and those that have which the nation now so abounds : For accord-nut this faith, are dead to God," because, as it ing to the text, a man may as well say, there is written, Ileb. xi. 6. “ Without faith it is imare diversities of Gods, or diversities of Christs, possible to please Cod ;” and yet though we as that there are diversities of faitlis, be- have this faith, except we join, when God recause faith is nothing but the truth of one God, quires, our works of sufferings to this faith, which truth or faith he hath revealed, which both we and our faith are dead to God, because, none can alter.

as St. James saith, chap. ii. ver. 17. “ Faith is We are all therefore bound to believe alike, to be shewed by works, because faith without in one faith, and in one Holy Catholic Church, as works is dead." And he further shews us in his Our Creed teacheth us; we are all obliged to first chap. v. 25. “ It is the works make a man believe in one catholic faith, as the Creed of happy, although there can be no good work St. Athanasius in the Protestant Common without a firin faith in nothing doubting," as Prayer Book declares, saying, “ Whosoever he saith, ver. 6. will be saved, it is necessary before all things, Christian faith is a firm, established, and an that he believe in the catholic faith, which faith infallible faith, because it is grounded upon a unless every one keep whole and undefiled, he rock, against which the gates of hell shall not shall without doubt perish everlastingly :" All prevail, Matth. xvi. v. 18. This faith is as firmly and every one are to keep this faith wbole, be established by such authority of God and his cause as it is writ, St. Jam. ii. v. 10. “ Whoso- church, that be that will not own the authority, ever keeps the whole law, and yet offends in Jis as a heathen and a publican ; God hath deone point is guilty of all.”

clared him so ; and what the church binds on All are to keep the whole faith, because our earth, God binds in Heaven. This church and Saviour saith, Matt. xvi. 15. “Go ye into the faith is firmly established, because our Saviour world, and preach the Gospel to every creature:" hath promised, that the Holy Ghost, the Spirit All are to believe alike the wbole faith of the of truth should, teach the believers all truth, Gospel, else they sball perish everlastingly; be- remain with them for ever, shew them things 10 cause our Saviour saith in the same place, v. 16. come to be believed, and should cause the be“ He that believes shall be saved, but he that lievers to remember all things which Christ bad believeth not shall be damned.” We all must already taught, which you read in John, xiv. keep the unity of the faith whole and undefiled, and xvi. chap. because our Saviour also saith, St, Matt, vi, 16. This faith is firmly established, because it w&s believed and published from the beginning, There is a contrary vice to this virtue, a throughout the whole world, as St. Paul pro- worldly fear that brings all things to confusion; claims, Romans the first, where he speaks thus it makes worldlings swear, and forsivear, and to all that be in Rome; “ Beloved of God, called perjure; for which perjuries and false oaths, to be saints ; first I thank my God through Jesus as the prophet saith, “ Judgment springs up as Christ for you all, that your faiib is published hemlock in the furrows of the fields.” And throughout the whole world.” Finally, this faith therefore Dr. Thorodick in his book of Just is established and infallibly confirmed, that it Weights and Measures, saith, “ That cocan never decay till the world's end, be action of oaths is the crying sin of this pation, cause our Saviour hath promised to be with to call down the wrath of God upon the kingthe believers unto the world's end ; Matth. dom.” xxvii. 19, 20. “ Go ye therefore and teach What better remedy than to secure ourselves all nations, baptizing them in the name of the against all worldly fears, and these ensuing Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, dangers, but by relying on the bope of future teaching them to observe all things whatsoever blessings, which God, if we fight and suffer for I have commanded you, and behold I am with his sake, hath promised. God is the God of you always even to the end of the world." Hosts, and we fight under bin, and if we trust Thus much briefly concerning my Christian in him we are bappy, as David saith, Psal. faith in which I truly believe in all points in- lxxxiv. 5. “O Lord of Hosts, blessed is the fallible, and in confirmation of which one only man that trusts in thee, in whom to hope is to faith and Catholic Church, I will and do lay be secured ;” and therefore David also saith, down my life ; and whosoever will as he ought | Psal. xci. “ He shall cover thee with his leaconsider the text that proves this faith and thers, and under his wing shalt thou hope, eschurch of the living God, to be the pillar and pecially if we fight for our faith ;” and thereground of truth, as it is evident it is, i Tim. iii. fore he adds in the same verse, “ His truth shall 15, I question not but who I say considers this, he thy shield and buckler,” if we will hope in will believe the same, our faith being assisted him and his reward ; for if we hope for our by our second divine virtue, which is our Chriso great wages, we shall easily undergo our little tian hope.

