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dive, pierce, bring into action, seast on, glut, 'nebriate, drenched in, and ducked with a plunge of delights into the vitals and quintessence of simple, pure Matter. To conclude, be it known to your invincible and unconquerable greatness, Top-knot, and Crown on the Head of the mighty Patriarch our grand progenitor, Voltaire, who, truckling under our stupendous and Triumpant Heroism, acknowledge in silence himself vanquished; that on the memorable night of your parting with your wind, in council assembled, we judged it proper at the dead of night, whilst nature was in profound rest, to sally forth in formal procession, to the lodgings of his Eminence, Cardinal Priest of the Protestant Republic or Commonwealth, Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, Primate of all England, with its appendages, &c. &c. &c. praying his parental acquiescence to our suit, and lenient acceptance os our tender, which was to become one common sather to both focieties, that is, the old protestant Republic, and our new Resormation, being nothing, nothing more than a new resorm of the old reformation; they being persectly similar, in persuasion and confraternity, conformable to the passions, malapert carriage, pomp, invidious, irony, sneering, and snarling against our common enemy, the Roman Pontiff, with. his gospel adherents, to all which his eminence joyfully granted his assent. The contrived plot for converting or rather convincing the good bishop of the utility, in order to remove various errors, enmities, back-bitings, self-sears,

bitings bitings of conscience, shamesacedness, denials, grievings, mortifications, spiritual doubts, and infinite other strange sangled dresses, which remain unpurged from the old resormation, to the annoyance of the children, sair-sex and ignorant, are the productions of your superior brain, our darling God, who bestows wisdom, to contrive, obtain, and plump head-long, neck and shoulders, topsey-turvy, into the gulph and garden of bliss. O the full-fraught happiness and glut of delights will the new resorm in our protestant ancestors bring forth, compared to a woman after a tedious nine months breeding, sickness, qualms, purging*, pukings, but at the grand hour of delivery or transser, when through anguish and pain every hope disappears and vanishes; behold ye, a man child, heir, comfort, and hope of the samily; forrow and dismay cease, the cause removed, joy and mirth take place, a simper displays titiiation on every member, and a general shout of applause crowns the banquet. Even fo with us, our protestant mother being in a sickly state from her commencement with popish qualms, remorse and afraid of gratifying different desires, for the dread of hell fire and many other popish contrivances which insected her, remained in a pregnant and sickly state, sestering and multiplying, as they drew near the time of delivery, by a thousand horrors, set forth by as many arch knaves, who, to raise their own reputation and accutrrulate a long purse, each of them droll wags, set up new resorms and cloathed the old matron in a Merry-Andrew Coat, in this hu

K 4 miliating miliating and make-game condition, laughed at and derided by her forward children, as a self-witted old woman, who cannot bear reproach, sell into a megrim or diforder of the brain, which brought on a melancholy stupor. In this irrecoverable and hapless state was our antiquated mother, when on a sudden, behold ye, beamed forth and displayed its radiant and glittering rays, the great Luminary, our new philofophy of this our enlightened age and northern hemisphere, which dispersed the remaining fragments of spiritual sears, invigorated the old matron, and introduced to practice many pleasant novelties, branded heretofore with the odious and detestable terms of obscene, disgusting, wicked, filthy, and unsavoury, which, being now tolerated, are found desirable, relishing, savoury and high-flavoured; all which philofophical refolutions, experimentally dissected and anatomised, are pronounced wholefome, defireable, and delicious, proper, and worthy, the smile, new countenance and savour of the gay and sashionable circles, and applied as an antidote against remorse, shame, shyness, or other spiritual attachments. Our talk is endless; to attempt is folly; let thus sar susfice, noble champion, deign us, we pray, a smile; vouchsase us to escort you in procession at the midnight watch, which nature charms the watchful eye with its stupendous wisdom, order, and immensity, in he stary regions, as a well-generalized army compact, regulated and moving in their several orbits without confusion, let, or retarding each other; and, as a clock or


monitor, mark out time and aprize man, as a well-known cock, the morning watch and time of action. Great Luther, high and mighty Lord, centre and grand Link of the old and new Resormations, and whereas Aaron, highpriest: of the Jews, wore an Ephod, composed of fore and back par;s, coupled on the shoulders with a circular hole in the centre, through which was placed and appeared his head. In like manner the two resorms, the old or backside, and new or fore fide, coupled by brotherly love, with our joint head or common sather, placed in the intermediate space or centre, comprize the alliance a;:d form one fociety, which will be impregnable against: Pope, Turk and every other opposer of what kind or fort foever. This similar complexion engages and demands our first and great Cardinal's Pontifical robes (he being Head, Pope, or High-priest of the two Resormations) be according to the pattern handed down from Aaron, all which will be finished and our Holy Father habited this night, as ordered, at our common expence, not ex* ceeding a small stipend. The patterns are as follows. Exod. 2.8th chapter. An Ephod of gold, blue, purple, scarlet, with fine twine linen, cunningly wrought, two moulder-pieces, joined at the two edges, a curious girdle of the Ephod, of like workmanship, two onyx-stones, on which were engraved the twelve tribes, six on each. In lieu of the twelve tribes shall be engraved on the lest shoulder, Old Resormation, and upon the right, new philofophy of this our enlightened age and northern hemisphere, our

Holy Holy Father's Head issuing out of the centric cavern, adorned, bedecked, bedalhed, and embellished with fubstantial requisites, a true copy of Adonis, offspring of Sinyras and Myrrha, remarkably beautiful, and extremely beloved by Venus and Proserpine. A curious mitred. cap, engraved on the front, imitating Aaron's, but with this difference, that on Aaron's was engraved Holiness to the Lord our holy sathers shall be, Holiness to our Brains. This, well wrote, will display great magnificence, and draw great respect to our new philofophy of this our enlightened age and northern hemisphere. A breast-plate alfo, copying Aaron's, but with this difference, that on Aaron bore the names of the twelve tribes of Israel upon his heart. Our Holy Father will, on his heart, bear the name, of our incorporated focieties, as aforesaid, on the two onyx-stones, placed on his shoulders, that is, the old Protestant Resormation and the new philosophical resorm. Our Holy Father will be sanctified, and being prodigious gross, will display great Majesty enthroned, dressed in his robes, ornamented and decorated in all, and every part, and enriched with a border of bells and pomegranates round about, fo that we can never susficiently admire the strangeness and grandeurs of the new philofophy of this our enlightened age and northern hemisphere. We have, in imitation of Aaron's fons, ordered, with this difference, twelve suits, instead of three, for the greater glory, a common expression of old Ignatius of Loyola; for, as he would have it, of God, but


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