work : As for example, if we hope to drink of This hope is that virtue which assures us, the torrent of pleasure, as God hath promised that for the reward of our faith, and the pro- we shall in his kingdom, who will fear to taste fession and due praciice of it, as we ought, now of the chalice of some small persecution? there are those heavenly gifts laid up for the If we hope hereafter to be numbered amongst Christian believers, which neither eye hath seen, the sons of God, as he hath proinised we shall, nor ear hath heard, nor the heart of man can and have our lot among the saints: why should conceive or comprehend, as St. Paul declares ; we now fear to be reviled of men, or be reputed this hope gives such confidence, that death can- ignominious, as our Saviour and his Apostles not overcome it, because, as the prophet saith, were ? If they have, so will they do you also ; " Alibough he shall kill me, yet I will hope in the scholar is not 'above the master, nor the him." Why then shall any tear to die for bis servant above his lord. If they called the faith, having this hope? It is for want of master of the family Beelzebub, so will they do making due reflection and use of this hope that his servants ; therefore we must with the Aposcauses so many to be fearful to suffer, and tles' rejoice, as you read in the Acts they did, makes them fly the field of persecution, and “ because they were accounted worthy to suffer forsake the banners of their Christian faith, contumely an reproaches." If contumely that all ought to fight under, and would still and reproach seem so hard for us to undergo fight under, would they make use of the divine now for a good cause, as is our conscience behope of God's promises, which are such, that as fore a few enemies, what contumely must those David saith, Psal.cxxv. " That he that hopes or andergo who for now acting against their con trusts in our Lord, shall be as mount Sion, science, shall undergo at the great judgment bewhich cannot be removed, but remain for ever." fore God, angels, saints, devils, and all the As the mountains, saith God by the mouth of damned in hell? If for our reproach now we David, are about Jerusalem, so the Lord is hope that after a short sorrow, God will honour round about his people; that is, such as will us so, as to wipe away with his own hand every place their hope in him, as the propbet did, and tear from our eyes, as he promiseth in the Reexhorts us to do the same, saying, Psal. cxxx. 5, velations he will; and that henceforth “ there 6. “ My soul bath hoped in our Lord; from the shall be neither grief, nor labour, nor pain," or morning watch, even until night, let Israel hope the like ; why should any now grieve either to see in our Lord;" that is, from the beginning of the himself or others suffer? It will not last, this day of our life, till the night of death ; as well tempest will soon be over, and if now in this in the morning of prosperity, as in the evening storm the small vessel of my body suffer shipof adversity : because it is also writ, God is my wreck, or some others, the like vessels, if our hope for ever; and whosoever can truly say with souls can but carry off our goods of Faith, Ilope, David, Psal. xxxi. 1. “In thee, O Lord, have I and Charity, all is very well; for as soon as the placed my hope," shall be assured of what there vessels of our bodies sink, our souls will come follows, not to be confounded for ever, because, to shore at the Land of Promise, and we shall as St. Paul saitb, “Hope confoundeth not.” be secured in the rock which is Christ, and ever VOL. VII,

3 C

remain safe in the eternal bills, where neither is there in those who will make their neighbour winds nor waves of persecution can ever reach suffer all things of persecution, because they to assault us: then. welcome shipwreck, that believe and hope according to their conscience, sinks the vessel of the borly, to bring the pas- and profess their faith and hope as they are sengers and their goods so happily to the baven, hound before God upon their salvation so to the Heaven of bliss.

do? Let us therefore weigh these things in a pru- It is certain, that though men may pretend dential balance, and see which scale is the persecution of others for God's sake, to reduce heaviest, of present fears, or future hopes; of others to him, yet it is evident that for any present sufferings, or future glories. Let us re- kingdom to persecute any, merely for conmember our Saviour's words to his Apostles,“ You science-sake, is against the law of God; and • are those that remained with me in my tempta: therefore whilst they would seem so zealously

tions or triais ;' for which, said he, their reward to keep the first command, of loving God abore was, he disposed the kingdom of beaven to them; all, and force others to conform to their opipartners in suffering, partners in glories : which nions, they break the second command, beif well cousidered, we shall say with St. Paul, cause they do not love their neighbour as theme • The sufferings of this present time are not selves, because they persecute them, and so

condign, or of equality to the future glory they dash one commandment against the other, • which shall be revealed in us;' and we shall and so crack both commandments together : 'with his joyful spirit say, 2 Cor. iv. 17. Our For wheresoever the second command is broke, • light affliction, which is but for a moment, by not loving our neighbour as ourselves, the ' worketh in us a far more excceding and eter: first is broke with it, because did they love 'nal weight of glory.' It is a happy weight that God above all, they would do better by their lifts both sufferings and sufferers up as high as neighbour. Heaven, to eternal crowns of which we are all But I do not come here to beat down others assured of as a reward for our faith, if we will pretence to charity, but endeavour to advance make good use of our christian hope; which charity in myself and others; and the way to that we may the better do, let us endeavour to do this, is not to reckon what others have not help ourselves by the third and greatest virtue done according to charity, but to call to mind that follows our faith and hope, which is cha- what others have done to raise charity towards rity.

God and their neighbours.
This is that greatest virtue of which all sorts We read in holy writ, that Moses love was so
of Christians speak much, understand little, and to God and his neighbour, that to repurchase
practise less; though without the practice of a peace and charity betwixt God and the peo-
it, it is in vain for any to pretend to have a sav- ple after they bad offended, he desired that his
ing faith, or hope; For as St. Paul saith, 1 own name should rather be blotted out of the
Cor. xii. Though he speak with the tongues of book of life, than that the people's name should

men and angels, and have not charity, he is not be put in, by obtaining forgiveness; and
.but as sounding brass;' and although he should therefore he saith to God, . Either spare the
know all mysteries, and have faith to remove people, or blot me out of the book which thou
mountains; and though he should have such | hast writ.'
hope, understand for reward, that he should How superlative a motive is this, to move

give all to the poor, and deliver his body to Christians to a perfect charity towards their
• burn, and yet not have charity, it profiteth neighbours; well may a Christian be willing lo

nothing.' Charity, as he saith, ver. 7, suf- lay down bis temporal life for good example • fereth all things, believeth all things, hopeth sake, rather than offend God, and scandalize : all things, beareth all things.'

others by deserting his faith; since others Do all that pretend to charity do thus? If tn could be willing to bazard their eternal lives, speak with the tongues of angels without chari- to reduce their neighbours to God by charity. ty be nothing but vanity, what charity is there The like examples of lore to God and his in those that speak with the tongues of de- neighbours, we have in St. Paul, in his manifold traction, scandal, slander, false-witness and expressions both towards God and men; first perjuries against their neighbours! If those to God, as Rom. viii. where he makes this prothat give all to the poor may want charity, clamation, Who shall' saith be, separate us so that all which they give profits them nothing, from the charity of Christ? Shall tribulation, what charity is there in those that take all from or distress, or persecution, or famine, or their neighbours, to force them to forsake their nakedness, or peril, or sword? As it is written, faith? Ii alms profit nothing without charity, for thy sake we are killed all the day long, we can such injuries profit prosecutors, that take are accounted as sheep to the slaughter. He all away against charity? If a man may give adds, “ I am certain that neither death nor life, his own body to burn, and yet be cold in cha- nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor rity, what charity is there to kill others bodies,' things present nor things to come, nor beigth, take away their lives with ignominy and vio- nor depth, nor any other creature shall be Jence, because they will not kill their own souls, ' able to separate us from the love of God which by acting against God and their conscience ? If is in Christ Jesus our Lord.' charity consist only in those that suffer all things, And for this charity in order to his neighbelieve all things, hope all things, what charity bour, let what he suffered to serve them testify,

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as he relates, 2 Cor, xi. by being in labours , iii. 8. “To esteem all worldly things as dirt, in and stripes, in prison, in death, in scourgings, respect of this eminent knowledge of Christ in shipwrecks, being day and night in the buco • and his faith ;' and therefore for muy owo part, tom of the sea, in perils, in weariness, in pain- I now being ready to leave all in the world, and fulness, in hunger, in thirst, in fasting, in cold, my life in testimony of my Catholic faith, and weariness, besides what he suffered through which I profess I desire and hope to manifest his care of all churches, ver. 28, 29, where he co all, I value my kuowledge of Christ's faith, salib, “Who is weak, and I am not weak? more than I value the universal world. understand by compassion, as fellow-sufferer; And as for my Christian hope I profess to • Who is scandalized, and I burn not?' under- bave, the confirmation of it, or the practical stand by zeal. Let those now consider this part is to be fulfilled thus, being that ive must, who never more rejoice than now, when they as St. Peter saith, 1 Pei, iii. 15. · Be always see their passive neighbours scandalized, and ready to give an account io every one con. were never better content in their own appre- cerning the hope which is in us.' I have alhensions than now, when they behold us suffer- ready by words expressed it, and by deed I ang though before God we are innocent. Were express it chus; That whereas I do believe that St. Paul on earth again, he would rather give God, as the scripture saith, kills, and brings to himself for others, to ease them of their suffer- life again; carrieth down to the depth, and ings, according to his wonted charity exprest, bringeth back again; so now I do by this my 2 Cur, xii. 15. saying, 'I will very gladly spend present execution, which I am now to undergo,

and be spent for you:' and he would re- willingly give my body to be mortified in deaths joice to suffer in charity for his neighbour, as, for my faith, hopy io God's infinite inercy be be abundantly declares, Colos. ii. 4. saying, I will restore my body and soul to eternal life; • rejoice in iny sufferings for you,' and fill up and I do willingly resigu suyself to be carried that which is wanting of the passions or afflic-down to my grave, hoping by my Saviour's cross tions of Christ in my flesh for bis body's sake, and passion, death and burial, he will raise me which is the church, and this example is given up again to a glorious resurrection. for u, to do the like, and therefore he saith, 1 And as for the confirmation of my charity, to Cor. iv. 9. "We are made a spectacle to the shew by deeils, the love I awe to God and my • world, 10 angels, and to men; and therefore neighbour, it hatb pleased my Saviour by his God forbid but some of us, if we he Christian own words to declare which is the best proof men, should endeavour to imitate some of his or practice of charity, where he saith, “No examples, though we cannot all; For he as. man hath a greater charity, than he that lays cended to so superlative a degree of charity to- down his life for his friend. I theretore do wards his neighbour, that he declares to the willingly undergo this death I am to suffer now, world, that be could be a cast-away himself to to testify I love my friend, my neighbour as save others; for thus he saith, Rom. ix. 3. *I myself; whilst I undergo this death for myself . could wishi myself were accursed from Christ and them, that seeing it is for the profession of brethren.'

my faith I die, they, whilst they live, may the Christians do not then henceforth so easily more happily serve God in the same beliet; and ruin your neighours, neither in their lives, nor I testify, I love God above all, because I tura estates, or credits, by persecutions and scan- sake the world and myself in death, rather than dals, the scripture bolus forth no such doctrine, offend bin by doing any thing against my connor gives any such examples, but, as you see, science. the contrary; but if our persecutors will not And forasmuch as for these many years I imitate these examples, let us that are perse- have had occasion by discoursing and reading cured and suffer endeavour to imitate them, by the holy scriptures with others who desired to choosing rather to lose all we can call our own find out the true faith, I have by words declarin this world, and life also, rather than to breaked what faith I did believe, and what faith they charity to God and our neighbour, either by ought to believe; I now declare that for every deuying or dissembling our faith, and scanda. point of faith that ever I believed myself, or lizing the church, or bearing false witness read to others, or told them that they might against ourselves, or our neighbours, to save our believe as a point of faith; for all and every lives or fortunes, or enrich ourselves by false such points of faith, in confirmation of them, as witness.

well to myself as others, I here lay down my And if we will put in practice the virtues of life; and omitting all other particular points, faith, hope and charity I have spoke of, we I believe obedience to our king to be a divine ought to do it thus; what we profess by words, law, and that we are bound to obey bis coinmands we must confirm by deeds and actions. Our in temporal laws; and I believe it too a sin of profession of Catholic faith is this, I believe all damnation, for any subject of his to rebel divine revelations delivered to the prophets and against him, or bis, kingdom; and I believe it apostles, proposed by the Catholic church in as certain á sio to damnation, for any subject her general councils, or by ber universal prac- to endeavour, either by thoughts, woras, or. tice to be believed as an article of Catholic deeds, to take away bis life, or act any thing of faith, knowing this to be our faith, the confirma- that nature, either by himself

, or any others, tion of this knowledge, or the practice of this or other against his sacred majesty, as I believe by our deeds, is, as St. Paul teacheth, Ephes. it was a sin in Jụdas to damnation to betray

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